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haiti-mapDream or Nightmare?

Earlier this week, we celebrated the life and times of Martin Luther King. I’ll never forget how they staged the first assault on Iraq, Desert Storm on his birthday, back in 1990. I wasn’t totally aware of the blatant use of ritual symbolism to stage events at that time in my life, but I had a sense that the timing was auspicious on some level for a very select few. So here we are, 29 years after-the-fact, celebrating the man who had a dream. Meanwhile, someone who should be emblematic for all that King stood for was being pilloried in the mass media and marginalized by the forces of disaster capitalism. I’m talking about Wyclef Jean, the main force behind The Fugees and one of Haiti’s most successful stories.

Jean’s foundation. “Yele Haiti” had raised over $2 million dollars in relief for his place of birth and he was immediately attacked by “The Smoking Gun” for some improprieties with his organization, including, but not limited to paying himself a salary for a benefit concert that he did for “Yele Haiti.” In addition to those claims, TSG also accused of others inside of the organization for using non-profit funds for profit. Jean, to his credit admitted that there was some issues that needed cleaning up, but then went onto address that, that wasn’t really the issue now–the issue is Haiti. On Oprah, Jean noted that no one really cared about the shape of “Yele Haiti” until they were raising a million dollars a day for Haitian relief; “So the attack on me, it basically came because, once we started our movement, no one was focused on Yele until they noticed that we were raising $1 million a day after the earthquake. What that did is it rose a lot of eyebrows.”

Is Jean being directly being discredited and marginalized because “TPTB” want to run the show in Haiti with little or outside interference? Would they rather have the 11,000 + troops on the ground versus empowered and well funded efforts by individuals that don’t have a stake in disaster capitalism? Was Jean being undermined for the sole purpose that the individual must be subordinate to the dictates of the rising corporatocracy aka “Pluto In Capricorn?”

Jean has his North Node in Capricorn at 14 degrees. The sabian Symbol for 14 Degrees Capricorn is, An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long Standing, Forgotten Culture. Dane Rudhyar synthesizes it down to this; “What is need is a penetrating and courageous insight founded upon a valid historical perspective. This applies to the past of an individual’s life as well as to the history of a nation or a group.” In essence, it’s part of Jean’s destiny to be deeply involved in the destiny of Haiti.

Transiting Pluto is sitting right on top of his natal Jupiter in Capricorn at 2 degrees. It’s empowering him on a much larger social scale and yes, Jupiter shows us that there is money involved–big money–but Jean has Saturn working against him in some regards and helping in others as it is squaring his natal Jupiter.

Saturn in Libra is forcing him to clean up his foundation, making him have some form and focus to the abundance he is channeling with the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction. When Saturn squares his North Node later this year, he’ll be facing some real challenges to his ideals and force him to become more of an outspoken critic of NGO’s and other organizations that like to control the flow of money and resources when calamities hit.

Currently Saturn is sitting right on top of his natal Pluto in Libra. Pluto in Libra is deeply transformative in the realm of relationship. Saturn sitting right on top of his natal Pluto speaks of the devastation of Haiti and Jean’s heart. He is struggling against some might powerful forces. His efforts will be anything but easy, but this is a HUGE life lesson for him and I have no doubt that it will ultimately be reflected the music he makes. He’s also going to have form some very powerful partnerships if he wants to have any say in what happens to Haiti moving forward, but the stage is being set for Jean to move into a much higher vibration of human rights advocacy and social leadership.

Some months back, I saw that Saturn in Libra energy would re-ignite the power of the protest song, as well as the more traditional love song. It will be events like Haiti and others to come that will spark the muse of discontent and inspire a new generation of lyrical social criticism.

This is no temporary tussle for Jean as Saturn will make a sweep through Mars, Uranus and then his Sun, all in Libra. He’s in this now for the long haul. Disaster has grabbed hold of his destiny.

So what are we to make of Haiti? People in the ex-political world are claiming this was a HAARP generated event, part of the ongoing weather wars, just like Katrina. And, just like Katrina, aid as in the form of Doctors WIthout Borders was turned away initially. Just like Katrina, troop deployment was almost instantaneous, while basic supplies were not.

There are reports that Haiti has significant oil reserves and this has been known for a few decades. My pal Charles Ostman says that China has been working with them on this. Haiti also supposedly has gold as well. Naomi Klein has been pushing the idea of disaster capitalism since Katrina vis her book, “The Shock Doctrine.” It makes sense on a lot of levels. A number of my friends see the Haiti quake as an act of nature, others don’t. Think of the evolving strategy behind implementing such a technology. Instead of casting a coup or starting a war in select places, if it were possible via HAARP, why not simply create the conditions of a disaster and then simply move in?

It’s been years nearly five years since Katrina slammed into “The Big Easy” and yet there are a number of people who have still not returned to their beloved parrish homes, held in the same family for generations. It’s also very interesting to note that both Haiti and New Orleans have deep ties to the supernatural and the occult world, which makes them vortexes unto themselves with repeated ritual re-enactment. Lastly, Haiti is also quite likely a remaining chunk of Atlantis. What else lies within and beneath Haiti? What kind of tremors from our antediluvian past is Atlantis now stirring? We’ll find out in the months to come and if Wyclef Jean’s chart is any indication, he’ll be giving us a historical record, both through his music and his evolving role as a guardian for the sanctity of his native Haiti.

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