Hi I’m WALL-E And I’m A Depopulation Meme

About three weeks ago, my son and I set out for a afternoon matinee of WALL-E and our expectations were undoubdtedly high. We love Pixar, well let’s just say we love Pixar up to Cars. I’m not sure what the target audience for Ratatoulie was–maybe foodies with rodent fetishes? I’m just not quite sure. Anyway, […]


Can I just say that Apple Sucks? Well mostly. . .

My loving and adoring wife gifted me with an Apple gift card on Fathers day.  I’ve been holding onto it until the right time, when I actually needed something.   That time was yesterday or so I thought.Let me first state that I have been using Apple product since 1988 when I was working at […]


Madonna–Money Whore Or Kaballah Mata Hari?

Ever since Madonna to her fans, “Esther” to her Kaballah pimps embraced the power of The Zohar, she has been discreetly converting Hollyweirds A-listers to the hottest faith this side of Scientology. It was due to Madonna’s influence, er guidance that Brittany started schlepping around a copy of The Zohar that Madonna had personally given […]

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