Over at Gaiam Tv, my latest forecast for Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio is about to break. If you haven’t seen my other videos on Gaiam, these are some of the subjects I have covered; The Real Birthdate of Jesus, Pluto in Capricorn, The Dark Side of Aquarius and the general 2014 Forecast. You can […]


Decoding The Summer Cinematrix With Darren Williams

Reel-to-Real Each summer, Hollywood delivers it Blockbusters usually in the action/sci-fi genre.Typical, format of these films are a diverse random group coming together as a team to defeat a controlling force with evil sinister intentions. Many look towards the 1977 classic ‘Star Wars’ as being the initial if accidental Summer Blockbuster that all others attempt […]


In The Shadow Of The Aquarian Age–Part I

The dawn of a new day? I’m often asked when is The Age of Aquarius going to happen? There are a number of answers to that question, which more or less confirms that The Age Of Aquarius is happening all the time, right now and forever, since outside of this 3rd dimensional domain of space/time […]


Sunday FAR With Eco-Activist And Author, Ellen Gunter

Getting down to the ground with Ellen Gunter Author and eco-activist, Ellen Gunter, Reunion: How We Heal Our Broken Connection To The Earth has sounded a earthy call to action by urging us to reclaim the sacred relationship and responsibility with Terra. Pluto in Capricorn isn’t just fuel for the rise of monolithic social structures, […]


Tonight on FAR Sunday, Michael Tellinger, Author, Slave Species Of God

Michael Tellinger gets pre-historic Enki/Ea, the creator-god, rogue alien hero of “The Epic Of Gilgamesh” was also supposedly responsible for bringing astrology/astronomy to Earth (Sitchin). Almost all of the modern sciences have their foundation in the roots of the Fertile Crescent. But what if there was a civilization that pre-dated Sumer and Mesopotamia? What if […]


Saturn in Libra, The Rise Of The Singer/Songwriter, “The Bosses” Tragedy, The Spirit Of Lennon And Stevie Ray Finds Balance With Albert King

Libra rises. We’ll return to the tugging of the heartstrings of Saturn in Libra and the male/female dynamic tomorrow, but for now, let’s look at how Saturn in Libra will affect the arts, mainly singers/songwriters. This is a column that will appear sometime in the future at emusic: As Saturn moves into Libra for the […]

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