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  1. I have had many astrological readings during my long lifetime, but NONE can compare to my recent reading from Robert Phoenix. I am a writer but adjectives fail me. Robert is a Master at what he does.

    The reading came at an extremely low point–physically–in my life. I stood at a crossroad–should I leave or should I stay.I am not a drama queen, but that is how I felt for a period of time. I still had unfinished work and decided that I must obey Spiritual Law and stay to complete it. Robert’s reading arrived and confirmed that I’d made the right decision. He connected all the dots of my life and work thus far and pointed out the potential rewards that lie just ahead. I felt Robert and I had experienced a deep, personal conversation.

    I can not assure anyone else that they would receive a reading to match mine. But I can assure you of accuracy and an easily understood assessment of your past, present and future.

  2. Thank you so much Arlene.

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