999 The Ramp Up To Saturn Opposing Uranus, The Procession Of Opposites And Sabian Symbols

999999 Is Only The Beginning.

It’s been a rough start to Mercury Retrograde. First, I got sick, then our cat, who was ailing took a deep turn south, then my father has fallen ill as well. I’m tackling my health with some very efficacious alternative means. Our cat however, was not so fortunate. We had to put him down today. Like many cats, he adopted us. He strode into our living room one night when we had the front door open. He walked in like he owned the place and we never looked back. We called him “Amos” but later found out that his name was “Shady.” He was a pure, black cat. Unlike the commonly held superstition, I have always been fond of black cats. White cats however, give me the creeps.

“Amos” had been abandoned and was being fed by a family around the corner. He was more of a yard cat than a house cat. So when it came time for us to pack up and leave, my then wife pleaded with through tears to take him. So after a few glasses of Cachacha and lime, I steeled up the courage and off he went with us. He was my exes first, real pet. Wherever we moved, he always ingratiated himself with the neighbors. In fact, in Escondido, he was so popular that people were leaving him Christmas gifts at our door! He was the neighborhood good will ambassador, more dog than cat in some ways. In fact, if I wanted to let him, he would walk blocks with me, like a dog off a leash, except that he would dart in and out of bushes and doorways, stealthily shadowing me. We eventually called him “Secret Agent John Moose” which, when after my son arrived on the scene, pulling his tail, he simply became known as “Johnny.” So his transformation from “Shady,The Street Cat Hustler” to “Johnny, Respectable, Family Cat” was complete.”

A month ago, he stopped being able to move his back legs well. Shortly thereafter, he couldn’t walk at all. He had been diagnosed with a tumor, either in the spine or the brain.

His decline was rapid.

Today, as Saturn gets ready to fully oppose Uranus on, 9/10/9, we put Johnny to sleep. What is amazing about his passing was how it was an analog for my exes experience around the death of her mother, who passed away, far-too-young with ALS. Just as she was there to nurse and care for her mom, she was also there for our cat. The residual energy of family history got played out. An opportunity for healing. Mercury Retrograde, oppositions, life transitions. Let’s look at the big picture. Continue reading “999 The Ramp Up To Saturn Opposing Uranus, The Procession Of Opposites And Sabian Symbols”