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Can you feel it?

We’re coming into the doom zone of Clif High and HPH. Today is Purim and the virtual chatter and polarizing rhetoric (Sun/Moon opposition) is peaking. Are we going to witness the archetypal pattern getting played out as geopolitical justification? Will Clif’s armageddon movie get projected out over the next 48 hours? In case you don’t what it is, he was on Eric Mankow Muller’s radio show the other day and spilled the beans.

Now Muller is a mainstream radio jock. He’s sort of a hyrbid of Beck/Jones/Limbaugh with a little bit of morning zoo rock jock thrown into the mix. For Clif to hit the mainstream like this means something is up. Either they don’t care anymore or there is a group that wants his info to break loose and perhaps alter what I would call, the event cannon. In case you haven’t heard High’s dire prediction, here it is in bullet points.

• Israel goes it alone and launches an attack on Iran.

• Not all of their jets get through, but a few do and one of them fires a missile with a nuclear tip that penetrates an underground lake of oil.

• The lake explodes and creates one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, killing over 30 million people in Asia alone.

• The newly re-elected Vladimir Putin takes offense to this, gives Israel three days to clear out and then turns it into a parking lot.

• A few days after that, Russia wipes out the entire west coast of the United States and my career comes to an abrupt halt. Also, people are caring a lot less about what Rush Limbaugh said.

So that is how it’s supposed to go down and we’re starting today. Right now. We’re on the clock.


While all of this is going on, we just got lashed with a major X class, solar storm, that was thought to possibly to wipe out satellite communication (they always say that), which theoretically would have put a damper on the war party. My gut feeling is that these storms have much more of an internal impact on us. They can be deeply destabilizing for days after and what I mean by that is how they impact our cells and our DNA as a result. Ever since the stepped up solar cycle began last year, I have seen dramatic changes in peoples lives. People are overcoming crisis, addiction, deep patterns of co-dependence and suffering. This is what I have been witnessing. These bursts of raw data manifesting as neutrinos are in my humble estimation overwriting existing programs inside of us. If we resist or fight the internal transformations, stubbornly clinging onto what we hold dear, no matter how painfully bittersweet, our lives begin to break down and stop working even faster than before.

I have great respect for Clif’s work, but it is “tainted” to some degree by his own filtering and the slanted chatter that he would call “tension building language.” When he and George Ur started this many years ago and stumbled upon the variant in their search for financial info over the net, gleaned through spiders/web bots, the linguistic landscape was somewhat more pristine. Now, end times language is the codex of our current milieu, so in same ways, Clif is getting heavily loaded data sets now, much more than say back in 2000.

Now I don’t want to oversimplify what he does, because he is able to frame very specific scenarios from what he gets back. Clif doesn’t speak in vague generalities. So no matter how loaded the chatter is, he is very clear about his breakdown and meaning of it.

But as I have also said in the past, we are in that weird, Heisenbergian drift when it comes to this stuff, meaning we are now affecting the event by viewing it, exposing it, and how we affect it, is really the x factor. Here is where we return to the Sun and the X class storm scenario.

No matter how evolved we think we are, most people believe that the Sun is the Sun and it is “other” meaning that it exists and we exist. It is bright. It heats us. It gives us light and life. But what if the Sun is us? What if the Sun is the motherboard of our biospiritual operating system? Sort of like Jane Roberts’ version of the oversoul, only in a much, much bigger way. If that’s the case, then who is really generating the solar storms and to what end? Perhaps this is how we trigger our collective immune system which fortifies us against the parasitic advances of interdimensional filth that is eternally hungry for fear, rage and tragedy.

Let’s say Clif is right. Well, its been great. I’ve had a great run and I think I’ll skip paying my Verizon bill.

If he’s wrong, then what happens with the mounting tension language? How do we disperse its fever pitch? Hang on. As the ghost of Astarte rises upon the invisible plains of Eden, we will witness our own awakening as an emerging narrative. Whether or not its enough to put the brakes on it all remains to be seen and guess what? We will see it, regardless of the outcome.

The Moon is still full in Virgo and it has just passed over the Sun, so we are on the back end of the opposition/polarity. You can still tap into the resonance of emotional health and visionary outlook. Bridge the gap.

Tomorrow and especially Saturday, as the Moon opposes Mercury and Uranus, and squares Pluto, the energies get heavy again, mimicking the T-Square of 3/1 when we witnessed the death of Andrew Breitbart. Will his videos surface on the wings of the T-Square? What happens when the Moon conjuncts Saturn and how will this impact peace, diplomacy and balance on the global stage?

Live today like it might be your last, which means live as consciously as you can. Strive to be humble and yet resolute in your efforts to live with impeccability. That’s a little dose of the Virgo Moon for you.

According to Clif High, in just two hours (3/9/12 on 4:59 PM PST), the building tension language begins to leave us. Here is High’s interview w/Mankow below.

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Its time to come to the party.

I ran into an old, very wise friend last week, my rat buddy, Bodhi. Bodhi spends about three-hours-a-day in deep meditation. I had just come from a NMT session to treat a hellacious, upper respiratory nightmare. NMT is a fascinating healing modality that grew out of another method called, “Bioset.” Its close to vibrational or energetic medicine. Essentially, the NMT practitioner uses a combination of radionics and muscle testing to quickly determine the energetic causes of a particular condition. What they discover are these things they call “pathways.” They then go about re-setting and clearing the pathways. My practitioner also uses acupuncture and “The Beamer” a small pad that resembles a heating pad, but instead of emitting heat, it stimulates healing in specific areas. Its big in Europe, getting bigger here.

Anyway, one of the pathways that showed up for me, was “grief.” I was told to read a series of keywords while being cleared. It was powerful. I could see my life over the past two years evoked in the words. A sense of mourning and loss; the death of my father, the end of my marriage, the news that my son would have a step-father.

For years, I simply buried feelings by layering experiences on top of them, convincing myself that they were important, valid and essential to my ongoing actualization. But when I stopped drinking in July, something started cracking. The dam wall of denial was giving way. After I read those words, it broke, halfway between my practitioners office and Whole Foods.

I got it together, went into Whole Foods and that’s where I ran into Bodhi. I’ve known him since 1996. I remember him though from 1988 when I went to a channeling at Bel Marin Keys.

Back in 1996, we were working on something that had to do with raves in England, altered states, you get my drift. It didn’t pan out (Thank God) but I had one of the most powerful and synchronistic experiences with him of all time.

We were waiting around in my van for “the man” as in the Lou Reed sang, “Waiting For My Man.” We were parked behind the mega-health food store, Rainbow Market and Bodhi was asking me about Mercury Retrograde. It was MR in Gemini at that time. He wanted to know how it could manifest. I began to pontificate about travel, especially local travel, people getting frustrated, hurried, distracted, getting into accidents, etc. And right on cue, we witnessed a small, japanese car, take on a bread truck trying to load into Rainbow. Cue screeching tires, cure burning rubber smell, cue smashing glass, cue slamming of metal; Action!!! I turned, looked at Bodhi and said, “Just like that.”

Lesson over, we started the van and left.

I have always had this potently synched up connection with him. Our orbits are infrequent, but when they cross, something snaps, crackles and pops. We talked for a little bit and very quickly got into the male/female dynamic. He immediately zeroed in on the target; Men’s biggest issue is grief. For women, its anger. We then kicked around how long women in general will be angry and whether its an energy that they have overused and overplayed. Anger, like anything can be addictive. I wondered about how at some point, whether anger has become institutionalized for women and morphed into a right, a badge of honor to be whipped out and up. Scan any contemporary ad and you’ll see the modern woman sticking it to their bumbling and clueless mate. Madison Avenue can feel your wrath. Oh yes they can.

I began to think about this in the context of awakening. I circled around the invisible barbed wire fences of separation. I looked at the social structures of divide and conquer, the fragmentation of nearly every aspect of our interrelated web of life on the plane of the 3rd dimension and how easily we are led around by our noses due to the reenactment of socialized trauma, again and again and again, like a hellish loop tape; “Samsara Gone Wild!” How could we ever break through this highly manipulated and insidious matrix of control? I kept returning to the male/female dynamic and how wounded, ragged and weary it is. I saw how this very basic configuration (yet subtly dynamic and complex) is the gateway to our mystery and a deeply integrative node that we must repair if we as a culture are to be free and unassailable to the signals of distress, disease and disassociation beamed into our hearts and minds from the moment we breath.

The synthetic solution appears to be the manipulated unisex, transgenic, transgendered, transhuman. Can you say, “Singularity?” But its almost too easy. Its the alchemical marriage taking place down at Dr. Frankenstein’s cottage on the lake. Its like there is a simultaneous signal of throwing in the towel, that this “old” thing just isn’t working anymore and a truly aggressive, even angry, bordering on nihilistic urge to destroy all familiar touch points in our hearts and souls. Last week, I was on Twitter and I saw a young woman, a very popular young woman I might add, throw down the following tweet; “Love is for whores.” We have now entered the Orwellian realm of emoting.

Mars is in Virgo (retrograde). Venus in Pisces. Here we have an opposition that can provide us with some real fuel to explore, transform and heal this deeply distorted and bloody gap between the sexes. Mars in Virgo plays the role of the male principle here, even though Virgo is female/Earth. Venus in Pisces is pure feminine–an ocean of compassion and forgiveness. Mars in Virgo retro invites introspection, going back, going within, going to places that hurt. Men have a unique opportunity to explore their grief during this cycle. Where were you betrayed? Left behind? What did you give up in order to be loved, then allowed to have sex and thus feel accepted? How did you morph, mutate and twist into some knotted up creature that doesn’t even resemble who you are in your soul, just to become relevant on a planet run by psychopaths?

I feel like I am, after 50 years, really just understanding and unraveling my relationship with women thanks to Saturn on my Venus in Libra. Its dovetailed with my time spent with my mother, in the aftermath of my fathers death. Its been a very sobering experience to say the least, coming to a very clear understanding that I am not the type of progeny she would have dialed up from a Sears catalog. But its been incredibly meaningful as well.

With Venus in Pisces, women have a unique opportunity to forgive, especially as it opposes demanding and borderline anal Mars in Virgo. We’re in a time where no healing act should ever be deemed insignificant. Don’t underestimate your ability to impact the big picture by really resolving and cleansing your own heart.

We stand at the apex of history, where monolithic social forces seek to rip, uproot and crumble our tenuous connections with each other, nature and spirit. The most basic and fundamental strategy to defend against such tyranny is to mend the most basic, important and profound relationship we have; between man and woman. Grieve and forgive.

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“Halo”, my name is Newt and I’ll take you to the Moon.

How about that wild Pisces/Chiron conjunction the other day? Talk about lunacy. Newt Gingrich vowed to have a full-time lunar base by the end of his SECOND term. Whoa Newty. Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves here? You need to win that first fake election this go round. Now I know that occasionally you know things other people don’t like the development of “Homeland Security” well in advance of 911, but a base on the Moon? Oh wait, since you already knew about DHS, well maybe, just maybe you might already know something about the Moon, like perhaps that bases are already there. Maybe it was those bourbons you threw back with Dick Hoagland, one bleary night in Buckhead. Or maybe, you’ve already been there. In any case, I thought it was quite fitting that we’d get the wackiest campaign promise I’ve heard in my lifetime on the Pisces Moon/Chiron conjunction.

If you haven’t noticed, Newt’s win has magically catapulted him back into the race and now all I see are pictures of Newt vs. Obama. Last time I checked, they had a few more primaries to go, even if they continued to bake the results, let’s go through those motions. The Onion did a great send up of faked elections back in 2008. If it weren’t so real, I would have laughed a lot more.

One troubling aspect of this upcoming election is that a foreign company, the Barcelona based, SCYTL is now in charge through Not surprising, they sent the results from South Carolina to SCTYL, who in turn spit the results out, anointing Commander Moon Base the winner. People are getting all hot and bothered that some “foreign” company is counting our votes. They wonder why can’t we have a trusted American company like say Diebold count the votes. Right.

Mars is retrograde in Virgo a prime energy for a re-count or at the very least a deep expose of the system at large. Maybe this is I’m moved to write about it as Mars is now conjunct my Sun. Speaking of which . . .

The other day on my show, I had a caller on the line, a regular and she told me that her blood pressure was through the roof–very unlike her. She doesn’t smoke or drink. Why would she have high blood pressure? I’ll give you two words; “heavy metal.” The skies have been filled with obscene amounts of aluminum, barium, iron oxide, manganese and other unsavory elements. All of these will push your blood pressure right through the roof, even if you exercise and eat well. We’ve had at the very least 15 years of weather modification going down. Just think about that for a moment. Monsanto hasn’t missed a beat. They’ve patented seeds that are a-l-u-m-i-n-u-m resistant. Maybe they’ve been hanging out with the prophet “Newt” and his people.

Mars in Virgo retrograde, while not overly sexy is a very good time to check in with your body. How is it? Are you doing all the things you need in order to stay healthy? Mars in Virgo MR, should be motivating you to get your blood checked, especially the metal count. I have a good friend in NYC who has been showing up with levels of metals that are through the roof. She had all of her mercury fillings removed and has been down in the trenches with heavy chelation. She seems to be turning a corner now, but the most curious piece is that her husband did not show the same stratospheric levels. So the question becomes, do metals bind easier to particular blood types, genetic carriers or even particular Haplogroups?

The effects of high blood pressure are devastating. Some of the deadly side effects include; stroke, kidney scarring, kidney failure and kidney aneurysms. Heart failure, enlarged heart and dementia can all be traced to HBP. The good news is, is that you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on OTC drugs to get your blood pressure under control. One of the first things that you must do is get a metals count. There are services out there that will examine your hair follicles for roughly $100 and supply you with your metal count.

If you happen to have HBP, here are a few things that might be able to help you.

An Australian study recently found “Black Tea” to have BP lowering qualities. Now its not epic, like they’ve just stumbled across interferon, but put together with a few other remedies, you can begin to take more control via diet.

Another natural fighter against HBP is the wonder vitamin, Vitamin D. It promotes vascular health, while minting cleaner arteries.

Coconut water is yet another ally. In a recent study, 71% of the people that consumed coconut water saw their blood pressure lower.

Lastly, beets have been known to beat back HBP for many years now. Juicing organic beets and adding a little purified water to the mix can stretch out your beet supply and provide you with yet another tool to lower HBP naturally.

Somewhere along the way, you might also want to explore chelation. There are a number of methods that are used to strip the body of heavy metals.

To find out more about chelation, go HERE.

Rounding off our little journey into Mars/Virgo Retrograde, I’ll be joined by Dr. Janettte Sherman, who was part of an editorial team that wrote a stunning work about Chernobyl, titled; “Chernobyl Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and Nature.” She’s also the author of “Life’s Delicate Balance Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer.” She’ll be joined by research partner, Joe Mangano. Recently, the two released a controversial peer reviewed paper that chronicled 14,000 child deaths this past year, they claim, due to Fukushima. Its called, “AN UNEXPECTED MORTALITY INCREASE IN THE UNITED STATES FOLLOWS ARRIVAL OF THE RADIOACTIVE PLUME FROM FUKUSHIMA: IS THERE A CORRELATION?”.

The two of them will be on FAR FRIDAY, tomorrow at 10:10 PST.

Also, for more deep background on Fukushima, please read Prof. Michel Chossudovsky’s latest, chilling piece on Fukushima over at Global Research.

Have you had your minimum daily requirements of Mars in Virgo retrograde opposing Venus in Pisces yet? Well open your mouth dammit, pinch your nose and swallow. Its bitter but essential. Just do it!

Here’s a little salacious Nazi Moon Base video distraction for entertainment purposes only.

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Ratt and cheezy go together.

There’s a rat in my house. She’s burrowed herself behind my kitchen cabinets. I can only imagine the incubation taking place in there, tucked away and hidden from the light. I’ve tried to capture her three times now. The first two times I used one of those old faithful, spring loaded, back snapping, spine crushing traps. The first night I busted it out, I was just about to fall asleep and I heard the “thwack!” of steel on wood. It was loud and resonant. Too loud. When I awoke in the morning, I saw the trap flipped over and sprung, food gone, no rat.

I did it again the next night. This rat had perfected its technique and managed to snatch some well adhered Halvarti without triggering the tiny death machine. Pure, outright, beautiful, clean, theft. The perfect crime. So I did what I did not want to do. I got the glue trap. I put two down, went away for the night and when I returned the next day, one of them was gone. Vanished. I was perplexed. Eventually, I found it. In my living room. I picked it up and examined it. There were matted pieces of hair stuck to it. No rat. It had somehow used a leg of an end table to violently pry the glue board away. I was not only amazed by this rat’s audacity and clever ways, but its sheer will to survive. Something much greater (likely her unborn brood) was compelling her to stay alive, do whatever it took to free itself from the traps of the supposedly smarter human. It was then that I realized that she is we. That, that rat is us.

The economies of entire countries like Italy, Spain and Greece are stumbling around like old drunks at a late-night rotary mixer. Here in the states we’ve seen the Penn State scandal begin to rear its ugly head. Listening to Jerry Sandusky talk with Bob Costas about his affection for children and his innocence made my skin crawl. Costas had to ask him twice if he “found young boys sexually attractive?” Sandusky had to repeat the question to himself. A sure sign of buying time. Lynn Robbins of Voice Analysis Technologies ran the Costas interview through her voice stress/truth software and found him to be evasive with a high degree on incongruence in his responses. Speaking of buying time, Jerry Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of child molestation. FORTY COUNTS and he only got $100,000 bail, of which he had to put up zero cash. It was later revealed that the presiding judge was a “Second Mile” volunteer (she has just stepped down from the case). She should have immediately recused herself.

Penn State is a bloated animal corpse with pandemic entrails. Back in the day, your friendly neighborhood shaman would pull innards right out and cast them over hot stone, then render the plight of the tribe; offal prophecy. If they metaphorically did that with Penn State, they’d find serpents coiled up and posing as vital organs in the system. I would be very surprised if Sandusky ever makes it to trial. Second Mile was what’s known as a “chicken farm.” Sandusky was more than a perp. He was a pimp.

On a broader scale, the OWS encampments pretty much all got flattened, simultaneously, across the country. We got first hand glimpses of the emerging police state, armed and outfitted for street war, courtesy of our tax dollars. Police forces have tanks thanks to fat entitlements from DHS. Israel is foaming at the mouth and wants a go at Iran. Turkey is sizing up Syria. China for all we know is building alien outposts in the Gobi Desert. Meanwhile the chemtrails drip lower and lower, like a cancerous cotton-candy of death, spun out from jet turbines, melting into puddles of metallic haze in our skies. These are the supposed glue traps and spring loaded death machines and yet we continue to outmaneuver the crushing forces of gravity, outmuscle their adhesive snares.

One of my good friends has been couch surfing for nearly two-years, picking up ride shares to save gas, house sitting, and expanding her network while she did it. A former six-figure PR maven, she’s motored on the edge, from Ukiah to L.A., staying alive, and now she’s landed with a promising relationship, loads of back pay from old invoices and more importantly, a place to live with her new love. The universe rewarded her tenacity and will in spades.

Mars just moved into Virgo. Watch out for the little guy, the average Jane, the other 50% of the 99% that wasn’t paying attention. In the last degrees of Mars in Leo, kings stumbled and fell. As I mentioned in the previous post, the once vaunted “Nittany Lions (Leo) of Penn State are disgraced. Move over false kings of fallen ages, your worst fears are about to be made manifest. The herd is on the move and they can smell the wisps of fire and ash in the distance.

The Earth is burning off the coast of the Canary Islands. That’s Mars Virgo opposed Chiron in Pisces. The fire of Mars bursting through cracks in the Earth (Virgo) bringing with it vapors of death, up through vast water canyons. The survival instinct has been fully engaged.

Mars is in a tight trine with Jupiter and Pluto. Its that powerful and sure, Earth directed energy that’s the template for the next nine months. Getting shit done. Getting in shape. Trimming fat. Lean and mean. Fighting for food rights and supplements. Seeking justice for the rape (Mars) of innocence (Virgo). Its about best case examples for worst case scenarios. Tether your camels first, then trust in God. Chop wood, carry water. Pull together and find solutions without being overly critical.

The next nine months, Mars in Virgo, is gestation to liberation; Mars in Libra.

If you have Pluto/Uranus in Virgo in your chart, this Mars cycle will be potent for you. It represents an entire generation raised on the notion of meaningful work and vocation. You’ve got nine months to lock it down and make a hammer of Thor impact in your life and ultimately in the lives of others. Don’t squander any time. Its all precious now.

Today, on my weekly astrological show, Navigating The Astrological Matrix, I had Molly Hall of About Astrology.Com on. Molly is one of my favorite people and astrologers. She’s laced with integrity and magic. We talk a lot about Mars in Virgo. In the second half, I get into the free reading space and actually explore the dragon’s head and tail a bit. Click on the player below and listen in.

Listen to internet radio with Robert Phoenix on Blog Talk Radio

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Do you really know Virgo?

I am here for you. I am here to do my best and guide you through the gray and yellow fog of paranoia and anxiety that is gathering at the rim of our awareness. I know you can feel it. Sometimes its visceral and tangible, headlines like, “Zero Job Growth.” Maybe its a deeply disturbing film like Contagion nicely timed of course to go along with new and novel strains of bird and pig flu re-emerging. Or maybe its the white elephant in the room. You know what I’m talking about. Twin towers. Pentagon. Shanksville. Yep. That elephant. Warnings, murmurs, whispers. Small planes as weapons. Lets add some Elenin/Niburu doom vibrations while we’re at it. Am I leaving anything out? Rick Perry? There’s always Syria and maybe Algeria or quite possibly Iran.

Can we fast forward to Christmas? Can we get through “September Regurgitation” and “October Surprise”? Those are two menu items I would assiduously avoid. Well, since I have not yet perfected my “Rupture Rapture” technologies for anything larger than a field cricket just yet, I’ll have to do my very best to pull the words out of the ethers, align them into an expansive context and load them with as much multi-dimensional meaning as I can. The rest is up to you. If you find a portal in a sentence somewhere, I suggest you step through it. Perhaps you’ll discover something that will make you laugh. Laughter is a tonic. Don’t pass it up at any cost. Humor is a wave that will transport you to the farthest shore. If this realm is not the most surreal, twisted and sublime cosmic joke ever dreamed up by a grinningly foolish God, well you’re just not paying close enough attention. God is fool and I mean that in the most sacred and divine sense.

So if you can find that rip in space or a deep cosmic laugh that starts about an inch below your navel, then keep your head down, take lots of vitamin C and D and keep moving. Zig and zag like that young Mayan warrior in Apocalypto, across the killing fields and into the protective shadows of the jungle. Its all real and it isn’t. Isn’t that just a knee slapper? All right. Enough preamble and pontification. Lets get down to the scopes babies. With the purity of Virgoan intent, I offer you my service.

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The dual duel

My kid is into Beyblades. Astrology plays a large role in the Beyblade mythology. I ran across this the other day when we went to the store with the ancient Sun symbol with man in the center. I thought it was pretty funny in some ways, but then as Mercury retrograde continues to stir the pot, I was watching a doc called The Panama Deception, about the invasion of Panama by GHWB to grab his old pal Noriega, who got far too big for his britches. Anyway, one of the tactics the U.S. used was implementing something called “Project Pisces” which entailed freezing Panamanian assets as a prelude to Noriega’s forceful ouster. There’s a woman who shows up in the film named “Sabina Virgo” who is a political activist. You can’t make this shit up. Must be the run up to Virgo. Mercury is rising.

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The Virgo Everyman

Just a quick hit. I’ll have “Rudy” on my radio show today at 10:15 AM, PST. Rudy is a Virgo/Rat (8/24/48). He overcame dyslexia to get a degree and make perhaps the most famous tackle in Notre Dame history. His story was turned into the movie, “Rudy” widely considered one of the most watched sports movies of all time. With his Jupiter in Sag, Rudy has not only used football to better himself, he also connects with truly jovian spirit filled with good will and support. His latest foray into the realm of inspiration is; “Power Thoughts” a 365 day phone app with pithy “Rudyisms.” His sense of abandon, risk, belief and faith cast him in the archetypal role of the fool. The fool does not know what he cannot do. His failures can be epic and so are his potential successes. Ultimately, the fool knows no fear.

Please join me as I spend a few minutes with a true, American icon. Rudy. The Daily Farcast With Rudy.

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