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danteWhat is Dante trying to tell us here?

The big face off is here. Saturn vs Uranus. Opposition. The sexy take is nagging conservatism (Saturn in Virgo) vs. enlightened progressivism (Uranus in Pisces). That’s almost too easy. We can draw a line in the sand and start extolling the virtues of one versus the other. Joe Wilson (nagging conservative) calls Obama (enlightened progressive) “a liar.” Nagging conservative, Glen Beck, leads a public storm front against enlightened progressive, Van Jones. Dig in your trench, the culture wars are upon us and if you’re not in one camp or the other, you just might wind up as collateral damage. But is this right (Virgo) vs left (Pisces) what the sturm and drang is really about or is it simply the reactive conditioning of the system that has become increasingly polarized since 2000, when George Bush was elected? What if there was another meaning we could pin on the opposition that we may be overlooking?

Turn back the clock. The year is 1339 and the month is September. What makes this date in time unique? It marks the beginning of The Bubonic Plague. Where was Uranus? In Pisces, at 23 degrees, just two degrees off of the current opposition. To understand “The Plague” we have to get a better idea of what culture in Europe was like before the plague: Read the rest of this entry »

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distortduoPuttin’ a Sheen on Jones or just a put on?

Want to see how Mercury Retrograde can go bad? We don’t have to look any further than the Alex Jones/Charlie Sheen debacle that took place on Tuesday, one day deep into Mercury Retrograde.

Jones has been taking lots of heat lately from people that are claiming that he is noting more than a well paid gatekeeper–Glen Beck with bullhorn and a good conspiracy theory or two to kick around as well. The deep divide that has arisen in the world of Alex Jones is Jones’ repeated refusal to talk about Zionism, AIPAC, etc as it relates to influencing US policy, both abroad and domestically. Jones will routinely shut down callers who call in and want to crack on Israel. He’ll also wipe out comments from his forum if someone calls him out on it. Some folks have made interesting connections between Jones’ lawyer being the same lawyer for Edgar Bronfman. Whether this implies a strong Jewish/zionist connection that can surely be examined and discussed, it cannot be dismissed that this is one, powerful lawyer working for some guy with a x-files fetish.

So with dissent and fracture starting to happen around Jones, Jones decided to call in his old pal, Charlie Sheen.

Some people might be aware that Sheen questioned the governments involvement around 911. Some jokes were made by Bill Maher. Letterman, etc, but it never impacted Sheen say the way it did Mark Ruffalo, who basically said the same thing, and within just a few weeks, found his brother murdered. I guess it pays to have your father play the president on TV.

So Jones calls Sheen in for the “Biggest Story In Jones (suspiciously meteoric rise) Career!” What’s that story? Sheen is going to interview the president! Wow! Charlie Sheen to interview Obama! Fat chance. It was all a ruse, a pathetically faked interview that shot even more holes into Jones’ leaking ship of credibility. The backlash has been significant. George Noory chastised Jones live on “Coast-To-Coast.” Jones couldn’t even admit that he fucked up. He blamed it on the fact that WordPress could not handle more than 16 pages, the length of the bogus interview. Apparently, according to Jones, the missing 17th page, was the one that had the disclaimer.

No such luck.

So what are we all to make of this? Why don’t we have a look at the charts of the two players in this absurd and potentially damaging little prank? Read the rest of this entry »

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mobyincMoby’s chromatic effect.

While Virgo is often considered to be the one sign that’s driven by an almost insane desire for perfection and purity, a fair number of artists that fall under the spell of it’s arc, from August 23rd to September 22nd, can rarely be called puritanical by any stretch. A quick check list sees Charlie Parker, the archetypal be bop mainliner, shooting junk while deconstructing the song book of his day to blistering triple times. Then there’s Gene Simmons. While Simmons has eschewed alcohol and drugs, the former Chaim Witz, has feasted on the flesh and venerates mammon. Can’t leave out Amy Winehouse, whose appetite for self-destruction is only matched by her detail perfect, post-modern-chanteuse, smokey jazz diva act. The inherent paradox and irony in these Virgoan musicians is plainly and painfully obvious as they are driven, almost obsessively by some form of perfection and and quest for purity. . . well almost. Simmons might seem like a lecherous, old rock god still on the prowl for your little sister, but he is as exacting and systematic in his approach for financial dominance and leverage in all of his deals as any good Virgo obsessed with control would be.

Then there’s Michael–poor Michael.

Driven by some horror from his dark and wounded past, Michale Jackson sought perfection in form, reshaping the face he couldn’t bear to look at in the mirror, a face doctors disfigured to the point of deformity. But while all of these Virgo musicians have a fatal flaw that seeps into the crevices of their psyche, we are not here to judge, nor mourn their humanity–no, we are here to specifically look at one Virgo that seems to have made peace with the infernal, internal and eternal critic that drives Virgos to the edge of obsession and even mania–we’re talking about Richard Melville Hall aka “Moby,” born September 11th, 1965. Read the rest of this entry »

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fully-moonAs above, so above.

It’s Friday and it’s the Full Moon in Pisces. With the Moon down in the belly of my chart, opposing Saturn and The Sun arcing across my mid-heaven, it feels like I’m moving through warm polenta. The Bay Area is always far less crowded this weekend as thousands flee to Black Rock for a glorious burn. The streets are far less crowded, however, this year they decided to close The Bay Bridge, which almost totally negates any benefit from less bodies moving through space on the roadways. Hence the polenta. Street traffic is sluggish in places, the daily migratory routes have changed and the locals are confused when their routine is altered and disturbed. Instead of having a full, blown out horoscope for each sign, I’ve decided you all need less, as in less as more, so here is your full moon scope as Haiku:

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lil_michael“The infant boy struggles against his father’s hands, fighting the narcissistic father’s desire to bind or murder him; and he struggles against the swaddling bands, fighting the narcissistic mother’s desire to change him into what she wants. When the boy fails to get free…he learns to sulk… he becomes passive to his own hurts….” Robert Bly

So it’s been a while since I posted (a week is a long time for me). I’ve been dealing with filtering lots of info and trying to get a sense with what’s appropriate for the site and of course there’s plenty to talk about regarding the passing of Michael Jackson (Virgo) and I wanted to give the subject and Michael’s passing a few days before commenting on him and what might be the meta-meaning, especially as it relates to astrology. I think enough time has passed to look at Jackson’s passing from many angles. So let’s shoot the rapids down the rabbit hole and see where we go.

On an archetypal level. one could easily predict that Michael was not long for this world. Whether it was a health or wealth issue, Jackson was living on borrowed time.

One of the most meaningful books I read in my early twenties was written by one of Carl Jung’s proteges, Marie Louise Von Franz. Von Franz started off as an assistant for Jung and eventually became a Jungian therapist and an important one in her own right. The book she wrote was “Puer Ateernus” which loosely translates into, “Eternal Youth.” In “Puer Aterenus” Von Franz uses two examples of prolonged adolescence in literature, the main and most important one being “The Little Prince” by Antoine De Saint Exupery. In it, she weaves the story of “The Little Prince” with that of Exupery’s own life and case studies of men who, in essence, refuse to grow up. Exupery was a pilot and spent a lot of time flying (not grounded) away from his wife and her mother, whom Exupery considered oppressive and meddling. In this flight from terrestrial responsibility, Von Franz saw a man who was not willing to confront the challenge of channeling his masculinity and dealing with the rigors of responsibility. She makes allusion after allusion that “The Little Prince” is in actuality Exupery himself and that their fates were intertwined.

Von Franz rejected the idea that Exupery was an artist, she claimed that he was not someone committed to the psychic rigors of being a dedicated and successful artist. She felt that Exupery at best was an auteur and at worst a dilletante, who simply played at being an artist, much in the same way a child would.

In many regards, this completely fits Michael Jackson’s profile, everything from “Moonwalking” (not on Earth) to Capt. Eo, to Neverland (Peter Pan) he occupied the same flighty atmospheres as Exupery and his Little Prince. Michael was a puer incarnate. He avoided real intimacy much like Exupery, even though he had children (well sort of). While I don’t want to disrespect the life of Michael, I’m not sure that he was a great artist. He didn’t play anything, didn’t really write much of his own material and was not heralded as a producer (that honor would go to Quincy Jones, Jackson’s opposite, with Sun in Pisces). He was a performer, like the man whom he is most often compared to, Elvis Presley (Capricorn). He was one of the best, but he was not an artist along the same lines as say Prince (more on him later). In essence, Jackson fit the profile of the puer to a tee and his inability to ground himself in relationships and intimacy would doom him to the gravitational pull of the spirit realm, flight out of the body, escaping from the chains of this mortal coil.

Getting a fix on Jackson’s chart is not easy. Astrotheme has him as a Libra Rising, which would place his Moon, in Pisces, in his fifth house. Read the rest of this entry »

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14641Confessor priest and noble savage?

1966 was a big year for maverick film director, James Toback. The son of wealthy Wall Street investor-father, and a mother who was the head of “The Women’s League Of Voters,” he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, where he would quickly pick up his first writing assignment, doing a piece for Esquire on Cleveland Browns running back and fellow iconoclast, Jim Brown. He would later team with Brown and help pen Brown’s autobiography. With a 0 degree Sag Sun, Toback would always be drawn to sports as a love and future subject matter. Aquarian, Jim Brown was a perfect point of departure to launch a career for Toback that would eventually take him into cinema as a writer/producer/director with a reputation as an outsider, a risk taker, here’s that term again, “maverick” tackling unique subject matter and themes in documentaries like the big, sprawling, all star confessional, “The Big Bang” which featured people from all walks of life ruminating on life, sex, death, fame, failure, love and fear. It featured the likes of jazz pianist, Cecil Taylor, boxer Jose Torres, the late film producer, Don Simpson and flamboyant hoopster, Daryl Dawkins.

He also directed the extremely ambitious, “Mindwalk” with Sam Waterston, John Heard and Liv Ullman, who portrayed a politician, poet and scientist in that order. The three of them spend the majority of the film riffing on theories inspired by the physicist, Fritjoff Capra, with the luscious backdrop of Mont. Saint Michel as the silent partner in their often fascinating trialog.

James Toback also wrote and directed on of my favorite films of all time; “Fingers” starring a young, Harvey Keitel as a psychotic, classical pianist, who was also a the son of a loan shark. One of his father’s debtors, a well connected mob figure owed his dad some money and Keitel’s character was pressed into service to collect for his dad. The stark contrast between the painful sensitivity and brutish violence that Keitel’s character could channel would also be on display in another figure that would loom large and become an important figure in Toback’s own life. Unbeknownst to Toback, way back in 1966, was the year that Mike Tyson came into this world. “Iron Mike” is the star of his new, riveting, documentary on the life and times of Mike Tyson, simply titled “Tyson.”

Toback has known Mike Tyson since Tyson was just 19 and getting ready to take the boxing world by storm. The astrological connections are most certainly there and while I could get granular, it’s Toback’s Saturn in Cancer at 9 degrees which rests almost directly upon Tyson’s Cancer Sun at 8 degrees that is most telling in the context of the film. A long time experiencer of psycho-analysis, Toback plays the role of the psychic priest in Tyson’s life and the film manifests in a type of reckoning for Tyson. The saturnian/sun connection highlight’s Toback’s ability to evoke a sympathetically karmic reset, while allowing Tyson to confess the most private thoughts in his mind, which he does without much effort on Toback’s part. At the end of the film, after we witness Tyson being as brutally honest with himself as he was with his opponents in the ring, he comes away as a much more sympathetic character, who is painfully self-aware of all of his misdeeds, errors and contradictions of self. In this regard, the film is an agent of redemption and Tyson’s destiny has likely been forever altered by Toback’s unconditional observance and capture.

I recently caught up with James Toback in SF and we sat down to talk about his life as a director, Tyson, the man and the movie. The following is a pod cast of our conversation, followed by a trailer for “Tyson.”




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xiii_-_deathThe grim reaper as death in the major arcana.

While I was planning on going in a linear fashion regarding this series, what’s currently happening with The Swine Flu outbreak reminds me that life is anything but linear–especially now. At some point, I was going to stare down the concept of “the custodial race” as described by William Bramley (Gods Of Eden) and others. David Icke alludes to it as well. I first came upon the concept many years ago in a book by Robert Shapiro (no, not the lawyer), but a channel from Arizona, who penned an interesting tale called, Shinning The Light which in many ways dovetails the Enki/Enlil dynamic, only “Zoosh” the narrative voice in “Shinning” unfolds a tale about Yaweh and Lucifer. half-brotherts.

Yahweh is from Sirius, while Lucifer is half Sirian/Orion and is a shit disturber that’s nudged to travel to an azure jewel across the galaxy, located in the cradle orbit of it’s solar system. Things unfold pretty much as you would think. Lucifer has great ideas, is rebellious and Yahweh plays it pretty close to the vest. But then they get into the creation of the hu-mans business, with Lucifer leading the way, which manifests in rebellion and Lucifer starting his own Earth/Terra colony in the outpost known as “Atlantis,”

In Atlantis, Lucifer becomes a creator god and gifts the atlanteans with crystals, technology, you name it. In Patricia Cori’s work, also channeled, The Sirians go into great detail regarding the manifestation of Tesla’s first incarnation as a galactic mage who opens portals and stargates in Atlantis, which ultimately leads to it’s downfall. For those that are into an arcane and occult telling of tales, it involves crystal skulls as the main technology. But that’s another story.

Atlantis gets trapped in a conflict between the spirit and the will, projecting it’s shadow onto Lemuria and creating a devastating weapon that not only destroys Lemuria, but brings about the ultimate demise of Atlantis.

According to Zoosh, there are small fragments and outposts of atlanteans living in places other than Atlantis, one of which was living in what we would now call South Africa. Frightened at the possibility of being abandoned and alone, they contact the spirit of Lucifer who had longs since past, but was still revered as the bringer of light and life. Lucifer picked up on this signal in the realm of the spirit and then passed it along to the orions, who sent a search party to Earth and decided that they were going to get in on the game. They promised this frightened and dispossessed bunch that they would help them and in fact, make them the overseers of this world, sort of a management team, which Shapiro/Zoosh would thus refer to as “The Custodial Race.” Read the rest of this entry »

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