New Moon


Rockefeller’s New World Ordered Chart, Barron Trump’s Piscean Struggles, 322 & An Audio Primer On The Season Of Aries

David Rockefeller is dead—and then it begins. The godfather of globalism, the unabashed usher of the New World Order, exhaled his last hoary breath at the 29th degree of Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac, which ironically forms an exact inconjunct with the USA eclipse on 8/21 (more about that later). Rockefeller’s fortunes began […]


New Sag Moon, Lilo’s Miraculous Life And The 11th House

Once he was lost . . . The Moon is dissolving into newness above DIA (That’s Denver International Airport for the record), it’s Sagittarian vibration casts an emotional expansiveness across the skies. My breath freezes slightly in the air as I negotiate with the ground transport jockeys. It’s $100 from Denver to Boulder, standard fare. […]