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Sabian Symbol 266, Sag 26, A Flag-Bearer In Battle

Freedom is for fools

Since we are in the season of Sag, I naturally came across this video today. It’s actually a pretty remarkable manifestation of Sabian Symbol, 266, aka Sag 26, “A Flag Bearer In Battle.” This symbol is about courage and while the poor, likely drunken lout that led the charge here on the football pit, did not have any lofty pursuit regarding liberty or freedom in mind when he bum rushed the match with his white flag of surrender raised high, but little did he know, that his innocuous act would be picked up by people the world over as a symbol of letting a group of psychopathic bullies know, “enough is enough.”

They couldn’t just take him down and escort him out. Nope. They had to get their psycho-kicks in and a lot of them. There’s security and there’s abuse. The so-called herd decided that they had to rescue one of their own and boy, did they ever. Watch the tape closely. At around fifty seconds, one of the poor goons, just trips and falls as if it were an act of God, face planting right into the humility of the Earth. Let’s just say, he likely had a moment of clarity about his life path from that moment forward.

If you want to see a slightly more Hollywood version of this, it’s Mel Gibson in “The Patriot” where in the final scene, armed only with his flag, he leads the charge and holds the line, changing the course battle and destiny, forever.


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  1. “Hold the battle” and “Hold the line”, a great thing, isn’t it…

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