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risenHe has risen.

Pluto has downshifted and thrown itself backwards in space, joining Saturn as we revisit Virgo, ever so briefly and re-focus on the march towards “The Corporatocracy” with Pluto in Cap. The general atmosphere and tone over the last few days has been all nerves and wires, frayed connections, sparks, blown fuses, and muddling through bureaucracies. This is a time when you put on your high-boots and waders. Your steps might be slower and more labored, but you have to keep raising one foot out of the muck, avoiding the mire.

Many Plutos ago, when I was at Findhorn, we had to clear out a trench and re-position a posted fence in said trench. It was a typical, late November, Scottish day. The ground was thick with cakes of mud. A hard drizzle coated our bodies, weighing our limbs down with the burden of past labors from far less contemporary times. In my California mindset, I thought, “Why don’t we just tackle this when the weather is a little better?” That thought was dispelled after our fourth hour out there, realizing that this was our day, wrestling with that congealed manifestation of matter that just won’t conform and bend to our will. Feet mired in clay. But we got through that day . . . eventually. This is what this time with Pluto squaring off against Saturn, yet again, in reversal speaks to us. We will do our part to soldier in the muck and scrape it off at days end.

Saturn’s return to Virgo, even if ever-so-briefly, 4/8 to 7/21, will cause people to re-focus, one more time about their work and if they are doing everything they can to maximize purpose, extract meaning, stay healthy and get ready for the next seismic shift of Pluto moving direct, back into Capricorn. Saturn in Virgo forces us to get down with potentially limited resources and find useful and practical ways to make them manifest. It’s also perhaps, one final pass over our personal neurosis, checking in, reexamining them before we enter back into the fray of balancing the karmic debt between the sexes through Saturn in Libra upon it’s return. Is there a formula for a successful pass through during this time? Stay healthy is the first step. Keep things in a manageable perspective. Don’t allow institutional thinking to overwhelm your ability to solve your own problems and challenges. Saturn in Virgo is David. Pluto in Capricorn is Goliath. Think like David, act like Goliath.

It wouldn’t be fair to not have a peak at the Tiger Woods drama, now unfolding before our very eyes. Keep that “eyes” in the back of your mind for just a moment.

Many posts ago, I talked about the ritual death of Tiger Woods, that even hinted at the possibility that there could have been something much more than his commercial and public self taking a dirt nap. But lo and behold, he has arisen, on the heals of Easter, Tiger has assumed his Phoenix like form, where he will play at “THE MASTERS.” Yes, down in Augusta (Inspiring awe and reverence; imposing and magnificent, St. Augustine), Georgia, the one state actually named after a king from another country. Augusta, not far from Atlanta/Atlantis, is where “The Phoenix” is emblazoned on every “manhole” cover. This is where Tiger will tread upon the holy green.

Woods, Capricorn, reemerges and returns, just as Pluto reverses. It’s time to reverse the hands of time, before Tiger died metaphorically in our minds. But not only is time reversed, but space, dimensions, and heaven as well apparently.

Just in time for Tigers’s resurrection/redemption Nike unveils this most curious commercial, where Woods is staring us right in the face, unflinching, but not unblinking (remember those eyes) listening to his father reminding him of who he is, like an august voice from a golden realm of sages, disembodied and channeled in mediumistic fashion. There is Tiger, almost taking commands on cue from his dearly departed Psyoperator. Watch how Tiger blinks (here comes the eyes part) on cue, with almost every statement or question offered up by the spirit of Earl. Watch at the end for the curious flash of light that might signify Earl’s flash of the spirit, or it might even be more like the flash of a copy machine, making a clone of that moment for your memory. You are Tiger Woods. You are being slightly admonished. You are the target of this parental inquisition. You are the recipient of the transmission of guilt. Is this supposed to make us instantly identify with Tiger and thus absolve him more quickly for whatever transgressions the public has heaped upon him?

It’s strange, cold and surreal, not any sort of departure from what has been happening with Woods since Thanksgiving though. Thanksgiving to Easter. The ritual winter of sleep. He has arisen and The Father has spoken to the son. The message? Go buy some more shit with a swoosh and please forgive my son as I have forgiven him.

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tiger2Tiger and Tiger and Tiger and more Tiger.

While the worst winter in recent memory blasts it’s hoary breath across the planet, The Sun and Jupiter co-mingle in the deep and faith filled waters of Pisces. I was speaking with a friend today and he was working out his challenges over the phone, grating and grinding them down to size. I listened and saw his plight as one of millions that we’re all experiencing on some level right now and if not us, then someone close to us is going through the soul wringer. Then it dawned on me: “We are in the time of tribulation.” It made sense to me from a biblical perspective obviously, though I am not a cheerleader for Revelations, but I could see the connection. From a purely energetic and experiential stand point, trials are the order of the day. We are experiencing the tribulations and tests of our everyday lives. Add them all up and the world is going through it. Even though we cannot see it clearly, we’re all gong through it together.

The early conjunction of The Sun and Jupiter allows for us to have spiritual insight, deep spiritual insight into our current sets of challenges we all face. As I type, the Sun is at five degrees Pisces while Jupiter is eight. The Sun is gaining on the second sun. On SUNday, the two will be in exact conjunction. Circle the 28th on your calendar. It portends a day where a divine sense of grace can really enter into our affairs. If we surrender our fears and our limitations, place them at the entrance to our higher selves and leave them behind, while ascending into the “upper room” we can see our spiritual expression as being greater and having far more power than our circumstances and the world that wants to limit them. Venus will also be in Pisces, within a five degree orb of Uranus, thus making them conjunct as well. This is symbolic of quantum healing for all relationships. If you are a believer in the “power of intention” then set your inner compass to gentle expectancy. Patiently and faithfully wait on the magic and power of divine love to move through your relations.

This coming weekend is a deep and accelerated time for shifting and deeper alignment. Don’t sleep on it.

Stalking Tiger

I would be remiss if I did not comment on the resurrection of Tiger Woods. He met the media on Friday, Guys in blazers, mute witnesses to the “robotic” confession offered up by Woods. I can’t tell you how many sports writers used the word “robotic” over and over again when discussing The Woods presser. Bill Simmons of ESPN, one of my favorite sports writers continually made reference to the fact that Woods displayed all the emotion of a doorknob. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tiger-Wods-tiger-woodsWhen we will have a Tiger sighting?

Today marks the 17th day since anyone has actually seen Tiger Woods. The last bit of evidence confirming his corporeal existence was the odd 411 call and recording from the neighbor. Ever wonder why and how these recordings get released? Is this standard operating procedure? Anyway, today was the day that Tiger was supposed to be the best man at a good friends wedding. Let’s explore this for a moment. Tiger was supposed to be the best man. That’s quite something for guy like Woods, who really didn’t seem to evoke an image of loyalty and friendship, at least not in public. For him to miss an event of what might be considered significant personal commitment, means something.

One of Woods’ pals from the PGA tour, the newly refurbished John Daly, has been trying to get through to Woods for weeks now–to no avail. To borrow a term from Tiger’s father’s days in Nam, he’s MIA.

Accenture, one of his big sponsors, just dropped him. Accenture is major player as they sponsor an annual match-play tourney, so they’re deeply woven into the golf world and they have moved on. That makes three sponsors that have cut Tiger loose.

Yesterday, as my son battled with aliens in his stomach, ejecting them into a large chrome bowl every hour or so, I thought more and more about the Tiger Woods affair and came to the conclusion that he is at the very least, figuratively dead. His sponsorships are evaporating, his public persona is in tatters and he has quickly morphed into Michael Jackson, reclusive phase.

What he stood for is now a memory, a montage of highlights and fist pumps, red shirts on Sundays and green jackets at Augusta. As we have noted, not only has his personal visage vanished, but his commercial doppleganger has as well. So, metaphorically speaking, the safe and sanitized Tiger Woods is gone. The most bankable sports minority south of King James is commercially dead.

But is it simply the demise of his persona and image? Could it actually be something more? Read the rest of this entry »

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golf-digestAdd your own captions.

Well it looks like Tiger Woods is about to do his very best to slip down the memory hole. He has left the country and is now in Sweden, where he will reportedly reside in a six-bedroom-house on an island off the coast of Stockholm. I suppose that this is where he’ll go cold turkey on his addiction to Ambien and cocktail waitresses. Tiger’s winter of discontent just got a lot colder with his change of address, while being penned up with his furious ice queen for who knows how long.

Tiger’s Moon in Sag has indicated a maternal influence from outside the country with his mother, born and raised in Thailand and along with his Swedish born wife. Now Tiger’s Sag Moon also indicates a change in residence, also abroad. Don’t’ be surprised if this change is permanent, while Tiger becomes the Great Garbo (also Swedish) of golf. I think there are some real questions regarding his role as a professional golfer moving forward, though with his Capricorn Sun, I doubt that he will be able to simply rehabilitate forever.

In the upcoming issue of “Golf Digest” the cover features Tiger and Barack Obama, together, on the same hole, with the now suddenly embarrassing, subtitle, “Ten Tips Obama Could Take From Tiger.” The irony of the cover couldn’t be more timely or potent and it stirs yet a few more questions around both men, who they are, how they got to where they are and the impact they have made on society. Read the rest of this entry »

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factory_workersThe real women of Tiger Woods.

Okay, I admit it, scandal is good for business. Scandal that I was right about is even better for business. Scandal that speaks to some deep and pervasive archetypal theme in the American psyche is the best. It gives us some weird gratification that our isolated and anonymous lives might not be as bad as we thought. When a Bernie Madoff goes down or as we are witnessing in the case of Tiger Woods, it puts our little dramas into some manageable perspective. Anyone want to trade places with Tiger right now? The guy hasn’t shown his face to the world since he tried to avoid the tree that was speeding towards him. Tiger Woods has almost instantaneously morphed into Michael Jackson with his newly adopted, secretive and reclusive nature.

As more and more women are stepping forward, each one getting closer to street level talent (see picture below), Tiger’s sponsors recoil at the hit his image is taking. Let’s be fair. How many upper executives at Gillette or Cadillac have or are having affairs, or stop off at the old sacred massage parlor on the way home to work off a little tension? So they have at the very least a soft spot in their hearts for Tiger’s indiscretions. But they aren’t indiscretions any longer. These aren’t affairs that Tiger continued for years, kept women, loyal mistresses, the ones that Europeans are quite familiar with. No, these are cocktail waitresses, erotic dancers, club vixens and party gals. Tiger was feasting on low hanging fruit. Unfortunately, they conform to the cliche that they are sex workers in straight gigs, just waiting for someone like Woods to sweep them off their feet and free them from the burden of ashes and soot. Then, there’s the drugs. Uh oh. That’s worse than sex in some corners.

Tiger’s probable addiction to Ambien and Vicodin, maybe even Oxycontin is symptomatic of a man that was trying to hush his conscience and ameliorate his guilt (remember Rush Limbaugh also a Capricorn and his addiction to Oxycontin?). In the eyes of Corporate America, that’s two strikes against Woods. Sex AND drugs. This is quickly unraveling into a real mess for a number of Fortune 100 companies. Read the rest of this entry »

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video-tv3We will return control shortly.

Things with Tiger are going from bad-to-weird. His mother-in-law was carted out of his place this morning on a stretcher. He still has not shown his face since the infamous tree hug with his Escalade. Elin has now apparently moved out and there are a total of twelve women, all stepping forward, some with rather graphic details about Tiger regarding everything from his manhood to even more salacious aspects like how he likes it rough, hair pulling, spanking etc.

Then there’s the Ambien sex trips that he and Rachel were apparently into. In case you haven’t seen this one yet, they would do Ambien, stay up long enough to get into a “floaty space” where inhibitions evaporated like his soon-to-be corporate sponsors (Gatorade just dumped his “Focus” line of drinks). Oh yeah, there’s a porn star now involved as well, amidst all of the other accusations. Most people say, “Who cares?” “Who gives a shit?” Many of Tiger’s jock sniffing supporters in the media are nervously circling the wagons.

Jason Whitlock is someone that never met a position that was too politically incorrect to stake out. He has been outspoken against thuggery in basketball, especially the travesty the NBA allowed in Las Vegas over the all star game held there a few years back. In essence, Whitlock (who is black) has had no problem calling out his community when it needed some honest candor and yet, he has taken the “cast the first stone” approach when it comes to Woods, even going so far as to call out Rick Reilly (who used to be controversial) for his position on Woods. Whitlock outed Reilly for having a party at his house in Denver some time back, where teenagers were accused of improper sexual behavior, bordering on assault. I guess it’s okay for Whitlock to chide the “criminal elements” of the black experience, while holding Tiger up to a “holy” different standard, but Whitlock is not alone.

On the radio, Dan Patrick has rushed to Tiger’s defense, asking that people butt out and stay out of his business. Tiger is his friend. But what’s really going on here?

On the surface, Tiger’s fall from the top of the sports pyramid (and he’s still in free flight) is almost unprecedented. We’ve seen it before to some degree. Kobe got nailed with the rape charge. Magic tested positive for HIV, Michael Jordan had to sit out a year because he was up to his eyeballs in gambling debt and nefarious company (oh I forgot, he really wanted to play baseball at the height of this career). But Kobe was never corporate America’s spokesman. He didn’t travel in such elite and influential circles as Tiger. Basketball, while delivering riches, does not have the same social clout as golf. Tiger was rubbing elbows with the elite of the elite. His image was one of perfection, starched, creased and squeaky clean.

At his best, he was a robotic mercenary on the golf course, dispatching the worlds best with an icy calm reserved for fighter pilots and micro-surgeons. He was also intoxicatingly bi-racial, a race unto himself, “Cablinasian” as he called it (Caucasian, Black, Indian and Asian). Tiger was setting standards we never knew existed. That’s why his sudden fall is so compelling. But beyond all of that, are there other forces at work?

I suppose that since this is ostensibly an astrological blog, that I delve into the stars. Read the rest of this entry »

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sagittariusFrom root to fruit.

Wanna know how powerful the Full Moon is? All night, all my kid did was moan about staying at his Mom’s place. If you don’t know much about me, his mother and I are separated. We have our individual nights with him. Las night was mine. Around 4pm he started politicking hard abut sleeping at his mother’s house. We try not to indulge these occasional moments, and I was doing everything in my power to give her the night off. I had him call her once she got off work and he went into full metal sadness mode. How could she resist? Then I thought about it. My ex has her Moon in Gemini, and the power of the moon was being shot through her natal moon like a prism of liquid light that my son was tracking in the space of his heart. Coincidentally, my son and I both have Libra Moons, separated by just a few degrees. I have also been the primary stay-at-home parent for most of his five + years. But tonight, that little turtle was trundling back to the sea, his amniotic source. His beginning. Ahhhhh, the moon.

I was trying to chat with Lynda Hill on FB last night as well and we managed to peck out a few sentences about Tiger Woods and his drama. We both saw major trouble ahead for Woods, including custody battles (Lynda) and more allegations (me). By the way, can we start calling Dawn Uchitel, “Dawn Ubchitel-it-all?” In any event, we were discussing Tiger’s Sag Moon and how both his mother (who must be mortified) and Elin are both from foreign countries. Lynda quickly pointed out to me that the Sabian Symbol for Tiger’s Moon is ” A Group Of Immigrants As They Fulfill The Requirements Of Entrance Into The New Country.” Damn, Lynda is good. She also quickly chimed in with the fact that The Sag Sun will hit Tiger’s natal Neptune today. Watch out! The dam is going to burst! I feel bad for him in a way, but I think I might take on his problems for a cool billion. Right now, it’s Tiger’s soul on patrol, and it’s dissembling the extraneous matter, so that Tiger can get closer to the source. Despite the fact that he has a billion dollar cushion, this is a major hit for a man that had seemed up to this point unflappable and wrinkle free.

But what about you? What does the future hold for you? Will you rise to meet the tide or be sucked under the foamy churn? Let’s find out? Shall we? Read the rest of this entry »

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