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Is the world ready for Trivedi?

Just a quick note before I drop into Neptune in Pisces, I will have Mahendra, Kumar Trivedi on The Friday Farcast with me today, discussing his work with the energy of thougt transmission. And now onto Neptune in Pisces.

The first thing that Neptune in Pisces will bring is confusion. How bad is the radiation level? Is the EPA lying? Why was TEPCO so slow in reporting the facts regarding Fukushima? This is pure Neptune in Pisces, especially as it relates to Chiron in Pisces. We are drowning in the cesium tears of Japan. This latest version of negligence, disregard and silence might very well be the clarion call for humanity, but will it be too late?

One of the great, if unfortunate aspects of the Japanese disaster has been the re-emergence of Dr. Helen Caldicott. Caldicott (Leo/Tiger) was the voice of sanity in maelstrom of the nuclear age. It was her tireless campaign against the dangers of nuclear power that sparked a movement of sorts. There was Karen Silkwood and No Nukes. It might have been the last bastion of true dissent in this country and while Caldicott might have been able to wrangle an audience with the late Ronald Reagan, her minions were unable to stop dozens and dozens of subterranean nukes that were dubbed as “tests.” In the underground alternative news community, these so-called tests were actually deep cratering, which would become the foundation of massive DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases). Read the rest of this entry »

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