The Gulf Disaster


2011 Astrological Forecast

A few weeks ago, I was on Michael Edward’s “Living Light” show on BlogTalk. This is part one of my 2011 astrological forecast. Part two can be found here. 2011 Astro Forecast Part Two. Also, please listen in on Michael’s appearance on a big, three-hour-special,“Voices Of The Gulf” with Jeff Rense and others on 2/1/11.


Live Today On Living Light With Michael Edward

I’ll be on Michael Edward’s Net Radio show today around 11:15 PST/2:15 EST. We’ll be talking about the Gulf and astrological cycles that will be playing out over the next 1-2 years, leading up to 12/21/12. Michael has been tirelessly working to get the truth out around the Gulf, particularly, the toxic quality of the […]


RIP Matt Simmons

Your name became synonymous with The Gulf. You and the hanging Thad. If there was some counterbalance to the spin cycle going counter-clockwise, it was you, setting it right in the other direction. You were on the scene about the second leaking well, right around the time our very own Michael Edward was. I didn’t […]