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elemental-truthThe Fifth Element

There’s some serious shit going down in the truth movement. I’m going to add a post by Linda Lake, which details much more of what I’m talking about. It’s important and it’s as serious as the ongoing awakening process. Inside the matrix, we find that there are multiple levels, layers and even meanings. Just when you think you’ve hit the El Dorado of truth, finding the smoking gun that fires the magic bullet, you realize that it’s not the complete picture, not the ultimate sets you free moment most of us our looking for.

Keep in mind that the people that manage this paradigm have massive resources at their disposal. They have enough computing power to create their own reality in Sim Life and they have enough storage space that it reaches beyond the cloud, all the way to heaven. They have modeled, run and tweaked thousands of scenarios for managing people and herding them into their new paradigm. This includes creating a false reality that resembles the dreamworld we are all pining for on some level.

It’s where we get pied pipers like Russell Brand (psychedelic/hipster christ/anti-hero), David Wilcock (esoteric truther/precocious peter pan) and some might even include David Icke into that mix as well. The people that control this domain have thought all of this through many, many times over and they have contingency models and plans in place that cover almost every possible scenario. Perhaps they have traveled to both the past and the future as well, altering “reality” without us being aware of the subtle permutations of our own existence.

With Mercury Retrograde, we get to look back, review and test our assumptions about the nature of where the world is headed, the good guys and the bad guys, the white hats and black hats.

In my teaching of astrology, I look very deeply at the cycle of the houses, both from a personal and a cultural perspective. It is fairly clear that we are on the cusp of the 11th House or the official Age of Aquarius. In fact, I’d say that we are at roughly 28-29 degrees Capricorn, from the view of the global lens. The Sabian Symbol for this degree cycle that really stands out is this one; “A Secret Meeting Of Men Responsible For Executive Decisions In World Affairs.” It’s clear that the old world of fiat banking and fractional reserve lending is close to over.

Greece is likely leaving the EU, and there isn’t a whole lot of sturm and drang about it. Merkel has basically said, “Auf Wieder Sein.”. In the US, they are talking about negative interest rates. That’s a sobering thought as they wring out every last phony shekel from the great pyramid scheme.

But just because that paradigm is wobbling, as Babel’s tower rocks with scandal and structural rot, the game goes on. Seven billion souls hum and generate with divine energy and celestial light.

They have to be moved into another structure, a new pen, the next paradigm and that is the 11th House. It’s out of necessity, not altruistic aims, though I am sure they tell themselves at night before they go to sleep; “It’s all for the best–they can’t manage themselves–we have been tasked with the enormous responsibility of managing these helpless hordes.” It’s the great justification of the ages.

So what does it all mean for you and me as Mercury dances backwards in Aquarius? It means that we have to re-think our assumptions of what the Age of Aquarius is and who is behind the curtain and more importantly perhaps, what we want and how can we create in our day-to-day lives? That’s the most important piece. Question authority. Kill your heroes. Slay your gods. Love one another. Keep the eternal flame burning in spite of the conditions around you.

Here is a contribution by my good friend and fellow traveler, Linda Lake who is connecting the dots in her own, meaningful way and profound way. Read the rest of this entry »

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aquaBear your own message.

Mercury Retrograde, upon us once again. It falls in the season of the water bearer. The water bearer is the message bearer, the bringer of news, change, waves of influence and even revolution. How does it impact you? On a mundane level, find out where Aquarius is on your chart/cusp and look at the degree, because this important during this MR as it starts out in the kingdom of air then it retreats into the elevated plateaus of Earth aka Capricorn.

For those of us engaged in the work of change, we might actually be considering a change of work, or at least how he we do it. This is a re-evaluation period or cycle for people involved in the healing arts, standing up for social causes or the power of personal empowerment.

The reverse course into Capricorn forces us to ask ourselves how well are we doing? Are we feeding others without feeding ourselves? Are our messages effective, powerful and in alignment with where we want to be? Are we in conflict with Aquarian ideals and the ability to be Capricornian managers of our work?

For those of you involved in other things, not associated with an Aquarian occupation, you can check in with where you are as it relates to the Capricornian forces in your life. Have you been considering a career or life work that has more meaning than just climbing the corporate ladder to a steady 401K? If you have, this might be your moment. Saturn in Sag re-affirms that you follow the correct, authentic and true path for you. In this case, an astrology reading/session might actually be really appropriate for you at this time and if that’s the case, you came to the right place. Use this code, “Parsifal” when you inquire about a reading and get $25 off the normal $125 fee for a reading. If you ever had any doubt about my magical powers and visionary abilities, here is a recent testimonial I had on Facebook, “Just had an amazing reading with Robert Phoenix! If you’re in need of insight I recommend Robert 100%.” Just sayin’.

As far as activism goes, on The Friday Farcast, I’ll be joined by Dave Parker and Alexandra May Hunter as we discuss “Free Energy” and “Chemtrails” respectively. Please join us. The Friday Farcast With Dave Parker and Alexandra May Hunter.

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psychTell me about your father.

Nothing is what it seems. Perhaps it never was. In the future lies our unclaimed memory for times that we have mistakenly forgotten. I used to hang out with a therapist a lot back in Oakland. He had secrets that I won’t reveal as he himself was a secret keeper, being the Gemini that he was. He did however tell me a few things about some of his clients, anonymous as they were. One of the aspects of psychotherapy that he had become more or less an expert on was ritual abuse. He worked with patients that had been part of a heinous cycle of familial-occult-practices, resulting in ritualized acts of deviance perpetrated upon them as children.

One of the common threads that ran through all of his clients was repressed memories that would later surface as adults, brought on by similar shock and trauma related to correlative events in their current life. These repressed memories have been at the heart of a number of very public cases, probably the most famous being the trial of the “Martin” (there’s that name again) daycare center. Keep in mind that it was children in the Martin case, who were recalling the horrors inflicted upon them.

In my friend’s work, these were adults accessing dark, childhood memories. I think it’s right about here where I am supposed to insert what I am going to talk about, so that you have the option to keep reading, since I know you all have busy lives.

Ahem. I am going to look at what happened in Paris at the offices of Charlie Hebdo on 1/7/15 through the astrological prism and I am going to connect it to a number of things, but primarily, the repressed memory syndrome on a collective level. Are you with me? Good. If you are, keep on reading. Read the rest of this entry »

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It was my pleasure to return to the studios of Gaiam TV earlier in the month and speak with Regina Meredith about the astrology of 2015. We cover a lot of territory in sixty minutes, focusing on Saturn in Sagittarius, the Pluto in Scorp and Pluto in Sag kids, Jupiter in Leo and Virgo and the ominous dates between 3/13 and 3/20. Have a look and listen, free for seven days at Gaiam. You can watch the preview HERE.

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SATSAG2Pol reversal.

Zero degrees Saturn in Sag, it’s here and it’s right on my ascendant. While I appreciate the fact that Saturn is no longer lurking like Moby Dick in my 12th House, I can feel the constraint and the restriction already.

Unfinished business hangs like a heavy yoke around my neck and I have to clean up to catch up. It’s Saturn, always Saturn, the damned infernal Satan of the chart.

Yes, there are days when I am more in accord with it, since I have it in it’s own sign, I understand it’s nature at a deep, conceptual level. It’s doesn’t mean I always agree or like it. But there’s no getting away from it. We always return to it’s karmic gravity, without fail.

I’m hunkered down at a Barnes and Noble, where there is a Starbucks, but only by name. They don’t take Starbucks gift cards or even sell them. The desserts and other Starbuckian goodies aren’t here either. So what the hell is this place? It’s not a Starbucks, so why even call it “Starbucks” just because they sell their non-fair trade, overpriced and over hyped coffee? And I don’t even really like Starbucks. I’m just here for the free wi-fi and that’s not even working. Hello Saturn in Sag, smack dab, ASC. But we’re all here, aren’t we?

My utter disdain for modern media grows with each passing day. I have to go through Yahoo’s home page and I can’t escape the emotional larceny they’re peddling on a daily basis. If they’re not running some sanctimonious, feel good story about being a Gay, married, celebrity, waiting on pins and needles for a test-tube baby, they’re throwing up a story about some young, black male, who was wasted by a white, racist cop. Don’t mind the details though. The kid had a gun, had just held up a liquor store, flashed away in a stolen car and fired on the cops after he crashed the car and they chased him on foot, in pursuit. Forget those nagging little details that are buried in the story–just let your eyeballs become inflamed by the social injustice, and move onto the next, 1500 word Psyop. That doesn’t mean that the “Po Po” are paragons of fairness and constraint–far from it. Read the rest of this entry »

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fishtomatoVirgo Rising, Pisces Sun. Welcome to the new America

Well, I suppose we had to have the dramatic Pluto/Uranus square step in before I did part two of this. Well, that and I had a big baseball weekend for my son, so here we are looking int the future of the USA. One of the things that really jumped out at me from this chart is that early on in Obama’s first term, he made the proclamation that America will lead from behind. There were a lot of ways to interpret this declaration. His critics suggested he was weak and that intention would lead America to be bullied by any number of forces or nation states throughout the world. His supporters applauded the sentiment, having tired of wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The embarrassment of Abu Ghraib and the ongoing defilement of human rights at Guantonomo. Bush’s Texas styled global justice and the “spreading of democracy” had left many Americans weary, shame riddled and powerless in the face of Neocon, full spectrum dominance, who were high off the 911 ritual, flush with cash and armed with Patriot Act, which gave them permission, to preemptively dec;are war without approval, spy on potential victims and torture without reprisal. The mood of the country was dark, depressed and hollowed out. The financial crisis of 2008 wasn’t just a material bankruptcy, Americans had been left with little hope and their emotional and spiritual bank accounts were equally drained.

When Obama came in and intoned that we would lead from behind, it was in many ways a sigh of relief. Leading from the front didn’t look that good anymore. The Virgo Ascendant reflects not only that sentiment, but it’s actuality. The Sag ascendant of the original chart, which has expansion as it’s energetic expression, has given way to a more conservative and service oriented nation. With this ascendant, the USA should not be in the business of spreading anything, let alone democracy. The thrust here is to serve and come to the aid of others. Healing is also an aspect of this ASC.

One could make a case that the latest foray into West Africa to deal and heal with Ebola could very well reflect this ascendant, if the intention is to actually heal, versus using it as a pretext for other covert acts and means. This can be seen with Leo in the 12th House. While Virgo on the ASC appears to the world as helpful and ready to meet the needs of those around them, Leo in 12th can indicate a very different agenda. Leo here is most certainly the power behind the humble front. Think of modern nobility, who have abdicated their formal rule in favor of the nation state, while still exerting control from behind the scenes, posing as mere figureheads. With this chart, it’s also interesting to note that Obama’s supposed Sun sits in the 12th House, which means that not only is he fully seen, but his own identity is a mystery, shrouded in the vast oceanic space of rumor, intrigue, controversy and his nebulous origin. Read the rest of this entry »

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PROGRESSED-USAReeling through the years.

In order to get a better idea as to what is happening with our current crisis in the USA, especially under the heat of the latest Uranus/Pluto square, it might be helpful for us to get a different perspective from the progressed chart of the USA. For those of you that are not familiar with the progressed chart, here is how it essentially beaks down. The personal planets; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, progress through their sign from the natal inception at roughly one degree per year. So if you were born a Gemini at fifteen degrees and you are now twenty-five. you would now be a Cancer at roughly 10 degrees. The outer planets move at a glacial pace and are likely in the same sign that they were at the time of the natal chart. The ascendant moves as at one degree per year as well. So not only will your personal planets shift, so will your rising sign, thus placing those progressed planets in progressed houses.

The progressed chart can give us a glimpse as to how we are evolving and who we are evolving into. When applying transits to the progressed chart, degrees of influence are traditionally much closer in interpretation than in the natal chart. The general rule of thumb is one-two degrees, especially when it comes to the outer planets. Okay, now that you have some basic understanding of the progressed chart, we can zoom in on the progressed chart for the USA.

I have stated previously, that I use the Sibley chart for USA interpretations, for a number of reasons, but the key reason being that with the Sag ASC, it conforms to the notion of expansion with territory and manifest destiny. Also, for many of the early settlers, religion was a key factor for their migration to the new world and Sag on the ASC also promises the potential to practice one’s faith freely. Lastly, the horse played a huge role in the expansion of the country and Sag rules horses.

When looking at the progressed chart, we can see dramatic changes. The ascendant is now Virgo, which is very, very different than the original rising sign. Sag is carefree, fun loving and avuncular. It can also be a bit overbearing, pompous and philosophical to a fault. It’s open to just about anything as long as it provides a sense of adventure, and the opportunity to learn from life as a spiritual teacher. While Sag lords over orthodox religions, it also demands that faith has some basis in reality, especially on the ASC, as the self learns through life lessons and the expansion of which becomes the stored wisdom, which imbues faith and allows the individual to become more SAGacious and wise.

Technically, in the birth chart of the USA, this should also be the case, but sadly, other factors have compromised this evolution and potential. Instead, the USA, from the perspective of the birth chart has engaged in other Sag activities that for better or worse weakened this position. Sag is connected to foreign countries and long distance travel. Once the USA had expanded from sea-to-shining-sea, there was no longer any room, unless one counts both Hawaii and Alaska (and we should). So what was left? The world at large.

The USA, has been involved in overseas conflicts and wars, both overt and covert wars since it’s inception. But things really picked up with “The Civil War.” The Civil War itself is yet another indicator of the rightness of the Sibley chart, since Gemini is on the cusp of the USA 7th House of relationships and contracts. Here we see the split, the bi-furcation of the country. North vs South, brother vs brother. That split although hemmed back together through the defeat off The South and the unification of the Union, has never really healed and in fact the country itself is bordering on social schizophrenia.

Post Civil War, the USA quickly got involved in aforementioned Spanish/American conflict, then there was WW!, WW!!, Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Angola, Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., etc.. And these are the conflicts we can see on the surface. Get the continental drift? One could make a case that the first house and the ASC is in the service of the second and in the USA chart, that second house is Capricorn dominant and we know that the goat rules over corporations and governments, so through global expansion (Sag) corporate interests in the second house (resources, assets, values) are supported. Here is a case in point. After WWII, when large chunks of Japan had been decimated by bombs and the economy gutted due to war spending, who do you think stepped right in as part of “The Marshall Plan”? Why the good ole USA and it’s corporate interests, setting up cheap manufacturing and labor. It is rumored that SONY stands for “Standard Oil Of New York” which would make it a Rockefeller created entity. From electronics, to cars, to toys, Japan became the manufacturing juggernaut of the mid-twentieth century. American corporations profited mightily from the rapid rebuild and investment of capital in Japan and it’s people. Over time, the wars weren’t no longer needed and the USA just outsourced contracts and labor overseas, again Sag ASC.

In the progressed USA chart, the country is now a Virgo ASC and this is a very different look and function to the world and the country itself. Virgo is a lot more conservative than Sag in how it presents itself. It is not a dominant ascendant by any stretch. In fact, its greatest strength is to perform in some kind of service capacity to the world at large. With this ASC, the USA “should” be delivering aid, and assisting other countries. In some ways, we can see this at work in the so-called Ebola crisis. Virgo’s job is to essentially heal and theoretically, this is what is taking place in West Africa, but as always, with a chart and a life, there is much more than meets the eye. We will look at this and much, much more as this post and series continues tomorrow.

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