DNC’S Full Frontal Meltdown, Bernie’s Betrayal, Mercury Enters Discriminating Virgo

Dateline Laredo 7/28/16 Years ago, I interviewed Paul Hawken, the founder of Smith and Hawken and a first wave, social justice/environmental warrior. Hawken was waxing poetically about “The South.” He wasn’t referring to Georgia, North Carolina and Alabama. He was getting fired up about the politics of South America, the rise of people’s movements and […]


Transpluto A Very Personal Journey

All Aboard The Transplutonian Express (Editors Note) It’s always an exciting process when one of my students or readers stumbles upon a meaningful concept with astrology. In this case, one of my students, Heather Longstreth-Eland found herself drawn to the concept of Transplutonian planets. Of course she would with Pluto in Scorpio, exact on her […]