Mercury Goes Backwards As Scott Brown Moves Towards The Left

barbie-225x300Sold mates?

Did I mention it was Mercury Retrograde? It’s not alone. With Saturn and Pluto also doing the cosmic tango in reverse, we have a ourselves a veritable menage-et-trois of bassackwardness. Just remember, Crowley said that if you want to understand the truth, then you need to learn to think backwards. Re-engineering social systems of influence and control takes some practice, an eye for detail and the risk of looking silly, but the rewards can be pretty rich, if not downright strange and entertaining, because when you have the largest group of educated workers in the modern era, sitting at cafes, sipping coffee and surfing the net, idle minds like to re-arrange the furniture in the holodeck.

Learning to think backwards, we hold a mirror up to the pundits on Sunday morning and their words reveal themselves in reverse. Whatever they’re saying, you can simply turn-it-around, infer the opposite and you’ll get the message. So, it’s time to look backwards, just a little. It’s time to look at Scott Brown, D, Massachusetts, the pick-up driving, former male model that bested a Dem for Teddy Kennedy’s seat in the senate, where his hallowed and widening fanny sat for decades.

People were aghast when Brown beat Martha Coakley, the local Dem drafted to replace Kennedy. They blamed the defeat of Coakley on Obama, those nasty Tea Baggers, the karmic payback for the world series that roided up Red Sox like Big Papi and Manram stole. All hell was going to break loose and Health Care would NEVER pass and Scott Brown would cock block any bill thrown down by The Dems. Pair Scott Brown with Sarah Palin and you get the Ken and Barbie of the republican doll party. Kinda scary isn’t it?

But lo, if we step back and look back at Scott Brown’s recent voting record, he’s voted in accordance with The Dems and Barack Obama. He voted for a watered down version of “The Jobs Bill” and also voted to extend unemployment. He’s still on record as being pro-choice. The conservative core of the repub side, the Tea Bagers are getting restless with Brown as he has sought to distance himself from them, since his populist putsch landed him in D.C..

Should we be at all surprised?

Scott Brown did what others have done before him to get elected. He was vetted and approved by AIPAC. The blog, Solomania has covered Brown in depth since his election and it is clear that his position is neoconical and sounds a lot more like George Bush than Cynthia McKinney, or even Ron Paul for that matter. Brown was stamp approved by the most powerful lobby in Washington, D.C.. Did I mention that he owns five homes, including one in Aruba? Scott Brown, with cozy ties to the defense industry, blessed by AIPAC, with lots of mortgages and loans, is as far from a grass roots populist as you can get. While he never claimed to bleed tea green, he certainly didn’t disabuse anyone of the notion that he might just dump some sippin’ herb into Back Bay out the window of his pick-up, on the way to Washington. In essence, Scott Brown is just another pol, using his good looks and DNA to get a seat at the table, especially if that table might be two miles beneath the surface of The Earth, for when the shift hits the fan. Continue reading “Mercury Goes Backwards As Scott Brown Moves Towards The Left”

Year Of The Metal Tiger — Brace Yourselves For Corporate Warfare

red-tigerThe Tiger is about to bear it’s fangs.

Sunday, in case you missed it, was The Aquarian New Moon. It’s the first new moon of the chinese new year, which means that it’s officially the “Chinese New Year.” Back in 1998, I was part of the great dragon in the San Francisco, China Town, New Year’s Parade. I think I was part of the alimentary canal. It was great fun. The dragon is organized by one of the Kung Fu schools in Chinatown and I knew one of the instructors there. We all got together back at the YMCA in Chinatown afterwards and feasted on great Chinese food and ice cold Tsing Taos. It was a great memory and I was really struck by the power of the community which was mostly Asian, and how they embraced non-Asians with equal, open arms. I felt a lot better about humanity after I emerged from the belly of that paper-mache beast.

But that’s not what’s happening with The US and Japan in what is rapidly decaying into the first open conflict of corporate warfare of the 21st Century. To understand what’s taking place, we have to zoom out again to get the 50,000 foot view.

We’re dealing with Pluto in Capricorn. This is the rise of the coporatocracy and I have banged out against it over the space of this blog from it’s inception. Everything that manifests now in third dimensional reality either reflects it’s expansion and influence or defines itself against it.

On the mundane level, we have the thoroughly controlled, supposedly grassroots, Tea Party rising up and shaking it’s collective, weathered and vain popping fist at the establishment. The Tea Party is the echo of the past, a reanimation of this country’s roots, when the so-called American Revolution was set into motion. Remember, Pluto was in Capricorn during those revolutionary times and as such, it was in opposition of The US Cancer Stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter). So we’re seeing the ghost dance of liberty being awkwardly staged across our lives as paid and played figureheads like Sarah Palin and Joe Farah are quickly escorted into positions of leadership, all there to control and stage manage the rage. Gate keepers. Bad shepherds.

But the American mind-set has been so entrained in Hegellian dialectic (problem/reaction/solution), they are ready pounce, frothing, mouth foaming as the Pavlovian ring of the Tea Party bell is sounded. Tea baggers don’t question who or why certain people are there, steam pressed, wrinkle free and ready to lead them in cheers that ring hollow and yet advance agendas at light speed.

Palin gets in her “gosh,” “gollies,” and “geeze” then tells the crowd that they aren’t going to take the terrorists shit anymore and that we’ll wipe them out at every turn, including Iran. That’s why she’s there. If you are a tea bagger and you happen to stumble upon this site, rid yourself of any notion that Glen Beck, Sarah Plain or Joe Farrah has your backs (they’ll quickly have what’s left of your bucks though). But back to the corporate wars of Pluto In Capricorn. Continue reading “Year Of The Metal Tiger — Brace Yourselves For Corporate Warfare”

She’s Baaaaaaaaack, Aquarian Sarah Stirs The Teabaggers, Vancouver BC Update

kalima-maOnce more with feeling. . .

There are at least three events which bear our witness at this time. The first is the heated rhetoric and actions now taking place in The Middle East around Iran, centering mostly on The US and Israel. I will make this perfectly clear on this blog: It is extremely difficult to justify the totalitarian use of force by any country or group to achieve geo-political gain, sell arms, bleed economies, foment apprehension and fear. It is in it’s own right, a definition of extremism. Peace through war is Orwellian to the core. We need to play nicer.

The Left, which USED to stand aligned with the anti-war movement seems to have moved on from that perspective. They could care less about war. Even when Bush was in office, every lefty on the hill voted for more funding, tax dollars for munitions, more life for death. Both parties have blood on their hands. Both parties are now war parties. The collective psyche has been twisted and torqued through a series of collective traumatizations to embrace the concept of war without end, enemies that are constantly changing uniforms at every most convenient turn.

In South Carolina, they’ve made it a state law that if you want to have any intention of overthrowing the US government, that you now have to register with the state for a $5 fee. We have become a people so wracked by psychological and economic conditioning that some people might think that this is an actually sane request.

So the IDF passes out gas masks recently to residents of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (though I somehow doubt that the Palestinians got any) and they are sending missile cruisers to the gulf. The press is chiming in with their propaganda about nuclear warheads in Iran getting ready to be assembled. Within days. Ahamdinejad will lob some volatile statement over the fence and turn up the pressure for more sanctions and tougher talk from Obama (Looks like it’s already happened). The beat is on.

Meanwhile, up in Vancouver, later this week, they’re poised to kick off the Winter Olympics. There has been HUGE speculation, with a fair amount of detailed evidence that a false flag operation could be in effect. We’ve already been hearing lately that The US should expect another 911 event on it’s soil very soon, so on some level, our psyches are being prepped for such an event. Could Iran and what might happen in Vancouver be somehow related? Then there’s Sarah Palin.

If it weren’t for Sarah Palin, I would not have this blog (Her birthday 2/11/64, is this Thursday, the day before the opening ceremonies in Vancouver). I would not have met half the people through it, if not for her. My blog was once just a place where I could share my thoughts and gripes. When Palin entered the presidential race as McCain’s running mate, I looked at her chart and did a post on it. It’s popularity sent me down this path. It was September of 2008.

When I looked at her chart, I found the stacking of her Aquarian stellium to be really fascinating. I thought that maybe, just maybe, that someone with her Aquarian bent could really cut through the bullshit and get to the tumor that’s plagued our culture, which is the absolute squelching of our constitutionality, subverted time and again by corporate interest, avaricious lobbies, outside agencies and executive orders. Based on her chart, early on, I saw some promise. But then as the run up to the election wore on, I began to see more and more of Palin that was totally unpalatable for me. I was convinced that she was a fraud and stage managed, just like everyone else.

Now, Sarah has placed herself right in the thick of the Tea Party and she’s on her war wagon, shaking her fist at Iran. It’s clearer and clearer that her Assembly Of God faith, lines up like a notch and groove with Christian Zionist, endgames ideology. I’ve done some posts on this in the past and believe it’s one of the greatest psyops and religious hijackings of our time. Fallwell, Hagee, LaHaye, Robertson and their pals on the Likudnik side of the side of the wall have done everything in their power to promote the end of the world at all costs. For Christians, it’s the end-times lullaby. For Zionist/Israeli/Jews, it gives them the freedom to do whatever the hell they like in the middle east, because as long as it brings armageddon one step closer for millennial Christians, all the better. It’s a toxic end game and deadly co-dependency, that Sarah Palin is more than just enabling.

Beneath her cougar town hotness and feel good homilies about the average Joe, is a very calculating and complex persona at work and I feel she is being used to manipulate a group of people that are angry and frustrated as hell, but are now being preyed and played upon.

Sarah Palin has both Venus and Jupiter in Aries. Her Venus is at zero degrees, so Uranus will conjunct it later this year at zero degrees Aries. It will also sextile her natal Mercury in Aquarius at zero degrees, making her quite explosive, volatile and revolutionary. She has a serious lack of water signs in her chart, which makes her far less compassionate than she could be. Her Cap Moon makes her cool, pragmatic, detached and willing to leverage position for emotion. The more I hear and see out of her and watch her chart evolve along the negative Aquarian expression; hard, fixed, ideologue, the more she concerns me and that the poor Tea Baggers will be led by their noses, shepherded by yet more controlled opposition.

She’s the new Ralph Nader, the new Ross Perot. She’s there to give people the sense and feeling that someone can finally, truly, represent them. Sarah’s already being heavily influenced by AIPAC and The Neocons. Bill Kristol loves her. Need I type anymore? If you want a list of links that illustrates Sarah’s political allies, just go here.

Sarah Palin heading The Tea Party, pushing for war with Iran, supported by Christian and Israeli Zionists, with Uranus in Aries coming into play, aspecting her Venus and Mercury could be an absolute disaster. But the one thing we know about Aquarians, is that they are enigmatic to the core. Whether it’s Bill Kristol or me, I doubt if we truly know the real Sarah Palin because based on her chart, she could flip the switch on anyone, at any time and if that switch is connected to ICBMs, well that could be a very bad thing.

Here is “We Are Change Vancouver” with the latest update on what’s taking place with a potential false flag/terror attack.

I’ve looked at Vancouver’s chart, which is based on the incorporation of it, from Granville, into Vancouver, on April 6th, 1888 and I can’t find any real challenges to the chart based on it’s natal planets and current transits. Could that mean a smooth and harmonious Olympics? No Casualties? All of us pray for such an experience.

Now whether or not you believe in such things happening is in some ways irregardless, because now, if you have read this piece and watched this video. It is in your conscious awareness. Your witnessing the very information itself has altered reality ever-so-slightly. The key to evolving as truly awakened beings, is to become truly aware beings. Our awareness is a our greatest tool in the rise from our slumber and trance.

Thomas Edison, Sarah Palin, Tesla, Personality Portals & Free Energy

11edison1600Edison owned a battery of patents.

February 11th is one of those intersectional days, a personality portal, a mundane star gate. Just based on three birthdays alone, the vortices of connection open wide. If you are not aware of it, Sarah Palin was born this day in 1964. I have gone over her chart with a fine-tooth comb and came up with my own, occasionally unpopular analysis of it. She is Aquarian and Aries in the extreme and her chart is stacked so decidedly in those two signs and the angles that connect them, that is a force that will not go away. Sarah Palin is stubborn, fixed and in the end, tough. I have also tracked her bloodlines, which will also, no doubt keep her in the flow for the next spin of the presidential roulette wheel.

February 11th is also Jennifer Anniston’s birthday, which is just one degree of separation away from Brad Pitt, which connects up with all of my “Bradam and Eve” material. A side note related to those posts is that I started to get a lot of traffic linking to me from a site called, Female First which is essentially a UK based celeb gossip site and when I tracked back the links, I found a message board totally devoted to Brad and Angie, with over 800,000 posts and replies, most of them reflecting what I was exploring in my posts on them. It was like a strange parallel universe had opened up to me. That’s the beauty of the internet. You think that you’re alone, out there, pecking away in the void and all of a sudden, you come upon a strange outpost where you don’t feel so utterly alone any longer. Along those lines, I’ve been spending some time over at Michael St. Clair’s Radiant Zone. Michael is slowly attracting a community of some of the most high minded, spiritually evolved, creative and loving people I have run across in one net space. Kudos to Michael for holding such a radiant vision.

But I could not talk about February 11th without addressing the life and times of Thomas Alva Edison. If there was ever a correlation between a Sun sign and it’s manifestation in one person, Edison would have to be near the top of the list.

As we have noted in the past, Aquarius is waves and currents. Uranus is electric and both ruling planet and sign, Aquarius are often shocking in their application.johnnyrottenThere are many personalities that I think represent this sign in it’s most distillated aspects; Johnny Rotten (Lydon) is the ultimate Aquarian punk, shocking the world with “Anarchy In The UK” and “God Save The Queen.” Saul Alinsky is the ultimate Aquarian radical and Luciferian. Bob Marley is the ultimate one love, one world, progressive voice of the people. Ronald Reagan is the ultimate communicator and uniter. Charles Darwin, the ultimate atheist and purely analytical scientist. Those are just a few names of archetypal Aquarian types.

Edison is endemic of the genius of Aquarius. The “Wizard of Menlo Park” has over 1,093 patents and of course brought electricity to the masses. He was born on 2/11/1847 at 3:00 am in Milan, Ohio. Edison was a Sag rising, Aquarius Sun and Sag Moon. His lightning quick intellect can definitely be revealed in the conjunction between his Sun and Mercury. His second house was loaded with a stellium in Aquarius including Uranus and his Part of Fortune. For those that are not familiar with the concept of The Part of Fortune or “Pars Fortuna” is arrived at when the Ascendant + Moon – Sun = TPOF. Astrologer, Robert Hand actually believes that most TPOF’s are incorrectly arrived at and that night time Pars Fortunas actually have a different formulae which consists of Ascendant + Sun – Moon = TPOF. It sounds like it should be similar, but it’s not. But in lay terms, TPOF is where we are blessed in our chart and, if it has other planets surrounding it in the same sign, then the power of Pars is amplified. Here is what Hand says about the benefic influence of “The Part Of Fortune”

That said, however, the Part of Fortune is well placed when there are benefics or dignified planets in the same sign with it (the fact that “sign” is referred to here is very important as will be seen later on), or these same kinds of planets aspect the Part of Fortune. Also it was said to help the Part of Fortune if it was in a sign that was ruled by benefics, and any point in a chart is helped by being in a sign ruled by a dignified planet.

Here in the second house, money, money, is where Edison’s genius resides. “The Pars” in his second chart, stacked with that stellium means that not only would he get paid for what he did, but that it was intrinsically related to who he was and his life work. In addition to his divinely placed “Pars” Edison was blessed with Mercury trining his ascendant as well as it conjuncting Neptune. Here we see an inspired mind, a dreamer and a creative visualizer and as it lines up with Edison’s rising, he used his Mercury in Aquarius as his calling card to the world. Continue reading “Thomas Edison, Sarah Palin, Tesla, Personality Portals & Free Energy”

Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 32, Looking Back And Ahead At Sarah Palin, Uranus In Aries, 2012

glowing_sarah1.jpgGlowing, glowing, gone?

For those of you who have been following this blog over the past few months, the trajectory it took on was really initiated by Sarah Palin being named to McCain’s ticket. Like most of the world, I asked myself, “Who is this woman and where did she come from?” I immediately dove into her birth chart to give me the cosmic/archetypal perspective. I have to admit that I was fairly blown away by her it which seemed to me at the time to have more of a statement of pure mission and true purpose than Obama’s, McCain’s and Biden’s chart. Looked at through my astrological lens and intuitive perspective, her stellium in Aquarius and her Aries Venus/Jupiter, lighting up her Aquarian aspects, in my mind, set her apart from any other person that was parading around as part of the electoral pageant.

I felt and still do that her chart is a hypo-potentiated blueprint for a person that’s here to accomplish some major goals. However, Palin was a deeply polarizing figure as well and her chart with such a strong emphasis in two signs and elements, only provoked the polarity even more.

Through Sarah Palin and not John McCain, we came to understand how deeply divided we are as a nation, exemplified by The US Mars in Gemini, which stresses duality and a nearly schizophrenic relationship to morals, codes of ethics and cultural standards. Palin lit up the cultural divide and illuminated it in ways that were often not very pretty to witness. I spent lots of time visiting both pro and con Palin sites and she became a lightning rod for controversy, revered and reviled with equal passion and intensity.

Deepak Chopra chimed in with his “Palin Effect” which I found to be utterly dismissive and emblematic of how The Left can frame the cultural debate around the enormous, xenophobic shadow, both real and imagined that exists. Chopra implicitly stated that, Palin was a symbol of the white cultural fear of change when it came to electing an African-American president and that she was a projection of that shadow. He glibly attributed her popularity and perspective to the unenlightened (and again subtextual), racist and intolerant positions of the rapidly decreasing majority. In effect, Chopra was playing a reverse race card, a canard that is usually employed by The Left, because it automatically assumes a higher moral ground from which to dispense its enlightened views.

However, The Right, is equally culpable when it comes to tweaking the shadow and is almost always more than ready to also tap into the xenophobic zeigeist, both real and imagined, like the ridiculous ploy that the McCain campaign worker resulted to, faking that someone shaved “Obama” into her scalp. One side wants to demonize and force feed guilt onto the mostly-white-middle, while the other seeks to play on it’s fears and heighten deeply seated phobias, resentments and unresolved attitudes for their own purposes and gain. On a daily basis, no one is better and more guilty of this than Rush Limbaugh. Continue reading “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 32, Looking Back And Ahead At Sarah Palin, Uranus In Aries, 2012”

The Melting Economy Part 9 — Mercury Goes Direct, Reviewing Bailout Denial, Catalytic Change And Revisiting America’s Dirty Laundry

Mercury/HermesMercury ponders his next move.

Well it’s over. One of the most volatile Mercury Retrogrades in recent memory, probably since the 2000 presidential election when Mercury was Retrograde in Scorpio has ended. The most historic economic collapse in modern history began during “MR” and is still imploding around us with its devastating effects still to be determined and measured. The fallout of this money bomb will last for decades and shape the course of our social (de)evolution in deeply profound and often discomforting ways.

While the historic and precedent setting bailout took place, what might have been even more important than the bailout itself was the effort by citizens of The US, passionately pleading with their congressional and senatorial representatives to not rescue Wall Street, burning up the phone and fax lines, scorching the internet with incendiary emails demanding that the bailout not take place as scheduled. With the threat of martial law (and perhaps their seats as well) being held to their heads, congress and the senate rapidly circled the wagons and overcame not only their hesitance, but overrode the wishes and dictates of the electorate. This is an incredibly blatant example of Mercury Retrograde in Libra, where the populace is clamoring for fairness, for their voices to be heard and they were denied. The ramifications of this major disconnect between the people and those that represent them is enormous, heaping yet more frustration onto a towering garbage pile of denial and complaint. Since all of this happened on Mercury Retrogrades watch, the bailout itself is flimsy, will be challenged at some point in the future on it’s legality and as result the accumulation of powers by The FED, heretofore never exercised to such intrusive proportions will also be under the microscope of the American public. Continue reading “The Melting Economy Part 9 — Mercury Goes Direct, Reviewing Bailout Denial, Catalytic Change And Revisiting America’s Dirty Laundry”