Super Bowl Predictions


Will Aaron Rodgers Super-Sag-Stellium Carry The Day?

Aaaron Rodgers is eyeballing his place in history. Here is my Super Bowl quickie. The lingering Pisces Moon could have a positively magnetic effect on The Steelers Piscean trident of Mike Tomlin (3/15), Ben Roethlisberger (3/2) and HInes Ward (3/8). This is is Roethlisberger’s and Ward’s third Super Bowl appearance, Tomlin’s second. Green Bay QB, […]


Super Bowl And The Stars Part Two — Kurt Warner’s Date With Resurrection — Overcoming Adversity — Transiting Pluto Opposing Natal Sun

Kurt’s rejoinder. Yesterday we looked at Mike Tomlin and Ken Whisenhunt, their respective charts and how they might play out against the starry backdrop of The Super Bowl. Whisenhunt, if he can stay calm will have considerable good fortune on his side with a stacked confluence of transiting Aquarian planets, Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, with […]