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The eye of Sauron?

I’m not reconciled at all with this upcoming eclipse. I keep going back to my last post and there’s a feeling, a vibe that I get when I finish a post, that I did not get when I published it. The feeling I get is usually a rewarding one where I feel more complete, more whole than when I sat down and stared into the grey of a blank screen. After I hit “publish” on the last post, it was more of a relief of having finished it than really capturing the zeitgeist of the aspect.

In the hours after publishing it, I’m still not resolved around the upcoming energy.

As I look at the path of the eclipse, over and over again, I see its troubling shadow grow and expand across the face of asia, crossing over the deeply troubled prefecture of Fukushima and the Daichi power plant, where reactor number four is hanging by a thread. It then stretches across the ring of fire and touches the west coast (where I live) and then moves inland, finally dissipating in the midwest.

I’m restless.

Last night I dreamt of a prison camp run by men with broken english. It felt like an encroaching version of an alternate reality that was getting closer and closer. I once lived in a flat in San Francisco that I was convinced was a portal, one of those odd places where strangely attractive phenomenon occurred on a semi-regular basis. There were ghosts and time travel. Last nights dream reminded me of that slipstream in the heart of the mission.

Normally, I can use my Mars in the 8th and Scorpio ascendant to transmute the darkness. I’ve had a lifetimes worth of practice. I was raised by a half-demon father, who would descend in fugues of rage. I studied at the back hand of Varjrapani, seasoning me for the awakening of lives and lifetimes yet to come. And yet, the enormity of this coming eclipse signals to me that this is no mere movement, no arbitrary date to be gotten through. It demands conscious awareness and even skillful preparation; fasting, cleansing, house cleaning, dressing for the event with proper attire.

In ancient times, it was the spiritual elite that had the coordinates of the eclipse passed onto them by court astrologers and viziers. Commoners often were not aware of the eclipse in the making. Thus, by prophesying the advent of the eclipse to his or her followers, the king and queen assumed a special relationship with the heavens, forming an intimate bond with the gods themselves. Knowledge as they say, equals power.

So here we are, staring down the yawning chasm of 2012, Greece is defaulting again and Chase just blew $2 billion large with nary sideways glance from anyone in DC or the media. The breezy nonchalance borders on arrogance, like the deal is already done and there isn’t shit you can do about it. And yet, still, I look at the geometry of the skies for the weekend ahead, trying to visualize it as a lens through which we can pour our conscious intention, firing up the cosmic grid with loving awareness, blending with the energies, then surrendering, letting go.

So, with that in mind, lets take another look at the eclipse.

I keep coming back to Neptune, the squares between it and the Moon, Sun and Jupiter. What do we crave more than anything right now? In a world saturated in genetically modified, high fructose, semi-comatose awareness, we crave the stable and alkalinizing enzymes of the truth. Anything less now just gives us a headache. Neptune is being challenged in the squares. We’re being challenged by the squares.

Versus the always shifting tides of the Moon, we cannot believe everything we feel. Versus the Sun, we question the veracity of solar agents; sun kings and may queens, calling out their unquestioned divine right of rule. Versus Jupiter, we question the absolutism of our beliefs and how willing and able we are to masticate the sacrament of meaning, no matter what ideological shit biscuit is being served up.

This eclipse will challenge that, especially as the Sun and Jupiter move through the house of shadows and light.

What if we could have a collective moment where the scales fall away, even if briefly and we are left with the challenge of explaining it, taking it in, moving through disclosure, disbelief and denial to deliverance? And given that we’re talking about some form of revelation, what would it look like? Could our eyes be trusted? How long before the wizards of spin could delete the memory and conjure a new program in its wake? We’re talking about a flashpoint, something so undeniable that it strains credulity. Could we handle the truth or are our pineal glands far-too-calcified to shine a truly divine light on this holographic domain?

Neptune is also opposing Mars. If some revelation is at hand, would we be too hung up on the Virgoan details, breaking it down into its various particulates until there is nothing remaining save some unrecognizable strands, all twisted up and compromised, like our very own DNA? Eclipse or not, this is the dilemma we face. And guess what? Not everyone has the same investment in ripping the veils of illusion away. Some people make really good money propagating illusion. One of my readers just turned me onto Es Devlin (interesting name, yes?). She’s in charge of designing the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics, just 66 days away on the heels of the eclipse. Miss Es Devlin’s clients include Lady Gaga, Muse, Jay Z, Kanye and others. Her use of full color spectrum and light in her work is quite illuminating.

You see, some people don’t give a shit about the truth, because reaping illusion is a lot more creative, fun and yes, profitable. Even William Blake, who figured mightily in my dream last night loved Milton for his imagination yet also despised him because at the end of the day, he turned “Paradise Lost” into a morality tale.

But the opposition doesn’t have to degrade into disempowerment. Sometimes an opposition is just that–opposition. We can look to the early sixties when Saturn was in Aquarius opposing the True Node in Leo. It heralded the decade that was to follow. In the year that John F. Kennedy was ritually snuffed out, Betty Friedan released “The Feminine Mystique.” Friedan was an Aquarius who has the rare distinction of being born and dying on the same date (Feb 4). The Beatles released their debut record, “Please Please Me” on 3/22. Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy and Fred Shuttlesworth were arrested in Alabama, for protesting without a permit, thus launching the civil rights movement. Here we can see the seeds of dissent planted in the consciousness of the collective psyche, which would lead to opposition, controlled and otherwise on a number of fronts.

So the Mars/Neptune opposition speaks of pragmatic and real vs ideal and out of touch. Mars in Virgo really is the masses to be honest with you. Virgo is the most defined and differentiated sign in the zodiac, opposite the undefined and vastness of oneness that is Pisces. Put into this context, keep your eyes on Greece and the bank run now taking place, building momentum, threatening the global marketplace. Monetarily, the masses are antsy and on the move.

Are we feeling better yet?

As the semi-darkness of the eclipse descends upon the streets of Chicago, where the military heads of state gather to plan the next decade of wars, the ghost of Saul Alinksy moves like a shadow amongst the spirit of man, whispering dark stratagems and designs of dualistic proportion over cocktails and ideological immersion. They toast to their brilliance, not even knowing that their supposed thoughts aren’t even their own. Cutting through a well marbled filet, the blood of the heartland’s beasts mingles with the minds of men who sacrificed Christ time and time again over a thousand universes.

More on this very important eclipse in the days to come.

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610821-the_mutiliation_of_uCronos gets ready to emasculate Ouranos

My house smells like onions. I harvested a small batch of them from my exes place just the other day and their pungent aroma now fills my small flat. The minor miracle that these hardy tubers represent is that they were left unattended by me for the past year. I planted the tiny seeds at the tail end of the growing season last year and then ultimately left my household. Even with the neglect that they were subjected to, they rose like towers with crowns of spores to seed their legacy forever in that small stretch of dirt on the side of the house. The corn we grew there was majestic and sweet, but the onions, are a testament to endurance and creation.

It was heartening to see that even when I walked away they thrived. It’s comforting to know that there is a process that takes place, even in our absence, one that represents magic in the void of control. As a metaphor for our times, I feel like this bodes well. We may stress and fret about what may or may not be, our role in it all and yet there are things that even with our most focused scrutiny, we cannot fully comprehend the mystery that sustains life on our world. Those onions, ruby, gold and white remind that there is a greater process at work and part of it’s beauty lies in the mystery of faith.

if you have read this blog on a semi-frequent basis, you might think I’m either on the money, a tad too paranoid or as flakey as philo dough, but whether or not you agree or disagree with my perspectives, what cannot be denied is the extreme polarization that is now taking place in The US, especially as it relates to healthcare. We have two major aspects that are contributing to the widening gap between the left and the right as well as a sub aspect that relates to polarization as a strategy, which I’ll get to later, but for now. let’s look at the big, celestial, stand off. Read the rest of this entry »

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dnightmare1Pleased to eat you, won’t you guess my name?

Do a Google search on Karl Marx and Charles Darwin and you’ll get 1,900,000 results. To say that this is a popular topic would be an understatement. There seems to be two schools of thought on the relationship between these two. The first is that Darwin is actually the ideological role model for capitalism; dog eat dog, only the strong survive, etc.etc. The other prevailing thought is that Marx was duly influenced by Darwin’s ideas from a purely tactical standpoint, eliminating any aspect of religious narrative from the human script. According to those that are heavily invested in the connection between the two, Darwinism is the superscript for a Godless and ultimately morality free system. When it comes to Darwin, I think both schools of thought are actually true and what we are seeing in the current economic collapse is the convergence of both ideologies fusing together through The Darwinian Matrix.

In the mutant version of “The Free Market Economy” it has been a truly Darwinian nightmare, akin to the Nile Perch that splashed down in Tanzania. The bankers, hedge funders, CEO’s, Paulson, Bernanke, et al were like the giant fish with no natural threat, no organic check and balance who consumed all of the lesser fish in Lake Victoria. Now, Lake Victoria lies in a precarious ecological balance, bordering on crisis as algae grows out of control and threatens to overwhelm the lake’s carbon dioxide level, which will ultimately be The Nile Perch’s own undoing. In the Darwinian universe, these big fish, without any checks and balances, without any oversight threaten to tilt the balance of the economy right off the face of civilization as we know it.

From a Marxist perspective, this also dovetails nicely with the aftermath of such a collapse. What replaces the system that fed and nurtured fish big and small once there is now longer any layer between the little fish and their potential extinction? It’s a new system, an economic and political pool, or for lack of a better term, a holding tank, perhaps even a fish farm. We are on the brink of such a radical transference of our environment, moving from the relatively free spaces of open water to a lock or a pen where since the waters have become brackish, toxic and dangerous, where the big fish has consumed nearly every single life form available, and the little fish can no longer provide for itself, it must willingly embrace the regular feeding schedule of the fish farm in order to stay alive, in spite of the fact that there is no more freedom and ability to swim and move amongst the greater currents and tides. The new layer of governance is the Marxist version of a society that has most of it’s basic needs provided for it, with little upward mobility and an utter dependence on the state for nearly everything. The ultimate expression of natural selection is not some Adam Smithian race towards higher evolutionary standards through competition and innovation, based on the faux free market model, it’s the crushing of all competition and then as the final solution; re-setting the entire environment itself in an artificially crafted, limited, simulated universe.

Darwin was an Aquarius and if you haven’t already figured it out, today is his birthday. Some months back I did a couple of posts on Darwin and Saul Alinsky (another Aquarian), linking Alinsky’s amorality to Darwin’s theories of natural selection. Without the moral checks and balances that traditional, Christian religion provided via scripture and adherence to an all watchful God, the slippery slope towards justification and rationalization got a lot slicker.

I also did not embrace the other polarity in this long running and often tiresome debate between science and religion, which is the creationist mindset. Instead, I was working towards a different outlook, one based on our celestial origins, which I will return to at some point and that the new, emergent moral code will lie in our ability to see and feel what another sees and feels so intimately, that we would not do harm on another lest we would be willing to take on the grief and anguish ourselves. But that’s for another time.

So let’s raise a glass of dead water to the big fish whose time will be shorter than they think in the decimated environs they gorged themselves on, for if Darwin was indeed correct, lurking out there somewhere, perhaps in the vastness of space or in the vicinity of a tiny microbe or the shrug of the great mothers shoulders there is an even more dominant force than they can even begin to surmise which in turn will restore some semblance of natural order.


If you aren’t already aware of the analogies I drew on in this post, they come from a movie called “Darwin’s Nightmare” and you can find out more about it by looking at the left sidebar where there is a brief description of this powerful and tragic documentary by French filmmaker, Hubert Sauper.

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1913_2.jpgThe year that changed it all.

After getting rocked by Pluto’s move into my second house over the past couple of days, I’ve had to re-group a little to get the blog moving again. This Pluto thing ain’t no joke–lemme tell you..

So returning to the scene of the crime, 1913, before and after, we’ve looked at Woodrow Wilson, Albert Pike, John D. Rockefeller, Meyer Amschel Rothschild and Jacob Schiff, specifically, as their charts have played out in what I would call the greatest coup of all time. We looked at Pike’s nefarious network of illuminated influence and the incredulous prophecy that he shared with Giuseppe Mazinni, founder of “The Illuminati 2.0″ and The Mafia, how it has eerily played out and that the conditions for WWIII are self-assembling before our very eyes. We then looked at each ones chart to determine if there were some commonalities, a through line to see if we could connect aspects with intent. While I never clearly stated it, I believe that the four following planet/saspects do indeed play into the “amoral” behavior exhibited by this rogues gallery. The preponderance of Capricorn and Aquarius in the charts, especially Sun, Moon and Venus for Capricorn and Mars for Aquarius means something.

Capricorn and Aquarius are transpersonal planets and what I mean by that is, that individuals with heavily aspected charts in these two signs tend to have “larger” concerns, and project their interests and activities outwards, towards the world at large, trough business, government, economics and the re-formation of society, the latter, particularly as it relates to Aquarius.


Just have a look at Dick Cheney’s chart. He has Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius. Venus in Capricorn lends itself towards a cold and unfeeling character in relationships, using personal relationships for personal gain and Aquarius, though capable of great genius and great humanity, it can also be a sign that is driven towards some radical. ideological end, especially as we have seen in the chart of Saul Alinsky. I think Cheney (Virgo Rising) is the perfect, modern, exemplar of how these aspects play out in a negative fashion and are manifested in parlaying his personal contacts through, The CFR, Halliburton, Brown, Kellog and Root, into a spot in The White House, no-bid contracts and helping re-build the infrastructure of the country that he helped bomb back into the middle ages, all wrapped up in stars and stripes, coldly exploiting the grief and fear of the American public to invade Iraq and get the party started on the heels of 911. That’s not to say that there are not positive, progressive and inspired examples of these two planets/signs and my good friend Twilight would take me to task if I didn’t proclaim such. All I am trying to establish is, is that people with a chart that has a preponderance of transpersonal planets/signsplacments, from Sag to Pisces, 9th to 12th houses, are more inclined to deal with the issues of the world at large, and if they do not have other aspects to support a positive or generative perspective, I do feel that they are more than casually inclined to be susceptible towards a radical disposition, especially one that sees them as the agency of elite rule, and a law unto themselves.

I also noted that The Moon in Virgo also showed a fair amount in the small sample set. Having been raised by two parents, both of whom have Moon in Virgo, I can personally attest to the critical nature of such a placement. I could only begin to imagine how that would manifest in the personality that had a much larger stake in the game and how it would not just be their offspring that they could be overly critical of, but the world at large, seeing the masses as fallible fodder, imperfect and exploitable. Read the rest of this entry »

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blake_darwin.jpgThe reason is Darwin.

As I promised and as so many of you are likely clamoring and excitedly waiting for, here is my follow up to my post on Saul Alinsky and how his philosophy is directly related to Darwin. Darwin, Like Alinsky is an Aquarius. I’ll be writing more about Aquarians in the coming days (Axl Rose and Greg Oden) so I am least insured that one person, my new friend, astrologer blogger extraordinaire, Twilight Starsong will have at least one comment. By the way, if you haven’t found her blog, I heartily encourage you to check it out. She updates daily and always has something interesting and entertaining to read as it relates to astrology. But back to the serious business of understanding why we humans casually abuse one another to the point of serial cruelty and wholesale exploitation.

In my post on Alinsky and his mind-snapping manifesto, Rules For Radicals it became clear to me that the fundamental basis of his work was eliminating the concept or morality completely from any aspect of “Rules.” Ironically, what might have originally moved Alinsky, probably started from a recognition that the world itself was fundamentally immoral, unjust, unfair and unequal. He saw this first hand in the stockyards and ghettos of Chicago, where livestock and hope was slaughtered on a daily basis and the rise of the capitalist state was claiming its first set of casualties in the rush of industrialization. So perhaps Alinsky thought that he would fight fire with fire. Since capitalism seemed to take no quarter, nor would he and his philosophy for the full and total takeover of such an “immoral” system. He was an Aquarian and as such, an agent of equality, however, Alinsky’s rules of engagement, in my mind were ultimately devoid of being able to deliver real change because at it’s center, it had no heart. Ironically, when we looked at his chart, it was nearly devoid of any planets in water signs. This to me signified a man that was all mind and matter with little room for such luxuries as emotion and feeling. This represents one of the key components of psychopathology–the inability to feel and thus create a synthetic emotional experience. In essence those that cannot feel craft a virtual facsimile that has all of the appearance of emotion, but exists solely as an access code to the human experience.

I did not know Alinsky personally, though I do know someone who studied under him and I have no doubt that he would have a very different point of view than I do, but from the basis of his works and the strategies that he not only championed but employed to create change, I can only surmise that there was a psychopathic quality to the man as it reads in “Rules.” Now before we say that this is a drastic observation on my part, I will say that Saul Alinsky is far from alone in his psychotpathology. In fact, the entire 20th Century is one, long rise of the psychopath into the realms of governance and business alike. There have been new studies by people like John Clarke, an Australian PHD with a degree in Criminology (the same as Alinsky btw) who have noted the emergence of the psychopath in the workplace, in his book, The Pocket Psycho (Random House). The workplace is not alone as the psychopathic type, amoral, with no guilt or conscience has also found a home in government as well. Anyone watching what has taken place over the last eight years in The U.S. will no doubt agree with the fact that Bush and his cabinet were clinical psychopaths without much social pretense of being anything other. Theirs was a naked and perverse flaunting of their own agenda regardless of the consequences to the current or future generations. For a quick look at some of the characteristics of of the psychopath, check out this piece on Clarke and his work at Rawstory.

So how did the psychopath rise to such heights in the 20th Century? It’s a complicated list of factors, but I will attempt to take one, sweeping, broad stroke, a shot across the bow of secular-humanism in my attempt to show how the social landscape provided the key element to fertilize the hatching of the modern psycho. It was our old friend, Charles Darwin. Read the rest of this entry »

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