Madonna–Money Whore Or Kaballah Mata Hari?

Ever since Madonna to her fans, “Esther” to her Kaballah pimps embraced the power of The Zohar, she has been discreetly converting Hollyweirds A-listers to the hottest faith this side of Scientology. It was due to Madonna’s influence, er guidance that Brittany started schlepping around a copy of The Zohar that Madonna had personally given […]

Alpha Whale Music

The Real Robert Phoenix And Introducing Dominmatrix

When I was back at emusic, in the early days when I did everything from signing labels, to writing newsletters and reviews and managing four separate genres–all the good old days–I got a curious email one day.  It went something like this: “Hey Robert, how the hell did you get such a cool gig?” Now, I’m […]