2ec8bf46cf5ddb6ae67452305d9d0eaaChiron is one of the lesser known, but important celestial players in the zodiac. Stationed between Saturn and Uranus in the Kuiper Belt, it belongs to a family of planetoids called “The Centaurs” as they are named after centaurs from Greek myth

Discovered in 1977 by Charles Kowal, Chiron was originally known as “Object Kowal” and it’s glyph is comprised of a O and a K and when they are linked together, they resemble a key and ironically, Chiron is the key to the chart and finding the healer within.

This rather complex aspect shows us where we hold shame and fall away from the world. In an attempt to reconnect with our psychic wholeness, we do a dance with Chiron throughout our lives, moving from structure and form to liberation and authenticity.

In “The Healer Within Reading” we explore the emanation of the psychic wound in the individual’s life, where society and enculturation can hamper freedom of expression and clear energy.

You’ll find out where your healing expertise lies and how you are best suited to work with others once you’ve integrated the duality of form and freedom.

This reading explores the shadow, what you have hidden, tucked away and denied and aligns you with the ray of psychic and spiritual integration.

Forty-five minutes of concentrated focus on your potential to heal yourself and others as a result.