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Saturn, Saturday, Sadat

Most people have at least two Saturn Returns in their lifetime. Countries, if they stay together will experience a Saturn Return every 28 years. Egypt is no exception. In fact, it gets to experience two Saturn Returns every 28 years. How can that be you ask?

Many sources attribute Egypt’s independence on the day that it freed itself from the English Protectorate. That was on 2/28/22, thus making Egypt a Pisces country. More on this later. On that day, Saturn was at 6 degrees Libra, which means it has been in its current Saturn Return since November, 2009 just four months after Obama’s speech in Cairo on June 4th. But on June 18th, 1953, Egypt officially declared that it was a full fledged republic, thus giving it a Gemini overlay. Where was Saturn on that day? In Libra again, at 20 degrees. So Egypt is passing through a second Saturn return cycle. Saturn will reach 20 degrees on Thursday, October 13th in 2011. The Libra Sun will be at 20 degrees the following day, Friday the 14th. It would seem that what’s taking place in Egypt right now, would ultimately culminate on or around that date.

Esoterically, both Saturn and The Sun, being at 20 degrees, creates a number of variables 2+0 = 2 and 2+0 = 2. 2+2 = 22 or 4. The number of the master builder (22) and the number of the base of the pyramid (4). Now whether this sequence has magical import, especially if you add 22 to 11 (20)11 equaling 33, is yet to be determined, but clearly the exact conjunction of the second Saturn return promises some form of resolution to Egypt’s current challenge to create an environment and government based on Libran ideals of fairness, balance, equanimity and equality.

This is illustrated by their unique form of protest over the past three days, showering troops with love, respecting private property and yet unleashing fury and rage on all things Mubarak. The protests have been initially fueled by that country’s first open and full bodied ability to express themselves in public, while tapping into their pent up frustration and rage, Scenes of singing and dancing co-mingle with shouts of fury at the national TV stations and police headquarters. In many ways, this typifies Saturn in Libra, bringing both sides of the emotional equation into balance.

Egypt is the land of Kemet, one of the most ancient religious and spiritual systems on the planet. There are 42 Kemetic Laws Of Maat. Here are just a few; I consume only my fair share, I communicate with compassion, I listen to opposing opinions, I respect the property of others, I am peaceful, I remain in balance with my emotions. Sounds just a little Libran doesn’t it? Taken together, as a whole, Kemetic Laws stress balance and equanimity in all things. An integrated self. This is what is bubbling through these protests, the ancient expression of The Laws Of Kemet, through the prism of Saturn in Libra.

As the protests continue, there are reports of looting and vandalism, which are obviously contrary to the spirit exhibited thus far. People are having to defend their homes and businesses as a result, draining energy and intention away from the greater goal. CNN has been reporting on this all day while being just slightly dismissive of the local perspective that these acts are being perpetrated by Mubarak’s goon squad. According to CNN, apparently a lot of folks in that part of the world “traffic in conspiracies.” Hey maybe they read David Icke and listen to Alex Jones as well?

In addition to Saturn in Libra, the 2/28/22 date also sees Jupiter in Libra at 17 degrees. When all of this really took off, Saturn was at 17 degrees in Libra, going retrograde, sitting right on top of Egypt’s first, natal Jupiter. In essence, they were both spiritually and astrologically returning to the time when they first liberated themselves in the 20th century. It’s a critical cycle, conjunction and return. The 2/28/22 date also sees a predominate amount of Pisces in the Egyptian solar chart (Sun, Moon, Venus and Uranus).

Another critical phase will be the new Moon in Pisces on 2/28, yes the date Egypt was unloosed from British rule. Lastly, tucked down there at the end of the solar chart is Chiron in Aries at 11 degrees. Chiron in Aries is fitful. It wants to lead but is wounded. Certainly, it can represent the political oppression and brutal treatment by Mubarak of The Egyptian people. They are obviously gaining in courage since Jupiter entered into Aries. Another key and interesting date does not loom that far off in the distance.

On 3/15 (The Ides Of March) Jupiter will be exactly conjunct Egypt’s Chiron at 11 degrees. This occurs just two days after the dramatic entrance of Uranus in Aries. Interestingly enough, Mubarak’s reign has elements of both Aries and Libra. He entered the political scene as the Vice President of Anwar Sadat on 4/15/75 and took over as president after Sadat was slain, on 10/7/81. Sadat himself was also deeply associated with Libra, taking office on 15 October, 1970 and was killed on 6 October, 1981. Guess what? Both Jupiter (18 degrees) AND Saturn (12 degrees) were in Libra when Sadat was murdered. In addition to the cycle of independence, which started in 1928 and reaffirmed in 1953, being activated during this Saturn cycle, the underlying energy of the death of Sadat is in play and the unresolved resolution and buried denial is also getting worked out. Get ready to see more images and threads regarding the life of Sadat, who he was and how he will emerge, nearly thirty years after his death as key symbol for the current situation in Egypt.

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27_frontcover27 and gone to heaven?

What do Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and D. Boon all have in common? They all died before they were 28. Even the most casual followers of astrology are aware of The Saturn Return, when Saturn cycles back to where it was at the time of birth. This cycle takes roughly 28 years. When it does arrive, it stays for 2.5 years and dispenses life lessons that have not been learned during the early part of the cycle. Saturn makes the weak part of us strong, the strong part of us stronger, but it isn’t always easy.

Saturn serves as the final barrier between youth and maturity. Going through the return hopefully initiates the individual to be fully present and ready to embrace the next cycle of their lives, which theoretically translates into adulthood.

Jimi, Janis, Brian, Jim and Kurt never reached their Saturn Return. They’re known as a group called, “The 27’s.”

Tomorrow night I will have Josh Hunter, one of the co-authors of The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll
on FAR. Along with Eric Segalsgard, he has looked at this phenomenon in depth and the two of them have written a stellar book about the various lives of “The 27’s” and what they were doing leading up to their deaths.

In addition to Josh, I will have Segurgeir Bergsson, live, from Iceland to talk about the volcano, its plume and maybe a little Icesave. Don’t miss it.

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