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JenderConfused Jender Roles

Well, it’s been about a week since I tossed out my two cents on Bruce Gender. The results and comments were surprisingly positive and supportive of the POV. I was thinking about how uncool it is to be more traditional and structured in one’s view of life on Terra. However, we’ve always supported the contrarian stance. America was born on the idea of revolution and going in the other direction. Well, it was born on a lot more than that too. Lot’s of exploitation and fields watered in the blood of indigenous people and shady side deals of the founders, but I’m not sure any piece of land on the matrix rock has a virginal tale of cohabitation and harmony through consensus agreement. Can you name me one?

Life on Terra has been savage and brutal. The 20th Century, even with its bloody banker wars has been mostly a respite from the constant pulverizing of people and their lands. Just go back to the Age of Aries and it’s one brutal conquest after the next. Bleeding into the Age of Pisces, the battle for land, resources, and the finest virgins the Nephilim could breed carried on. This is a planet of savage indifference driven by the dreams of madmen who are convinced of their own divine right, dark or otherwise to rule and subjugate. America and its history aren’t any different than what went on before or even after. The trouble is the cognitive dissonance between what’s going down and what’s promoted. Kind of like Bill Gates loving the children of India or Chad so much, that he supplies them magic serums that are supposed to cure everything from TB to dandruff, however, they unfortunately wind up paralyzing, sterilizing or killing said children. What’s the saying? “The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions” There’s a real disconnect in the message and delivery. However, I digress. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s his world now. We’re just living in it.

The other day, I was in Ranch 99 Market. If you don’t know Ranch 99 Market, let me sum it up for you. It’s Hong Kong, Bangkok, Korea, Beijing and Tokyo compressed into about 10,000 square feet. The one I go to is at the backend of a mall that is filled with Chinese restaurants that almost only the Chinese community eats at. There are Ginseng emporiums that have everything Ginseng, from teas, jellies and sex creams, to the odd looking roots themselves, which resemble mutant life forms trapped in exotic tubers. There’s a store filled with Miyazaki art and stuffed dolls. I never knew there could be that many variations of “Totoro.” There’s a jade dealer there too. You get the picture.

So I have been on this curry kick lately. Its the turmeric. Obviously my body is craving both the heat and the healing. So I wander into Ranch 99 at 10AM, avoiding the seething masses by about four hours. I’m on the hunt for coconut milk to supplement my curry.

I see a guy stocking the shelves with a Ranch 99 vest on. As I approach him, he puts his hand up and starts waving me away, like he’s got some virulent strain of pigeon flu and doesn’t want me to get it. But that’s not really his intent. You see, he doesn’t speak English and he wants no part of me as he furiously feeds the shelf with packages of Ramen. I don’t realize this until I ask him about the aforementioned coconut milk. He utters some grunts, something passing for “no.” I could swear that he’s trying to throw some chi kung in my direction to block me from moving any closer.

Now this guy is no kid. He’s balding, has glasses and he can’t even muster a reasonable “no.” I say to him, “You don’t speak English, do you?” Again, more grunty head shakes and hand waves. He’s pissed now because I interrupted his machine-like-rhythm. I get the hint, but I am not happy.

Off I go in search of coconut milk, circumnavigating aisles like an ancient maze, deciphering unknown languages, decoding the order of objects and their relative relationship to one another. I finally find an aisle with twenty different kinds of chili sauce. I think this “might” be the aisle, but that creamy coconutty goodness still eludes me.

My mind is speeding. I wonder what happened to my country. I wonder about that guy that pushed me away and where he lives. I wonder about how he lives. I try to imagine how he got here and how long he’s been here. How did he get hired? What is the criterion to get hired at Ranch 99 anyway? I wonder about all the out of work people that could do exactly the same thing he’s doing AND tell me where the god damned coconut milk is.

I’ve fallen down a Glen Beck rabbit hole and only coconut milk can temporarily save me from plummeting any further.

I vow that once I find that coconut milk, I’m going to track his ass down and shove that can of coconut milk in his face and make him repeat after me, “C-o-c-o-n-u-t M-i-l-k, C-o-c-o-n-u-t M-i-l-k.”

I finally stumble upon it, on an end cap. It somewhat mollifies me. I take a deep breath and as I head back towards his aisle, I have visions of hard ass railway bosses abusing the cooly workers as they lay the tracks that would join the continent, from station-to-station. Its not a pretty picture in my head. I time traveled and became a very ugly American. I decide to abort his forced English lesson after this past life review.

I pay for my coconut milk and leave.

The other day, ESPN ran a tasteless headline about Jeremy Lin. Although he had scored 28 points, he had a bad game, turning the ball over fourteen times. The Knicks lost for the first time since he began his magical run as their starting point guard, eight games ago. Their headline for Lin’s first less-than-stellar game was; ” A Chink In The Armor.”

My good friend Marv, first generation Chinese-American thought it was kind of funny. Maybe I should bring him with me the next time I go to Ranch 99.

Personally, I thought it was tasteless and I can’t believe that ESPN would pass that through at least two editors to make it a front page story. They were trolling for publicity, good or bad. It doesn’t matter. See, I’m writing about it. I told Marv that, “They were guilty of yellow journalism.” He laughed and they are. Jeremy Lin is busting everyone’s stereotypes and ESPN decided to get cute. They’re assholes. But enough about the Disney owned, Bristol sports mafia. Let’s talk more Jeremy Lin!

I finally stumbled onto Lin’s chart the other day, birth time and all. Seems like there are Jeremy Lin sites sprouting up like tree fungus all over the net. Some of them use astrology. Some of them scraped my last piece on him. I tracked it down and I agreed to let them use it as long as they used my name and linked back to me. They agreed. A blogger in Taiwan also linked to it and even translated it.

I found Lin’s chart and birth time at one of those sites that used my content, so I was happy that I could discover it. His chart is fairly impressive and there’s no mistaking the power of it making a serious impact on him and now, the world.

In the last post on Lin, I talked a bit about his Pluto in Scorpio sextiling transiting Pluto. That’s a powerhouse alignment. And as I mentioned before, there’s a lot more going on. In this version of his chart, Pluto sits right on his ascendant in Scorpio. It makes complete sense, especially as transiting Pluto turbocharges its dramatic transformation for not just Lin, but Asian Americans, especially male Asian Americans. Lin is forcing us to re-think and transform our stereotypical view of them (identity/ascendant). The Sabian Symbol for that degree is pretty interesting; A DROWNING MAN IS BEING RESCUED. It speaks to an act of rescue and the premise of second chances in life. Mike D’antoni was most certainly drowning as his record as the Knicks coach, on a roster of very high priced talent was not commensurate with it. Lin rescued his job. But he also rescued his own job and in just two quick days, from 2/4 to 2/6 he managed to obscure the light of the New York Giants and their fresh win at the weirdest Super Bowl of all time, replete with Madonna’s dark halftime ritual. Lin didn’t just rescue our attention from the Giants, he ripped it away.

As I also mentioned before, Pluto has just moved off his natal Neptune and is headed straight towards his Moon, which has a wide trine with his Sun. Pluto on his Moon in Cap is a potent combo for a rising NBA star with a degree in economics from Harvard. Soon, very soon, Jeremy Lin will be entering Tiger Woods territory, from an ad/testimonial perspective. He will also impact Asian youth in a very big way. While Bruce Lee might have inspired them years ago to learn the white crane stance, Lin will usher in a new era of Asian kids lacing them up in gyms across not just the US, but the world. But Pluto can be a little overwhelming too. After today’s win against the league champ Mavericks, where he scored 28 points (again) and had 14 assists, Lin implored the press in Taiwan to leave his family alone and respect their privacy, especially, his 85-year-old grandmother (Moon).

When he started his run back on the 4th, the Moon was in Cancer conjuncting his natal Chiron in House 8. It was squaring his natal Mars and opposing that cool, Cap Moon. Chiron also trines his ascendant and natal Pluto. That transiting Moon was also triggering transiting Uranus. Something alchemical was going on beneath the surface of the 8th House. When the Moon would emerge fully on the 6th, his real breakout game against the Jazz of Utah, it would be in his 9th House, a house where sports and athleticism are exalted. There, it would join up with his natal Venus in Cancer, trining his True Node in Pisces. Add it all up and it was/is his time.

On the 4th of March, he’ll have another pass of the Cancer Moon kissing his natal Chiron, making it one full cycle since his magical run started. It will be a nationally televised game against the rival Celtics. That will kick off a three-game run culminating in San Antonio on the Virgo Full Moon, conjuncting his Sun, which is in the 10th House, usually indicative of “fame.” The only thing that can stop him now is some unforeseen injury. That game agains the Celtics jumps out at me in that regard BTW.

So how did Jeremy Lin handle ESPN’s stupid headline? It was no skin off his back. He forgave them, saw it as an error, a mistake, and moved on. No drama. He simply rose above the fray. He’s a Christian for crissakes. What else was he to do? ALL is forgiven.

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alexyssMay 2nd Chakra

“If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now It’s just a spring clean, for the May queen.” It’s May 2nd and if your hedgerow isn’t bustling by now, the day after May Day, well, we’ll have a little something for you tonight on Free Association Radio (FAR) to get up, bustled and out. Live, from “The Derty South,” “The ATL,” it”ll be “The May Queen” herself, Alexyss K. Tylor. From 8PM PDT, for two hours we’ll be getting down with the whole concept of sacred sexuality and of course, Miss. Tylor’s favorite subject, “Vagina Power.” The videos from her cable access shows with her mother are legendary for their frankness, visceral details, uncommon knowledge and of course humor. most of which is intentional (dick’ll make you slap somebody!).

Truth, Discovery, Balance And Purity In Pursuit Of Eros And Psyche

When sifting through the slew of videos she’s made and the remnants of her website, I’ve been trying to piece together a cogent picture of Miss. Tylor (they call people Miss in the the south). Who or what is she? Is she culturally relevant? Dangerous? Or just a sensationalist sideshow in the spiritual marketplace? When we look at her chart it’s comprised of the personal moving towards transpersonal sector of her chart. Her early Sun in Sag, which rises right around the same time as Thanksgiving is frank in the way that Sag’s are naturally at ease with. In fact, some might say she’s too honest. She shares her birthday with Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee and Robyn Givens. Of course, Robyn told a little too much truth the night she went on national TV with then husband, Mike Tyson, but what’s a little sensationalizing amongst a married couple? In any case, those marked by this birthdate have a unique relationship to expressing themselves in a deeply authentic fashion. “The Secret Language Of Birthdays” calls it “The Day Of Electrifying Excitement.” They are marked by their quick, impulsive, and intuitive outlook and experience of life. Her Moon and Venus are both in Libra and here is where we see the obvious desire and need to battle the strength and will of the sexes on both on an internal and external level. When she talks about the power of a penis, you can sense that while she is doing her best to have women understand the psychological and emotional impact of being sublimely penetrated, she is also warning them of the inherent dangers of becoming “dickmatized” an expression she often uses when women lose their minds and will over the sexual act. So then she swings back in the other direction, looking to reclaim the power in this eternal battle between the sexes. Her strategy has been to promote “Vagina Power,” reminding women of their inherent power as goddesses, sublime chalices of ecstatic experience and liquid light. And so it goes; the pit and the pendulum, ever swinging across the bed of space and time. In the midst of this timeless dance, there she is, straddling the delight of the experience, yet desiring to remain in control. Can it be done? Her natal Mars in Capricorn thinks so. It’s earthy, enduring and exalted. It climbs to the top and stays there. It trines her natal Pluto in Virgo and when Mars and Pluto saddle up together, especially in Earth signs, it’s all second and first chakras, grinding and grating, firing off the sparks of life, lighting the cauldron at the base of the spine. Mars trine Pluto promotes the exploration of natural tantra.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion is in the mostly puritanical sign of Virgo. Here is where we can see her desire to transform the act of getting ones world rocked into an experience that resonates with higher perceptions and more refined feelings. Someone with Jupiter in Virgo always brings it back to the most healthy baseline they can, no matter what it is. Based on this and the other planets in her chart, what she’s really up to is a form of sexual healing.

Inquiring Minds Need To Know

It might all be a moot point if her Mercury were in Capricorn or Libra. She might be driven by the need to make money or simply understand the dynamic of relationships, but with her Mercury in Scorpio, she needs to know not just what’s behind the veil, but beneath the zipper. Understanding sexual motivation and giving language to it is indicative of Mercury in Scorpio. It gives the native a sort of x-ray vision into the affairs of men and women. Motivations are plunged and revealed upon deeper review. Sharing them in such explicit detail is more of a function of her Sag Sun than anything else. Mercury also sextiles her natal Pluto, giving her the secret word to hidden worlds, slipping past taboo, sailing right by convention. Here is where her motivation to understand the dark, natural forces of sexuality and creation drive her. Saturn in Aries is an interesting alignment as it is symbolic of controlling or harnessing the male principle (Aries). It also desires to put a seal of timeless wisdom on it. Right now, she is going through a Saturn/Saturn opposition and it could mean anything to a backlash from either sex regarding her ideas or possibly the out and out subjugation of her concepts by the patriarchy itself. According to Miss, Tylor, her website had been hacked recently. But Saturn opposes Neptune in her chart. The spiritual ideal struggles for dominance over worldly gratification and vice versa. Somewhere inside her, her very own struggle with power is being played out. But with her True Node in Aries, I think we know how this will ultimately be resolved-she’ll eventually be seen as a pioneer in her field.

Part Millie Jackson, part Margot Anand, part Nefertiti, all entertainment, she’s Alexyss K. Tylor and she’ll be on FAR tonight. Don’t miss it.

Alexsys On Penis Power
Alexyss On Vagina Power
Alexyss on Interracial Dating

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mercuryIf it’s Mercury Retrograde, The Warriors must be doing something.

Just a few quick hits, from the front lines of Mercury Retrograde and then some. Of course, Mercury Retrograde would not be complete without some faux paux by the Golden State Warriors. Yes, we can always count on the retrograde franchise to remind us of their awkward incompetence. Well, leave it to The Warriors to have their head PR guy, Raymond Ritter, who, by all accounts is a decent guy, go to hardcore, Warriors fan site, and pose as a poster, boosting, supporting and ultimately, shilling for a team that is taking a beating on the online PR front lines . The people at warriorsworld traced the IP address of the poster, named, get ready for this, “flunkster dude” and found that it originated on the GSW server. They ultimately traced it back to Ritter and Ritter admitted to local scribe, Tim Kawakami that it indeed was him. What was Ritter guilty of other than bland loyalty? He was guilty of propping himself up as a season ticket holder getting ready to renew his seats. This can either be thought of as cagey or completely disingenuous, bordering on such violation of franchise credibility, that it will likely make the rounds of blogs and message boards and further discredit a failing franchise. Ritter is just a pawn in the game, but a willing pawn nonetheless.

Ultimately, it’s yet another MR blunder to add to the list of other MR blunder for a franchise bought under a Mercury Retrograde. It won’t end until the franchise is sold and is organizationally re-calibrated as a result.

Another MR sports event popped up in baseball last night. Jake Peavey, a pitcher for The Padres was traded . . .well sort of. He had been dealt to The White Sox for four players, but not so fast. Peavey, who had a right to reject a trade based on language in his contract, said, “uh, no thanks” and The Pads had to rescind the deal. Look for Peavy to get dealt once Mercury moves forward.

One last bit of astro news, not MR related went down this week in NYC, where the uber-rich, people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah, David Rockefeller, Michael Bloomberg and others had an emergency meeting together. This is on the heels of other uber rich and powerful types schmoozing with one another at the Bilderberg conference. Is something in the air? Are they getting some marching orders? Is this the next iteration of Pluto in Capricorn? Are the monied elite ready to assume their roles at the table of overt influence? Are these the high priests and priestesses of the emerging coroporatocracy? Keep your eyes and ears on Oprah and see what she starts dishing to the women of America.

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cohanSaturn says selling The Dubs is near.

A new reader. Tony, supplied me with Chris Cohan’s birth info. I’ve been trying to hunt it down for a while now, but like most things Cohan, especially at this phase of his life, the details, and even presence of the man remain rather elusive. While it is always a more complete experience to have the birth time to cast a chart, view angles, see the chart type, etc, it’s not always necessary to begin to grasp a an image based on where the planets align.

Chris Cohan was born on January 2nd, 1950. This would make him a Capricorn Sun sign and the rest of his chart, based on the ephemeris leaves some important clues regarding Cohan and his particular style.. As I scanned the planets, I was surprised by the lack of water in his chart. Outside of Uranus in Cancer, transpersonal and volatile at best, there is no water connecting him to his chart. Water equals emotion. People with a balanced number of water sign planets tend to have balanced and healthy emotional interactions. People with too much water tend to be hyper-sensitive, and as a result. overly emotional. People with little water in their charts have little feeling. The latter would describe Cohan.

He has Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius. What does all of this mean? It means he’s incredibly detached. Aquarius can be one of the most cool and impersonal signs in the zodiac and while Cohan might warm up just a little with Mars in Libra (more about that later), passion, fire, intensity, are not words likely to be associated with this chart. This is the chart of the scientist or the analyst who sits far above the fray, observes data, compiles results and then if he feels as though it might make some difference, finds a way to act on his findings. This is not someone who gets personally engaged in anything except litigation, which we’ll revisit (Mars in Libra) shortly. He was probably the type of kid that would take the wings off of a fly, just to see it try to get off the ground.

Even though Cohan might play the role of the mad scientist, but he has not sacrificed ambition. Sun in Capricorn make the individual ambitious, career oriented and striving to achieve a measure of success at a worldly level, some recognizable zone of achievement beyond just getting props from peers and friends.

People born with a Capricorn Sun can have competitive and even contentious relationships with their fathers. Capricorn is associated with age, karma, discipline and time. It is often related to Chronos, whom we know, ate his young. People with Sun in Capricorn are born with an inherent need to succeed, almost solely based on the elements in their immediate environment. Famous Capricorns who had dominant father figures in their lives include, Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson and Richard Nixon.

Cohan made his fortune based on the heels and work of his father (Capricorn) in cable TV, which is ruled by Aquarius. Read the rest of this entry »

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nellieMullin is now truly behind Nelson.

If it’s Mercury Retrograde, you know that The Golden State Warriors are up to something and if you guessed that they were, you would be correct. I have made the connection, many times over that when Chris Cohan bought the franchise, or rather strong armed it from previous owners, Dan Finane and Jim Fitzgerald in a semi-hostile takeover, that Finane and Fitzgerald set him up to do, he did it under Mercury Retrograde. Anyone with a modicum of astrological knowledge knows not to make big decisions, sign contracts, make deals when Mercury does it’s backwards dance. The only exception to the rule that I can see is if something had already been started pre-retrograde, then stopped and returned again under the retrograde. Then and only with a fair amount of circumspection should a deal get done.

But Cohan, unaware that he was messing with the stars forced the hand of Finane and Fitzgerald, made them sell and quickly became one of the worst sports franchise owners in Bay Area history. Everything about the team has been one, long, Mercury Retrograde correction after another. Even some of the key moments in the teams history, like trading Chris Webber and firing Don Nelson on the first go-round, took place under Mercury Retrograde events.

Up until yesterday when it became official that Chris Mullin had been let go, the last MR event to befoul the franchise was two years ago during the NBA Draft, when Chris Mullin tried to make a deal with Charlotte, which would have included fan fave jason Richardson in a deal that would get The Warriors Al Thornton, who would then be packaged along with most likely Andris Biedrins, Monta Ellis and Al Harrington to go to The T-Wolves in return for Kevin Garnnett and parts. It never happened. The phone lines failed, Mully’s old pal, Rod Higgins had no idea who to draft for The Warriors and instead of getting Thonton, a vital part of the deal, they instead drafted Branden Wright, a player neither The Warriors nor The T-Wolves wanted.

That was the beginning of the end for Mullin and that end came yesterday, when The Warriors formally announced that Mullin would not be back as team EVP and Director of Basketball Operations. Of course, under the influence of Mercury Retrograde.

This is Don Nelson’s team now, for better or worse. Nelson reminds me of Malcolm Lowery’s character in Beneath The Volcano where his weary cynicism and habitual relationship with alcohol are quickly colluding towards some psychic event in his life that is cataclysmic, and almost beyond the scope of transformation due to Nellie’s stage in in his life. Read the rest of this entry »

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shaq_kobeTogether again?

Former Laker cheerleader, Paula Abdul once warbled, “Opposites Attract” and while this is true and in some ways is essential in understanding a particular aspect of our dual nature, yesterday at the NBA’s annual all star game, one of the great opposites of sport put on a show that reminded us of how much we like them, despite their highly apparent flaws. I’m talking about Shaq and Kobe.

While they have wide orbs in their opposition (Shaq 15 degrees Pisces, Kobe 0 degrees Virgo), their oppositions stack up beyond the polarity of just their respective Suns.

Shaq is powered by a Scorpio Moon, fixed and more-than-occasionally unforgiving (How’z my azz taste?”), while Kobe’s Moon rests in Taurus, opposite Shaq’s. Kobe is all about business. He practices, trains and works out harder than almost any player, driven by that zero-degree-need for Virgoan perfection. The Taurus Moon is conservative, buttressing his efforts to be the best at what he does. This uniquely sets him part from Shaq as others have criticized “Big Diesel” for not trying hard enough, not working enough on his game, his free throw shooting, etc. Blessed with titanic stature and enormous physical skills, Shaq is larger than life in so many ways. While Kobe is a hard driving work of perfection in progress, Shaq is an entertainer, first and foremost, as witnessed with his entrance yesterday at The All Star, bobbing and snapping with the dance troupe, “The Jabberwockees.” Had Kobe not let the sexual side of that Taurus Moon get the best of him at that Colorado resort, where he was arrested on rape charges, I have no doubt that he would have amassed an even greater fortune since he would not have been unceremoniously dumped by his sponsors and he would have accrued even more. Remember, Kobe was the face of McDonalds. He let the sensual side of his Taurus Moon overrule the all business mode. Shaq has also gotten in trouble for letting the negative aspect of his Moon get in the way of his better judgement, as his grudge driven Scorpio Moon led him to the infamous rap where he dissed Kobe in rather unflattering terms regarding the taste of his nether regions. Judge Joe of Maricopa County revoked Shaq’s deputy sheriff’s badge. What is it with Piscean athletes that want to be secret agents? Can you say, “Herschel Walker?”

In addition to having opposing Suns and opposing Moons, Shaq and Kobe also have opposing Jupiters, again in a very wide orb as Shaq’s Jupiter is at 3 degrees Capricorn (more on this specifically in a minute) and Kobe’s Jupiter in Cancer at 27 degrees. Sensitivities clash in this opposition. Shaq wants to be the man with Jupiter in Cap while Kobe strives for perfection, being the man is secondary to being the best, a fundamental difference between the two. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, while it is in it’s fall in Capricorn. So the best qualities of Cancer are drawn out of it via Jupiter, expansive, nurturing and growth oriented, while Capricorn which is so focused on control, planning and execution is fitful when it comes to the free flowing and wide open energies of Jupiter. I have no doubt that based on his Moon and Jupiter, Shaq might be the more Machiavellian of the two, despite his more avuncular persona. That’s not to say that Kobe isn’t capable of being calculating on his own. Just recently, Chris Paul recounted how Kobe asked him about a move that Paul has perfected while the two were on the same Olympic team in Beijing. Since they were teammates, Paul shared the move. Just a few weeks ago when the two teams squared off, Kobe dropped Paul’s move on The Hornets to perfection. Kobe, always looking to gain an edge,

Those aren’t the only planets in opposition that they share. Again, in wide orbs, Shaq has Mercury and Venus in Aries (0 degrees and 28 degrees respectively), while Kobe has Venus, Mars and Pluto, all conjunct in Libra (between 12-16 degrees). So in almost all of their personal planets, they are in opposition, but not so closely conjuncted in most cases that it could be a stifling polarity, and yet it’s enough to create distance and separation between the two. To cap it all off, Shaq and Kobe are also opposites in Chinese astrology as Kobe is a proud and often vain Horse, while Shaq is a rascally Rat, gregarious, outspoken and mischievous.

They were Co-MVP’s at the All Star and did their best to bury the hatchet at the post-game conference clowning (uncomfortably times) with one another. Their mostly congenial mood got people talking about whether the two could ever play together again. With Pluto in Capricorn trining Kobe’s natal Sun and conjuncting Shaq’s natal Jupiter, could we be in store for a reprise? With The Suns looking to cut payroll and The Lakers looking to perhaps replace the injured Andrew Bynum, does re-uiniting feel so good? If there was ever a time for Shaq and Kobe to play one more time for a championship, this would be that time as Pluto could re-coonect the two, a magnetic and binding force for one last go round.

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