Your Life Purpose Reading

1c3c3deThere is perhaps no more important aspect in astrology, when it comes to understanding one’s purpose than the Nodes. The Nodes are the ascending and descending planes of the Moon, and they represent the axis of destiny in this lifetime. Any rendering and interpretation of the natal chart is incomplete without having a tacit understanding of the Nodes, but particularly the North Node. The sign and position of the North Node is a clear indicator of where one needs to put their energies, focus and intent into their life. By getting a clearer understanding of the Nodal presence in your chart and in your life, it’s much easier to focus on YOUR potential and as a result, YOUR destiny.

Getting the 411 on your North Node can act as an accelerant if you’re feeling stuck or stalled.

Life is a dance of duality and polar forces, so we can’t have a panoramic view of your life and direction without also addressing the South Node, what it means, what you need to integrate and what you need to let go of and surrender.

Also known as the Dragon’s Head, embracing the power of the Node Node can breath fire into your life.

In my chart, I was born with the North Node in Virgo on my Mid Heaven. Through this aspect, I have been blessed with the gift of service and helping others find their purpose.

This reading is a concentrated and potent look at where you need to start putting your energy and intention to move forward with why you are here.

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Life Purpose