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Well I wasn’t too far off from my prognostications of yesterday’s match between USA (Cancer) and Belgium (Libra). Both sides literally and figuratively squared off. Both countries exist at an exact, ninety-degree angle, in the cardinal signs of Cancer (July 4th) and Libra (October 4th). The match was so intense that it went past regulation time, as the score was nil/nil as they say in futbolese.

I knew that Klinsmann would make subs that could/would change the course of the game.

His first sub move was inserting Chris Wondolowski, who nearly won it for the stars and stripes. His second sub, was Julian Green, the young Gemini, who found the back of the net in the overtime period, closing the gap to the final score, of 2-1, my predicted outcome, sadly with the results reversed. Perhaps this was a Mercury Retrograde within a Mercury Retrograde. But my analysis was good enough for my English agent to prompt me to do another World Cup post, this time on the controversial, Uruguayan player, Luis Suarez.

Suarez’s spectacular taletns on the pitch have only been matched by his voracious appetite for human body parts. It seems that his favorite apendages are the ear (salty sweet and chewable) and the shoulder (meatier and more than a mouthful). His Hannibal Lecter style of play has, shall we say, gotten under the skin of his opponents. What would make a man, in the heat of competition decide that a quick Slim Jim or the Brazilian equivalent just wouldn’t be enough?

In Mike Tyson’s case, he is a Cancer and Cancer’s have something of an oral fixation. It might have to do with breasts and mouths or something along those lines. Suarez is an Aquarius though, not a Cancer.

Without having his birth time, it’s hard to get a full assessment of the chart, so we have to look at particular planets and alignements.


If there is one aspect that could explain Suarez’ uncontrollable urge when it comes to chomping on his opponents, it could be this tight orb between mighty Mars in it’s own sign. Mars in Aries is the sign of the warrior, the soldier, the battler supreme. People that have Mars in Aries are blessed with an indomitable will. The challenge Suarez faces is that his True Node is conjunct his Mars in the same sign, closely, by a mere three degrees. This would confer the type of human who cannot control their urges at a primal level combined with an almost supernatural desire to win. Now, the TN is an aspect of the Moon, so we can see a hint of Cancer in here to some extent, via the Moon itself. His South Node is in Libra. Mr. Suarez does not play nice with other boys and girls.

Uranus in Aries has been hovering over his Mars and TN for the past year, so perhaps some of this bizarre behavior can be blamed on the planet of radical change and lightning fast influence. Such immense energy emitted from the transpersonal (Uranus) titan onto the very personal (True Node) and war like (mars) could have a startling, overwhelming and uncontrollable effect on the individual, and since Uranus also rules innovations, curing Mr. Suarez penchant for flesh in crunch time, it would seem that a suitable mouthpiece (Aries) could be developed, which would lock his jaws shut after a certain level of adrenaline was released. They could call the device, “The Suarez Canal” or something similar.

It should also be noted that Suarez is a member of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. They tend to have a fondness for the underworld at large, including zombies and vampires. The real challenge for the Uruguayan superstar is that he has a nasty, Pluto/Sun square. Pluto/Sun people, especially when the Sun is in Aquarius DO NOT like people in positions of authority telling them what to do and I would venture that the biting is more or less an act of rebellion at large. My son used to go to school with a girl that bit other children and perhaps Suarez has been getting his bite on for quite sometime, but just can’t get over the first few times when someone said, “no.” Instead of banning him, FIFA should go in the opposite direction and make him a spokesman for dental health and strong teeth. This would allow his inner child, biting back at the world to receive the love and acceptance it never got. Somewhere inside Luis Suarez is a little boy whose only defense against a big, bad world was a set of strong chompers.

There is also, one last, potentially contributing factor and that ‘s the hard, Saturn/Venus conjunction in Sag Exact. Seventeen degrees. Sag rules sport and is also related to the equine world., with Sag being half man, half horse. The horse is the instinctual nature while man, represents reason. Sag’s challenge is to manage both. Saturn in Sag is a major restraint. Sag wants to be free while Saturn wants rules, limits and laws. The two do not dance well together. One wants to twerk while the other favors a waltz. So Luis is naturally constrained here and with Venus in exactly the same sign/degree, he tends to work out his frustrations on other people, ie Venus/relationship. If he can’t be free, then no one else can either, so to speak. When Saturn moves into Sag next year, he could face some very stiff penalties if he doesn’t/can’t rein it in. However, he might fully harness and unleash his natural talents under Saturn’s return. Also, it might help him if he fell in love and married someone with a bit of a biting fetish (Venus) as life and relationships are all about context—aren’t they?

In any case, we haven’t heard the last of the hungry player from Uruguay as Uranus goes retrograde and hits his TN once more, finally moving forward to trine his Saturn/Venus conjunction. Liberation awaits him. Like all flesh eating professional athletes, he’s merely misunderstood. Nothing that a good woman and an endorsement deal with Crest couldn’t fix.

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It is mere minutes from the USA vs Belgium match. I get a lot of requests to do sports based astrology. So let’s see if we can bang this one out before kick-off as it were.


I was listening to Michael Erlewine talk about Dane Rudhyar’s synodic cycles the other day. One of the things that Rudhyar was big on, was the waxing and waning effects of aspects. If we look at the USA team as it relates to the USA chart, it’s Sun is rising and nearly conjunct. That will take place in four days, so we can view the USA Sun and it’s related properties, such as the USA soccer team getting ready to tee it up in Brazil.

The rising Sun alone should be good enough for at least one goal. There’s a lot of action happening in Gemini, which, I believe is the ruler of the USA 7th House (Yes, I am a Sibleyite). Sibley was one of Ben Franklin’s pals and he claims that the time of the signing makes the USA a Sag rising country. I agree with this, though there are others who see it differently with Gemini at the ASC.

My reasoning in siding with Sibley is that we have a pre-occupation with sport, which is ruled by Sag. Virgo would be on the MC and that would account for the puritanical face that we as Americans show the rest of the world. It can also reflect our obsession with the body and staying forever young, which is also quite Virgoan in many ways.

In the shadow land of the DSC, Gemini has domain. Gemini, put the i in “kink” and Americans are closet kinky. Sag, has it’s self-righteous moments, while Gem doesn’t care at all about prescribed morality. Nope. We also lead the world in divorce and Gem on the 7th is indicative of splitsville.

Can you see where I’m coming from?

Today, we have Mercury about to go direct and reverse it’s momentum. Venus is already there in the Gemini air. Expect weirdness and controversy.

What’s interesting about this match is that Belgium is a Sag rising country as well, with the Sun in Libra, 10/4/1830. This puts the Belgian Sun in a real state of conflict against the US Sun, in an exact square. This will be hard fought contest.


I think that the deciding factor will be US’s international, German-born (hello Sag) coach, Jurgen Klinsmann. Klinsmann is a powerful, Leo/Dragon (7/30/64), with his Sun on the ASC. Remember what I said about Synodic cycles? Jupiter is waxing in his 12th House, towards the ASC. This bodes incredibly well for the US team, as the head coach is the Confucian point of spiritual energy and focus. Klinsmann also has Venus and Mars in Gemini (conjunct) and transiting Mercury, just two degrees off of his Venus. My sense is that he will make a key sub at some point and that player will turn the tide of the game for better or worse (likely better). His Mean Node is at 0 degrees Cancer and this ironically explains his defection from the German National team to coach the Americans as the Sabian Symbol for 0 Cancer is thus; “
On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One.” Klinsmann has definitely changed flags.

And here is the definition of Klinsmann’s SS, ASC; “Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition.”

I’m going with the relocated Leo Dragon and Cancer over Libra, 2-1.

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Sam as it ever was?

On Saturday afternoon, as the NFL draft began to drag to it’s conclusion, where the last man chosen is given the title of “Mr. Irrelevant” ESPN started it’s hyper-hyping of Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to enter into the NFL draft. Sam’s confession was a man knowing the value of the cultural moment. Enough momentum and court rulings had been put into place, where a player of Sam’s mediocre talents could not only have a soft landing in the NFL, but even a celebrated and protected one. What’s happened since then has been a fascinating look at a country at odds with what is deemed “appropriate.” For the most part, it’s breaking down along age lines. The older generation doesn’t dig it, let alone understand it. The younger generation, as all younger generations do, are reveling in the rights of Sam to kiss another man, passionately, in public. Yes, this is the same generation that fetes the likes of Brooke Candy and her “Opulence” video as “edgy art.” It’s the same generation that also has Lucien Greaves taking on the first amendment and the right for prayer as an inclusive, religious freedom for “The Satanic Temple. Greaves has also been pushing for and just might get his statue of Satan at the courthouse in Oklahoma, based on the fact that a statue of the Ten Commandments with Moses was placed there. Here is a version of the statue and a symbol for what I talk about later, “Childhood’s End.”

This is almost always the function of youth, since their genetic dispersion from roughly 16-28 is based on differentiation and separation, so that they will be able to stand apart and be on their own. This chemical alignment is laced with rebellion, since rebellion is what differentiates and separates. Anger, which is a modal sub-theme of rebellion cleaves. Love, not the direct opposite of anger, binds. So youth, must be compelled towards some kind of revolt, since it is in their bio-circuitry to do so. While they are engaged in the act of separation from their home and family, their signal has been played like a harp since the 1950′s, when James Dean and Marlon Brando became iconic symbols of teen angst. In the case of Dean and his character Jim Stark, in “Rebel Without A Cause” it didn’t even matter what he was rebelling against. Perhaps, not-so-ironically, Dean was an Aquarius (2/8/31). Aquarians are deeply invested in personal and cultural revolution. That is one of the main themes of Aquarius, which is to break up and destroy form. The Aquarian Age has been an ongoing exercise in this shattering of societies mantle of foundation and continuity. There is a time when our assumptions need to be challenged, for we are not static beings trapped in amber, but there is also the fact that a system can be overtaxed and overamped, causing it to fail or even collapse. We are in the midst of that system overload. Some might applaud it as there would be casualties no doubt and those casualties would be the status quo as we know it, which would be the white, middle class.

We are reaching a point of over-saturation as the externalization of the hierarchy is in full swing.

For those of you not familiar with that term, it comes out of Theosophy, thanks to Madame Blavatsky. It essentially means that the spiritual guts of the esoteric elect will be revealed to all. But in order to do so, the public must be put through a crash course of mystery school symbolism and ritual, which we have been seeing ever since the fall of the Twin Towers, which symbolized the rise of the unifying monolith, the massive, telluric, wand, penetrating the skies above Manhattan. Here is how Blavatsky put it;

“”The old rituals must be revived and brought up to date (in the esoteric sense of the word) and the religious students of the world must be graduated into a higher school, given the occult interpretations, and taught that, after all, the truth has been present all the time, but hidden and misinterpreted”

We’ve seen this education of the masses in music videos, movies. tv shows, comics, ads, you name it. This generation, comprised mostly of Pluto in Scorpio are often referred to as Crowley’s Kids as his sayings and symbols, fronted and promoted by the likes of Jay-Z, Tyler The Creator and others.

They are inching closer and closer to mainstream acceptance. Jay Weidner and I have talked about this generation being the one that was birthed by Arthur C. Clarke, in “Childhood’s End” where a supposedly benign super being named, “Karellan” eventually takes command of the Earth’s children and their spirits, turning them into a super-psychic, planetary, killing machine.

Speaking of Clarke and Stanley Kubrick, Mad Men had one more, 2001 scene and a Shining reference I didn’t get. In last night’s episode, “The Runaways,” Ginsberg spied on Lou Avery and Jim Cutler having a private conference in the computer room. Much like Hal 4000 in 2001, Ginsberg was trying to read their lips. He came away with the luniest conspiracy, that the computer was turning them into homos, this on the weekend of the Michael Sam event.

Another piece I overlooked was the name “Lloyd,” the computer leasing agent. Lloyd of course is the name of the dead and demonic bartender in the Shining. The Mad Men’s Lloyd looked just a little like Jack Nicholson. By the way, in a famous scene where Nicholson is berating Shelley Duvall, he uses the “Ok” finger symbol three times (666×3), which is 1998. In 1998, Google officially became a company. Some other interesting things also happened during that year. Ramsi Yousef, Ted Kacynski and Eric Rudolph were all arrested. It was also the year that Matthew Sheppard was killed and can in some ways be seen as the genesis moment for the modern LGBT movement. Sheppard was murdered and and hanged upon fence post in Wyoming, becoming a Christ figure of sorts, even with his own passion play, “The Laramie Project” which is based on his life and death. What’s fascinating about Sheppard’s death are the details versus the myth. It is claimed that he was the victim of bullying, abuse and murder, which kick-started hate crime legislation and laws. However, Steven Jimenez, author of “The Book Of Matt” came up with enough anecdotal evidence to flip the official story on it’s head. Sheppard was apparently a meth dealer and one of the men that beat him was his lover. Rumor has it that Sheppard had come into a large quantity of meth and wouldn’t part with it. Even The Advocate, has weighed in on the side of Jimenez and asked serious questions about what people will feel if they know that facts and history have been distorted. Jimenez has his detractors, and his methods called into question, but it is interesting to note, that Michael Sam is in some ways an extension of Matthew Sheppard. So we digress just slightly.

From 1989 through 1991, the True Node was in Aquarius. Sam’s is at 16 degrees, which squares his natal Pluto in Scorpio, in the first house at 17 degrees. Squares offer up hard angles and sometimes, even harder truths. Michael Sam’s past is a fairly tragic one and he’s lucky to be alive quite frankly, however, with the TN/Pluto square, his quest to become a football player is more than just a dream, he is politically motivated and wants to draw as much attention to himself as possible. With his Chiron in Cancer in the 9th House, the house of sports, couple of things are taking place. The first is that Jupiter has been conjuncting it, giving Sam protection and support in this very vulnerable area of his chart, because quite frankly, that is what he is looking for. With transiting Jupiter set to cross his MC later this Summer and then settle into his 10th House until next year, we’ve only begun to hear about Michael Sam. Leo on the MC BTW, is a publicity seeker of sorts. Chiron occupies the highest part of his chart and will get the most attention. The USA is a Cancer country and his Chiron is pushing it’s Cancerian limits

While Eric Francis has dubbed Sam’s stellium in Capricorn, enduring, one could also get the feeling that he is socially cagey and highly motivated to find friends and allies in high places, such as Howard Bragman.

Pluto will oppose his natal Chiron once more, at the end of December as the season is winding down. If the Rams make the playoffs (think they will) then we will get a Sam redux right about then.

Next year, Pluto will cross his Sun and I will go on record by saying that he will flip another switch and change his position or even adjust his sexuality. And when Pluto crosses his Sun, this is when it will occur, since this is the nature of duality at play in the third and with Pluto, comes death of a particular aspect of his personality. Who knows, maybe he’ll become Michelle Sam?.

Sam also has his Venus in Aquarius, also in the third house, which adds another, outside the mainstream aspect. In fact, the only air planets that Sam has are both in Aquarius, so they of course would be highlighted in some way, shape or fashion.

We are on the cusp of a planetary change. The youth of the planet have in some ways, dogmatically claimed their right to feel or do or fuck or burn down anything they want.

It’s the culmination of sixty-four-years of think tank opposition. Did you know that the term, “teenagers” was coined by Tavistock? Youth was a burgeoning demographic, especially with the numbers of baby boomers that were about to hit the circuit and they could be used in a number of ways by social engineers, looking to exploit the rush of hormones that is both novel and complex during those 16-28 years.

The problem or challenge, depending on how euphemistically PC one wants to be, is that we have no rites of passage for our boys and girls. It used to be war, now it’s football and college, where one can join a frat or a sorority and take part in some watered down, free-masonic ritual hazing. That’s it. All of those hormones have only the most basic neuro-receptors waiting for them. More, complex, interlocking possibilities lie dormant or even atrophied due to years of playing video games, drinking carbonated frankencorn and pecking out text messages that resemble language skills of the mentally challenged. No wonder they want to “Do As Thou Wilt.”

Saturn will return to Sam’s natal Pluto for one, final, pass through. It will start on the 9th of June and end on the 30th of August. His identity and even his life, will be on display, very publicly, for all to see, with all of it’s Plutonian associations. Sam will no doubt be a rallying point for his generation, with Pluto in his house of self, but outside of it, Pluto can repel as much as it can attract. Some would liken him to being the next, Jackie Robinson, but Robinson had spectacular talent. It’s not even clear if Sam can be an everyday player at this point.

Ironically, the Rams drafted him and when Uranus in Aries (Rams) squares his natal Sun, next year, we could see the relationship between Sam and the Rams hit a rough patch.

I;m just waiting for the 2023 draft where a selected player starts making out with his thirteeen-year-old lover, because we never want to appear hateful or judgmental towards any group that is just wanting social acceptance and love. Karellen is having a good off world chuckle.

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The Smack Heard Round The World

Richard Sherman has just roared his locks into the brain of everyone who has watched the epic title tilt between the Seahawks and Forty-Niners at Century Link Field last Sunday. In the span of about six seconds, he managed to acrobatically tip Colin Kaepernick’s pass that was headed in Michael Crabtree’s direction. With a knifing, twisting, stab at the exact moment, he deflected the pass backwards, where it was snatched up by Malcolm Smith, who intercepted the tip and stole the Niners Super Bowl aspirations in a cold, Seattle second.

But Sherman wasn’t done–far from it. Erin Andrews grabbed him for a quick interview, where Sherman called out Forty-Niners wide receiver, Michael Crabtree and labeled him “mediocre.” He not only cut Crabtree and the Niners deepest wound, he poured salt into it and lit a match. We’ve never seen the likes of Sherman and for some people, that isn’t good enough. He’s young, brash, immensely talented and provided he doesn’t get injured will play in the league for another 7-8 years.

Richard Sherman is just getting started.

He’s an Aries and a Dragon in the Chinese system. That’s formidable.

It’s no surprise that with transiting Uranus on his Sun, Sherman is a lightning rod. I remember when Terrell Owens was in his prime, Pluto in Sag was on his Sun in Sag and we saw the culture quake that was TO. The outer planets have a transpersonal effect on whatever planet they are touching/conjuncting. In essence, they can make the individual lager than life. But it can also burn. The same sort of swagger that catapulted Owens to national fame, also burned him. TO was reported to have tried to kill himself.

Pluto helped focalize and transform his Sag gifts for athletics into a sport changing icon. And then it burned him to the point whee he suffered a Plutonian death of sorts, getting passed around from team-to-team.

The lightning bolt of Uranus has struck Sherman’s Sun in Aries at 9 degrees. Perhaps the solace that Sherman haters might take is that Uranus is moving away from his Sun, but that won’t need his status as the sot loved/hated player in the NFL

Sherman has a Virgo Moon which can be hyper-critical and also drives him towards some form of perfection.

After that, he has Mercury in Pisces. which isn’t necessarily known for it’s tirades, but certainly for it’s flow, for when Sherman speaks, it’s like a dam that’s burst.

The strength of his body and his chart comes from the aggregation of Earth planets in his chart. He has a tight trine between Venus in Taurus (26 degrees) and Mars in Capricorn (25 degrees) both of which are exalted. Mars in Capricorn combines the energy of the ram with the goat. With Mars in Cap, Sherman will be around a long time. But that’s not all. Sherman has Jupiter in Taurus (4 degrees) and Saturn in Capricorn (2 degrees), again a trine and a tight one. The Saturn/Jupiter trine conducts energy between two, titanic forces. It’s a potent combo that brings discipline to his craft (Saturn) with an expansive view of the body and matter (Jupiter). He might have the highest combo of ruler/exalted planets of any chart I’ve seen. His Sun in Aries is exalted. His Venus in Libra is in it’s rulership. His Mars in Capricorn is exalted. Saturn in Capricorn, in it’s ruler. Jupiter in Taurus, exalted. That’s some serious astro mojo.

Uranus in Capricorn is in trine with his Jupiter in Taurus, The Jupiter/Uranus trine is aspect of improvisation and even genius. It’s off the cuff rants and last minute heroics. And it all has to do with the body as Sherman is tough and physical.

With Pluto in Scorpio opposing his Jupter there is a bit of an obsessive streak in him, but along with with everything else in his chart, he is thoroughly grounded. He’s also going to make a ton of cash. He reminds me of Hannibal the conquerer of antiquity with a little Hannibal Lecter and penchant for cruelty to boot, especially if you’re a 49er fan, with all of that Earth and a burning Aries Sun, Sherman is going play at a high level, for a long time. Better get used to him. The only weak link in his chart is Chiron in Gemini, which squares his Mercury in Pisces. Can you say Adderall?

Rectified Sherman chart with of course chatty Gemini on the ascendent.

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Twin sells

We are being held hostage, our attention is captive and are prisoners of the collective entrainment that grows darker and darker and darker. Well, at least that’s what the front-screen-projection of mediamatrix reality appears to be. Roughly, at the same time, “Prisoners” and “Hostages” were released on the big, and not-so-big screens. Their plots are decidedly different, but if you are dialed into the mainstream vector, you can’t help but notice the art and symbolic punch in the face. Is there an underlying theme that connects the two other than the obvious metaphors of bondage and incarceration? Well, glad you asked, because their is.

“Prisoners” stars Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhal. Jackman plays “Keller Dover” a father whose daughter, along with another young girl is kidnapped. One girl is white, the other is black, so we have the duality theme nicely in place.

Gyllenhal plays the ambitious, Detective Loki. Yes, Loki. While he isn’t a straight up trickster, he’s ambiguous enough at times to have the audience question his motivations. In an ironic twist, the supposed bad guy, the guy that knows where the girls are, is named, “Alex Jones.” The Alex Jones character is also portrayed as, shall we say, “slow.” In the old days, he would have earned the title of “village idiot.” I’m not going to spoil this movie for you, but let’s just say that Alex doesn’t meet a kind fate.

Jackman’s character has an interesting name. “Keller” means, “cellar keeper.” while “Dover” is essentially, “water.” Down in the cellar of his emotions, there’s some dark waters roiling around in there.

Dover/Jackman resorts to taking the law into his own hands when it appears that they are doing nothing, when the main suspect, Alex Jones is released. Dover/Jackman eventually winds up becoming a prisoner of his own, emotional design. It’s one theme of subjugation running through the film.

“Hostages” is imported from Israel. Again, the theme is, what will people do when they are forced to do something against their will. The basic premise of the show is that a doctor doing surgery on the president has their family kidnapped and is being forced, against her will, to kill the president in surgery. Jerry Nachmanoff, the brains behind “Homeland” wrote and directed the pilot episode.

These are Saturn in Scorpio themes and memes; Darkness and pressure. The subterranean chains of the psyche that enslave us to the shadow play of this post-modern kabuki are rattled and shaken. The revelation of the emotional apocalypse gets downloaded in sixty-minute segments. In essence, we’re all being held hostage, we’re all prisoners.


Libra is one of the most fascinating signs in the zodiac. It’s the only symbol that’s not either an animal, human or hybrid. It represents in some ways, the insertion of mechanical consciousness (the scales) into the astrological equation. It’s doubly ironic that of all the signs, it’s the one that represents relationship and human interaction the most. One deeper meaning of it is that it’s station that’s based on some form of transaction, the law of balanced interchange. Reciprocity. A sign that’s deeply devoted to the emotional dance of relationship, is personified by the weights and measures of ones merits. This is a bloodless meter for something that can be such a deeply, emotional, trigger for all of us. Thus, Libra offers detachment and the ability for us to assess our own actions, thoughts and feelings. Are we giving enough? Too much? To whom or what do we have emotional contracts with? Do they need to be updated? Does it all have to be so bloody bloodless? Perhaps there’s another meaning to the sign and it’s station on the wheel.

Libra represents the way station between the personal and the impersonal or transpersonal. Think of “Apocalypse Now” where Willard and the boys dock at an Army outpost along the river. They trade and barter (Libra) for whiskey and fuel, then they take part in an MK Ultra ritual where it’s clearly women (dancers) on one side and the leering and jeering soldiers on the other. The scene drastically illustrates the extreme schism between the sexes. Women are unreachable sex goddess whores, while men are enslaved in “fatigues” fighting for their masters and rulership of the golden triangle. Together, they achieve an odd and very uncomfortable balance, with almost all of societies social precepts and norms stripped away by the thinner of violence and empire.

When Willard and his charges pull out they leave the last and most decadent vestiges of American culture behind. They set off into the dark waters of Scorpio where the journey’s destination is ultimately into the dangerous and Scorpionic psyche of Kurtz. Along the way, they will stumble upon the stinking and rotting corpse of French colonialism, a harbinger perhaps as to what lies ahead for the rowdy and adolescent America, just a few clicks down the river of time.

Libra is the gateway to Scorpio. Your spirit and soul are balanced and weighed like bushels of corn for gold in the time of harvest. This is a metaphysical transaction as we head into the dark in the Northern Hemisphere. Where are you? How is your “relationship” to your soul. As ye sew, so shall ye reap as you head into the dark funnel of the fall and winter months ahead.

Libra can be challenging in this regard. It’s a cardinal point that is dedicated to peace and mediation. Ironically, Vladimir Putin (Libra) was the dove that flew into the heat of WW3 and offered a “balanced” solution. Putin by the way is a black belt in judo, so he has plenty of warrior cred, which makes Libra even more potent.

We are, in the same way engaged in something similar, mediating, blending and synthesizing a complex tapestry of commitments, agreements, failure, loss, aspiration and goals. This is the time where it gets actively and dynamically worked out, because when we descend into Scorpio, those thoughts, those feelings, those actions which have not been resolved have the potential to take on a life of their own. And, it gets worked out, almost always with others, since the other is the mirror of our emotional landscape. Compassion is the key and here is where the detachment of Libra comes in. Stay open. Take nothing personal. The great paradox of being in this world and not of it is hard wired into Libra. Now I am not talking about the state of that itself, but the operation of it. Libra is the celestial software that we plug into, doing our best to strike a balance with one foot here, the other there. Mindfully mediate, course correct, adjust and head deeper into the mystery of Scorpio later this month. The journey begins.


I get requests every now and then to comment on sports and astrology and there’s a lot happening there. There’s all kinds of revelations coming out around the corruption of college football, coming mostly from ex-college players. Arian Foster of the Texans blurted out that he received perks aka money while playing at the University of Tennessee. D.J. Fluker, formerly of Alabama did the same thing. Former college basketball star ,Ed O’Bannon is leading the charge against the NCAA to pay it’s athletes. The Pluto in Scorpio generation via the confessions of Foster and Fluker with their, “we don’t give a fuck attitude” are rocking the hypocrisy of a system that makes hundreds of millions of dollars off of amateur athletes, some of whom will suffer debilitating injuries that will last for life. I’d say that the NCAA is on deathwatch.

I also received a message about what’s happening with Colin Kaepernick and the Niners. As some of you might know, I featured Kaepernick a lot last year. With Saturn hitting both his Sun and Pluto, conjunct in Scorpio, he quickly shot to fame and has appeared on commercials, magazine covers, etc.. Well, h’s struggling now, because Saturn is making it’s second pass over his Sun and Pluto again. It’s a very different orbit this go round. It’s clear that the pressure is tilting in the red on Kapernick. He’s never failed at any level before and now he’s taking it on the chin. Scorpio often needs deep crisis for catharsis. We’ll see how he fares this Thursday night when Saturn gets even closer to his Sun/Pluto conjunction on a short week and the predictably crappy, Thursday night football. Meanwhile Jim Harbaugh is dealing with issues of character and addiction via Aldon Smith. Harbaugh has Chiron in Pisces at 11 degrees, so he’s going through his Chiron return. The Sabian Symbol for his Chiron is quite interesting; “In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested.” So it seems as though Harbaugh is being tested. His TN is in Cancer opposing his stellium in Capricorn. Harbaugh needs to shift from the playground bully asshole persona, to a softer, more compassionate field general. Ahhhhh, Libra.

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Shedding the rings of Saturn.

LeBron James is one of the more fascinating people to follow in the world of sports and while his athletic prowess no doubt contributes to it, there’s also something about James that sets him apart from other uber stars like Jordan, Magic, Kobe and Dr. J when he’s compared to them. But it’s not just the too and fro, the tug and pull on his legacy by the ghosts of the NBA’s past and present, but it’s the aura of expectation that’s doggedly followed him since he was plastered on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a high school player. It was as if we were being groomed for the coming of the messiah and indeed, when he joined the ranks of professionally paid men, as opposed to professionally paid boys, he was dubbed, “King James” by the media but he has been treated unlike his namesake many times over his career.

Something interesting happened in age six of the NBA finals against the San Antonio Spurs. First, let me just get this out of the way; ALL SPORTS ARE FIXED. There, I said it. And I love sports. In my heart of hearts, I know that my beloved A’s will never win the world series again in my lifetime unless MLB deems it necessary that they even arrive there in the first place. Last year, they stormed their way from eight games under .500 to beat Texas on the final day of the season capping what was one of baseball’s most unlikely runs in recent memory. ESPN and most of the East Coast media did everything in their power to ignore the A’s considerable achievements. Keep in mind that ESPN is owned by Disney, the company that’s responsible for creating alternate realities for you from the day you are born.

The A’s wound up drawing the Tigers who were sporting the eventual triple crown winner and MVP in Miguel Cabrera along with a handsome fastballer named Justin Verlander who could get it up to 100+ on the radar gun, then snuggle up to swimsuit goddess Kate Upton after the game. Whoever thought Detroit could be glamorous?

In game one of their playoff series, Verlander was on the mound against the A’s in Commerica Field in Detroit. While he was in good form, the generous and movable strike zone made him even better. It was as if home plate ump, Jim Reynolds was trying to lock in a wobbly star gate behind home plate. This made an already elite pitcher nearly invincible. Verlander was getting strike calls a good foot off the plate and a team that is noted for working the count and walking to get men on base were taken out of their game. They swung at horrible pitches and let good ones drop in for strikes. Their heads were as messed up as Lindsay Loahan’s after a nitrous oxide and Patron binge with Andy Dick at the Chateau Marmont.

They lost that game and wound up losing to the Tigers 3 games to 2, with the final one in Oakland, where you know who and the incredibly expanding strike zone was pitching.

Once MLB had the Yankees and Tigers playing for the right to go to the World Series, they were playing with house money. On the Detroit side, they had stars. On the Yankee side, they had legacy and the largest fan base in the country. Ideally, I think MLB would have loved to have seen the Cardinals get in again, but the Giants and their strange magic foiled their plans. But it didn’t matter. They could sell Cabrera, Verlander and Prince Fielder no matter who the Tigers played.

I got off the beaten path here a bit and I promise I will get to astrology and LeBron, but I had to exorcise some demons here.

You see, game six of the NBA finals was fixed. I am not Spurs fan. In fact, I have mostly given up on pro basketball for this very reason. I remember when it really hit home. I think it was 2006 and the Lakers were playing the Suns in the playoffs. The Suns were on fire. Steve Nash and Amare were on fire. They were the better team, but i was noticing how the laker players were able to beat up on the Suns with very few fouls called against them. Meanwhile, if the Suns wanted to play the game the same way the Lakers did, they would be penalized to the max. In fact, I had never seen more phantom calls go against one team in a series. Let’s be perfectly clear; David Stern wanted to, needed to have the Lakers in the finals since it would elevate the star status of a young Kobe Bryant, while also ensuring that the country’s largest media market would be tuned in for every game along the way.

Kobe’s rise would mean more jersey sales and more money for the league as a result. Who in their right mind would want to buy a Kurt Thomas jersey?

Stern can run his sports mafia with the owners any way he wants. It’s their business. But please, don’t try to con us into believing that fair play and balanced officiating are the league’s golden rules. They are not. The league is manipulated for a nubbier of reasons, but most of which are purely monetary.

So it didn’t surprise me one bit when San Antonio lost in such a heart breaking fashion. They had the Lawrence O’Brien trophy at court side, ready to present it to the Spurs when The Heat made their “miraculous” comeback contributing to San Antonio’s epic collapse.

During the fourth quarter, our poster boy, LeBron James, yes him, took off his iconic headband and took the game over while doing so. It was a powerfully symbolic gesture that might have longterm repercussions for James’ life and career.

James is a Capricorn, born 12/30/84, however his time of birth is unusually hard to find. Most charts have him as an Aries rising which is often the default for setting a chart without the birth time. It’s an interesting sidelight because there are people who think that LeBron is much older than his birth certificate suggests. Some people think that he was actually around twenty when he graduated from high school. Certainly as a Capricorn, he would show both physical and emotional maturity at an early age. We know he’s a Capricorn but what else can we determine from his chart as we get into some rectification and how does it relate to the LeBron saga of the 2013 playoffs?

I decided to set his TN on the ASC just like Nostradamus would have and look at his chat from that perspective, but when I started playing around with the late Taurus ASC which would put his TN spot on it, I stopped at 0 Taurus for a number of reasons. The first being that his strength is often compared to that of a bull. It also places his TN at the end of the 1st, but allows him to actualize his identity through the TN and the first house. Taurus is also associated with $$$ and King James has plenty of it.

One of the things that we can use as a marker is the placement of his Moon, which is in the 12th House, in Aries. James was rocked by a bit of scandal a few years back as his Cavalier team mate, the crazy Delonte West was rumored to be having an affair with James’ mother. The Moon in the 12th is scandalous and West’s Leo Sun show’s up in James’ fourth house or the house of the mother.

Friends like Maverick Carter and Rich Paul have played a large role in his life, going all the way back to high school. James has Venus and Mars in the 11th house of friends. Carter set up “The Announcement” where James sat one-on-one with Jim Gray for 30 minutes to tell the world that he was not going to play for the Cavaliers and instead, “take his talents to South Beach.” This was an egregious error on the part of both James and Carter, but with Mars in Pisces in the 11th, better judgment with friends is often sacrificed and LeBron became a sacrificial goat with aggressive Mars in the sign of the ultimate sacrificer. Remember, the 11th House rules media.

We can see his long term commitment to his childhood sweetheart, Savannah Brinson in the 7th House of relationships, where he has Saturn in Scorpio. Yes, he is going through his Saturn Return and this is significant. He’ll either marry Brinson in the off-season or they will likely split.

Jove, the god of good fortune resides in his 10th House of Fame and Career. It’s in Capricorn, so we can see him playing for a very long time. His Cap Sun is in the 9th and also nicely poised for athletic achievement. And while he never went to college, he is smart and even philosophical. When asked about his performance or lack thereof in clutch situations, James responded to his critics that they would get up the next day and return to their trivial lives (I’m paraphrasing here) and he would go back to being LeBron James and being really okay with that. it was as brazen as it can get with a pro athlete, who has a complex love/hate relationship with fans. They love and need them for the power transference and yet cannot stand them and even resent them at times. James came as close to any athlete in recent memory in admitting it as such.

All of this makes for some substantiation in this version of the rectified chart. But let’s get to the really good stuff.

In the fourth quarter of game six, James discarded his customary head band. He’s conscious of his receding hairline and the headband hides it somewhat. But keep in mind that he’s also a capricorn and ruled by Saturn. The headband on the chrome dome is symbolic of the ring of Saturn and James unyoked himself from it. In doing so, he led the Heat on a furious comeback, with lots of help from weird Joey Crawford. There was something defiant and out of character in that moment for James.

It’s been rumored for a while that he’s part of the quote-un-quote Illuminati’s stable of pro athletes. His pyramid mudras and Baphomet gestures don’t do much to dispel those rumors and yet, he hasn’t had that soul compromising moment that all the other great ones have had. Michael Jordan was told to retire early by David Stern due to his wild and dangerous gambling addiction. The Jordan had to deal with the strange death of his father James that had all the earmarkings of an ugly payback.

Kobe had his rape charges in Colorado

Magic had to deal with not just HIV, but unseemly rumors about multiple bi-sexual relationships, including one with Lakers owner, Jerry Buss.

James hasn’t had to deal with these extremely compromising life situations . . .yet. He’s ridden the waves of his natural talent while flirting with the heat of the dark side, acting the role of the villain gone south, rather than staying on to be the local hero. But somehow, I can’t undo the thought that James broke with his handlers two nights ago. That the casting off of the headband was more than just some totemic adjustment. Perhaps in the dark and dank world of David Stern’s Babylonian sports court, LeBron just might have broken ranks. We’ll see how it unfolds tonight as we approach the Supermoon in James’ own sign; Capricorn over the weekend.

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In just a few short hours, (3/9/10), we’ll have the second in a series of three eclipses. Keep an eye on this one, even though it will not be seen by most of the planet with the exception of Australia, where it will be visible for all of six minutes and three seconds. Speaking of Australia, I played this little snippet on my show on Monday. It’s the trailer for Peter Weir’s spooky, end-times supernatural thriller, “The Last Wave.”

Weir spent a great deal of time hanging with the aboriginal culture prior to and during filming. He got about as close as anyone is going to get that’s not part of their world to understand their culture, their insights, their rhythm and even the other worldly phenomenon that they live with on a daily basis. Here’s a great interview with Weir as he recounts the making of the “Last Wave.”

The basic plot is that Richard Chamberlain is a barrister who is hired to represent a young, aboriginal male played by David Gulpilil, who had achieved some acclaim appearing in Nicholas Roeg’s “Walkabout.” Gulpilil’s character, Chris Lee is facing a murder charge for the death of another, young aboriginal male. What Chamberlain must ultimately come to grips with around the young man’s death is tied into his own personal destiny as a harbinger of doom.

The more time Chamberlain’s character spends with the people of the dream time, the more the veil between worlds becomes wider and wider until he has a vision of what’s to come.

I brought this up on Monday’s show because of the net chatter surrounding the Global Coastal Event, which has been circulating around the Net thanks to Clif High and Ed Dames. Now I like Clif, but I trust Dames as much as the Iraqi Dinar at this point, however, both can be redeemed at some future point, but the relative worth of each is to be determined. Remote viewers besides Dames have been squawking about it as well. DC 100 feet deep under brackish water. The Statue of Liberty’s stone flame just cresting above the whitecaps. Space Mountain, an undersea peak from the plasticene era. This is what some people believe awaits us in just three, short weeks. Most notably, it coincides with the first, major square off between Pluto and Uranus at 11 degrees each, but the action starts this Friday.

The Moon is New in Taurus, along with Mercury, Mars and of course, the Sun. That’s a lot of bull (hey if the world’s going to end I get to lay down a bad pun).

In the year of 70. yes 70, Titus attacked Jerusalem on May 10th. File this away. Vespucci set off from Cadiz for the new world in 1497. The British essentially awarded America to the Dutch East India company, granting it a monopoly on the tea trade in 1773. In 1837, the first banking collapse in US history occurs. It was called, “The Panic Of 1837.” While the great crash of the 20′s gets most of the press, it’s the great collapse of 1837 that sent us hurtling towards the chains of the fiat economy. Just a year earlier. Andrew Jackson had failed to re-new the charter of the Bank of The United States, which was the first version of a central bank. Here is what Jackson said about the central bankers; “”You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.”

Nicholas Biddle might have been the (figure)head of the bank, but one of it’s prime investors was, Baron James De Rothschild of Paris. and although Jackson had vetoed the charter, the Baring firm, as an agent of the government did a backdoor deal, establishing itself as a financial agent of the Dept. Of State in 1835, which would lead to the panic of 1837, when the Bank of England (Baron Nathan Meyer Rothschild) set a torch to the US economy. Henry Crews, a well known banker of that era wrote the book, “Twenty-Eight-Years On Wall St” in 1888. In it, he proclaimed that, “”The Panic of 1837 was aggravated by the Bank of England when it in one day threw out all the paper connected with the United States.” This caused an immediate financial panic and a contraction in credit and froze any issuances of stocks and bonds.

In today’s lexicon, it was an act of terror and perpetrated upon the people of the United States because Andrew Jackson wanted to re-claim the credit and cash flow of the young republic. In fact, in the years between his failure to renew the charter and the panic of May 10th, cash reserves swelled, the economy expanded and the government PAID OFFTHE DEBT with $50,000,000 in reserve. This type of insolent prosperity would not be tolerated by the money masters. This Friday, on the eclipse, it marks the 176th (23) anniversary of that dark day. What’s interesting is that Saturn was also in Scorpio then, at 15 degrees. Scorpio is lending and other peoples money. Saturn is restriction and restraint, but Scorpio can also be underhanded and downright dirty. When the goat and the scorpion dance together, the lords of mammon clap and prostrate themselves at the sight flying stingers and clattering hooves. It’s a license to steal. However, in the heat of the 21st century and the virtual tribunals of the mute witnesses to awakening to systems collapse, it’s like throwing a light on a roach party in a Bed-Stuy kitchen. Nobody’s fooling anyone anymore.

When it comes to war, May 10th seems to be a very popular day when it comes to supplicating Aries/Mars.

• 1863 – American Civil War: Confederate General Stonewall Jackson dies eight days after he is accidentally shot by his own troops.

• 1864 – American Civil War: Colonel Emory Upton leads a 10-regiment “Attack-in-depth” assault against the Confederate works at The Battle of Spotsylvania, which, though ultimately unsuccessful, would provide the idea for the massive assault against the Bloody Angle on May 12. Upton is slightly wounded but is immediately promoted to Brigadier general.

• 1865 – American Civil War: Jefferson Davis is captured by Union troops near Irwinville, Georgia.

•1865 – American Civil War: In Kentucky, Union soldiers ambush and mortally wound Confederate raider William Quantrill, who lingers until his death on June 6.

• 1933 – Censorship: In Germany, the Nazis stage massive public book burnings.

•1940 – World War II: The first German bombs of the war fall on England at Chilham and Petham, in Kent.

•1940 – World War II: Germany invades Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

• 1940 – World War II: Winston Churchill is appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

• 1940 – World War II: Invasion of Iceland by the United Kingdom.

• 1941 – World War II: The House of Commons in London is damaged by the Luftwaffe in an air raid.

• 1941 – World War II: Rudolf Hess parachutes into Scotland to try to negotiate a peace deal between the United Kingdom and Nazi Germany.

• 1942 – World War II: The Thai Phayap Army invades the Shan States during the Burma Campaign.

May 10th is money and blood.

In a weird twist of irony, it’s the birthday of John Wilkes-Booth as well as the day that John Wilkes was imprisoned in 1768 for writing a screed against King George III, which provoked riots in London.

What does it all mean for you besides silver, fresh water and C rations? Well, since the Moon is Full and the Sun is shaded by it’s slip between this world and that, the feminine actually overtakes the masculine. Taurus is an Earth sign and it’s in abundance. That stellium is fixed and what happens during this upcoming eclipse has the power to last, for good or ill. Since you cannot control the mainframe of collective experience just yet, focus on your own creation. If tides crash upon cities and currencies fall like toads from the skies, there’s not much you can do, but if perhaps we’ve re-routed the dominator program just a bit to avert the complete deconstruction of the hologram, well, you get to focus on yourself. The lead up to the eclipse wilt see the Moon pass into Taurus at 3 degrees. This is considered one of the most exalted and sublime degrees of the zodiac. It is a reference to Aldeberan, which is considered the bulls eye of the constellation Taurus, which is the gateway to Alcyone, the great central sun, the brightest star in the Pleiades.

The eclipse shadows the ring of fire and as such, we should be on the lookout seismic activity across the entirety of the ring of fire. Again, effects of the eclipse can be felt for days, even weeks after the eclipse itself.


Over the weekend, news broke about a staggering case where three girls that had disappeared over ten years ago were miraculously found by the memorable Charles Ramsay at the house of Ariel (angel #1) Castro in Cleveland. If you haven’t seen his recounting of what happened, you need to watch it. It’s utterly honest, funny and incredibly self-effacing.

Scorpio is the underworld. It is the cavern of darkness which resides in our psyches and as such is the shamanic portal to the underworld, a vast labyrinth of amoral conduct, libidinous urges, uncontrollable obsessions and unspeakable complexes. Planets in the 9th House in the individual chart can indicate hidden areas of the individuals personality. I once knew someone with Sun/Venus in the 8th House and on the surface looked strong, competent and capable, while behind closed doors nearly demanded to be dominated and almost degraded.

On a collective level, we got a massive dose of this at the early degrees of Saturn in Scorpio when Gerry Sandusky was rushed off to prison amidst numerous charges of abuse through his “Second Mile” foundation. It was clearly an organized effort and Mr. Sandusky did not act alone. College president, Graham Spanier was removed from his position at PSU after being charged with the obstruction of justice. Perjury charges may be forthcoming, but as of yet, nothing has been filed against Spanier.

After Penn State broke, England quickly had it’s own nasty mess to del with as longtime presenter and knight, Jimmy Savile was accused of numerous cases of not just child abuse but even necrophelia! A number of his enablers were outed along the way and the BBC did everything in it’s power to plug the breaking dam of silence around Savile and his inner circle.

Both events were/are emblematic of the Scorpionic expose of taboo as Saturn’s gravity fields compress the outer rim of the planet’s second chakra. Other than Jason Collin’s recent confession regarding his sexuality, it’s been mostly quiet, until this past weekend, when Charles Ramsey liberated the three, young women that were for all intents and purposes, Ariel Castro’s slaves.

Castro was born on July 10th, 1960, according to public records. He is a Cancer Sun with a mostly average chart, but two aspects really jump out, The first is what looks like an Aquarian Moon, There aren’t many other moons, save the Gemini Moon, where the emotional state can be almost frighteningly objectified. In an integrated and holistic expression, the Aquarian Moon is globally just and concerned about the welfare of all beings. Most people with the Aquarian Moon have a live and let live type of emotional philosophy, however, given the right motivation, they will jump on a just cause and stand for some shackled aspect of the human condition. The Aquarian Moon can also be detached to the point of sociopathology.

Sexually, the Aqua Moon isn’t motivated by stock-in-trade images or memes. It’s a fetishistic Moon that ranges from hyper-voyeurism, to soft and hardcore body manipulation. The level of detachment in someone like Castro is significant in the way that he was able to lead two, very distinct lives. We’ll come back to this in a minute.

The other aspect that popped for me when I looked at his solar chart was Mars in Taurus at 14 degrees, Here we see two fixed signs in action (Aquarius/Taurus) and somewhat at odds, yet both culpable. Mars in Taurus could stand in for the jailer, the force that affixed the girls to chains, while the Moon was the warden, coolly calculating and observing the entire affair, making friends with neighbors like Ramsay, detached from the lurid reality that took place on Seymour (See More) Ave. It’s also noteworthy that Castro had a Sun/Saturn opposition with Saturn in Cap and Sun in Cancer. The opposition represents the polarity within Castro himself. Cancer wants to help and nurture, while Capricorn wants to deliver the rule of law without sentiment or regret. In fact, Castro has a stellium in Cancer (Sun/Merc/Venus all conjunct) which would lend some credence to the slightly overplayed aspect of Cancer being clingy. In fact, in this instance it’s beyond parody and scope in it’s tragic implications.

What the Castro case reveals most however, is the bi-polar nature of our society and I am afraid that it does not bode well. Two young men in Boston had for the most part, solid appraisals of their personal lives by others and according to the media, were intent on blowing up half of the eastern seaboard. The pattern of framing personas is being cast. People obviously can’t trust lone wolf types, but apparently, they can’t trust the friendly neighbor that cooks ribs and salsa dances either. So who can you trust? Get my drift?

Castro is also telling people that he was sexually abused as a child and that this is somehow tied to what he did. And while he might be correct in connecting the dots between the two, it does not justify at all what took place behind closed doors for ten years.

He appeared one way before the public; the neighborhood guy who played with kids, cooked ribs loved salsa music and was avuncular and “unspectacular” as Charles Ramsey (Ram Say-Uranus in Aries) would say in his interview. Behind closed doors, Castro was a domestic dictator.

If indeed he was afflicted by sexual abuse, this type of bi-furcation of the persona isn’t uncommon and I would table that we all have it to one degree or another in our lives. I’m not abdicating Mr. Castro from his responsibility at all and yet, in some ways, he is an extreme version of us. We all have to split off and segment parts of who we are on a daily basis, mostly out of the need and exigency to be socially accepted. Being socially accepted allows us to interact with others at a moderate level of trust. If we were all to allow the hidden recesses of who we are to come out to play in the public view, in the immediate, chaos would likely ensue. For instance, it wouldn’t be in my best interest to rip my kid’s little league ump a new asshole because he made a bad call and my kid’s team, in tears must now live with it as a poor and irreproachable judgment not in their favor. Storming onto the field and screaming at him that he’s merely a mindless puppet in the indoctrination of authority in all of it’s flawed excesses upon those ten kids wouldn’t go over so well in the moment. Discretion is the better part of sanity in a case like this.

We all have it. We’ve all been traumatized from the very first breath. We’ve all had to partition who we are to some extent, because it’s about survival. And partitioning is at some level, at least semi-conscious. Most of us, including yours truly are in denial as to how deep this runs through our own lives, let alone the world itself. And it’s due to this inability to clearly see who we are (and who we are not) that makes us so easily led astray and deceived, which occurs because we are not fully present to what’s taking place around us.

Ironically, last night, also in Cleveland, the A’s were playing the Indians. There were two outs in the bottom-of-the-ninth and Adam Rosales was up to bat. He hit a Chris Perez fastball over-the-wall in left field. The hit would have tied the game. The second base ump, Angel Hernandez (angel #2), called it a double. A’s manager, Bob Melvin asked the ump crew to review the hit and replays clearly showed that the ball left the park and hit a green railing above the wall, ricocheting back onto the field. Everyone, including the Indians announcers knew it was a home run, which would have tied the game. However, after reviewing the tape somewhere in the bowels of “Progressive Field” Angel and his crew decided to tell the rest of the world that black was really white and vice versa. In essence, they ruled that it was a double in spite of obvious evidence to the contrary.

Hernandez has had a long history of making terrible calls that he arrogantly defends.

The next day, both social media and mainstream media were on the same page. The umps badly blew the call. Does it equal MLB’s denial of steroid use? Not quite, but it’s close, because it hints at something deeper and darker. In that moment, four men emerged from the darkness and delivered a judgment so clearly wrong that it communicated to the rest of the world that was watching that even with evidence refuting their judgment, it simply doesn’t matter. Yes, it’s a game. Yes, it’s a pastime, but our pastimes reflect our social consciousness or at least that’s what we are led to believe when Jackie Robinson breaks the color line or Jason Collins, the sex preference line. These events are held up to us symbolic of changing times in the midst of our most public spectacles and yet, when outright abuse of justice occurs, it’s nothing more than a smeared mark on a stat sheet. Turn the page. Move on. Go to the next play. This is what we tell our kids so that they can somehow cope when things don’t go right. When humans play the role of god, even if it’s just a game. We do our best to reinforce what they can do in the moment (which is really nothing at all) and get to the next moment, or the next day, or the next play where they “might” make a difference through their individual will and effort and triumph against not just their opponents, but they very system itself. I’m not sure this ever really happens, but it’s a wonderful morality tale we tell ourselves and then pass onto the next generation, where the whole cycle is repeated over and over again.

When I look at Angel Hernandez or a ref like Tony Brothers, I see these grim visages of what an ump or a ref is supposed to be; stone cold, irreproachable and defiant in the way that the worst gods of antiquity would be. They are channeling and acting out these forces and in their own way are prisoners too, just like the rest of us, only for two-and-a-half hours a night, they have convinced themselves that they have utter and complete control over the fates of other men. They look the part and act the part in all of it’s dreary and pompous cliches. The matrix never appeared so clear as it has in the past week in the city by the great lake.


On tomorrow’s show, I’ll have Phillip Proffer on and he’ll be talking about one of the most revolutionary technologies on the planet to improve the quality of groundwater, including the reformation of freaked water. We’re talking about the Langenburg Water technologies, where the advanced work of Max Langenburg has led to a whole new science and application of re-formatted water. This is another aspect of Saturn in Scorpio as we have the wonderful possibility of new technology being introduced at a local level, to help return water to it’s pristine state. You’ll be able to listen to Phillip here and learn more about what they are doing here.

Here’s a different kind of angel, a wonderful dream image from my good friend, Roy Tiesler. Roy came onto my show yesterday and talked about a powerful dream that he had, especially in relation to the passing of Stuart Wilde. Wilde wrote a profound post just before his death called, “The Messiah’s New Brightness” and in it he mentions the “Lion Of Judah.” Synchronistically, Roy had just finished this animated wonder called, “The Angel Of Judah.”

Angel of Judah (angel #3) (Roy Tiesler)

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