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barbie-225x300Sold mates?

Did I mention it was Mercury Retrograde? It’s not alone. With Saturn and Pluto also doing the cosmic tango in reverse, we have a ourselves a veritable menage-et-trois of bassackwardness. Just remember, Crowley said that if you want to understand the truth, then you need to learn to think backwards. Re-engineering social systems of influence and control takes some practice, an eye for detail and the risk of looking silly, but the rewards can be pretty rich, if not downright strange and entertaining, because when you have the largest group of educated workers in the modern era, sitting at cafes, sipping coffee and surfing the net, idle minds like to re-arrange the furniture in the holodeck.

Learning to think backwards, we hold a mirror up to the pundits on Sunday morning and their words reveal themselves in reverse. Whatever they’re saying, you can simply turn-it-around, infer the opposite and you’ll get the message. So, it’s time to look backwards, just a little. It’s time to look at Scott Brown, D, Massachusetts, the pick-up driving, former male model that bested a Dem for Teddy Kennedy’s seat in the senate, where his hallowed and widening fanny sat for decades.

People were aghast when Brown beat Martha Coakley, the local Dem drafted to replace Kennedy. They blamed the defeat of Coakley on Obama, those nasty Tea Baggers, the karmic payback for the world series that roided up Red Sox like Big Papi and Manram stole. All hell was going to break loose and Health Care would NEVER pass and Scott Brown would cock block any bill thrown down by The Dems. Pair Scott Brown with Sarah Palin and you get the Ken and Barbie of the republican doll party. Kinda scary isn’t it?

But lo, if we step back and look back at Scott Brown’s recent voting record, he’s voted in accordance with The Dems and Barack Obama. He voted for a watered down version of “The Jobs Bill” and also voted to extend unemployment. He’s still on record as being pro-choice. The conservative core of the repub side, the Tea Bagers are getting restless with Brown as he has sought to distance himself from them, since his populist putsch landed him in D.C..

Should we be at all surprised?

Scott Brown did what others have done before him to get elected. He was vetted and approved by AIPAC. The blog, Solomania has covered Brown in depth since his election and it is clear that his position is neoconical and sounds a lot more like George Bush than Cynthia McKinney, or even Ron Paul for that matter. Brown was stamp approved by the most powerful lobby in Washington, D.C.. Did I mention that he owns five homes, including one in Aruba? Scott Brown, with cozy ties to the defense industry, blessed by AIPAC, with lots of mortgages and loans, is as far from a grass roots populist as you can get. While he never claimed to bleed tea green, he certainly didn’t disabuse anyone of the notion that he might just dump some sippin’ herb into Back Bay out the window of his pick-up, on the way to Washington. In essence, Scott Brown is just another pol, using his good looks and DNA to get a seat at the table, especially if that table might be two miles beneath the surface of The Earth, for when the shift hits the fan. Read the rest of this entry »

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