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Time Traveling Through Mercury Retrograde

From wax to wane I’m time traveling it seems. Mercury retrograde is a perfect carrier to re-visit psychic locations of the past, re-animate memories and court the benign and occasionally not-so-benign spirits of other times. Last night I hooked up with my soul fixer and good buddy from the halcyon days of the dot com […]


Ritchie Valens’ Super Taurus Stellium, Fated Moon And Hey Buddy (Holly) Author Gary Moore On FAR Friday,

Valens would be seventy today. Ricardo Esteban Valenzuela Reyes aka “Ritchie Valens” was poised to become the first Latino breakthrough rock and roll star in America. Discovered in his hometown of Pacoima, east of Los Angeles, in the nape of the verdant San Fernando Valley, where migrant workers picked vegetables and fruits, had children and […]