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She’s gonna blow . . .

Rounding into the weekend, the sexy, sultry, super-hooked-up and steaming New Moon in Taurus, we’ve got a few nagging details to remind us that we’ve got some reckoning on our plates. I’ll get to the good news, the everyone gets a trophy for playing news, but you’re gonna have to wade through the brackish and mutagenic waters of Chiron in Pisces first.

Two years ago, I spent a significant amount of time and energy on the Gulf Crisis. I was tag teaming with Michael Edward, who was waaaaaay out in front of what was happening down there. Michael’s hypothesis was nightmarish, approaching pure science fiction. He quickly came to the conclusion that the goal was the massive dumping of Corexit into the waters of the Gulf. He got into where it was developed, by whom and why. His findings were chilling. He realized that Corexit would not only kill the gulf, but cause horrific mutations in marine life and ultimately, humans. Michael proclaimed that the Gulf would become a laboratory vat for some gruesome experiment, which would lead to . . . zombification.

What he meant by this, is that Corexit would (and has) produced hideous and painful skin ulcerations and attack the central nervous system. Once the Gulf was decimated of most of its life, there is a plan in place to grow deadly black algae, which would be harvested as a fuel source. Welcome to the green economy. A few million pesky lives living below the Mason-Dixon line would be a noble sacrifice to science and unburdening us from our dependency of fossil fuels. It would just look like a George Romero film for the first few years.

It’s happening now. The ravages of Corexit are washing ashore, getting tangled up in fishing nets and crab traps. Crabs with three eyes, sardines with body-wide lesions, dolphins giving birth to deformed offspring; these are the frontline casualties of the Gulf. To this day, BP has not ceased in its assault and continues to dump and spray Corexit at a genocidal rate.

This is Chiron in Pisces. Our precious waters, fouled with transgenic spew, altering the basis fabric of our lives at the most fundamental, from krill to kill. And it happened two years ago today.

There’s a school of thought that these egregious and deliberate acts are symbolic of inner states that are deeply in denial and are externalized in the form of collective events. The scenario goes like this; We’re all bottled up and clogged, our emotional states (water) are coagulated and blocked. When it comes to feeling we are synthetically emoting, programmed to unleash judgment, contempt, faux-concern, hand-wringing and indignation. These are what passes for emotions these days.

What happened to the Gulf might be the environmental externalization of rage and if it wasn’t it most certainly should be, because that’s what people are sitting on and even Mt. Popocatepetl blowing won’t quite do the trick.

Women are pissed at republicans, blacks pissed at whites, 99% pissed at 1%, white men are pissed at people telling them how to feel (usually guilty). There’s a simmering anger, growing exponentially towards David’s tribe. Ted Nugent has a gun and Al Sharpton, a microphone.
That’s “theoretically” what the “Gulf” could be about–our unclaimed rage manifesting in its toxic dispersal and blistering marine life. But that was two years ago.

Rage is at another level altogether now. Which means, theoretically if we’re following the theorem; A (anger) squared–divided by (D) distraction–multiplied through (D2) denial to the power of six hundred and sixty six, what we have is ADD from Hell.

It has to find its way out somehow, someway. Theoretically. That brings us to this blessed New Moon, kissing and conjuncting the Sun on 4/20, forming a very earthy love triangle with Mars and Jupiter. Which brings us to the question; Can we catapult out of the labyrinth of Minos into the clear air of objective perception without having a collective breakdown and planetary purge so great that our ancient pathos turns to tears of God, cleansing every sentient and non-sentient agency on this plane of existence? In essence can we get to joy without the nasty little side trip to Hades?

My answer is “yes” well mostly yes and this New Moon leaves clues.

The Full Moon will manifest in Scorpio on May 6th and with it, will be the aggregate thought forms that we plant, right here, right now, this very day. So with that information in hand, I respectfully anoint you as a conscious agents of creation. Endowed with that title comes powers that are granted. You, on this day have the power to plant the most loving, divine and creative thought/feeling into the world that you possibly can. It can be a work of art, a meal, making love, running on the beach, writing a letter. Do it consciously today, with as much faith and brio that you can muster, knowing that the universe is strikingly efficient and will waste no time in recycling your efforts into something greater than you can ever imagine.

Break the inertia, dispel entropy and audaciously affirm that you did not descend onto this plane without purpose and meaning. You are human. Now go out and do something consciously and make believers out of the rest of us.

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A few weeks ago, I was on Michael Edward’s “Living Light” show on BlogTalk. This is part one of my 2011 astrological forecast. Part two can be found here. 2011 Astro Forecast Part Two. Also, please listen in on Michael’s appearance on a big, three-hour-special,“Voices Of The Gulf” with Jeff Rense and others on 2/1/11.

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I’ll be on Michael Edward’s Net Radio show today around 11:15 PST/2:15 EST. We’ll be talking about the Gulf and astrological cycles that will be playing out over the next 1-2 years, leading up to 12/21/12.

Michael has been tirelessly working to get the truth out around the Gulf, particularly, the toxic quality of the air and water, which Michael claims is leading to the “Blue Plague.”

Living Light Radio

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Your name became synonymous with The Gulf. You and the hanging Thad. If there was some counterbalance to the spin cycle going counter-clockwise, it was you, setting it right in the other direction. You were on the scene about the second leaking well, right around the time our very own Michael Edward was. I didn’t believe in your peak oil theories but you were our go-to-guy on MSNBC and Fox. Now, you’re gone, evaporated into the realm of the spirit, supposedly like the toxic oil you uncovered. Wherever the mystery of death has taken you, you likely know the full story now.

Your sudden departure has raised as many questions as eyebrows and unlike Ken Lay, who I think is probably living out the rest of his life in some place like French Guyana, your exit is real, if not necessarily legit. I don’t have any astrological correspondence for this and perhaps it’s best not to. You laid it out there, CFR and all.

If there truly is no separation, your work will continue through refined filters and astral-media.

You left a family behind.

You’ll be missed.

Matt Simmons, 67, Dies. (Bloomberg)

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Allen-3Now raise your arms in the air just like a crab!

The level of strangeness regarding the Gulf is reaching epic proportions. One day it’s “the top kill” the next it’s “the bottom kill.” Charges have been levied that BP is using ROV footage from some other well, rather than the capped top and bottom killed Macando well. All this talk of tops and bottoms is all too close to the seamier side of Craigslist if you know what I mean. I guess in this situation, BP is definitely the top.

Did I mention that supposedly, all that oil is gone as well? So is Tony Hayward, taking his anaretic grin back to his manse, now paid off thanks to cashing out all that BP stock. But there has been one constant throughout it all. Do you know who or what I am talking about? It’s retired Coast Guard Admiral, Thad Allen. Don’t you feel safer now?

So just who is this Thad Allen anyway? And more importantly, what does his solar chart have to say about him?

In an ironic sort of twist, when searching for “Thad Allen” another related name comes up, author, Michael Thad Allen, who wrote The Business Of Genocide: The SS, Slave Labor And The Concentration Camps. A quick perusal of a brief summary of Michael Thad Allen’s work provides this distilled and potent paragraph from;

“The major question driving Michael Thad Allen’s The Business of Genocide is what motivated mid-level SS bureaucrats in their pursuits of industry, slave labor, and murder. Allen rejects Hannah Arendt’s theory of the banality of evil, as well as the explanation that SS bureaucrats were simply cogs in a machine that operated beyond their control. Instead, he argues that mid-level SS managers in the WVHA (Wirtschaftsverwaltungshauptamt, or Business Administration Main Office) were driven primarily by a “plexus of ideologies.” In doing so, he challenges the supposition of many studies, that Nazi bureaucrats were repulsed by their actions. Rather, he argues they were committed to the leadership principle of “productivism,” modernization, racial supremacy, and the goal of creating an SS “New Order” throughout Europe. SS ideals shaped the bureaucracy and provided it with enough ideological consistency. Allen believes that rather than factional disputes, far more cooperation within the SS leadership was possible than other historians have portrayed.”

Pretty interesting eh? It’s even more interesting when I found out that Admiral Thad, retired Admiral Thad, only just retired back in June. Admiral Thad now works for Homeland Security. I also find it pretty interesting that he didn’t slide into FEMA, but DHS instead. It dawned on me that it’s not the EPA or any other dept. associated with the environment or energy, but DHS that is large and in charge in The Gulf. Read the rest of this entry »

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China-Pipeline-ExplosionsYep, that’s oil.

The darkness is encroaching. It’s not just a metaphor. Oil is flowing into The Kalamazoo River, it’s spewing off the coast of Mississippi and it’s gushing in China. Of course the mystery of The Gulf itself deepens. Gas mains are breaking in Austin. Chiron opened it’s veins in Pisces and the planet is bleeding. Let’s hope that it’s slight return into Aquarius can bring some knowledge and web wisdom.

It’s ugly.

It’s crude.

We can use Chiron in Pisces as a metric–the wounded healer immersed in the effluvial history of the world. If water holds the memory of emotion, oil holds the memory of time, of scaly creatures that lounge in clouds of methane and the life that could have been if whales had not taken to the seas to circulate their love throughout existence. We have lived in an uneasy symbiosis with it until now. Now it is foisted upon us in a dark baptism, reminding us of the stain of our original sin. No, it was not eating of the tree of knowledge, it was being convinced that the world could be owned and that we had to pay a price to live here. As J. Paul Getty once wryly decreed, “The meek might inherit the Earth, but they won’t own the mineral rights.”

Mars is about to shift into Libra. That’s a good thing. That’s a John Lennon kinda thing. He had Mars in Libra at 2 degrees. We know what he stood for and ultimately died for. Double Fantasy exudes a certain peace arrived at mid-life but also hints at darker themes, played out by his animatrix. Some think that the title of the album is a veiled reference to Paul/Faul, but I digress. The true distillation of Lennon’s Mars in Libra manifested in the 70′s with sleep-ins and city signs for peace. Perhaps to it’s detriment, Mars in Libra demands peace and equality. It’s counterpart/opposite Mars in Aries, makes no such demands. It simply acts out the will and peace is a byproduct of the activation of it’s nature. That said, Mars in Libra can whip things up, even though it’s a little defensive at times. My advice to you over the next 43 days? Stick up for the little guy and even the middle guy. The event to keep your eyes on? The fight over immigration in Arizona.

Immigration is a challenging issue and presents some deep complexities. On one level, we can see the inhumanity of a crappy existence in Mexico, where the poor have little chance at raising their living standards, meanwhile the multi-nationals and the upper 1% of Mexico live like Gods, thanks mostly due to NAFTA and billions of dollars that flow back to Mexico through the magic wires of Western Union and pack mule drug runners. Then there’s the karmic level of the colonialist land grab from our red brothers and sisters. Then there’s an ancient echo of Caesar allowing a multitude of tribes into Rome to increase his power base and dilute the senates. Then there’s the issue of states rights, versus The Fed. This will be a significant event during Mars/Saturn in Libra. Even now, Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona is already trying to come to some sort mediated agreement with the feds.

In May 1951, Sylvia Porter, a columnist for the New York Post, used the term “boom” to refer to the phenomenon of increased births in post war America. She wrote: “Take the 3,548,000 babies born in 1950. Bundle them into a batch, bounce them all over the bountiful land that is America. What do you get? Boom. The biggest, boomiest boomy boom ever known in history.”

The largest spike in that boom happened between 1951 and 1955 and coincidentally, that little booming subset has Chiron in Capricorn. As Pluto begins it’s crossing over the first wave of that group and Saturn starts it’s square against them, they will be dealing with power, how they have manifested, respected or abused it up until now. Many of them are walking the corridors of power or seeking to reinvest their lives with meaning and power. In any case, a certain reckoning is going to be taking place, thanks mainly to Saturn. If you’re born between 1951 and 1955, Saturn is making you check your level of power and if you’re using it accordingly. Just remember that higher power is always better in such cases.

Just an interesting aside. I think there’s some strange synchronicities going on with the whole concept of leaks. From oil to wikis, leaks are in vogue, and what does that mean? Well, in the case of Wikileaks, all is not what it seems and Julian Assange is not James Bond. In crypto circles, they call Wikileaks a “Limited Hangout.” Meaning its not meant to be there for very long and it’s real purpose is to disseminate dis or mis-info and to collect/filter potentially explosive material. Apparently there are leaks. Derive your own meaning.

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american_flagThe State Of The State Of The Union

What is the state of our state of the union? On July 4th, this day, it’s always good to take stock of just what the hell we’re doing here. As many of you who have traversed this blog with me, know that The US chart is in the deepest and most intense phase. The chart suggests that the country is at more than just a crossroads, we are in a struggle to retain our very humanity.

In looking at the US chart, I always refer to The Sibly chart. Ebenezer Sibly was, like his pals, Franklin and Washington, a Freemason and as such, he was versed in esoteric magic, passed down through Atlantis, Babylon and Egypt. This is 1776, so it’s pretty much pre-Weishaupt Freemasonry. The twin pillars of wisdom, Boaz and Jachin contained the secrets of Enochian magic. They survived the destruction of Atlantis and became the blueprint for symbolic and esoteric contact with other realms, shaping physical reality and binding the will to one, common purpose. The founding fathers knew all of this of course, most of them having studied at the philosophical feet of Sir Francis Bacon and Plato, both of whom noted and championed the existence of Atlantis.

Bacon foresaw the new Atlantis as being North America itself. So for the founding fathers, it was imperative that they establish the philosophical beach head of their lineage and they used all the symbolic might at their disposal. The astrological chart of the US was just one tool in their belt.

Sibly, along with Franklin pushed for the specific time of 5:10 PM, though there is still some debate about the actual time itself. Franklin knew that he did not want the US Moon in Capricorn. This would have given the character of the new country a detached and materialistic emotional focus. It would have resembled more a monarchic expression of a collective spirit, antithetical to the one that they were supposedly leaving behind. So Franklin pushed for the documents to be signed when the Moon was safety in Aquarius. This would give the young union a decidedly different, emotional quality, both good and bad, plus, the Capricorn Moon would oppose the US Stellium in Cancer, creating strong sense of duality and division. Again, not ideal at that time. The Aquarian Moon would also be more in line with the Atlantean ideal, progressive, curious, open, detached, scientific and exploratory. These qualities can and have their shadow side as well. Performing experiments on an unknowing and and unwitting public, from Bernays, to Milgram, to MK Ultra, we have been at times, little more than rats in a cage.sibly

The Atlantean ideal is more than just an ideology, it is a spiritual vector, a vibrational expression and wavelength of God. It is an aspect that we must integrate, or as we are seeing int The Gulf (Atalntis) it will destroy us. Part of that integration is to no longer have a stranglehold on technologies that can truly help and liberate us from the dependence of oil and other geo-fuels. The high priests of technology can no longer hold back the dam, because it’s going to burst and it may burst with them, scrambling and scurrying to get to their subterranean condos or deep space craft. Holding back the goods has created a huge imbalance and the planet and spirit of an innovative God cannot be denied.

Conversely, the Lemurian spirit withers and suffers. There is a damning photo of Sperm whale in The Gulf, floating around the internet, one that shows the sad remains of a once proud and free giant. It’s more like a bloated and sizzled bar of tallow now, than the glorious, living library it once was. Here is the damage done to the Lemurian side of us. These are the indigenous species of star systems who traveled great distances to anchor the waves of love, countless epochs ago. They are likely the oldest living beings on the planet. They link us back to our origins and their selfless service has graced and saved us in ways that we might never know. They are in danger now, because the shadow of Atlantis has fallen over the Gulf. It is crucial that the Spirit and The Will, Boaz and Jachin, come into accord.

In The US Chart, The US is experiencing two, major return aspects. The first is of course Pluto Return. Editors note Pluto is at 28 degrees in the US natal chart (not 9 as previously stated–thanks David) It will return near the end of it’s reign at 28 degrees. It will return in Marc of 2022, which will hopefully signal the beginning of the new, Aquarian Age.

Saturn in Libra resides in the USA’s 11th House. This is a strong marker/indicator about how rights centric we can be, regardless of party affiliation. Whether it’s gay or straight, right or left, rights are an intrinsic value for everyone in the USA. Saturn in Libra demands equality and relationships based on reciprocal values and exchanges. The 11th House is inclusive and admits all comers. This concept is going to be intensely challenged over the next 1.5 years. Alien rights/immigration, same sex marriage rights, free speech, guns and the really big one, the internet are going to be the hot button topics for 2011. The concept of surrendering rights for freedom will be front and center. Self-rule, sovereignty and personal accountability all rise to the surface. The debate of corporations as people, will also surface, yet again. This phase will be crucial in how the Pluto return gets played out. This is also where the Atlantean/Lemurian struggle, balancing the planetary spirt and will of God also comes into focus. With no end in sight to The Gulf disaster and perhaps even more Deep Horizons on the way, the decimation of species and the screaming cries of our natural heritage will be felt in every cell. Either we’ll have to address the imbalance or nature itself will, correcting the errors of our ways, just as she did in Atlantis.

Transiting Saturn will conjunct The US natal Saturn on 12/19 of this year, 734 (77) days until the second Pluto conjunction in 2012. It will square the natal US Sun and challenge our ideals of liberty, fairness and equality. It will trine The US natal Mars and Uranus (both in Gemini). Some incredibly innovative solutions towards dealing with conflict resolution should be available, especially during a time, where there will be no shortage of voices, wanting to be heard.

Is it all doom and gloom? Jupiter says ,”no.” Jupiter and then Uranus will enter into the US 5th House. During 2011, we’ll witness a flush and rush of romance like never before. Jupiter’s arrival will herald one of the largest waves of birth since the inception of “Gen Y.” In a radical mix of species survival fears and a return to romance, coupled with lack of discretionary recreation dollars, more people will stay home and rediscover the power of sex and love to give them some cushion against the hard edges of the world. People with some money? They’ll be partying like it’s 1999. The pressure will be too great and we’ll see degrees of excess like never before. We can only take so much pressure.

The Phoenix File

Starting on the 15th of July, I’ll be launching “The Phoenix File.” It will be a subscription based newsletter, delivered two times a month (1st and 15th). It will cover astrology but other topics as well, such as “elegant survival,” inspiration, geo-political news flashes and products that will be able to help you move into the birth canal of our evolution with as much love and grace as possible. The lovely, talented and smart, Willow, will deliver exclusive star trends on the first of each month. If you’ve read Willow, you know she knows her stuff. It will only be $3.99. Heck, that’s the price of one Vente, Vanilla Latte. Our wake-up call comes without all those pesky calories. To learn more about “The Phoenix File” and to subscribe, click HERE.

Below is an actual image of The USA Chart, based on Sibly. All I did was pour it into the Chrome effect on Photoshop. It looks like a container of souls. I did nothing to render this except change the filter.


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