A Deeper Look Into The Pluto In Sag Generation, Pluto As A Generational Force, Ryan Sharkey On FAR And A Heartfelt Thank You

Force Generator On my Friday show, I had Ryan Sharkey, on for about ninety-minutes. Sharkey has been traveling around the country since May with no money. If you haven’t heard the interview with him, I highly recommend it. Sharkey’s journey is so compelling, that he’s gained over 60,000 Twitter followers in just five months. His […]


The Dude As Jovial Sagittarian Illuminated Christ

“Hey man, one of you is going to screw me over.” Sometimes realities merge with blinding clarity. Other times, there are fuzzy overlaps that induce eternal chuckles of delight. Occasionally they intersect with forehead smacking irony. I think I’ve just stumbled upon one of the latter. Over the years, I’ve hung out with channels, consorted […]