Mars Retrograding Back To Nam, Friday FARcast With Perry Ulander

As Mars hangs low in the celestial theater, closest to Earth as it’s been for the last eleven years, it’s also retrograde in Scorpio. Mars retrograde Scorpio, ruled by Pluto/Plutonium manifests in Obama’s trip to Hiroshima to revisit America’s nuclear holocaust on the people of Japan. Mars is moving backwards through time itself The retrograde […]


A Brief Astrological Look Ahead To 2016

(THIS BRIEF FORECAST FOR 2016 ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN ABOUT.COM) The mood is rancorous and the debate is decibel heavy, the cacophony of the new crusade fills the air. Neptune’s waters are rising, crashing against the expansion of Jupiter. We haven’t had this fever pitch since the mid-eighteen-hundreds and the Gold Rush, but this time it’s […]

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