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  1. wow. that was really awesome. But how did they make everything go backwards while signing the proper words?

  2. Great tune! They have a very English sound.

  3. I like how Paul Meany, the singer is swimming through a puddle of black paint at the beginning and as the video progresses or reverses, more and more Neptunian effluvia dissolve away. It helps that they are from New Orleans.

  4. Nostradamus saw sabotage

    Century I – 42
    The ten Kalende of April of Gothic deed
    revived again by wicked people
    The fire put out diabolic gathering
    Seek the bones of the Lover and Pselin

    Century I – 47
    Of Lake Leman [mal ne] the sermons become angered
    the days will drag into weeks
    then months then years then all will fail
    the authorities will condemn the vain laws

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