Massive Solar Storm Hits Terra, Clif High Gets Naked On Mancow And The Virgo Full Moon’s Emotional Clarity

Can you feel it?

We’re coming into the doom zone of Clif High and HPH. Today is Purim and the virtual chatter and polarizing rhetoric (Sun/Moon opposition) is peaking. Are we going to witness the archetypal pattern getting played out as geopolitical justification? Will Clif’s armageddon movie get projected out over the next 48 hours? In case you don’t what it is, he was on Eric Mankow Muller’s radio show the other day and spilled the beans.

Now Muller is a mainstream radio jock. He’s sort of a hyrbid of Beck/Jones/Limbaugh with a little bit of morning zoo rock jock thrown into the mix. For Clif to hit the mainstream like this means something is up. Either they don’t care anymore or there is a group that wants his info to break loose and perhaps alter what I would call, the event cannon. In case you haven’t heard High’s dire prediction, here it is in bullet points.

• Israel goes it alone and launches an attack on Iran.

• Not all of their jets get through, but a few do and one of them fires a missile with a nuclear tip that penetrates an underground lake of oil.

• The lake explodes and creates one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, killing over 30 million people in Asia alone.

• The newly re-elected Vladimir Putin takes offense to this, gives Israel three days to clear out and then turns it into a parking lot.

• A few days after that, Russia wipes out the entire west coast of the United States and my career comes to an abrupt halt. Also, people are caring a lot less about what Rush Limbaugh said.

So that is how it’s supposed to go down and we’re starting today. Right now. We’re on the clock.


While all of this is going on, we just got lashed with a major X class, solar storm, that was thought to possibly to wipe out satellite communication (they always say that), which theoretically would have put a damper on the war party. My gut feeling is that these storms have much more of an internal impact on us. They can be deeply destabilizing for days after and what I mean by that is how they impact our cells and our DNA as a result. Ever since the stepped up solar cycle began last year, I have seen dramatic changes in peoples lives. People are overcoming crisis, addiction, deep patterns of co-dependence and suffering. This is what I have been witnessing. These bursts of raw data manifesting as neutrinos are in my humble estimation overwriting existing programs inside of us. If we resist or fight the internal transformations, stubbornly clinging onto what we hold dear, no matter how painfully bittersweet, our lives begin to break down and stop working even faster than before.

I have great respect for Clif’s work, but it is “tainted” to some degree by his own filtering and the slanted chatter that he would call “tension building language.” When he and George Ur started this many years ago and stumbled upon the variant in their search for financial info over the net, gleaned through spiders/web bots, the linguistic landscape was somewhat more pristine. Now, end times language is the codex of our current milieu, so in same ways, Clif is getting heavily loaded data sets now, much more than say back in 2000.

Now I don’t want to oversimplify what he does, because he is able to frame very specific scenarios from what he gets back. Clif doesn’t speak in vague generalities. So no matter how loaded the chatter is, he is very clear about his breakdown and meaning of it.

But as I have also said in the past, we are in that weird, Heisenbergian drift when it comes to this stuff, meaning we are now affecting the event by viewing it, exposing it, and how we affect it, is really the x factor. Here is where we return to the Sun and the X class storm scenario.

No matter how evolved we think we are, most people believe that the Sun is the Sun and it is “other” meaning that it exists and we exist. It is bright. It heats us. It gives us light and life. But what if the Sun is us? What if the Sun is the motherboard of our biospiritual operating system? Sort of like Jane Roberts’ version of the oversoul, only in a much, much bigger way. If that’s the case, then who is really generating the solar storms and to what end? Perhaps this is how we trigger our collective immune system which fortifies us against the parasitic advances of interdimensional filth that is eternally hungry for fear, rage and tragedy.

Let’s say Clif is right. Well, its been great. I’ve had a great run and I think I’ll skip paying my Verizon bill.

If he’s wrong, then what happens with the mounting tension language? How do we disperse its fever pitch? Hang on. As the ghost of Astarte rises upon the invisible plains of Eden, we will witness our own awakening as an emerging narrative. Whether or not its enough to put the brakes on it all remains to be seen and guess what? We will see it, regardless of the outcome.

The Moon is still full in Virgo and it has just passed over the Sun, so we are on the back end of the opposition/polarity. You can still tap into the resonance of emotional health and visionary outlook. Bridge the gap.

Tomorrow and especially Saturday, as the Moon opposes Mercury and Uranus, and squares Pluto, the energies get heavy again, mimicking the T-Square of 3/1 when we witnessed the death of Andrew Breitbart. Will his videos surface on the wings of the T-Square? What happens when the Moon conjuncts Saturn and how will this impact peace, diplomacy and balance on the global stage?

Live today like it might be your last, which means live as consciously as you can. Strive to be humble and yet resolute in your efforts to live with impeccability. That’s a little dose of the Virgo Moon for you.

According to Clif High, in just two hours (3/9/12 on 4:59 PM PST), the building tension language begins to leave us. Here is High’s interview w/Mankow below.

Oils Not Well In The World — The Piscean Engine Grinds To A Halt — HPH Excerpt

georgia18Deux Ex Machina

Prescience. It’s a quality that we should all aspire to cultivate by any means necessary. Whether it involves the simple act of sharpening your instincts or more elaborate schema involving remote viewing or crunching massive amounts of spider search results that predict once ing trends, it seems critical that we develop these states as quickly as possible. Case in point.

Clif High’s report on Half Past Human from March, 2010. Clif has been criticized in the past for fear mongering and filtering the data through his own lens of perception, thus skewing towards a narrative that he is philosophically invested in. I’ve only exchanged emails with Clif to see if I can get him on my show, but he returned them and politely declined due to too many other commitments. I respect the work that he and George Ure have done and think it’s a vital cog in understanding how future in this realm is evolving or in this case, de-evolving. Here are excerpts from HPH’s March, 2010 report that reflect the type of prescience I am speaking about; Continue reading “Oils Not Well In The World — The Piscean Engine Grinds To A Halt — HPH Excerpt”

Of Time Monks, Web Bots, Vaccines, Prophecy And Saturn vs. Uranus

the-towerLooking ahead to the fall.

Janet Planet sent me the latest from Clif High and The Webbot project. They were on the air with George Noory four nights ago. If you’re not familiar with them, I would urge that you spend some time to understand what they’re up to. High developed a software program that would send spiders out on the web and look for key search words, millions of them, in different languages in order to gain insight into financial trends that he and his partner George Ure, could then use to sell as info to investors in various markets.

It worked so well that High and Ure began to see other patterns emerge that didn’t have to do with the price of pork bellies in Omaha. They began to view more anamolous data, variant and troubling at times. High, also called “The Time Monk” was beginning to see events and consciousness seep through, probabilities coming to the fore of possibility, ten to eighteen months in advance.

Their biggest hit was the major rupture they saw happening around 911, months before it took place. They continued to get precognitive data from the word sets that were coming back to them as if our collective consciousness was already ahead of us and our searches for meaning on the web, were bringing back interpretive images from the future.

High sometimes receives criticism from his collection of language and how he frames what he hauls in. He’s mostly jungian, but make no mistake, High does not dismiss conspiracy in any way, shape or form. This knowledge/belief seems to be born out of what he’s culled from the search data along with his own learning/background. Is he filtering the future through a dark prism based on his own personal beliefs? Maybe. Maybe not. The fact of the matter is that much of what they’ve pieced together is right more often than not. So what do High and Ure say about the days, weeks and months ahead? It’s not at all rosy.

Continue reading “Of Time Monks, Web Bots, Vaccines, Prophecy And Saturn vs. Uranus”