Uranus In Aries, Fourth Reichian Transhumanism And Of Course Lady Gaga

archandroid_coverFrom Archons To Arch Androids

That cutaway illustrated below is an actual model of Dick Cheney’s heart or lack thereof. You see, Dr. Strange Love has no heart. While this might not come as a surprise to many, having an actual look-see as to what keeps Dick ticking is kind of a dark revelation to say the least. This is a pump that actually circulates the blood through the body. With no heart, he has no heartbeat. It’s just the mechanized woosh of plasma that’s roiling through his system. If it weren’t for technology and a few million bucks, he would be a dead Dick.

But in a strangely ironic twist, this is the dream of the trans-human-fetishists, albeit saddled with a bulky version of an AI interface. Cheney, an Aquarius, would theoretically be receptive to the deepening of his silicon connection. While this is a functional version of a cyborg’s delight, Cheney is far from alone.

dick_heartLady Gaga has been flashing her hybrid style for the past three years, getting ever closer to the woman-machine synthesis. Gaga might be the most overt example of the programming that is taking place on a number of levels but as we will soon find out, she is not alone. Her haircut mimics the same style of Daryl Hannah/Pris in Blade Runner. It’s not a coincidence. I’ll steer clear of the obvious illuminist symbols and stick as close to the ummmm, facts as possible.

The Cloning Of Pris’ Bangs Is A Cipher Repeating Itself Through Timepris

Are ideas like this latched upon by canny dream weavers or does the Hannah/Gaga continuum evolve out of a pre-set archetype that modulates image and function accordingly? There are a number of sites that track illuminist symbolism and imagery in art. From Alan Watt, to Esoteric Kitten, to Pseudo Occult Media, you can find enough mind numbing examples of overt symbolic manipulation, much of it revolving around pop stars like Gaga. The Evidence Is overwhelming. We are programmed to the point where our drives and desires are rarely our own. Even our most sacred values, such as patriotism and God are the wallpaper of our sub-conscious. No doubt, there are men and women highly skilled in the art of psychic manipulation through esoteric symbols that evoke the mimetic tableau of our times. Many of them have been steeped in magic of darker hues. They might even meet in halls, lodges and wooded groves. They would certainly match the layman’s description of a conspiracy, but what if they themselves were being acted upon and like the unwitting public that they trance with their animatronic eye candy, are just as oblivious?

True Hallucinations

The late Terrence McKenna dove with abandon into the strange world of DMT, where self-replicating machine elves create psychedelic ovules of papier-mâché, giving birth to them in realms we cannot imagine. What if a similar process was behind all of creation and Gaga and her robot masters were nothing more than creations of some larger force living out it’s own archetypal imperative? In essence, does Lady Gaga or GW Bush have any choice in the matter of who or what they are to become and have the forces that we have fed for millennia simply taken on a life of their own, enormous entities that nearly rival God in the accumulated manifestation of our beliefs and practices? What if all of this is just phantasms of our own imaginations, fears and perverse desires, co-mingling with forces from other realms? As always, like an ancient script of numeric representation, there is the astrological codec, an overhead projection of this realm through time and space. Let’s have a look shall we?


Gaga is an Aries (of course) and not just any Aries. Born on March 28, 1986, she has Aries at 7 degrees. Most people know that we are shifting from Pisces to Aries via Uranus, full time, next year. Jupiter is already there, but it too will retreat briefly, only to move fully into Aries in 2011. I will go out on a limb and predict enormous success for Gaga in 2011 (much to the consternation of many). It’s not simply her as an artist that will be successful, but the idea of transhumanist deviation, will stamp her image on the fore brain of the collective mind. Uranus in Aries is an explosive dance of destruction and conflict, it is the electric fire of individual inspiration and personal genius, and it also foreshadows the scientific manipulation of form and a as a result, the very essence of will itself.

The Third Reich came of age during the last run of Uranus in Aries and out of the Third Reich we have “Eugenics” the search not just for the perfect form in flesh, but perhaps even more importantly, it represents man’s ability to create such a perfect form, one that places him on the same celestial stage as God. That is the real golden ring. Transhumanism isn’t just a less loaded term for Eugenics, it’s code for the creation of a new species entirely and as a result, the end of the human as we know it.

When Uranus conjuncts Gaga’s Sun, I would not be the least surprised to begin to see real and not costumed augmentation to her physiognomy. The Sabian Symbol for 7 Degrees Aries is A MAN SUCCEEDS IN EXPRESSING HIMSELF SIMULTANEOUSLY IN TWO REALMS. This is clearly a celebration of the dual life, and in her case, part woman, part machine. Not only is her Sun in Aries but so is her Venus, though placed significantly further away at 23 degrees. Jupiter in Aries will kiss her natal Venus in 2011 and might even portend a marriage. The bride of Frankenstein? Pluto is also deeply informing her collective might as well. It is conjuncting her natal Neptune in Cap at five degrees and sextiling her natal Pluto at 6 degrees Scorpio, augmenting her androidal sexuality. Pluto in Cap is being distributed through the spiritual function of her generation. Neptune is filmic and illusory, it offers up gloss and sheen, it’s seductive in an etheric sense and when it is conjoined with Pluto/Capricorn, the individuals of her generation act as channels for power in an earthly sense. In it’s initial stages, not tempered by experience and time, it is the naked adulation of power as a God.

It’s All About The Baphometrics

Again, there is little coincidence in images of skulls, esoteric talismans and occult symbolism on tees, hoodies and caps. When Jay-Z recruits Kanye and Rhianna to “Run This Town” he is speaking directly to this generation that worships power. This is amplified with Pluto in Scorpio. While the ideal of power is worshiped, the act of sex as a conduit to power is this generation’s calling card and in many ways, Gaga has become a symbol for all of the above. She is an augmented sex-kitten, robotically responding to your wishes and desires, willing to do anything, rubbing your face in esoteric nose candy. She is morphing towards a synthetic version of Babylon’s greatest whore. But she is far from alone.

rihanna-rude-boy-rAries in Your Anus?

While Gaga manages to sell loads of inane music with beats that are likely laced with mind-numbing embeds, the aforementioned Rhianna is undergoing her own transmogrification, from innocent teen, to violated and initiated, to giving her body and soul over to the deus sex machina.

Chrisitina Aguilera was not content with motherhood. Nope, she had to get in on the game as well, sporting her own version of cybervixen, 2010. However, Janelle Monae might just be taking all of this to another level.

Discovered by Big Boi (Aquarius again), half of Outkast, Monae was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy label. She left no doubt as to where she was going with 2009’s Metropolis referencing of course the Fritz Lang classic. But have a look at the album cover. She is not only part human and part android, but even the android part of her is broken and torn apart. However, she’s remedied that with her latest release, ArchAndroid which is about her alter-ego Cindy, who discovers her super powers and realizes that she is the “Arch Android” here to save the other hapless androids from their life of androidal enslavement.

I find the city of gold head dress (see image at the top of the post) totally fascinating, especially the golden phallus rising from her crown chakra like a spear of destiny, pointing towards the heavens. Metropolis, robots, a golden cock growing out of her mind, it all smacks of some new Reichian zeitgeist and I’m not talking about Wilhelm Reich.

Now some may say that this is some sort of market trend or a Grace Jones/Nona Hendryx redux, or even a semi-psychotic and dissociative projection of the human condition that has lost the ability to feel, but with Uranus in Aries, this is more likely a presage to the Eugenic drive to convert humanity into a transgenic species. But what happens to the soul? Where does the humanity go? Or are we already so degraded that it’s a moot point? Is this just the unnatural progression of things? Are we that numbed out and unfeeling that we have to create alters to explore the realms of non-emotive states? I am not enthusiastic about the trend, no matter how funky the beats and cool grooves are.

Janelle Monae AKA Cindy Mayweather In Many Moons


Terrence McKenna, Uranus, 2012 And Winged Pyramids

astro_w2gw_48_2012_year_hp12/21/12 in Chichen Nitze.

I’ve been thinking about 2012 lately. I’ve gone from one side of the 2012 camp, to the other and now dance somewhere in the middle of it’s significance. Early on, back around 1995, when I was just starting to explore the work of Jose Arguelles and Angela Spillsbury, the whole concept of 2012 fit neatly into an inner paradigm that I had been constructing for a very long time. Hearing about “The Photon Belt,” “Alcyone,” “The Galactic Center” and so on, made a great deal of sense to me. All of this coinciding with the end of The Kali Yuga (Hindu epoch of planetary suffering) and “The Procession Of The Equinoxes” all made perfect sense to me. But as I began my descent down into the rabbit hole, I wondered how much of the 2012 mythology was fact and how much of it was fabrication, an orchestrated event to manipulate our consciousness and belief systems. Let’s throw Niburu into the mix, which supposedly will arrive on 2012 and violently alter the physical and social topography of our planet, adding yet another layer of complexity in the rapidly approaching drama.

I first met up with George Green back in 1990, in Olympia, Washington. Green and his wife were on tour, telling people about The NWO, right in the middle of the first Iraq war. I was not prepared for the level insider info that they had to share. It was so far out that in some ways, it had to be believable. He claimed that most of the high level bureaucrats were either clones or “robotoids” and that they were completely controlled. I left that talk with my own sense of reality and sanity pierced.

Green had been approached one time by The Carter administration to work with them, but as he got closer to the source, he backed away from any involvement with “The Peanut Farmer From Plains.” I eventually circled back to Green in the mid-nineties with a book he had published, a channeled work called, Handbook For A New Paradigm. If you haven’t read it, I found it to be one of the most profound pieces of channeled material I had ever read. It dwells mostly on the nature of the universe and God, from the standpoint of Prime Creator knowing itself through creation, without judgement and how there is counterforce to Prime Creator that thinks that it can create another universe unto itself based on darkness and anti-matter. However the endgame would always resort in Prime Creator having the upper hand, because even in the act of anti-creation, the dark could not separate itself from Prime Creator or source, even if they chose to alter the very nature of the source itself. It was a great read and then George Green faded again from my view.

Recently, when I was looking for samples for one of my tracks, I came across an interview with Green on “Coast-to-Coast” with George Noory. There he was again, unreeling wild tales about underground cities and concrete domed houses that can withstand up to 300 mph. Yes, it all centered around 2012 and Niburu.

2012-posterSo what we’re dealing with on the 2012 front is something that has profound, social velocity, which is going to pick up considerable steam when “2012” directed by epic disaster master, Roland Emmerich hits the screens. “2012,” stars John Cusack as a crusading anthropologist who takes it upon himself to counteract the apocalyptic events of 2012 and save himanity. It fits neatly in Emmerich’s end of days resume, which includes independence Day and The Day After. Emmerich also helmed, Stargate so I guess if you need someone to depict disaster films and future mythologies, he’s your man. But is there any meat on the bones of 2012, especially from an astrological perspective?

In my mind, Terrence McKenna was truly one of the great minds of The 20th Century. Unlike previous psychonauts who had travelled the dopamine soaked neural pathways of alternative realities, McKenna did as much as he could to keep his findings as closely as he could to the realm of academia. He published massive tomes on his experiences as a psychedelic explorer and his choice of substances, “entheogens” was his name for them was anything but casual or fun. mckenna21 McKenna took heroic doses of mushrooms, but his substance of choice was DMT, which Daniel Pinchbeck described as “smoking a lawn chair.” Strong doses of DMT can transport the user into an alternate reality in a matter of moments and keep the often bewildered traveler there for 15-20 minutes, which for them, often seems like lifetime. People that voyage to the DMT space describe strabge creatures that range from rapturous to phatasmagoric. McKenna would often witness the strange, almost cartoon-like rituals of what he would call, “Machine Elves.” But that wasn’t all McKenna witnessed.

While McKenna journeyed into the deepest recesses of his psyche he cam upon the future beaming back to us, like an event tractor beam, sucking us towards a point of social entropy and then being shot out like a cannon into a new reality of “extropic novelty.” He likened this to the apocalyptic visions that are held by a number of religions, however, for McKenna, the end result of the warp from one reality to the woof of another was quite different.

To test his theory out, he devised an elaborate mathematical algorithim and then ploted the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching across a linear timewave of history. McKenna was able to decode the rise and fall of epochs and ages, the movements of cycles through time, all the way to 2012 and that ‘s where his model, based on the algorithim and “Book Of Changes” stopped. In McKenna’s mind, this is where the event horizon of history ends.timewave_zero_graph

As a brief experiment, I did a chart for 12/21/12 at 12;21 pm, for Chicen Itze, where the animus for Mayan calendar most likely took shape. The chart is very interesting. Notice how Uranus in Aries is just approaching the ascendant with the Moon, already there. The feeling is one of imminent breakthrough of some form or another. Uranus in Aries cannot simply rest in the solitude of the 12th house, especially as it approaches the ascendant. Later in the day, in Mayan time, Uranus in Aries will meet the ascendant with full force, uncoiling energies that have been dormant and repressed, for possibly ages. The moon has already paved the way and people will be feeling the pull towards some, emotionally transcendent experience, with more than just a sense of expectancy. But it gets even better.

In the chart, notice where Neptune and Chrion are. They’re conjunct in Pisces and they both form the tip of a grand trine. Neptune is right on the cusp of the 11th/12th and denotes an almost perfect merge with Chiron of the ideals of Aquarius in house 12th, true communion amongst one another and a return to source, Like The Moon, Chiron is leading the way, opening the door of the 12th, creating a portal through our vulnerability, To me, Chiron in this moment becomes a collective prayer for the soul of humanity, a moment where we must cross the divide between our ability to do it on our own and surrender to an energy that will carry us across some psychic divide in a way that we could not do on our own. Something opens up and the critical mass of awakening can tilt us towards a collective gnosis, but we cannot do it alone.

Just look at the chart for a moment and then digest what the Sabian symbol for Aries 4, which is where Uranus is stationed at 12/21/12, “A Triangle With Wings.” Go ahead, look at the chart again. What do you see? Notice where Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries are the tips of the wings, flanking Neptune at the head of the triangle or the tip of the pyramid?

What of The Capricornian Sun, rising up and illuminating Quetzlcoatl on the plain of Chichen Itze that very day? It’s at 0 degrees and the Sabian Symbol for that degree is “An Indian Chief Claims Power From The Assembled Tribe.” I find it more than mildly interesting that the degree/symbol evokes indigenous imagery, which for all intents and purposes is an indigenously driven moment in time.

Who is the chief? Christ? Anti-Christ? Godhead? Us?

Venus in Sag and Jupiter in Gemini also have their roles to play out. Venus in Sag, 8th house signifies a death, a transformation of how we relate to one another, the end of one story and the beginning of another. The Sabian Symbol for 8 Sag is “Within The Depths Of The Earth, New Elements Are Being Formed.” I think I’ll leave my interpretation out on that one as the power and resonance, aligned for this particular lends itself to rumination and not easy conjecture.

So there it is. I’m still not fully embracing the concept of 2012 as to how it’s being portrayed, but from McKenna, to the Mayan chart for that day and the Sabian Symbols, something is definitely in the air and I have no doubt that we’ll be able to gauge more relevance and meaning as we’re pulled towards some form of cultural epiphany at the end of time.