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Eclipse Debriefing Tonight On FAR

lunar-eclipseThe past has been eclipsed.

Well the big eclipse, the golden cherry on the top of the Grand Cross Sunday has just passed. I’ll be on the air tonight, from 7PM to 9pM, PST, on FAR, going over the events of the eclipse, especially the conflagration up in Canada at the G20 and G8 (aka “The Gate”). Please call in and share how your weekend has gone thus far. I’ve heard both heavy and harmonic tales. Mine was a little of both.

To join in at 7PM PST Just click HERE.

This week, I’ll be looking into the dismissal of Stan McChrystal, his chart, and the media assault ready to pin him down, as well as how certain elements of the Grand Cross got played out at in Toronto, in a more in depth fashion. I’ll also have new scopes by the end of the week and the announcement of a new service I’ll be offering very shortly.

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