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Earth changes seem to be coming now with more regularity. Are these labor pains indicative of a new Earth that is being birthed before our eyes? Yesterday, both Guatemala and Ecuador experienced volcanic eruptions. We’ve already witnessed the ashy, Icelandic plume ground thousands of planes to a halt.

Beneath the once clear waters of The Gulf, BP and Halliburton opened the gates of hades on 4/20, through neglect, sacrificing the lives of eleven men, who were instantly incinerated by the hellish blast. Whether these events are triggered by some outside agency as some would point towards HAARP, Tromso, etc, or that they are emanations of our own consciousness, quaking and shuddering, unable to handle the pressure any longer or a combination of both, remains to be seen. The one thing that we can agree on is that there is a new level of dramatic, geo-physical activity that is taking place. Tectonic plates, effluvial matter, pillars of ash and molten flow all rise the surface of our consciousness. If we aren’t away of the Earth now, we will be.

One of the more fascinating and yet lesser known stories in modern astronomy is the search for the planet Vulcan. Vulcan of course was named after the Roman god, Vulcan, their equivalent of Hephaestus. Vulcan was the son of Jupiter and Juno. He was the smith of the gods and crafted art, iron, arms and armor. If you were into astropanthology, and you wanted to tap the energy of a god as a precursor to war, Vulcan would be your guy. In “The Lord Of The Rings” Sauron also taps the power of Vulcan to create a monstrous army with weapons forged from the fires of the earth. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

To understand Vulcan and it’s possible existence, we need to know who and what Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier contributed to modern astronomy and astrology. Le Verrier you see is the guy that discovered Neptune. Pretty fitting for a guy born on March 11th, doncha think? Anyway, Le Verrirer discovered Neptune due to the orbital anomalies he observed with Uranus, using a series of micro-calculations to determine Neptune’s pull, exertion and influence on Uranus. He was right and a Pisces rightly discovered Neptune.

After surfacing Neptune, Le Verrier was tasked to see if there was another planet between the Sun and Mercury that was causing the same sort of orbital fluctuations with Mercury. He did his micro calculations and sure enough he theoretically found the mythic Vulcan, which is purported to have a 19 day orbit around The Sun. Le Ferrier was not able to successfully locate Vulcan in space, but mathematically, he was convinced that it did indeed exist. Read the rest of this entry »

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