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tesla2Belated happy birthday Nicola.

I seem to be buzzing back and forth between the blog and Facebook more than ever before and while I won’t ever abandon the blog, information seems to want to come through in real time now; dialog, share, expand, extrapolate, enlighten. Just as the internet has facilitated rapid evolution in information sharing, environments within the internet are taking that speed to quantum levels. Facebook and even Twitter are viral agents of information gathering and sharing. Blogs still have the ability to allow us to build ideas, cases, presentations, etc, but they are like billboards on the side of the information superhighway now. They serve a purpose, but they’re not the only way of communicating. In the case of Michael Jackon’s Memorial, bot hTwitter and Facebook served as real time agents of commentary–at least for me.

A reader (Momo) recently took me to task about my info and presentation on Nikolai Tesla, whose birthday is today (7/10/1856). He claimed that A) I was Mad. B) Had my information wrong. C) Was championing Edison over Tesla. First of all, I most certainly would qualify as “mad” with some people, so I don’t take any umbrage over his assertion of my overall mental condition. My information was not wrong, only slightly off and I thank him for his correction. Lastly I was not celebrating Edison over Tesla. I was simply trying to give some context about who Edison was. It was his birthday after all AND I was trying to work Tesla into the story. So at the risk of more bashing and questioning my sanity here is a sort of reprisal of Tesla, the man and his life, through his chart.

Here is the line that caused Momo to question my sanity; “It’s a fascinating account of how Tesla plays the role of a dark mage, incorporating the crystal skull technology into the energetic field of Atlantis and as a result, opens up an inter-dimensional gateway,” If Momo had read the entirety of my post instead of frantically trying to find errors in my reporting, he would have noticed that I was referencing Patricia Cori’s work from Atlantis Rising. As some readers might know, Patricia is a friend and I find her work both fascinating and important. She has been working with the Sirian high council for a number of years (lifetimes?) and her work up until her soon-to-be released, Where Pharaohs Dwell has been channeled. In Atlantis Rising Cori and her Sirian sources relate the details of Tesla’s first incarnation on Earth as a multi-dimensional mage, who not only brought power and technology to Atlantis, but was also deeply complicit in it’s downfall, by using “crystal skulls” to tear a a hole into this dimension, which allowed yet more nasties into this realm and eventually sunk the legendary land. So, had Momo correctly read what I was writing, he could have questioned Patricia’s sanity, not mine, but then he would have to deal with The Sirians and they could hack his timeline in a Luxor minute if they wanted to, so Momo should tread lightly or he’ll be emptying animal fats at a soap factory in Belgrade without knowing it. Just kidding Momo. Read the rest of this entry »

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