The new shroud of Turin.

When I was a kid, I had the most violent reactions to anything having to do with the Church and Jesus. When I was barely four, my mother took me to church with her mother and father and her youngest brother. The door of the church swung open wide. The swelling sounds of the organ hit me like a gale force wind. The light bled through the stained glass window behind the altar, where a man on a cross in supreme agony crucified my attention.

I screamed in terror and refused to go inside.

After some quick thinking, they thought I would be better off in Sunday School, below the church. I remember feeling the power of rebellion swirl and rise in me. I had no interest in Sunday School or anything associated with that church and wanted to be as disruptive as possible.

Fast forward, about four years later, we would drive down El Camino Real some days on our way home. There was an orthodox church there, replete with alabaster walls and cobalt blue minarets. Mary gazed down upon us as we drove by. Whenever we got close to that church, I would have a panic attack. I would drop to the floor of the back seat. I can still smell the rubber and plastic of the mats on our new Renault.

Once I thought enough time had elapsed, I would ask if it was safe to sit up.

This fear/panic/contempt for the church and all things iconographic continued and got worse in my adolescence. If I went to a restaurant and there was a picture of Jesus on the wall, I would position myself so as not to be able to see it.

At summer bible school (I had to go with a neighbor and her kids) I made jokes during the service. When it came to painting stained glass bible scenes using water paints on the classroom windows, I opted for rockets and space. My friend’s mother thought I was the devil–I might have been. This continued up through my early twenties until I had what I called a conversion experience. It was classic in some ways; Dark night of the soul, extended downward and outward into the deep, glacial orbits of Sartre’s existential and empty alterverse, propelled by the rocket fuel of high grade LSD. It was the bad trip of all bad trips.

Somewhere around 4AM, I decided to pray for peace and sleep and to surrender myself to God in that moment. My soon to be lesbian girlfriend slept next to me, oblivious of my furious, psychic meltdown. Later on, I would reflect on this as my Gethsemane moment. It wasn’t that epic in the scheme of things, but no matter how hard I tried, she wouldn’t wake up and offer me any comfort.

But almost immediately after I sent out my prayer, I was asleep. In the morning, when I awoke, I knew my life was different–that it had fundamentally changed in a way that I couldn’t comprehend.

Over the course of the following months, my life became very different. I meditated. I gave up drinking. I began to see auras. I astral projected. But aside from all of that, I became a better person and felt that a force loved me enough to change my life in ways that I had always wanted, but never had the strength to. My faith grew and with it, so did my sense of inner peace. I had always believed in the concept of God, but this was different, far more personal.

I began to read the Christian mystics and poets, especially the likes of George Herbert, Henry Vaughn and Richard Crashaw. Crashaw was a mad, catholic englishman living in Italy, whose poetry bordered on the surreal. I sought out Thomas Merton and Edgar Cayce.

In essence, I went from unrepentant and rebellious youth to a true believer, well as true as it was for me, because I don’t know of many christians who would have been interested in my out of body experiences or if they were, only from the perspective of saving my soul. I had lost my “Chrisotphobia.”

Fast forward, it’s 12/16/2013, the Moon is in Gemini and my latest video on Gaiam is hitting. I’m looking at the possible birthdate of Jesus/Sananda/Emmanuel of 9/11. Yes, I am looking at it from a biblical perspective, using a reference from “Revelation” that seems to correspond to the date of 9/11/-3. I’ve posted the chart here before, but here is the link to it.

Under the Gemini Moon we get to examine two, separate stories, or variants on the greatest story ever told. There’s the astrotheological version which is more empowered by the 12/25 date, where the winter solstice is celebrated as Sol Invictus and Jesus shows up as Ra or Apollo some other solar deity. He’s a play on Zeus (Jesus/Hey Zeus) or he’s a fictional character altogether, deployed by the Romans and another JC, Julius Caesar, as a future control system for a crumbling Roman empire.

So I wanted to explore a different narrative. On the Gaiam video, I actually compiled even more strange and compelling info that suggest that 9/11 is indeed a very important day.

It is marked by the Beatles very first single, recorded on 9/11/62 and the Beatles as we know them were formed that day when Ringo officially became the drummer of the band, replacing session player, Tony Sheridan and future postman, Pete Best.

There’s more.

There were five nuclear tests and at least four significant moments in the formation of the nation/state of Israel. There’s a ton going on, not too mention the mother of all goings on. There’s something deep and ritualistic about the date and if indeed a historical figure such as Yeshua Sananda was born on that very day, there’s been quite a few interested parties jumping on the current of that ancient and timeless circuitry.

The lads from Liverpool crop up again and again on the alter-timeline frequency. They’re massive players on 11/22 and JFK and they surface again on the 9/11 tip. If Sananda/Christ was born on 9/11, what better day to launch the avatars of the new age, the troubadours of group consciousness and the aquarian age? Now did some guys in pointy hats draw up a chart one day and say, “This is the day, we’ll start the Beatles?” Well, since they were likely cooked up at Tavistock, you never know, since Tavistock and MI5 have had all kinds of esoterica at their fingertips; from Crowley’s “Thelema” to the works of John Dee and Edward Kelly, to the rites of various lodges, to the arcane hyper-physics of the Nazis and the Vril, I don’t think we can entirely rule it out.

Perhaps, it’s also one of those mnemonic entrainments that happens when we celebrate a day over and over again, there seems to be an energy that becomes hard wired into the day itself.

What I tried to do is portray not just an alternate date and time, but to show that there was some deeper intelligence engaged in using the date to shape our current reality; 9/11, 11/22, codex magica, torquing, tweaking, twerking our timeline in a spiral of entropic decay, substituting synthetic values for sacred law.

Well. this year, 2014, the zenith of it all rises into the skies of lower Manhattan as the One World Trade Tower, the phallic spire of Babel on the Hudson pierces our consciousness. It’s the Year of the Tower (14) and now we have another meta-magical event that is assuming Christ-like proportions before our very eyes and that is the funeral/memorial service of Nelson Mandela, replete with schizophrenic signers, a cool new crest that’s chock full of kinds symbolic goodness, a flowing hyper-cube, and a larger than life Mandela statue, all in the run up to 12/25, the celebration of Saturnalia and the supposed birth of Jesus, which is now owned and occupied by Santa, the Falstaffian hybrid of Jupiterian largesse and the nasty old ways of Saint Nick, Nick of course being the devil, the symbolic intersection between Saturn and Jupiter, Satan and Jehovah.

So we have Mandela stepping into the chronological throne of a new Christ-ian figure, the man who was imprisoned by his captors because he was “fighting” for freedom and then when he was released, held no malice in his heart for his tormentors. Well, that is the tale that they would like us all to believe, but it seems as though Mandela was a bit more than that. At his heart, he was a communist whose sole goal and purpose was to do what communists do, which is overthrow existing regimes, grab private land and resources, demonize and terrorize the existing regime and install a vice-like grip on all communication, process and personal freedoms. It’s one of the great ironies of our times that the most progressive societies and communities have the most rules and regulations.

But it’s clear that Mandela’s death in the ingress of Saturnalia, the worship of Saturn, home of the Kabaa, is the next iteration of the displacement of Christ as the new cosmic-mythos. From this point forward, the world will celebrate the life of imitation of Christ, Mandela.

This fits into the Gemini duality of this full moon as well, the archonic displacement of one mythos on the energetic spine of a previous one. And here is where it gets interesting, you see, Mandela is in some respect displacing Christ in the new, cosmic mythos that is being implanted, just like the uber-phallic stake in the ground at ground zero, ground zero of course being the symbolic destination of the alpha point, the new beginning of the new age, these two events are connected. And what we are witnessing is not without precedent as we were given the 12/25 birthdate as an overlay for pagan celebrations, so that the remixed version of pagan rites, of eating the body and drinking the blood of their new savior, would be more readily accepted by the masses and thus easier to led into their pen of newly adopted belief systems. It’s happened before boys and girls.

It’s a challenge being an astrologer with a POV and I always have to be somewhat circumspect in how I parse reality as it’s based on my own conditioning and predilection, but I have been on this planet long enough to actually witness the world evolve along these lines as I predicted it would at the turn of the last century and while I continue to chart the esoteric entrainment across this plain of material existence, I’ll do my best to vet my sources within and without.

So what does the Gemini full moon mean at this time of year, when the Sun is aligned with the Galactic Center? How does a schizophrenic sign language interpreter who sees fallen angels while signing gibberish next to Obama mean? How does the alter-version of Mandela as the new Christ at the crest of Saturnalia affect it all? In my estimation, we are at a point in our conscious awareness of a bifurcation of reality, a split between two, separate worlds as the gulf between two poles of soul drift further and further apart in the vastness of space. One reality will offer up everything you want or need and something approximating a socio-techno paradise on Earth where poverty, war, illness and discrimination are eliminated, but with one, unique catch. The individual as we know it will be obsolete and the will of the individual would have to be subsumed by the greater will of an overriding body of enlightened beings who rule through a series of strict laws and values. The other reality has far less rules and structure but also lacks the creature comforts of a green paradise and the inner dimensions and real spiritual values will have to be exercised as not just luxuries of the mind, but as survival skills.

One world looks and feels like a hollow, new age wet dream, the other more rooted in something that is outside the boundaries of any type of social definition. We can already see this peeling away in some ways as disgruntled Silicon Valley execs are starting to plan their own societies apart from the one they are currently living in and hauling in millions.

Peter Thiel has his own version of water world he’s working on and he’s not alone. Larry Ellison owns Molokai and is playing the role of Dr. Moreau. The tech demigods just want to do things their way without all that niggling, government red tape. They are symbolic of this split in reality.

From West Virginia to California, there are rumblings of succession, not as states as a whole, but swaths of communities who feel as though their type of lifestyles are no longer congruent with the system that is supposed to represent them. While they don’t have the same fundage as Thiel and Google’s Larry Page, the sentiment is roughly the same.

When I looked at the alternate birthdate of Sananda, I did so with the idea that the 12/25 date was yet another manipulation of our consensus reality and if indeed the date was 9/11/-3, then was that date throughout history was manipulated as well and to what affect?

Christianity is on a deathwatch and for some people, I can hear the shouting and rejoicing already as I type, but religion will not die. Leo Strauss, the head neocon realized that Marx’s great mistake was exorcising religion from communism and as a result, the latest version of communism/socialism is inclusive of Islam. Islam will be the new christianity of the new age.

I hope the 9/11 birthdate will at the very least tease your curiosity open and prime you to ponder what could have been and still could be without the mis-interpretation and perversion of the original message of love and compassion while living close to a great and universal source of wisdom on a very personal basis.

Happy Saturnalia and Sol Invictus.

You can get a free, ten-day-trial at Gaiamtv and view the episode of the 9/11 birth of Jesus and more by simply going to the 11th House and sign up for it.

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The NightMare of DIA

Leaving Denver was very different yesterday. The Rocky Mountain dump that was just beginning when I left last Thursday night was melting and the Green Shuttle shot across the glistening toll road like a rivulet of grace, gliding towards DIA where of course the talk about the underground city and all things occult associated with DIA came up. We talked about the crazed blue horse that greets everyone upon their arrival, a true nightmare, eyes glowing in the high winter sun, crazed and apocalyptic.

The driver told us that when they hoisted the horse’s head upon the torso at his studio, it fell and struck the sculptor of the beast (Luis Jimenez) in the leg, severing his femoral artery, whereupon he bled to death. That was on June 13, 2006, when the Sun was at 21 Gemini and Pluto was at 25 Sag. So we have a Sun/Pluto opposition. Duality. Strangely enough, Sag is slightly dual as well, being half horse and half man and all. The Femoral Artery starts right at the lower part of the hips, upper thigh, where the sacral region descends downward into the lower torso, which is where our “lower” nature resides. So the head of the horse, symbolic of it’s thinking capacity severed it’s creator off from his instinctual, or animal self. Flipping the script with Gemini curiosity and deftness. The thighs/knees also rule Sag.

We then talked about the other creature on the east side of the airport, a large statue of Anubis, keeper of the dead, guardian of the underworld. I suppose if you were to have a deep, underground base, you might want to have Anubis presiding over it’s safety and security. Interestingly enough, you can’t get to the east side of DIA now, since they are building a massive hotel and and convention center at the mouth of it, just past the indigo night mare. So now the upper part of DIA is becoming more and more like a city itself, with each passing day.


Once I entered the belly of the beast that is DIA, I descended downward into the entrails of the TSA, where our identities are masticated, our personal belongings broken down and our bodies passed through the electromagnetic colon and we come out the other side, reassembling our various pieces of scattered matter back into form. Only this time it was much different for me.

I entered the line and there was a woman asking me to touch a small, blue screen. I did. And from there we were either shuttled into the left line or the right. I thought this was very odd. Why didn’t they just say go to the left or the right? Why did we have to swipe our digits across that touchscreen? Well, my best guess was that this was a way for people to get used to offering up their fingerprints for TSA as the next level of security measures are about to kick in, which always means more technology, more personnel to run them, more money for training, etc., etc.. It’s a cash calf at this point.

So the right side of the line was a little station where they were checking palms for explosive powder. Another fun little sideshow on your way to someplace else. For some reason, they weren’t that interested in reading my palms for their explosive potential. I got straight to the front, while those on the left were still snaking their way through TSA’s lower intestines. Not only did I get to the front, fast, I even went through the old school scanner without taking off my shoes, removing my computer or belt. It was like it was 1989 all over again. Once I slipped through, on the other side, people were getting the pat down and the feel up. Luggage was deconstructed and strewn upon grey, plastic tubs. it was like I was operating in a separate reality–not that I am complaining mind you.

When I got back one of the long time listeners to the show sent me a rather extraordinary email, which I am sharing with you in it’s entirety, right here. It was in response to last week’s show with Andrew Norton Webber. Andrew is a proponent of drinking nothing but distilled water, but also Orine, or what most of us call, “urine.” It was a slightly controversial show as some people couldn’t swallow the concept of drinking one’s own pee. But someone could and did. Here is what they wrote:

OK I was totally haunted by last week’s show. I mean it really got to me. So I read The Water of Life on Saturday and I was absolutely lit up by the info.

I’m a healthy person and haven’t had any significant health issues but every time I go to the doctor to address an issue, I’m given another prescription.  I was becoming slightly alarmed looking at the 4 pills I take every morning – allergy, heartburn and two different ones to manage menstrual/menopause symptoms. I didn’t want to be a lifelong pill popper for every symptom that came up – it just didn’t align. I’m in touch with my body enough to know I can ask for inner guidance for healing so your show was timely even though I spent most of my time listening with my mouth hanging open:)

Sat night after reading the book, I decided to start the next morning but to get an idea of the taste, I did a couple of drops under my tongue and rubbed some onto a tooth that I had been nursing with salt water rinses. The jolt I got was immediate. My mouth tingled and actually wanted more! The spot where my abscess was shrank within 10 minutes and the “buzz” I got kept me up for hours into the night. When I finally slept, I dreamt of drinking my water and pouring it over me from head to toe.

I got right up Sunday AM and drank my morning brew! I also saved some and have been using it on my skin. Robert, I’ve taken to this like I’ve been doing it for years! It’s the most natural thing I’ve ever experienced.

This morning, I did not take one pill. Normally, by 10a my heartburn is alerting me that I’m late and I’m going to be sorry if I don’t do something quick. Nothing – all good. My allergies – zero symptoms. I didn’t take a pill for my hot flashes last night and had a peaceful (read: dry) night. At work we had a lunch meeting today and since pasta with red sauce was on the menu, I went and drank another cup just for reinforcement and I sit here writing to you 2 hours later with no trace of heartburn.

I have talked to NO ONE about this. I don’t know anyone who can handle it. Of course now I recall old people saying things like “pee on it” when talking about bug bites and stings but I don’t recall anyone saying drink it:)

Four days of this and I’m all in and can say the changes have been immediate and well worth the initial discomfort of imbibing from your loins. I look forward to what develops as time goes on.

Once again, I write to thank you for what you do. This is a life changing decision. I mean I really feel like this changed the trajectory of my life.”

Needless to say, I was a little blown away, but it got me to think about Chiron in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces and perhaps the alchemical mystery behind all of this. If Chiron is the activator of shame and perhaps guilt, then perhaps this statement might shed a little light on this taboo subject. I was fascinated by the possibility that there could be some healing properties associated with redeeming one of the most irredeemable of our body functions. And with Virgo as the back end of Pisces, there might just be some real knowledge here, streaming forth into our consciousness.

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Once he was lost . . .

The Moon is dissolving into newness above DIA (That’s Denver International Airport for the record), it’s Sagittarian vibration casts an emotional expansiveness across the skies. My breath freezes slightly in the air as I negotiate with the ground transport jockeys. It’s $100 from Denver to Boulder, standard fare. I am eagerly greeted by a young guy who could be Ethiopian, maybe Eritrean. He quotes me a price and it’s a little steep. I sit down to to dial up some kind of shuttle service and am put into the eternity of muzak purgatory. While I’m waiting, he comes back to me with another person looking to get to Boulder. Suddenly, my fare just got sliced in half.

We get in and I find out that he’s Eritrean. We’re listening to some shit, Celine Dion Christmas song and I ask him if he has any music from his country. He seems surprised but says, “yes.” “Do you want to hear it, ” he asks me. Let’s see . . . Celine Dion or something, anything else? The latter wins 10 out of 10 times.

He jacks in his phone and starts cranking out the sounds of GG, one of Eritrea’s rising stars. It’s rhythmic and propulsed by light, frothy synths, but the chordal patchers and fills are unusual, and the 80′s electronics sound oddly avant-garde amidst the galloping polyrhythms. I always engage cabbies, no matter where they are from. They’re usually some of the most informed and worldly-wise people you’ll ever run across. Most of them are from other countries and they know hardship in ways that most Americans can’t even begin to comprehend (Just wait until you hear Lino’s story).

After Gigi, he puts on this live recording from a club in D.C. The beat is relentless, not so much hypnotic, but driving, almost beating you into the submission of trance. The singer chants above it, over and over and over again. It’s exotic, yet the unchanging monotony of it is not for the average ear. I can’t decide whether I like it or not. It’s a minimal and raw recording, not really helping the listener go deeper, not being seduced by reverb and slick filters. A lone sax sqounks in the background, repeating the endless beat ever-so-slightly. Then, about 3/4′s of the way through, something miraculous happens. The sax player finds an opening in the music and explodes into a wild frenzy, part Maceo Parker, part Albert Ayler, it’s pure genius and launches the drowsy monotony into outer space. Of course it’s like life. That’s how it’s supposed to be–the endless cycle of repetition resolved by a joyous and furious type of catharsis. It ends and there’s no more sound, just silence.

We make our way into Boulder and this is how it begins.

Hours earlier, I was at Austin’s airport, snaking my way through the watchful eyes of the TSA. They have drug and bomb sniffing dogs now roaming through the check in lines. This latest, um, improvement for our security resembles Gaza just a little more with each, tweak to the system.

When I’m in these lines, I always try to get the less invasive, old school scanner, instead of the arms-in-the-air like you just don’t care, x-ray shakedown. I really thought I had it this time; Goods in the tray, computer on the belt, shoes off and just when I’m about to step through I get moved into the see-all-cylinder. I opt out and go for the pat down. It’s my choice–not theirs.

The social stigma of the pat down is subtle and perverse–it’s supposed to be. It’s been ingrained in our brains that this is what happens to criminals when they get arrested and it is in public, which theoretically lends itself to a type of soft humiliation, but then again, that’s all part of it too. They ask you if you want a private space, but I’d rather be out in the open. Saturn, transiting my 12th House doesn’t engender me to feeling all that warm and fuzzy in the confines of a private, TSA screening room. So it’s out in the open.

I extend my arms proudly. They’re my arms and I love them. I pass of course, but the mental yoga in that moment is a unique experience. Why don’t more people do this I ask? If we all opted out, we would put such a flood on the current TSA system that they would have to revise it. But there I am, alone, palms extended upwards towards heaven, getting groped for the sins of the sleeping. It’s okay, I just wish I could be groped by a member of the opposite sex. Saturn in my 12th hasn’t been great for my social life.

I’m here in Boulder at Gaiamtv, spreading the gospel of astrology on the 11th House, my new show. It’s a strange experience in some ways. It’s what I have been working towards most of my life and I feel slightly disembodied, like I am observing my own experience from a level of bemused detachment. Is this real? Am I doing this? Do I really have anything to say? Jay Weidner’s there and it’s always great connecting with Jay. I found out that he’s a longtime Niner fan like myself and we both worship at the feet of Bill Walsh.

The production team is impeccable, a mix of refugees from New York and network news (Fox, Glenn Beck) and newbies fresh out of college. I’m here breaking down the 9/11, 3 BC chart of Jesus/Sananda. After the shoot, I’ll go back to the hotel, watch MNF and then stumble upon a History Channel documentary on the life of said Jesus. Hmmmmmm.

Jesus/Sananda gets a very bad rap or no rap at all these days. He’s either the end times Rambo or he’s just another Sun god, or he’s just a marketing/control meme created by the Romans. It always surprises me how readily people are willing to throw down their faith and love in a half-monkey/half man, or a half-elephant/half man and it’s rarely, if ever questioned, but the thought of following or devoting ones self to a man who embodied the undifferentiated spirit of God/Creation and demonstrated it on a moment-to-moment basis is thought to be considered a weakness or a superstitious construct for those unwilling to face death and the uncertainly of the existential void. Maybe it’s the Sag Sun burning a hole through the prism of my first house, but I am intrigued by this dismissal of the divine by the hands of the modern Pharisees.

While I was doing more research on the 9/11 birthdate, again, I stopped at the Summer of Love to revisit Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo, all three aspects which were very prominent in the chart of Sananda, 3BC.

Shortly after the Summer of Love, there was a spate of films dealing with the life and times of Jesus, from the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, to Zefferelli’s straight, epic portrayal, starrring Robert Powell, to another musical, Godspell. The early 70′s had the Doobie Brothers bearing musical witness on, “Jesus Is Just Alright.” It was in the air, seeded IMHO by the Summer of Love and the return of those three, key planets/aspects. By the time 1973 rolled around, the Jesus vibration was humming. Jupiter and Neptune were both in Sag and the devotion was coming through on stage and screen. Unfortunately the dark side, as it always does, had its shadow play in it as well. Jim Jones, the mind controlled asset of the CIA had a very different type of devotion he was cooking up in the jungles of Guyana.

.On my way back to the hotel on my first day, I was picked up by Lino. Lino was one of the Lost Boys of The Sudan. If there is a God, then Lino is the living embodiment of it in ways that people cannot comprehend. In short, here is his story; Lino was just six-years-old when civil war erupted in Sudan. He was with his parents and the rest of his family when they got caught up in an ambush with deadly crossfire. At just six, Lino was separated from his parents and had to fend for himself, like many of Sudan’s lost boys and girls. Shortly after he lost his parents, he was on a truck headed to Kenya and a refugee camp, thinking that things might be okay, thinking that they might work out and that’s when the truck his a land mine. It was the loudest sound he had ever heard. Time stopped. When his hearing returned, he heard screams and saw blood and body parts everywhere. Mildly wounded, he survived and grew up in Kenya, at a refugee camp.

Lino eventually applied to live in the US and was accepted. He is first stop was Syracuse in the summertime. He loved it until it snood and when he first saw snow, he actually though the world was ending. Even after he was told what it was, it didn’t comfort him all that much. He didn’t like being cold. So he eventually made it to Boulder where he drives a cab, not just any cab, but a brand new, Prius hybrid. He told me how much he has to pay for gas, take care of repairs, etc., and he made a choice to go all in on the hybrid because it saves him money. He also told me that he actually re-united with his lost parents a few years back and is now married to one of the lost girls from Sudan that he met in Boulder. She is studying to be a nurse and it’s their goal/dream to return to the Sudan and start a clinic to help the people of Sudan. He told that every day he wakes up, its a miracle and he feels blessed to be alive and by doing so, wants to share the blessing with others. Lino is a living testament to magic of love, faith and the miraculous. I’ve been on this bandwagon lately to re-christen as it were, Jesus/Sananda as an Aquarian symbol, not just a relic of the Piscean Age. I believe that was the original intent of his incarnation, to illustrate that the entire universe is flowing through us and that the power of creation is on our lips and fingertips, every single moment. And it’s through this, in some ways, spiritual anarchy that we can self-assemble in an elegant fashion, without the prime directives of “Common Purpose” or “Agenda 21.” It’s through the lives of people like Lino, that this is illustrated so clearly, if we have the time and patience to seek and find.

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Chiron In Pisces As The Grail Cup.

It took me quite a long time to notice something I should have, as an astrologer a while ago, to notice. Fifty-years-ago, when JFK was murdered, the Sun was at 29 degrees, Scorpio. It was one degree off of my ascendent (28 Scorpio). In basic, astrological parlance, the event itself would have an impact on my life. I was just three when it occurred and I wasn’t aware of the actual event itself, but I was tuned in, literally to the funeral. I was in the hospital and I had my tonsils removed. I remember seeing the funeral motorcade on the black and white television perched in the corner of the room. I asked my mother what was happening and she told me that, “the president had died and it was his funeral.” The whole memory itself is cast in a monochromatic light, just like the cathode projection perched up high in the corner of that room. The hospital of course, is the 12th House, the space of mystery

My instincts from as early as I could remember questioning the Kennedy assassination was that the official story was a pack of lies.

When I was young, the main man behind untangling the Kennedy knots was the New Orleans public defender, Jim Garrison. Garrison, I tonically was born on November 20th (192i). 11/20 is also the same birth day as Bobby Kennedy and just two days off of the fated assassination. Garrison’s natal Sun was at 27 Scorpio, just 2 degrees off of the event. His chart was dominated by Libra. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the TN in Libra pushed his need to pursue justice, which led him to his main witness, Clay Shaw.

Garrison used a controversial technique to get Shaw to spill the beans–he hypnotized him. With Mercury in Scorpio, it’s actually fitting. Shaw claimed that the CIA had a role in the assassination. Garrison was also the man responsible for getting the Zapruder film. Just as an aside, Bill Cooper once told a group of us that the Zapruder film had 16, key frames released and that the French had had it in their possession and were blackmailing the US with it. But that’s a different rabbit hole. :-)

When Kennedy was killed at 12:30PM, CST, Chiron was in Pisces, in the first house at 10 degrees. This is incredibly important for a number of reasons. The first is, is that Chiron is at 9 degrees Pisces currently. In essence, we are experiencing the Chiron return of the death of JFK. Right now.

Pisces is associated with Jesus and the Piscean Age and all of the attendant symbolism that goes along with it; compassion, faith. unconditional love, wisdom, sacrifice and resurrection. When Chiron is in the sign of Pisces, we re-enter the wound of the Pisces, and we explore these themes, both individually and collectively. When Chiron is in Pisces we lose faith. We question the existence of God.

One of the mythological expressions of Chiron in Pisces is the tale of “The Fisher King.” The Fisher King is connected to the Grail cycle, but is not necessarily Arthur, however. Galahad, Bors and Percival were the knights charged with the quest of finding the Holy Grail. The Fisher King is impotent, suffering from a wound in the leg/groin. He is unable to walk. The land is fallow. Crops do not grow. The waters become stagnant and poison. The kingdom is not just in despair, but the infertile and the masculine principle is impotent. Until the King Fisher is united with the grail, which will restore the promise and vitality of the kingdom.

In the presidential Camelot, Kennedy was Arthur. The Fisher King was added to the Arthurian legend by the French, medieval writer, Chretien De Troyes. As time has advanced, Arthur and The Fisher King have at times merged. This can be seen in John Boorman’s excellent re-telling of the Arthurian legend, “Excalibur.”

The Kennedy assassination is widely considered the mother of all conspiracies, the Gordian knot of truth in the 20th century and the one upon which a number of conspiracies have been piled on top. Hack through or untangle Kennedy, the dangling threads lead to Vietnam, MK Ultra and even 911. But even if they aren’t followed through the filaments of history to their core, understanding what happened and pulling the covers back on the Kennedy cover-up, could be the one event that would restore order and faith to a planet mired in the decrepit vapors of the wasteland. From Fukushima, to Gaza, to chemtrails, to depleted uranium, to elections stolen, towers fallen, the widening gap of the haves and have nots, the world descends deeper and deeper into the wasteland. Chiron in Pisces is the Holy Grail for the Fisher King and Arthur too. The loss of faith for an entire planet took place fifty years ago today.
To restore sacred order to the wasteland we must once again dive deep into the Chironic wound and with Saturn in Scorpio, we have the power to go deeply and remove the cancerous tumors lies and illusions, of which the latter half of the 20th Century and the early part of the 21st have been erected on.


11/22 is also the day I will make my debut on Gaiamtv with my solo show, “The Eleventh House.” I’ll be producing four-shows-a-month for them starting next week, but my first entry is in the can and in fact, it has to do with JFK as I expand upon my alternate timeline theory and “The False Aquarian Age.” In it, I look at events and astrological aspects and tie together how history wasn’t just altered but launched us on a parallel track of time. You can watch the preview and sign up for Gaiam here at; The Eleventh House.

Today, on the Friday FARcast, I’ll be joined by Dwight Loop. Dwight is a good friend and a longtime Kennedy researcher. He’ll be part of “The Kennedy Assassination: 50 Years Under A Coup. We’ll discuss what happened at Dealy Plaza fifty-years-ago today and some of the conspiracy theories associated with the event. Catch us here at 12:00 Noon, CST and lets dive into the Chironic wound together.

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Mercury direct leads to flashes of insight

The Mercury Retrograde chrysalis is about to crack and I don’t know anyone that isn’t just a bit giddy over this. I mean has there been another brutal MR in recent memory? Think of it as PMS from hell with an IBS topper. It’s nary over as we crawl out of it’s long shadow. Well, what did we learn? We learned that Obamacare is a complete and utter failure. I think Obama’s astrologer should go work for the Chinese, Russians or Israelis, because if we wanted to inflict damage on one of our supposed enemies, that might be the best course of action to take. Really? You’re going to launch Obamacare in the shadow of MR, then watch it go completely off the rails when MR kicked in? Send that starry sage abroad now. It might be our only hope. It reminds me of a Three Stooges episode (I’ll Never Heil Again) where Moe plays a dictator who resembles Hitler is visited by a comely siren posing as an astrologer. She’s there to give him bad astrological advice and thus have her father regain his seat of power in “Moronica.”

That would be my strategy.

Anyway, Obamcare’s, huge failure to launch was just one, glaring piece of roadkill alongside the highways and byways of Mercury Retrograde. There was the high strangeness of the world series, including a recalled played which changed the tenor of a game and perhaps the whole world series, and the stumbling, rumbling, bumbling of Allen Craig’s game winning run as an interference call. The Cardinals were even stranded on the tarmac for sic hours as they waited to get in the air and fly to Boston for game six. Mercifully, the series ended with Scorpio David Ortiz winning the MVP, while fellow Scorpio Johnny Gomes played a key role in the Red Sox third world series win in ten years.

We saw the rise of Russell Brand and coincidentally, brand has Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. Let this be an open lesson for those that have MR nattily. For ten weeks out of the year, you are in your element while the rest of us are like fish swimming in jello.

The ACA was passed on 3/23/10 when the Sun and Mercury was in Aries. Mercury was at 10 degrees and of course has been getting static form the cosmic grind of the Pluto/Uranus square. Uranus in Aries is resistance against Pluto in Aries. That’s why we get the color revolutions and Russell brand and Daniel Pinchbeck spouting revolution, even if all of the aforementioned have been at some level or another staged, either by the likes of Soros/Optor or perhaps some more subtle and interdimensional means. We’re talking a veiled form of blending/possession/channeling.

Ron Paul and his “revolution” was the precursor in some ways to what’s taking place. Even Obama primed the pump with his “Change and Hope” platform. If we go back to 2008 and up through 2010, the winds of change and revolution were upon us with Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. Obamacare ask The ACA was drafted and passed during this subtle, almost imperceptible phase of Aquarius. Revolution starts in vapor, molecules of the mind which merge with air. Air is the element of magic where the magus extends his rod in the ethers, transmitting will into the form of ideas, tropes and memes. This is when the ACA was passed. Saturn in Libra (contracts) was retrograde and opposed the Aries Sun. Again, the court astrologer needs to be shipped out to public enemy number one just based on their surprising lack of timing. I seriously doubt that the ACA, in it’s current form will get off the ground. It’s a lead zeppelin. Not all the magic in the sky can loft it further into the air of respectability.

So, it’s post MR, you’ve made it through the eclipse, the Pluto/Uranus square has knocked off some of your emotional rust and now what? Do you stock up on one last run to Costco before Gridex II hits? Do you find a cozy cave for the solar pole flip? Do you utter your prayers to the sublime creator of all things as ISON/SION wings it’s way towards us?

Now that MR is direct, we still have a few weeks before it returns to where it went retro-haywire. We’re talking the 28th of November.

Scorpio represents power. Last night I was hanging out at Zingers, having a glass of wine with Roni and Don. I didn’t know Roni or Don before I sat down at the bar, but by the end of the night, Roni was giving me hugs and Don was telling me all of the professional options he has on his plate right now. You see, that’s how I roll. It’s an 11th House thing. Don is a Scorpio just in case you haven’t figured it out. He had classic Scorpio eyes, narrow and slightly beady, almost like face wide visor through which blasts of mental rays are emitted. Think Cyclops of The X-Men. Don’s business was chemicals, a perfect fit for a Scorpio as they are liquids (mostly) that catalyze state changes, agents of transformation. Why am I referencing Don? Because he’s relevant to our discussion regarding the post MR recalibration.

You see, each of us has everything we need to catalyze state changes in our own lives. The depth of Mercury in Scorpio, the Sun and Saturn there as well calls us to descend and focus on the depth of our inner resources and to make a commitment to this no matter what our sign or even religious or non-religious affiliation. You don’t need Russell Brand, or any Brand to activate that which you already know. You don’t even need me. I might play the role of the avuncular neighbor on the other side of the fence who reminds you that you have all the tools you need to get the job done. And my advice this time is to sink as deeply as you can into your pre-programmed roots. Get there anyway you can. Whether it’s your will, your art, your exercise, your love, leave no stone unturned. Mercury/Scorpio is on your side now and it is not milquetoast. Scorpio demands that you go to the wall and beyond. In fact it demands that you smash the wall down and use the bricks to build shelters for the homeless. That sort of thing.

Look, any number of weird and anxiety ridden end time scenarios are swirling and in play, especially as Miley Cyrus continues her “World Twerk” with the contorted tongue of Kali wagging back at you, dripping with madness, you might as well dig in and let the inner you rip the void of stagnation and inertia. The serpentine energy of Scorpio is on your side. You’re either busy living or busy dying. No time like the present to live your dream in the face of fear, the sum of all end games scenarios. It might be the best survival strategy there is.

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Conjunction dysfunction.

(Editor’s note. I do not condone hazing or any type of ritualistic behavior that demeans any individual. In a society devoid of true rites of passage, these humiliating enactments are unconscious reincarnations of rites passed down through fraternities, sororities and lodges that are used to bond others through humiliation and shame)

I made my first pot of chili just in time for the first cold snap of the fall. I have to say, it might be the best chili I’ve cooked up. I busted out the frozen, roasted Hatch chilies I had stashed away. After I tasted the chili, I wish I had bought a few more. I also dashed it with some mesquite smoked salt. I wish google had an app that would allow you to taste it. But that’s not the only thing that’s cookin’. Want to step into some into some deep, cultural doo-doo? Some funky astro-matrix voodoo? Want to see the NFL used as a psyop and see how Pluto in Scorpio responds? Well pull up those waders and let’s get into the swampy and weird, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin psychodrama.

So for those of you that don’t follow or give a shit when it comes to football or pro sports in general, let me quickly fill you in. Miami Dolphin’s guard, Jonathan Martin, 2nd year player from Stanford, made headlines last week when he walked out of the team facilities, claiming that he was the subject of bullying and harassment by fellow Dolphin players, in particular, Ritchie Incognito. Incognito has a checkered past. He was kicked out of U of Nebraska, even though he played at an all-american level as an offensive linemen. He transferred to Oregon, but even before he set foot on campus, Oregon coach Mike Belotti rescinded his scholarship, likely because Incognito failed a drug test. Now I’m not talking hard drugs, but likely PEDS (Performance Enhancing Drugs). It’s football’s both pro and college’s dirty secret.

Incognito eventually landed with the St. Louis Rams where helped lead the Rams become a powerhouse in running and passing. He has a reputation as a mauler, a tough guy, the toy of player you want in a trench war. Incognito is not a polite player. He eventually got into a conflict with Rams head coach, Steve Spagnuolo and was summarily released from the Rams. He was picked up by the Buffalo Bills and played for them for three games. He was on the line that prong Fred Jackson for over 200 yards, one of the most prodigious running efforts in league history. After that season, Incognito was let go by the Bills.

Two years ago, he resurfaced with the Miami Dolphins and last year, he was a key player for them, earning pro-bowl honors. It looked like he had found a home. Speaking of home, he’s a Cancer, and not just any Cancer. He was born 7/5/83, which put’s his natal Sun conjunct the US Sun. His Sun (12) is conjunct Mercury (6) and Mars (4). Mars is Cardinal and that’s a fiery trinity, even in the nurturing sign of the crab. But it’s complex. He’s intense, combustible and yet even sensitive. Of course he’s got a touch of patriotism in him with that Sun conjunct the US Sun. He’s deeply involved with Operation Homeland, a group that provides resources for the families of vets that come home from the war. Remember the name, Homeland. That’s likely a side of Incognito not publicly seen and apparently, not reported either, at least by the mainstream media. He’s got Venus in Leo at 26 degrees. Venus in Leo can be loving and generous. Jupiter in Sag (2 degrees) conjunct Uranus (5 degrees) might contribute to not just his athletic ability and wild side, but also can be seen in his training methods, which includes pilots, acupuncture, chiropractic and other alternative methods. He also has Saturn in Libra (exalted) conjunct Pluto (one degree orb). That’s a heavy aspect and actually quite rare. Those born between June 1947 to June 1948 and those born between September 1982, to November 1983 have it as well, so there isn’t a lot of data on the conjunction in modern astrology. We can see not just deep and potentially life shaking energies, especially as it relates to relationship, but it’s also a deeply collective aspect, meaning it gets played out on a larger stage and we get to see the shadows of the interpersonal realm projected into very public spaces as it is now via Incognito and Martin. How this occurred is that texts and phone messages that Martin had in his possession were made public. On the surface, they sound horrible. Incognito tells Martin he’s going to “shit in his mouth.” He also tells him that “he’ll slap his momma.” And he drops the “n-word.” Of course. It’s ironic isn’t it, that his name is Incognito and yet he’s become painfully public by having his communication with Martin plastered all over media-sphere.

Incognito was instantly tried and sentenced as a hateful, racist, bully in the in the unflinching gaze of the all-seeing-eye. Are you getting it yet? In echoes of the Trayvon Martin (hey, there’s that word, MARTIN), Incognito has become George Zimmerman. Zimmerman BTW has the Saturn/Pluto conjunction as well, but out of sign. The early momentum of this episode, the media was piling on Incognitio.

Martin couldn’t respond because he checked himself into a hospital to deal with his breakdown. From there, he traveled to California to be with his parents. We’re going to get into Jonathan Martin’s chart and his parents (it will blow your mind) but in the days that followed, their Dolphin team mates came out and started to speak. Keep in mind that these guys are under thirty, so they are Pluto in Scorpio and they will speak their minds and they did. They quickly, both black and white players alike, came to the defense of Ritchie Incgnito. They said that Richie and Jon were actually friends and Jon Martin didn’t have many friends on the team. He was quiet, reserved and didn’t seem to have much fire in his belly. Educated at Stanford, the son of two prominent lawyers (not just any lawyers) he went to a posh,Harvard-Westlake private school in Los Angeles. Dolphin coaches told Richie Incognito to help toughen Martin up. What’s been painted of Incognito is that he “terrorized” and “bullied” Martin. But according to team mates, Ritchie never did anything to Martin that was remotely brutal or cruel and by the way, he wasn’t the only member of the Dolphins that was involved in trying to crack Martin’s tough guy code. This is according to Martin’s lawyer, now expanding the finger pointing to the entire Dolphin’s organization. The Dolphin locker room has circled the wagons and Jon Martin is out. Richie Incognito is suspended and what could amount to a tragic kangaroo court, is being played out before our very eyes. Not only is Richie Incognito under a microscope, but so is the entire culture of the NFL. Okay so what of Jonathan Martin?

His Sun is at Leo, 26 degrees, which conjunct’s Richie Incognito’s Venus in Leo at 26. Exact! How could they not be friends? Not only that, but he has Jupiter in Cancer at 3 degrees, which conjuncts Incognito’s stellium in Cancer, including Richie’s Sun. There is a very strong cosmic bond between these two and based on the charts, I am far less than willing to believe narrative that’s been exploded like buckshot from the media and now, Martin’s parents and lawyer. Pluto has been transiting Martin’s Saturn in Cap at 7 degrees and that is an extreme psychological workout. It will grind and grind and grind away at the psyche, dredging up fears, compulsions, anxieties and even obsessions. This is angle of exorcism to some extent as it forces the individual to experience get through it, face themselves and get tougher psychologically. It mirrors the fear of complete obliteration. Jon Martin is going through it. likely, his football career is over. His chart BTW, isn’t brimming with football related aspects. Martin should have been a college prof like his father. With his Chiron in Gemini though, he”s of two minds and of, maybe two lives. it will be just a matter of days, maybe hours where there are rumors that Jonathan Martin is gay. With Chiron in Gemini, that may be the case and if it is, well the SPLC just hit the daily double.

So the irony is that Incognito is anything but private now, and Martin (Martian) is anything but warlike. But what about Martin’s father? Here is where it gets interesting and very weird.

Martin’s father is C. Augustus Martin, a lawyer and professor at Cal State-Dominguez Hills. He specializes in get this, juvenile justice and terrorism.. Martin senior has written nine books on various types of terrorism and it’s impact. He also devotes larger portions of his books to Homeland Security. Martin seniors career really took off after 911 when Sage Press published, “The New Era Of Terrorism” based on a number of articles that Martin pieced together and edited. But that was just the launching point for Martin. He has had eight books published since 2004, all on the same topic, his latest being “Understanding Homeland Security.” These are not cheap forays into the topic, they range from $65 to $140 and are obviously tailored for colleges, think tanks and tsp forces. In essence, these are high level manuals.

It’s all a bit ironic isn’t it? Here Jon Martin is literally being “terrorized” by The Dolphins and his father just happens to be an expert on the subject. He served as a page with Charles Rangel, who earlier this year, said that we basically needed to get the guns out of the rednecks hands.

Now one can say that this is just the universe offering up the high strange in the cosmic mirror, all for as my friend Visible says, for purpose of demonstration. Perhaps this vectoring is showing us that Ritchie and Jon are really one person, one bifurcation of consciousness in the tragically traumatized duad of our existence on this plane. If that’s the case, then maybe if we looked at this from the perspective of the split psyche, then neither are the perps and victims, but both are. That’s one way of looking at it. But we cannot discount, nor simply ignore the elder Martin’s area of expertise, especially in the aftermath of the LAX theater and pre-eclipse holographic projection managed to have the same eyewitness on hand that was at ground zero on 911. Yes, it’s true. It’s the same guy, the actor known as “Nick Pugh”.

The reason that this is important is that Ritchie Incognito is now fitting a profile. He’s “white” a racist, violent and psychopathic. He’s being painted and framed as a bully and the next step up from bullying is terrorizing. Now remember, Gus Martin, Jon’s dad is basically writing the books on terrorism and the evolving definition as such. Here we enter into a much darker and unfortunately, what might be determined as a paranoid POV. Was Ritchie Incognito set up? Did the Martin’s, over the offseason plan this out so that Jon could walk away and his father, along with others connected to rapidly accelerating security state use this as a flashpoint for greater measures of thought and speech control? Remember, Incognito’s Sun, is conjunct the US Sun, so this is not just merely some guy that it’s happening to. This is a spotlight on the country itself, through Incognito.

Perhaps it’s just all one, tidy coincidence that Martin’s family, aligned with Jonathan Martin are taking full advantage of the situation (while standing up for their son), but what I find interesting is that Incognito and all of his fucked up behavior (yes, I know about the golf incident) is at least going public. He’s talking in order to set the record straight as he continues to be tried in the court of public opinion on ESPN and other sports/news outlets, yet Jon Martin remains silent, sealed off somewhere in the outskirts of LA, while sports attorney, David Cornwell does all of his talking.

David Cornwell is considered the crisis sports lawyer–the first guy to call when things go wrong. He defended Ben Roethlisbeger after he had been charged with rape. Cornwell also vehemently defended and won his case for Ryan Braun when Braun tested positive for steroids in 2011. It was later found out that Braun did indeed use steroids and was suspended for the rest of the season last year. As a result of Braun’s defiance and Cornwell’s dogged representation, the test taker that was in charge of Braun’s pee, lost his job. Seems like David Cornwell has no issue defending rapists and chronic liars, while dishing out some collateral damage along the way. This is the priest of the so called moral high ground that is fronting for Jonathan Martin.

So, I’ll leave you with just a little more astro-weirdness. When I was researching Gus Martin, aka C. Augustus Martin, I ran across an Augustus C. Martin (deceased). Both were/are lawyers. Both were from Pennsylvania and from what I could determine, not related. And both have a son named “Jonathan.” I wouldn’t expect anything else from a guy that has Chiron in Gemini (Jonathan Martin) in his chart.

It will be interesting to see where all of this goes in the coming days/weeks when Mercury goes direct.

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I’m going to be the guy that pisses in the marshmallow bonfire down by the seaside. Yes, I’m going to take a hard look at a the Russell Brand, brand. He of the mesmerizing, Charlie Manson gaze, the rapier wit and the “fuck you” fashion, almost always adorned with some form of vaguely religious accessorizing. Brand is hitting the big time. He’s a got a bloodline babe on his arm (Jemima Goldsmith) is guest editing “The New Statesman” and is calling for “Revolution.” People are swooning over his grinning broadsides against the establishment. He makes peroxide blonde CNN presenters wet their panties and old guard talking heads like Jeremy Paxman have to jump through his flaming hoops of puckish disregard. We’ll be looking at Brand’s chart and it’s loaded with celestial technology that is clearly the back end of Brand’s, red hot star turn and provided he can make it through the next few months, it will go from shining to blazing. But the question arises, that even if someone has the starry cred at their disposal, does that give them the license or the divine right to distribute their will if it serves an agenda? And even if that’s the case, could they be in the employ of those that clearly understand the power of the chart and key transits at pivotal times in history? In essence, could someone be guiding and exploiting those aspects towards their own end? And would someone like Brand, not only not give a shit, but also embrace it fully, with their own permission? Perhaps by the end of this piece, we’ll find out.


I remember the first time I saw Brand, it was on MTV. He was hosting an awards show and quite frankly, the only person I thought was as unfunny in a similar role, was Pauly Shore, the dopey, stoner son of Mitzi Shore who somehow managed to convince an entire generation, for just a few, short years, that he was hilarious. Well, you had to get to your 8th or 9th bong load for that level to kick in, because outside of the glazed eyes, Big Mac sauce drooling down your chin set, he wasn’t funny–at all. Brand was a close second.

But somehow, over time, just like how maybe David Koresh went from being a bumbling apprentice to Benjamin Roden, The Branch Davidian daddy, to a fire-breathing, chapter and verse quoting gospel machine, Brand got his chops and evolved into his current persona.

Films like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Me To The Greek” cemented his image in the mind’s eye as a rock star. His claims that he’s fucked nine-women-a-day casts an alpha programming spell over other men and don’t think that women don’t pay attention either.

It’s interesting to chart Brand over the years. His early photos reveal a soft, chubby faced, English lad who claims that he was sexually abused and like many of his Pluto in Libra mates, he suffered from the chaos and fracture of a divorce. Brand claims that his addiction (drugs) can be tied to this phase of his life. Brand’s father is pictured here, heading out of a pub with the late, Amy Winehouse. Ironically, he looks a lot like the guy on his right, Keith Hudson, who is Katy Perry’s father. Hudson is a sort of new-age, Christian preacher, who claims to be a chosen prophet for the end times. He also happens to be a Gemini, just like Brand.

One of the claims of hardcore Christians, is that Satanists and Masons use the Church as a sort of limited hang which gives them superficial legitimacy. As a result, Hudson has been accused by that community of being a false prophet.

Brand went to the famed Italia-Conti Academy of Theater Arts in London. People like Patsy Kensit, Gabriel Anwar, Sadie Frost, Tracey Ullman and Julliana Hough attended there as well. Hough is interesting because she was raised in Utah as a Mormon and not just her, but all of her brothers attended the academy. She left after a year, where according to her, she was “abused, mentally, physically, everything.” She starred in “Rock of Ages” with Brand and is set to star in an upcoming film, also with him called, “Diablo Cody.”

Brand’s physicality has morphed and evolved along with his persona. Here’s an early picture of him, circa 2006 and version 2.0. Some plastic surgeons have noted that Brand has undergone Rhinoplasty, which gives him a slightly bulging, quasi, Cro-Magnon Christ look, with a hint of Jim Morrison (shades only) and the buggy eyes of Charlie Manson. Do you know what’s funny about Charlie Manson? When he first gathered his family members from the human lost and found in Haight Ashbury, circa 1967, he told them that the key to really breaking free was to strip themselves of their conditioning, to go beyond their social programming and shatter the institutional chains that had held them back. Once they did, they could truly be themselves and unlike the rest of the squares, be free.

Forty-years-later, Manson’s rap would’ve gotten a book deal and a spot on Oprah’s couch. Brand, like Manson is calling for “revolution.” There’s even a Beatles connection (of course). Manson’s sonic bible was “The White Album” released on 11/22/68 (Five-year-Kennedy death anniversary). It’s loaded with all kinds of hooks and triggers and Manson took his cues from McCartney’s “Helter Skelter” and Lennon’s “Revolution 1″ and “Revolution 9.”

At the closing ceremonies of the occult olympics in London, Brand was dressed as Willy Wonka. This is a theme not uncommon to him, as he has also donned the garb of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang, a book written Ian Fleming, yes, that Ian Fleming, who also happened to be one of L. Ron Hubbard’s pals. But I digress just slightly. Brand has a bit of the pied piper in him and he’s playing “Eve of Destruction” on his magic flute.

He sat atop a funky-yellow school bus (Magical Mystery Tour) and sang, “I Am The Walrus” (Lennon). And now Brand is channeling the ghost of Lennon with his situationist rants and screeds, holding a mirror up to the establishment in the same spirit of irreverence that Lennon did. This is not a coincidence and we’ll get into this later as we dissect his chart.

Brand met Katy Perry, first on the set of “Get Me To The Greek” and then again at the 2009 VMA’s, which he hosted. Perry and Joe Perry of Aerosmith performed “We Will Rock You.” The Perry/Perry pairing is yet another Gemini
hyper-meme. The track ends with Katy, not Joe falling at Brand’s feet. From there it was flesh time in Thailand, Paris and India, where Brand popped the question. There have been whispers that Brand was her handler. If you are not familiar with the term “handler” it’s used not just in spy circles, but also when MK Ultra is mentioned.

MK Ultra is a well known mind control program that was practiced by the CIA. It involved a number of methods to crack a person open and get them to do things that would be against their will. Jason Bourne is just one, popular example.

In the late-nineties, early two-thousands, there was a rush of material from women that claimed to have been tortured and repeatedly shown bits and pieces of “The Wizard Of Oz” or “Cinderella” or “Snow White.” Kathy O’Brien, Arizona Wilder and Svali shredded the veil over the topic with accounts that were as nauseating as they were wild. Through trauma and torture, they had their brains compartmentalized and in those personal voids, new personalities were programmed, triggered on demand by keywords with phrases from the fairytale that included their access codes. “The Stepford Wives” written by Ira Levin (Rosemary’s Baby) was a contemporary allegory for this type of programming.

Katy Perry’s name has been associated with the same type of programming confessed by Kathy O’Brien and the others. There is a video on youtube, which shows Brand and Perry on the red carpet and Brand flashes Shepard Fairey’s “Obey” image with a neat pentagram and Perry seems to go into some type of goofy trance.

Brand divorced Perry but wasted no time by dating Perry lookalike, Zooey Deschanel. Again, we have a Gemini theme in action, twins/split personality/duality/polarization. Last year he was with Alesandra Balasz, the stepdaughter of Chelsea “Handler.” Daddy Balasz belongs to the “Quill and Dagger,” Cornell’s equivalent to Skull and Bones. He’s also a massive influence peddler, rubbing shoulders with Madonna, Gaga, and other plugged in Gothamites.

Being that Brand has Uranus squaring Venus, relationships last about as long as the mating cycle of a mayfly. With Venus tied to, yoked to Saturn, we see again, the need, either unconscious or realized for relationship to provide some kind of cover, power. structure and form. Even though he has Saturn in Cancer (fall) Saturn still performs the function of escalation with it’s need to position itself towards the accumulation of form and power. His latest “relationship” with Jemima Goldsmith is yet another example of this in action, another cagey move up the ladder, emotionally ascending, one-step-at-a-time, up the social pyramid.

Jemima is the daughter of Sir Jimmy Goldsmith, a robber baron of the first order, who inherited a fortune from his father, Franck Adolphe Benedict Goldschmidt. Papa Franck was one of the founders of the “King David” hotel, which was bombed by Irgun and became the catalyst for the transfer of British mandate Palestine, to David Ben-Gurion and the Zionist congress, leading to the nation state of Israel.

Jemima is an editor for The New Statesman and fits into the Saturn/Venus upscaling model of trending upwards in relationship in Brand’s life/chart. She was hand-in-glove with Russell’s star turn as the editor of “The New Statesman.” With his editorial piece in place, Brand had bonafides across the board.

A poster on FB claimed that he is a Trojan Horse. The most popular scenatrio is that he has succeeded in slipping beyond the guardians of the establishment, but I would offer that it’s the other way around. I believe that it’s the alternative community that Brand has infiltrated and not vice versa. With his Sun/Merc in Gemini, Brand holds a mirror up to the world and with the Sun/Neptune opposition, the world sees what it wants or perhaps what Brand himself wants the world to see.


My friend, RA DA’COSMOPHYXIAN has clued me into the power of the rectification as it relates to to the birth chart. Now Ra and I might disagree on the frequency of rectification, but I agree, that in certain cases, even when the birth time is known, that it might behoove a closer look. Brand is said to have been born at midnight on 6/4/75. This is slightly suspect to me as rarely, in all the years I have been doing charts, I have seldom seen a birth exactly at the top of the hour. Not saying it can’t happen, it just doesn’t fly with any sort of frequency. In fact, in the hustle and bustle of birth, there can at times be a rounding off of the birth time. So there’s a possibility that Brand was born either just before or just after midnight, I’m getting 12:03 AM, which would put him at 27 Cap, ASC., I originally thought he was at 29 degrees, but that would have put his birth time out to around 12:08, thus pushing it closer to 12:10, which would have generally been the rounded off number. 27 degrees on the DSC also fits, because that’s where his tortured Venus resides. In astrology, we read for the next house if a planet is within five degrees of that house. So, technically, Brand’s Venus is in the 7th, however, from a purely symbolic perspective, It’s like Venus cannot make the journey home, to where it’s accidentally exalted.

So with Cap on the ASC and his first house mostly Aquarius we see both the establishment (Capricorn) and the dawn of a new day (Aquarius); the old guard and the new wave. Lurking in Brand’s 12th is mighty Pluto in Capricorn in transit. We are talking behind the scenes power. Pluto in Cap is the rise of corporatocracy, banking and Baphomet. Having a Pluto transit in the 12th is no bullshit as it makes the individual deal with temptation and power. There are forces behind the scene at work in Brand’s life. Do they serve his best interests and the greater good, or do they feed him and his dark, occult practices, spell-binding which the likes of Katy Perry and millions more struggle to awaken from?

Remember when Brand was singing John Lennon at the olympics? This is important to note. Brand forms an unholy trinity of sorts with two, other fiery iconoclasts of British shock and raw. I’m talking Lennon and John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten. Together, Lennon/Lydon/Brand complete the grand air trine of Libra (Lennon), Aquarius (Lydon) and Gemini (Brand). With transiting Uranus on his natal Mars, he’s on fire. Jupiter conjunct Mars in the natal chart, especially in Aries gives the individual an abundant amount of will power. One of the things that people like about him is his ability to speak his mind without having much filter and because he’s bright, it sounds both funny, insightful and legit. Most people with no or little filter can shoot their mouth off and it can get them in trouble, Brand seems to have remedied this by having the lightning fast trine from Mercury to Uranus. He’s quick on the uptake. But Gemini also represents duality and duplicity. Is Brand really “down with the people” or as his history and associations suggest, might actually be moonlighting for the kabal as the pied piper of the revolution?

With Chiron in Aries in the 2nd House, I’d say that Brand’s well publicized appetite for the ladies can be seen here. Chiron in Aries in the second reeks of over compensation. Remember, Brand has a history of abuse and based on that Chiron, I’m betting that it’s not the hot babysitter that wanted to initiate him into the joy of sex. Aries = the male principle. Is his womanizing a frenzied effort to cover up and somehow reinforce some male part of himself that manifests as the chronic wound? I’m sure he would have some glib comment at the ready, but it’s just a notice in the chart.

Another notice is that Brand has no Earth in his chart, other than his CAP ASC. He isn’t grounded at all and is in someways, the embodiment of the magical puer.

Revolutions are not always in the best interests of the people. The Bolshevik Revolution was a bloody affair and the accounts of what took place are not for the faint of heart. Orthodox priests were boiled alive and their charges were forced to drink what was in essence, human soup. That’s just one, brutal scene from that incredibly macabre and chilling epoch in human history. Mother Russia was thrust into darkness, paranoia and poverty as a result.

The aristocrats of France, the one’s who had the greatest chance of dealing with the rise of the banking families like the Goldschmidts and the Rothschilds were wiped out under the hue and cry of liberte! Under the guise of change new models are slipped in, almost like a virus. I am not one for the status quo, but I am also not going to start marching behind the likes of Brand and his pal, Gemini, Daniel Pinchbeck, just because they’re cool, or funny, or outrageous, irreverent and took the right drugs. Just because one has gulped Ayahuasca, doesn’t mean their soul is clean.

But at the end of the day, Brand is a global warmer, a gun controller and yet another false prophet dealing in Tavistock in trade social schema and ideologies, just like the Fab Four and Lennon/McCarthy did in the 60′s.

Brand needs to be very careful as well in the months to come as transiting Pluto in the 12th will square his natal Mars, which will still be hot and firing with the energy of Uranus. That’s a potentially violent and deadly aspect. Is it more than just ironic that Brand resembles Che Guevara and Jesus? Will he be martyred for some greater cause? Because when we’re talking about revolution, one’s life is a small price to pay for the greater good!

If Brand makes it through the Pluto/Mars square, he’ll have Uranus conjuncting his Jupiter and the potential real, electrifying insight is there. He’ll also wind up revising much of what he believes in when Saturn moves into Sag and conjuncts his Neptune in the 10th in 2015. Perhaps then, at that point, he’ll realize that the most revolutionary thing he could do would be to cut his hair, get married, have a child and continue to shock people with an enlightened normalcy that would take real courage to literally and figuratively, recreate his brand.

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