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Pisces Rising — A Pink Dolphin Sighting In Louisiana

pink_dolphinThink pink!

I thought that this was a most interesting find during the high-holy-days of Pisces. This dolphin was recently found swimming in Lake Caicasieu, an inland estuary, north of The Gulf of Mexico, in Louisiana. It was spotted swimming with pod of “normal” Bottle Nosed Dolphins. Some folks in the new age community see this as wondrous sign, similar to the “White Buffalo Calf.” The stunningly pink dolphin is actually an albino, an extremely rare one at that. I don’t know if it has magical properties, or is a sign for opponents of Prop 8 to keep on fighting, I do know that it is a marvelously synchronistic sighting for the month of Pisces.

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  1. This Pisces rising loves this story on the pink dolphin. I want to swim with it.

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