Hell And Heavensbee.

I have been thinking more and more about the after life as of late. We tend to pooh pooh the whole notion of soul and where it goes when those 28 grams depart into the etheric planes.

I’ve been thinking about this as it surrounds my own death process, both metaphoric and as real as real can be here. Pluto has been on my Saturn at 11 degrees in my 2nd House. This it’s second, shadowy pass over the lord of the rings. Meanwhile, Saturn itself has been mining the depths of my 12th House in Scorpio, so you can see why I am spending more time not just thinking about the afterlife, but even the quality of our relationship with our souls. I can tell you this from my notes; The post-modern world encourages a complete disregard for the subtle marriage of body and soul. Sometimes it’s so painfully surface clear, like when Jay-Z or any other members of the game flash their cash and get their Baphomet on. It’s better to run this town than think about the consequences of one’s actions for all of eternity. We are seduced into the worst parts of the now. I know this, because I have been gazing long and hard into the mirror of Dr. Parnassus. witnessing my distorted imagery in it’s twisted reflection. The contrast with the world itself has been stunning.

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a dour underscore to all of this. Musically, it’s a solemn cantata on Broadway.

I spent the better part of one night in a bar in Point Richmond with some guy insisting that I was a “dead ringer” for Hoffman as Lester Bangs in “Almost Famous.” It certainly ranked over a night in a NYC pub where a drunken, English bird kept calling me, “Meatloaf.” I’ll take Hoffman’s “Bangs” over Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell” any day of the week.

When a star, especially one that had the emotional access that Hoffman had passes, part of us passes with him, because we have bonded with him or her on an emotional level. Hoffman was prolific and could connect with a broad spectrum of viewers. He played Art Howe, manager of the Oakland A’s in “Money Ball.” He was the flamboyantly gay writer, Truman Capote (for which he won and Oscar). He was L. Ron Hubbard to Joaquin Phoenix’s Jack Parsons in “The Master.” He also played “Plutarch Heavensbee” the hidden-inplain-sight, revolutionary master mind in “Catching Fire.”

Hoffman’s roles were like a mandala of the human spirit. He was accessible at almost any point, by anyone. As a Cancer, Hoffman was able to convey that watery receptivity and depth, underscored by his Mars in Scorpio, which, when he needed to, could give his character a bit of edge and danger. I see Mars in Scorpio manifesting in the Bangs character in Almost Famous. Through his phone calls to Cameron Crowe he’s not merely giving the Crowe character advice, he’s transmitting the edge that Crowe will need to survive on the tour and not be devoured by the road and the temptations of being sucked into becoming buddies with the band. At one point, Crowe’s character barks out to groupie nymphet (Pamela Des Barres?) Kate Hudson that he’s “dangerous.” That’s Bangs’ transference, which in the film is Hoffman’s.

Born with the Sun at the 29th degree, he faced the challenge of all anoretically afflicted personalities, which is beginnings and endings and as a Cancer, the anoretic degree can literally pry them out of their shell against their will. The draw of course is the warmth and light of the Leo Sun, just one degree beyond the cosmic carapace of that Canercian ascendant. His Jupiter in Leo, the second Sun, underscored this magnetic pull towards the light and yet, Hoffman’s destiny was to stay within the geometry of his emotions and honor the inner life. His body of work would seem to suggest that he did indeed manage to accomplish this.

But with his Mercury at 12 degrees in Cancer and his Saturn at 12 degrees Aries, it’s obvious that he was prone to depression and if we can use the energy of the Cardinal Cross as the current template, Hoffman was getting hammered. Uranus on his Saturn is disturbing. It’s like driving with the brakes on and there can be a crisis in the individuals life as it relates to new opportunities (Uranus) versus the old and tested ways of doing things (Saturn). Throw in the heat of Mars in opposition of Saturn and Pluto’s heavyweight presence also in square and Hoffman was being probed and eviscerated by the intensity of the Cardinal energies and while Jupiter could be construed as an ally in Cancer, an overseer to his natal Mercury, it could also be seen as an intense, psychic amplifier, making him even more sensitive and open than ever before. Jupiter retrograde would also take him backwards into some memory hole, a pocket of the body mind where every feeling/thought is expanded, though not necessarily exalted.

I would venture to say that Hoffman was haunted, which brings us into darker realms, deeper implications.


It didn’t take long for researchers to begin to connect the dots. The Super Bowl, between the Seahawks and the Broncos was Super Bowl 48 which breaks down to the number 12, which is the hanged man in the tarot. The hanged man traditionally represents a position of sacrifice for the tribe. He is Odin suspended downward on the Yggdrasil, the “Tree Of Life.” Twelve is also the number of Seattle’s infamous fan base; “The 12th man.” It’s also the number of Pisces, the sign most associated with sacrifice than any other. Over the past decade, the Super Bowl has taken on the form of a meta-ritual.

It reached it’s peak three years ago when Madonna channeled Isis at Lucas (Lightbringer) Field in Indianapolis. It was pure, blatant, in your face, camp ritual theater. Duality was theme for Madonna’s main event. You can see it in every aspect of it. She was flanked by Nickki Minaj and MIA (dual presence) and did a duet with Gemini, Cee-Lo Green (black/white/male female). Jupiter was in Taurus, and it can be seen in the fertility horns as crown for Isis/Hathor.

Last year Beyonce was channeling Taurus/Gemini as well as she and her handlers were targeting the Bull Gate of heaven via Sirius. Jupiter was in Gemini. So we see both Super Bowl 46 and 47 as part of the Taurus/Gemini continuum. Stevie Wonder also played a significant role in commercials during the Super Bowl. He played a vodun lord of the underworld, Baron Samedi.

Wonder is a Taurus and here he is with Zoe Saldana as Loa. Saldana just happens to be a Gemini.

Super Bowl 12 was a little different than the past two years. It was an invocation of Mars, as in Bruno Mars, who happens to be a Libra, where Mars is currently occupying, but Mars and his band were channeling James Brown, right down to the gold lame´ suits they were flashing. Brown’s sign? Taurus of course.

Here is Mars with of course the obligatory pyramid, a monument to Mars behind him.

The Martian theme was underscored ever-so-slightly by the appearance of boomer faces, the Red (Mars) Hot Chili Peppers. Just as an odd aside, lead singer Anthony Kiedis is a Scorpio whose parents had the last names of “Dammet” and “Noble.” Somehow, we can never escape the specter of duality.

During the pre-game, we were given the “Star-Spangled-Banner” sung by opera singer, Renee Fleming, draped in the colors of duality. At the end of the song, the 101st Airborne, Apache helicopters raced across the sky. it was an echo of the 1st Calvary Division, Airborne from Apocalypse Now, where Wagner and aerial assault met in a synchronized, cinematic air ballet of poetic proportion. The motto of the 101st? “Rendezvous With Destiny.” They are the “Screaming Eagles” and ironically, it was the Seahawks who won the game.

But let’s return to Phillip Seymour Hoffman who died on Imbolc. Imbolc is a gaelic fertility festival of sorts and is associated with Saint Brigid as the overlay of the Christian/Pagan transference.

It is one of the oldest rituals on the planet and goes as far back as the neolithic period and was celebrated at the “Mound Of Hostages” in Ireland, a neolithic site that is similar to New Grange where the opening of the burial mounds is surrounded by standing stones and is illuminated by the sunlight on “Imbolc” and “Samhain.” It goes all the way back to 3,000 BCE.

The name “Phillip” is derived from the name, “Philippas” (Greek) which essentially means “lover of horses.” We are in the “Year Of The Horse” and for all intents and purposes, the Broncos got slaughtered in Super Bowl 48.

One reference to Seymour, is Catholic saint, “Saint Maurus” whose life was later to be discovered as a forgery. However, the 9th Century personage of Saint Maur still has a feast day. It’s 11/22 (33) the day John F. Kennedy Died. Saint Maurus or Saint Maur is the patron saint of cripples and is symbolized by the crutch.

Seymour also means, “Tailor.”

Then we have his last name, Hoffman which essentially means “Of Man.” “The Horse Lover Of Man” and a false saint.

My good friend Ellis Taylor sent me the following email regarding the numerosymbology of Hoffman’s death;

“Philip Seymour Hoffman had two major tracks to negotiate in his life – 8 and 5. The numbers that would barrel towards him were 6, 7, and 9; and they would conjoin at certain points in the double 2, or 22. 8 is about force, systems, law, finance, reliability, efficiency, repetition, moving from one state to another, stress. (For more aspects of 8 see www.ellisctaylor.com/ringmasters.html and other articles on my site). 5 is to do with activity, languages, freedom, sport, addictions. Both 5 and 8 have issues to do with weight. He died 722 days after Whitney – which is the numbers approximate to pi and also the date of the Feast of Mary Magdalene, 22nd July. The last day of Cancer and the 203rd day of the year – matching his birthday number. It is also the day before his birthday (23rd July – 1st day of Leo) As 19×19 it is sxs, which is an acronym for side by side. As in Whitney’s sacrifice Philip’s was associated with 911 and two very significant, and associated numbers. Her death was 153 days after 11th September 2011. (153 is the number of the sacred feminine, fish catch etc See: Great Dreams) Philip’s was 144 days after 11th September 2013.” Ellis C. Taylor.

So we cannot dismiss the possibility that something much bigger is afoot here with both the Super Bowl and the death of Hoffman or the death “Of Man.”

There is something that is both touching and universal about Hoffman’s death. He was a character actor in the best sense of the word, meaning he could be anyone, play any man and yet, his chops were so good, he was amongst the best as his craft. His death was tragic in these sense that through the multitude of his characters, a slice us and our experience passed with him.

Even if this was yet another passing of the ritual variety, May your soul rest in peace Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

So what’s next on the horizon? Why The Sochi Olympics of course! Boy howdy do we have a lot more symbolism happening there. In fact, I cover it over on Gaiam TV when I tackle chart of Russia and Putin over at the 11th House. You can watch this and other shows over at Gaiam free for ten days. Just go to the 11th House and sign up for a free, ten-day-trial.

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Cracking the avoid void

The Grand Cross has been more like a bomb sight of the human soul across the planet in the early going of 2014. If you haven’t felt it yet, don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of more action where that came from in April, from the 20th through the 23rd. It’s done it’s deconstructive magic on me. Transiting Pluto landed at ground zero in my chart, my Saturn at 11 degrees in the 2nd House. The Pluto/Saturn effect is stunning in it’s thorough annihilation of the unreal. Add transiting Mars onto my Moon, squaring the pope of nope down in the navel of the chart and the tectonic shift wasn’t so much a rumble, but an explosion, a volcanic convulsion. Then the dying began. That’s Saturn in the 12th rooting out the maya with a vengeance. Observing all of this through the eyes of an astrologer is very much akin to when the brain researcher, Jill Boalte-Taylor observed herself having a stroke.

Ten days later my molten soul is cooling. The funny thing is, is that I know I’m not alone. You see the intensity of this past Cardinal Cross was a massive karmic sweeper of the highest order. We are getting churned, turned and burned and the crazy thing is, is that it’s being done out of love. We are being tempered (thanks Ellis) and refined for our next stage of evolutionary development. Can you feel it? Can you sense the gnawing anxiety of the Earth as the planet keepers cook up plastic, burning snow on the streets of Atlanta because they have to now fake and approximate winter? Something really, really big is up and it’s literally shaking the hell out of us, electrifying us with the divine joules of awakening.

Uranus in Aries is the quickening–It’s the sheet-lightning catalyst of the spirit.

Pluto in Capricorn is a multi-phase current. It’s baphometric and reveals the devil inside of us all, while ordinating the nature of time itself. Five-days in the matrixed hell of one’s past is a burning eternity from moment-to-moment. That’s the power of Pluto in Capricorn. But it also has the power to re-build and re-form on the fiery bedrock of one’s life.

Mars in Libra is the scales of justice and they are fiery and swift. Anubis is in control of the scales and your soul better be feather light, because if it’s not, the underworld will be this world without the divine grace to literally vibrate you above the fray and density of the horror. All of our actions, thoughts and past deeds, good or bad are in the balance of the scales. If you haven’t gotten clean or right with your deity, I highly suggest you self-initiate on this one and get going, because the train is getting ready to leave the station.

Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde is like a tidal force, a deeply magnetic wave that takes us back to our roots, where we are lovingly shown the scars of our upbringing, where we were wounded so deeply, that the scar tissue of the spirit has become the emotional armor from which we live life behind. Jupiter in Cancer, retrograde also forces us to remember, somewhere inside ourselves about the sanctity of life and the sacred bloom of the child and it’s mother. The clinical removal of life on this planet will not be allowed to continue much longer. I can truly say that the source of all life and creation itself has had enough. Jupiter in Cancer retro will rain tears for those separated from their source, whether it’s in the womb or in the dislocation of the person from their soul.

You see, the Cardinal Square is catalyzing redemption, but before that can take place, our own Towers of Babel must fall.

2014, “The Year Of The Horse” is going to be one, helluva ride. Get ready for the cosmic shake out and the spiritual stampede of your very soul.

Meanwhile, our pharaoh in the District of Columbia, is resorting to triggering “Executive Orders” in the light of day to get what he wants now, especially as it relates to the headline grabbing, minimum wage. It’s a pure grandstand play, but the pharaoh is just sending out trial balloons of the most benevolent sort. Just wait until the EO’s get more gripping and more real than they were when he was passing them in secret, behind closed doors.

The whole idea is ridiculous. The economy and the country needs more jobs and job creation, not higher wages for lesser jobs. It’s a desperate act, by a desperate man who believes he is a demigod and his administration is just trying to buy enough time for Janet Yellen to take over at the FED and start running their latest ponzi scheme. Rates are going to go up and once they do, look out boys and girls, here comes the not-so-soft austerity measures. Americans are not going to like this. Last week, the DOW convulsed over having Bernanke’s zero-interest drip line cut off. It’s not going to be pretty and these are pretty desperate times. The pharaoh has come up with a great new government backed savings program called, “MyRA.” Yes, that’s right, “RA.” Is it just a cruel joke or is there something that they are telling us? That perhaps the pharaoh might be around longer than his eight years of service? Is he telling us to get used to our RA?

The pharaoh gave his “state of the union” address at 9:00PM, EST. The geometry of the chart itself is rather interesting. Keep in mind that the big news wasn’t just the rise of the minimum wage (for government contract employees only) it was “MyRA.” If you look casually at the chart, you’ll see a wide-orbed, grand water trine, with two, opposition t-squares. But if you look a little morel closely, you’ll see the rough schemata for a pyramid, trying to emerge. Also, look at the Sun in Aquarius, alone nearly unaspected in the sign of the rebel. The pharaoh’s own Sun is in Leo (Ra/Sun God) and here the Sun is in the house of Leo, accidentally exalted, standing alone in the heat of the lesser light. The sextile to Uranus gives the rebellious Sun an ally, exact at nine degrees. This is a fated degree for the pharaoh as it relates to the sabian symbols, you see 9/10 Aquarius has this tasty revelation associated with it;

A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of A Popular Ideal Is Made To Realize That As A Person He Is Not This Ideal

You see the divine and planetary manifestation of the Cardinal Cross is indiscriminate. It doesn’t care what your secret rank is or how nice your condo beneath the DIA is, or how many millions of seeds you’ve got stashed away. It’s a galactic mine sweeper of the soul and even pharaohs have to die before they die. It’s the most just and benevolent thing that love can do.

Over on BlogTalk Radio on Friday, the 31st, 12 NOON, CST, I’ll be looking at the money crisis, with two of my favorite money minds, Robert Bonomo and patrick the finance dude. Who needs Max Keiser and Gerald Celente? We’ll be taking a look at the big, big, picture from the astrology of the current trends, to what’s happening in foreign markets, especially Russia and how we can potentially reclaim our sovereign worth. You don’t want to miss it. Just CLICK HERE.

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The Smack Heard Round The World

Richard Sherman has just roared his locks into the brain of everyone who has watched the epic title tilt between the Seahawks and Forty-Niners at Century Link Field last Sunday. In the span of about six seconds, he managed to acrobatically tip Colin Kaepernick’s pass that was headed in Michael Crabtree’s direction. With a knifing, twisting, stab at the exact moment, he deflected the pass backwards, where it was snatched up by Malcolm Smith, who intercepted the tip and stole the Niners Super Bowl aspirations in a cold, Seattle second.

But Sherman wasn’t done–far from it. Erin Andrews grabbed him for a quick interview, where Sherman called out Forty-Niners wide receiver, Michael Crabtree and labeled him “mediocre.” He not only cut Crabtree and the Niners deepest wound, he poured salt into it and lit a match. We’ve never seen the likes of Sherman and for some people, that isn’t good enough. He’s young, brash, immensely talented and provided he doesn’t get injured will play in the league for another 7-8 years.

Richard Sherman is just getting started.

He’s an Aries and a Dragon in the Chinese system. That’s formidable.

It’s no surprise that with transiting Uranus on his Sun, Sherman is a lightning rod. I remember when Terrell Owens was in his prime, Pluto in Sag was on his Sun in Sag and we saw the culture quake that was TO. The outer planets have a transpersonal effect on whatever planet they are touching/conjuncting. In essence, they can make the individual lager than life. But it can also burn. The same sort of swagger that catapulted Owens to national fame, also burned him. TO was reported to have tried to kill himself.

Pluto helped focalize and transform his Sag gifts for athletics into a sport changing icon. And then it burned him to the point whee he suffered a Plutonian death of sorts, getting passed around from team-to-team.

The lightning bolt of Uranus has struck Sherman’s Sun in Aries at 9 degrees. Perhaps the solace that Sherman haters might take is that Uranus is moving away from his Sun, but that won’t need his status as the sot loved/hated player in the NFL

Sherman has a Virgo Moon which can be hyper-critical and also drives him towards some form of perfection.

After that, he has Mercury in Pisces. which isn’t necessarily known for it’s tirades, but certainly for it’s flow, for when Sherman speaks, it’s like a dam that’s burst.

The strength of his body and his chart comes from the aggregation of Earth planets in his chart. He has a tight trine between Venus in Taurus (26 degrees) and Mars in Capricorn (25 degrees) both of which are exalted. Mars in Capricorn combines the energy of the ram with the goat. With Mars in Cap, Sherman will be around a long time. But that’s not all. Sherman has Jupiter in Taurus (4 degrees) and Saturn in Capricorn (2 degrees), again a trine and a tight one. The Saturn/Jupiter trine conducts energy between two, titanic forces. It’s a potent combo that brings discipline to his craft (Saturn) with an expansive view of the body and matter (Jupiter). He might have the highest combo of ruler/exalted planets of any chart I’ve seen. His Sun in Aries is exalted. His Venus in Libra is in it’s rulership. His Mars in Capricorn is exalted. Saturn in Capricorn, in it’s ruler. Jupiter in Taurus, exalted. That’s some serious astro mojo.

Uranus in Capricorn is in trine with his Jupiter in Taurus, The Jupiter/Uranus trine is aspect of improvisation and even genius. It’s off the cuff rants and last minute heroics. And it all has to do with the body as Sherman is tough and physical.

With Pluto in Scorpio opposing his Jupter there is a bit of an obsessive streak in him, but along with with everything else in his chart, he is thoroughly grounded. He’s also going to make a ton of cash. He reminds me of Hannibal the conquerer of antiquity with a little Hannibal Lecter and penchant for cruelty to boot, especially if you’re a 49er fan, with all of that Earth and a burning Aries Sun, Sherman is going play at a high level, for a long time. Better get used to him. The only weak link in his chart is Chiron in Gemini, which squares his Mercury in Pisces. Can you say Adderall?

Rectified Sherman chart with of course chatty Gemini on the ascendent.

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Over at Gaiam Tv, my latest forecast for Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio is about to break. If you haven’t seen my other videos on Gaiam, these are some of the subjects I have covered; The Real Birthdate of Jesus, Pluto in Capricorn, The Dark Side of Aquarius and the general 2014 Forecast. You can see these videos and more by signing up for free, ten-day-trial, by simply clicking HERE.

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Howling Time

The dragon’s breath hangs low upon the land and an unnatural chill grabs people by the throat, then the lungs. It settles there under the camouflage of thick mucous walls, morphing and mutating faster than the body can hunt it down and deploy it’s overtaxed, white blood cells. If flushed out, it finds it’s way down to the stomach, where it creates the swamp-like environs it can luxuriate in and remain just a step ahead of the body’s ability to eradicate it. It’s not your garden variety virus.

In the early middle ages, during the time of the great plague, people would witness something very similar to the sinister figure of death, the grim reaper himself, replete scythe. Now what’s interesting about these eyewitness accounts of the grim reaper, is that it was also reported that there was a mist coming out of the scythe. You see the scythe might have actually been an instrument of death.

In William Bramley’s, “The Gods of Eden” Bramley makes the case that when human spirit and achievement begins to reach some concrescence, that some type of plague, famine, or war wipes out millions of lives, either directly or indirectly. The Black Plague (and there were other plagues–see Byzantium) along with both world wars of the 20th century, the great depression, and other, massive broadsides against humanity have always pushed back on the development of the species. This can also be seen in the story of the great flood, which has been translated into numerous myths and tales across the planet. One of the most famous of course is the great flood in the “Epic of Gilgamesh” where Enlil has decided that the creations of Enki have become much too uppity and wipes the majority of them out.

As the first Full Moon of the year arrives, it illuminated the shadow of it’s opposite, the dark mass of seething, subterranean fury, yes, I am talking about Pluto in Capricorn. The full Moon in nurturing, life giving Cancer reflects back upon it. In essence, we can see the circumstances of our own demise being deployed via the massive, planetary dispersal of chemtrails.

The Full Moon in Cancer is instinctual. It knows without intellectualizing and as it gets closer in orb to transiting Jupiter in Cancer, it’s magnetic properties expand and increase. The Full Moon in Cancer is our emotional gate. It is the dam or horrors, the viscous swamp of the daily theater of the macabre where the homeless get beaten and tazed. It’s the unspoken embers of a race war manifesting in the cruel sport of the “Knockout Game.” If we haven’t completely lost our capacity to feel, if our heart hasn’t been cast in a silicon glaze by the pirate polymers and nano arrays, we are close to overflowing point, that’s if we can still summon the angels of grief in our service.

While I was on FB, I spotted this, a story about two planes spraying a thick amount of greenish fog over Miramar Beach, in California, a beach I used to run on when I lived on the coast.

In West Virginia, over 300,000 people have been deeply impacted by a spill, perpetrated by the ironically named Freedom Industries, which mistakenly dumped 7.500 gallons of a toxic chemical used to process coal. This had an immediate impact on the citizens of Charleston. It’s the power of the Full Moon in Cancer shining down upon the careless practices of a Plutonian agency. Chiron in Pisces is the toxic effluvia of fracked waters, our spiritual essence poisoned, our communities ransacked for wanton profit. If you haven’t noticed it, the gas, coal and oil industry is booming here in the USA. We used to go to third world countries and snatch their precious fossil fuels and ores without much regard for the natural surroundings, communities and lives. Well the United States is the new third world. Here in Texas, newly sunken oil rigs rise up in the suburbs, slurping up the crude, 24/7, gears turning, floodlights blinding, as if none of it is out of place. The residents have no recourse. They were shut down by a circuit judge, claiming that the oil company has as much right to the land as the home owners. Zoning is a quaint notion.

Read the tea leaves.

These are the operations of scavengers, the final front of industry in the US, where there is no future, no tomorrow, no planning outside of the Logan’s Run green zones, where Mercury lights will hum and glow in the silent dusk of American history. Outside, out there, the once sacred lands of the Nez Perce, Comanche, Arapaho, Algonquin, Hopi, Sioux and Menominee, the sprawling suburbs and the graveyards of prosperity are pumped and fucked out of the lubricious essence that glides across the tectonic plates.

This is what happens when jobs go away and the middle class gets a little too smart, a little too turned on, a little too hip and wise to the game. When that happens, out come the nearly opaque C-7′s laying down the checkerboard skies, the thick and gauzy drip of milky spew, the dripping jet flu.
This Full Moon is the emotional barometer that something is deeply out of balance and it sets the tone for the entire year. There’s a growing awareness that’s rising, but it’s not a mental understanding, or some conceptual comprehension of the danger of our times; It is the deep, primal, inarticulate stirring in the heart. It’s no wonder that this Full Moon, the first of the year is known as “The Wolf Moon.”

The rubicons of trust, faith and good standing have been crossed.

To hear my interview with geo-engineering expert and chem trail tracker, Dane Wigington, please click HERE.

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“Hey man, one of you is going to screw me over.”

Sometimes realities merge with blinding clarity. Other times, there are fuzzy overlaps that induce eternal chuckles of delight. Occasionally they intersect with forehead smacking irony. I think I’ve just stumbled upon one of the latter.

Over the years, I’ve hung out with channels, consorted with friends and lovers directed by guides and master teachers. I’m pretty convinced that the closest I ever got to realizing such an etheric fraternity was being initiated into astral travel, rather violently, by the spirit of Ernest Hemingway. But I have little doubt that I am in touch with agencies far beyond my mortal ken, or I could not do what I do when I read for people. I am always amazed by the process and the soul dialog that ensues between myself and a client. But this is no high falutin’ discourse on the esoteric exchange of thought into matter, and yet some sublime hidden hand pointed me towards a metaphysical revelation that had me in hysterics. It involves none other than Jeff Bridges, birthday boy, Sagittarian; The Dude.

For some reason, I stopped everything I was doing the other night and re-watched “The Big Lebowski.” I wanted to see if the Coen Brothers were really just indulging in a So-Cal, BOHO, picaresque. In essence, was there anything deeper going on beneath the frothy head of a White Russian?

First off, from a strict astrological perspective The Dude is Sag. He’s avuncular, free-spirited, sloppy, non-judgmental, stony, whimsically ironic, philosophical and even political, sort of. In the true spirit of Sag, he fucks up, falls, and somehow lands on his wobbly feet again. Just when it looks like he’s toast, providence rescues the Dude, even if its just a temporary respite. Sag Bridges is spot on in his Sag-like practice of the “Tao of Dude.” But then weird layers begin to emerge. I kept asking myself, why would “Maude Lebowski” played by Juilanne Moore, who is also a Sag, born on 12/3, just one day before Bridges, 12/4, want to have The Dude’s child? In a strange bit of synchronistic oddity, their natal sun signs are almost exact. In the film they also share the same last name. Aside from the coincidence of both sun signs, what’s going on with the Lebowski/Lebowski, supposedly non-related birth connection? Are the Coen brothers hinting at the selection process of bloodlines in the Big Lebowski? Is this why Maude/Julianne Moore chooses him? Who is “The Dude” anyway? Read the rest of this entry »

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The new shroud of Turin.

When I was a kid, I had the most violent reactions to anything having to do with the Church and Jesus. When I was barely four, my mother took me to church with her mother and father and her youngest brother. The door of the church swung open wide. The swelling sounds of the organ hit me like a gale force wind. The light bled through the stained glass window behind the altar, where a man on a cross in supreme agony crucified my attention.

I screamed in terror and refused to go inside.

After some quick thinking, they thought I would be better off in Sunday School, below the church. I remember feeling the power of rebellion swirl and rise in me. I had no interest in Sunday School or anything associated with that church and wanted to be as disruptive as possible.

Fast forward, about four years later, we would drive down El Camino Real some days on our way home. There was an orthodox church there, replete with alabaster walls and cobalt blue minarets. Mary gazed down upon us as we drove by. Whenever we got close to that church, I would have a panic attack. I would drop to the floor of the back seat. I can still smell the rubber and plastic of the mats on our new Renault.

Once I thought enough time had elapsed, I would ask if it was safe to sit up.

This fear/panic/contempt for the church and all things iconographic continued and got worse in my adolescence. If I went to a restaurant and there was a picture of Jesus on the wall, I would position myself so as not to be able to see it.

At summer bible school (I had to go with a neighbor and her kids) I made jokes during the service. When it came to painting stained glass bible scenes using water paints on the classroom windows, I opted for rockets and space. My friend’s mother thought I was the devil–I might have been. This continued up through my early twenties until I had what I called a conversion experience. It was classic in some ways; Dark night of the soul, extended downward and outward into the deep, glacial orbits of Sartre’s existential and empty alterverse, propelled by the rocket fuel of high grade LSD. It was the bad trip of all bad trips.

Somewhere around 4AM, I decided to pray for peace and sleep and to surrender myself to God in that moment. My soon to be lesbian girlfriend slept next to me, oblivious of my furious, psychic meltdown. Later on, I would reflect on this as my Gethsemane moment. It wasn’t that epic in the scheme of things, but no matter how hard I tried, she wouldn’t wake up and offer me any comfort.

But almost immediately after I sent out my prayer, I was asleep. In the morning, when I awoke, I knew my life was different–that it had fundamentally changed in a way that I couldn’t comprehend.

Over the course of the following months, my life became very different. I meditated. I gave up drinking. I began to see auras. I astral projected. But aside from all of that, I became a better person and felt that a force loved me enough to change my life in ways that I had always wanted, but never had the strength to. My faith grew and with it, so did my sense of inner peace. I had always believed in the concept of God, but this was different, far more personal.

I began to read the Christian mystics and poets, especially the likes of George Herbert, Henry Vaughn and Richard Crashaw. Crashaw was a mad, catholic englishman living in Italy, whose poetry bordered on the surreal. I sought out Thomas Merton and Edgar Cayce.

In essence, I went from unrepentant and rebellious youth to a true believer, well as true as it was for me, because I don’t know of many christians who would have been interested in my out of body experiences or if they were, only from the perspective of saving my soul. I had lost my “Chrisotphobia.”

Fast forward, it’s 12/16/2013, the Moon is in Gemini and my latest video on Gaiam is hitting. I’m looking at the possible birthdate of Jesus/Sananda/Emmanuel of 9/11. Yes, I am looking at it from a biblical perspective, using a reference from “Revelation” that seems to correspond to the date of 9/11/-3. I’ve posted the chart here before, but here is the link to it.

Under the Gemini Moon we get to examine two, separate stories, or variants on the greatest story ever told. There’s the astrotheological version which is more empowered by the 12/25 date, where the winter solstice is celebrated as Sol Invictus and Jesus shows up as Ra or Apollo some other solar deity. He’s a play on Zeus (Jesus/Hey Zeus) or he’s a fictional character altogether, deployed by the Romans and another JC, Julius Caesar, as a future control system for a crumbling Roman empire.

So I wanted to explore a different narrative. On the Gaiam video, I actually compiled even more strange and compelling info that suggest that 9/11 is indeed a very important day.

It is marked by the Beatles very first single, recorded on 9/11/62 and the Beatles as we know them were formed that day when Ringo officially became the drummer of the band, replacing session player, Tony Sheridan and future postman, Pete Best.

There’s more.

There were five nuclear tests and at least four significant moments in the formation of the nation/state of Israel. There’s a ton going on, not too mention the mother of all goings on. There’s something deep and ritualistic about the date and if indeed a historical figure such as Yeshua Sananda was born on that very day, there’s been quite a few interested parties jumping on the current of that ancient and timeless circuitry.

The lads from Liverpool crop up again and again on the alter-timeline frequency. They’re massive players on 11/22 and JFK and they surface again on the 9/11 tip. If Sananda/Christ was born on 9/11, what better day to launch the avatars of the new age, the troubadours of group consciousness and the aquarian age? Now did some guys in pointy hats draw up a chart one day and say, “This is the day, we’ll start the Beatles?” Well, since they were likely cooked up at Tavistock, you never know, since Tavistock and MI5 have had all kinds of esoterica at their fingertips; from Crowley’s “Thelema” to the works of John Dee and Edward Kelly, to the rites of various lodges, to the arcane hyper-physics of the Nazis and the Vril, I don’t think we can entirely rule it out.

Perhaps, it’s also one of those mnemonic entrainments that happens when we celebrate a day over and over again, there seems to be an energy that becomes hard wired into the day itself.

What I tried to do is portray not just an alternate date and time, but to show that there was some deeper intelligence engaged in using the date to shape our current reality; 9/11, 11/22, codex magica, torquing, tweaking, twerking our timeline in a spiral of entropic decay, substituting synthetic values for sacred law.

Well. this year, 2014, the zenith of it all rises into the skies of lower Manhattan as the One World Trade Tower, the phallic spire of Babel on the Hudson pierces our consciousness. It’s the Year of the Tower (14) and now we have another meta-magical event that is assuming Christ-like proportions before our very eyes and that is the funeral/memorial service of Nelson Mandela, replete with schizophrenic signers, a cool new crest that’s chock full of kinds symbolic goodness, a flowing hyper-cube, and a larger than life Mandela statue, all in the run up to 12/25, the celebration of Saturnalia and the supposed birth of Jesus, which is now owned and occupied by Santa, the Falstaffian hybrid of Jupiterian largesse and the nasty old ways of Saint Nick, Nick of course being the devil, the symbolic intersection between Saturn and Jupiter, Satan and Jehovah.

So we have Mandela stepping into the chronological throne of a new Christ-ian figure, the man who was imprisoned by his captors because he was “fighting” for freedom and then when he was released, held no malice in his heart for his tormentors. Well, that is the tale that they would like us all to believe, but it seems as though Mandela was a bit more than that. At his heart, he was a communist whose sole goal and purpose was to do what communists do, which is overthrow existing regimes, grab private land and resources, demonize and terrorize the existing regime and install a vice-like grip on all communication, process and personal freedoms. It’s one of the great ironies of our times that the most progressive societies and communities have the most rules and regulations.

But it’s clear that Mandela’s death in the ingress of Saturnalia, the worship of Saturn, home of the Kabaa, is the next iteration of the displacement of Christ as the new cosmic-mythos. From this point forward, the world will celebrate the life of imitation of Christ, Mandela.

This fits into the Gemini duality of this full moon as well, the archonic displacement of one mythos on the energetic spine of a previous one. And here is where it gets interesting, you see, Mandela is in some respect displacing Christ in the new, cosmic mythos that is being implanted, just like the uber-phallic stake in the ground at ground zero, ground zero of course being the symbolic destination of the alpha point, the new beginning of the new age, these two events are connected. And what we are witnessing is not without precedent as we were given the 12/25 birthdate as an overlay for pagan celebrations, so that the remixed version of pagan rites, of eating the body and drinking the blood of their new savior, would be more readily accepted by the masses and thus easier to led into their pen of newly adopted belief systems. It’s happened before boys and girls.

It’s a challenge being an astrologer with a POV and I always have to be somewhat circumspect in how I parse reality as it’s based on my own conditioning and predilection, but I have been on this planet long enough to actually witness the world evolve along these lines as I predicted it would at the turn of the last century and while I continue to chart the esoteric entrainment across this plain of material existence, I’ll do my best to vet my sources within and without.

So what does the Gemini full moon mean at this time of year, when the Sun is aligned with the Galactic Center? How does a schizophrenic sign language interpreter who sees fallen angels while signing gibberish next to Obama mean? How does the alter-version of Mandela as the new Christ at the crest of Saturnalia affect it all? In my estimation, we are at a point in our conscious awareness of a bifurcation of reality, a split between two, separate worlds as the gulf between two poles of soul drift further and further apart in the vastness of space. One reality will offer up everything you want or need and something approximating a socio-techno paradise on Earth where poverty, war, illness and discrimination are eliminated, but with one, unique catch. The individual as we know it will be obsolete and the will of the individual would have to be subsumed by the greater will of an overriding body of enlightened beings who rule through a series of strict laws and values. The other reality has far less rules and structure but also lacks the creature comforts of a green paradise and the inner dimensions and real spiritual values will have to be exercised as not just luxuries of the mind, but as survival skills.

One world looks and feels like a hollow, new age wet dream, the other more rooted in something that is outside the boundaries of any type of social definition. We can already see this peeling away in some ways as disgruntled Silicon Valley execs are starting to plan their own societies apart from the one they are currently living in and hauling in millions.

Peter Thiel has his own version of water world he’s working on and he’s not alone. Larry Ellison owns Molokai and is playing the role of Dr. Moreau. The tech demigods just want to do things their way without all that niggling, government red tape. They are symbolic of this split in reality.

From West Virginia to California, there are rumblings of succession, not as states as a whole, but swaths of communities who feel as though their type of lifestyles are no longer congruent with the system that is supposed to represent them. While they don’t have the same fundage as Thiel and Google’s Larry Page, the sentiment is roughly the same.

When I looked at the alternate birthdate of Sananda, I did so with the idea that the 12/25 date was yet another manipulation of our consensus reality and if indeed the date was 9/11/-3, then was that date throughout history was manipulated as well and to what affect?

Christianity is on a deathwatch and for some people, I can hear the shouting and rejoicing already as I type, but religion will not die. Leo Strauss, the head neocon realized that Marx’s great mistake was exorcising religion from communism and as a result, the latest version of communism/socialism is inclusive of Islam. Islam will be the new christianity of the new age.

I hope the 9/11 birthdate will at the very least tease your curiosity open and prime you to ponder what could have been and still could be without the mis-interpretation and perversion of the original message of love and compassion while living close to a great and universal source of wisdom on a very personal basis.

Happy Saturnalia and Sol Invictus.

You can get a free, ten-day-trial at Gaiamtv and view the episode of the 9/11 birth of Jesus and more by simply going to the 11th House and sign up for it.

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