Spring Forecast With Regina Meredith On Open Minds

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  1. Robert,
    So I am a biologist, I teach anatomy at a major medical school, and I have an excellent understanding of vertebrate (including humans) biology and evolution. I was just watching your interview with Regina Meredith and I have a concern. The two of you were chatting about media and the idea that ‘transgendered individuals’ is a concept that is part of mainstream media indoctrination. As a biologist, I have been waiting for media to promote the idea of transgender to be treated as part of a continuum of biological variation and not a choice, which is how the media portrays it-so it seems. Gender is a trait expressed along a continuum, just like any trait expressed by vertebrates or any bisexual species (e.g., plants). Gender is biologically real, and while it more typically manifests as a binary (male/female), it sometimes manifests along a continuum beyond those two forms, where the person’s gender doesn’t match the body they were born with. Furthermore, some vertebrates can switch genders and sexual function during life (female to male). I think the science behind gender is missing in this discussion (in general not the one had by you and Regina) and that’s what prompted me to comment here. As a culture, we have to accept these transgender folks, and I think most people would agree with that. But I do have a concern that some people are so unhappy or confused about their sexuality that they would choose to call themselves transgender when it may not be biologically true. I wonder that as we begin accept those who are truly transgender, do we have to watch the cultural pendulum swing to the extreme where some people think its a choice (which I do not believe it is…there are quite a number of biological markers that indicate TG both physically and mentally) and potentially make decisions that might be irreparable (i.e., revision surgeries)? I can understand the fear of ‘transgender’ as it cuts to the core of being a bisexually reproducing species and spiritually it comes across as the ultimate imbalance. But for those who are truly transgendered, I wonder how imbalanced they feel? Also, back to the science bit, our Northern Hemispheric cultures are so so so divested from nature that when I say, as a biologist, there are species that switch gender and sex mid-life cycle, some people won’t see that as relevant to the discussion of gender. If we are all connected by energies and consciousness then the patterns we see outside of the human biological system must be relevant to us.

  2. I am not a biologist and don’t have a users guide to the polymerase chain, but I do study culture, mind control, trauma, programming and social conditioning. I’ve been at it likely as long as you’ve been delving into science, for me it goes back to the early nineties. There might be codes, triggers, etc., that indicate TG but is that our label that we’ve assigned to it, because it’s the labels that are available to us? What if the TG triggers are coded memories of past lives as male or female that we need to sort out in this lifetime? Why is it that they are much more commonplace now then in the 1950’s when it was Christine Jorgensen and J Edgar Hoover wearing girdles and high heels? Why are the numbers increasing now? Is because of Uranus is in Aries? Perhaps? Is it because glyphosate and plastics can bend gender like silly putty? I’d love your biologist take on that. My comment on Regina’s show was that people are tired of being programmed and the show I was referring to was “Star” where Queen Latifah’s character hid her child from a preacher played by Tyrese Gibson. Since it’s my gig in life to understand programming aka a TV “program” my take or insight into the “program” was to make a few demographics sensitive to the whole TG experience by creating a story line made for Urban America, Black America, Conservative Christian Black America and to some degree youth, so that they will more easily accept the notion of TG from a cultural level. At some point, and this was my point, that people will be turned off by said programming and programming in general. Will the TG gene as you call it, go away? If it’s truly in our chain, the answer is no, but what would happen if a person was able to organically evolve without prompting and programming? I’ll leave you with this blogpost to give you an idea of how it might look or turn out without outside social pressure or the willingness of science to right the wrongs of a persons given biology, versus what they identify with (or not) in a moment. or here The Girl Who Didn’t Transition.

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