Surprising Revelations Of Prince’s Death Chart And The Sunday Night Livestream, Synastry With Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

PrinceCan astrology predict or show death inside of a chart? It’s a question I’ve been asked on occasion and the answer is “yes” with an asterisk. Last year when I was looking at David Bowie’s chart on his birthday, I saw something inside the chart that alarmed me. It had to do with transiting Pluto in his 12th House hitting his natal Sun/Mars, squaring Neptune in his 8th House. When I saw this, was shaken and told my audience to appreciate Bowie while we can. Two days later, he was gone. I was flooded with emails in the tribute-filled-days that followed.

When Prince died, Regina Meredith asked me if I could have seen that in his chart and I said “no.” There were some strange aspects, but not a flashing-red-reaper that jumped off the screen. That’s the asterisk. Sometimes it’s not there, or if something is, then perhaps it’s a hinge, a pivot moment of life. Let’s take a look at Prince’s life and death chart.

We know when Prince was born, but when he died is a bit trickier. He was discovered dead at 9:43 AM on the 21st and was pronounced dead at 10:07. It’s likely that he died prior to being found, but how much sooner? I set the chart at the ritualized time of midnight. Now most of the planets would more or less occupy the same space, sans the Moon. When looking at mortality/fatality Pluto, Saturn, Mars and at times Neptune come into play. A combination of Mars/Pluto in terms of opposition, square and conjunction evokes energies of death, intensity, violence and fixity. When Mars and Pluto clash, it doesn’t equate to death but the energies can be dark, tangled, at times bloody and intense. When Pluto connected with Bowie’s Sun/Mars in the 12th, I didn’t have a timetable about when he would pass, but I knew he was on the clock and immediately cancer entered my consciousness. This is what makes Prince’s death chart mysterious.

astro_61gw_61_70_prince_prince_death.84349.7581When we look at the position of trans Pluto in Prince’s chart, there aren’t any obvious connections. The only major aspect being a square to natal Jupiter, which was conjunct trans Moon in Libra and I wouldn’t call that a mortal aspect, but on closer look, Pluto was inconjunct Prince’s Sun in the 8th House. An inconjunct is an unusual aspect and one that requires some intentional interpretation. It also doesn’t last incredibly long, since there is about a 1-3 orb that determines the 150 degrees that separates the two planets in an inconjunct. The two signs that occupy the inconjunct have nothing to do with each other, in this case, Gemini and Capricorn. Gemini is Prince’s Sun sign and it’s in the 8th House, the House of Scorpio which is many things including other people’s money. Pluto in Capricorn, in the 2nd House was in the House of Taurus, Prince’s money. But this isn’t his Pluto. This is trans Pluto, and in Capricorn, it’s all about the government, big business, and baphomet. This is the clue. Prince wasn’t slated to expire like Bowie, secluded and hidden away, recording his obituary for the rest of us. This is the aspect of a conspiracy.

Prince had just won back his music rights from Warner Brothers and was poised to start distributing his music through Tidal, Jay Z’s new streaming service. Prince’s catalog is laden with hits, and that’s just the songs we know about. He’s supposed to have thousands of hours of recordings in the vault. We could be getting Prince releases for the next twenty years.

Was there a concerted effort behind his death to grab hold of his prodigious and lucrative recording rights? We’ve looked at the ritualized aspect of this death, the “Purple Revolution” et al, but in conjunction with the occult timing, was there another motive? Was it ultimately about the control of his vast catalog along with the supernatural punch that manifested in purple sorrow on the morning after the election?

Recently, Prince’s estate has been embroiled in a bitter legal dispute with Tidal and there are more battles ahead with his heirs and the estate. Prince didn’t leave anything in writing to his sister or any of his legal heirs and this is like a chum in the waters for the land sharks. Comerica is in charge of the estate and the heir’s claims and it’s not going well. How that relationship holds up over time remains to be seen. In the past month, George Ian Boxhill, one of Prince’s last producers had six of Prince’s songs in possession and was going to release them. His heirs stepped in and a judge forced a halt to its release except for one song, “Deliverance.” Now, Boxhill is demanding $1 Million to keep from releasing the other five tracks, which amounts to a barely legal form of extortion. Pluto inconjunct the Sun. But is there a missing link, a key to Prince’s death that we might have been missed, the hard clash of Pluto and Mars? Well, there is.

astro_621gw_61_70_prince_prince_death.84194.3850In astrology, there are basically two ways to look at a relationship. One is the synastry model, which we’ve already looked at. Synastry is a good way to see how individual energies can work together or clash as it relates to two, individual beings. The other model is the mid-point composite, which is the energy of the couple as one. The chart is cast by finding the mid-point between each planet including the ascendant and the other eleven cusps/houses as well. What emerges is a picture of confluence, the monad of the relationship. When I did a mid-point composite between the death chart of Prince and the birth chart, guess what happened? Pluto and Mars formed a square.

When I cast the chart I used the midnight time, which creates a Sag rising, and Pluto is ingressing into the 12th House. Mars is in Aquarius, in the 2nd House and while it has that square with Pluto, there is also a grand trine with the Sun and Jupiter. What do I make of this? I think we’re going to see some great art/music released for quite a while, but I also see issues on the horizon for Prince’s family. Now that transiting Saturn in Sag has hit the composite Moon, Prince’s family (Moon) is in a legal broil with Boxhill, dealing with yet another inconjunct, this time to Mercury. Composite Uranus is in Gemini, conjuncting Prince’s Sun in Gemini, a wild card, disruptive and creative from unseen places and interdimensional spaces.

I started this post because I wanted to give some back story to another death chart, one that I looked at on the live stream on Sunday night, that’s the death chart of singer/songwriter, Rick Nelson. You can find out more about Nelson and his chart in the livestream. I also get into the bizarre relationship between Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung Un

Jupiter In Cancer, The Final Rays Of Expansive Third Eye Moonbeams, Borderline Insanity, The Crab Digs In

murrieta-4-jul-1Entering the shadow of the 29th degree

As “immigrants” get shuttled back and forth between Texas and Murrieta, as Jupiter cycles out of it’s last degrees of Cancer, the intensity gets dialed up. When the last rays of Jove shine through the prismatic, pearl white lens of the Moonchild’s third-eye, the effect is intensified. The basic rule of astrology is that the sign loses it’s power when it gets to the final degrees. While I believe that is true for the degree of the Sun sign, I think that it’s likely the opposite when it comes to transits. As a major planet (Mars through Pluto) reaches the last degrees, like a super nova, it cascades into a peak of intensity and heat, particularly at the 28th degree. The 29th/30th degree is the collapse into the celestial void, to be rapidly recreated into the zero point of the next sign.

A historical case in point would be the disaster that took place at the Daichi power plant, in Fukushima, which has become the worst, nuclear disaster in history. On 3/11/11, Uranus was in the sign of Pisces at 29 degrees and Neptune was in Aquarius, also at 29 degrees. These two, anoretic degrees, are at the critical and most volatile stage, the interzone between cosmic forces that shift from one archetypal essence to the next. When it comes to the outer planets, these shifts and fissures of energy release can be catalytic and even cataclysmic. On 3/11/11, the whole of Eastern Japan was convulsed by a major, tectonic shift, which caused a massive tsunami and flooding the Daichi, nuclear facility.


The Tusnami signaled the arrival of Neptune in Pisces, which would officially occur, on the 5th of April. This dramatic entrance signaled the elemental power of Neptune’s next incarnation in it’s own sign.

Meanwhile, Uranus in Aries was also making itself rapidly acquainted with the populace at large. Uranus is connected both etymologically and symbolically to Uranium, which of course, along with Plutonium, fuels reactors like the one at Daichi. The shift from Pisces to Aries is like a heat flash over the ocean. What was once cool and aqueous (Pisces) explodes into the fiery essence of the very core of the Earth itself in Aries.

One of the more unspoken elements of this event and sign shift is the potential of a covert war (Aries) being carried out on the planet and the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere. But now that Neptune is in Pisces, it’s become more difficult to ascertain the truth at the foggy bottom.

In October, 2008, the month that many in the country would label the most devastating, economic tsunami of our lifetime, hit. Pluto had already been in Capricorn earlier in the year and the tectonic rumblings of a faltering economy, based on shaky toxic debt, was about to reach 10.0 on the economic Richter scale.

What happened was that Americans burned up their phone lines, doing everything in their power to have their congressman and senators to stand down. In a rare show of force, they made their elective representatives vote “no” on the bailout. This was Pluto in Sag in a rampant explosion of rights and collective indignation, the last gasp perhaps as a dying republic as well, since I believe that Sag is the rising sign of the USA chart.

Once Pluto in Cap finally kicked in, the corporacratic forces settled. The bottom of the economy dropped out, the bailout occurred and the United States became financial partners with AIG, GM and Fanny Mae.

Bernanke And Paulson Testify On State Of The Economy

Pluto in Sag at 28 degrees was the final, triumphal blast that was muted into a flat note when Ben Bernanke and Henry “Hologram” Paulson strong armed congress when they actually voted a second time to pass the economic recovery act, which would later be known as TARP. Again, what we’re trying to establish is what takes place in the final degrees, the last flash of light, the final breaths as the life of the sign expires and is reborn into it’s next station.

Currently, what we are witnessing in the 28th degree of Jupiter in Cancer, is being manifest in the drama at the swollen distended border between Mexico and Texas. The drama exists on both sides of the broken fence. In places like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, a mass exodus unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory joined up with the usual human traffic from Mexico to produce staggering numbers. Of course children are taking the center stage, this is the ingress of Jupiter in Leo, the vibrations of which are mounting on the fringes of the Southwest.


Leo rules children, so children’s issues will be highlighted and expanded the days, weeks and months to come. But these things do not happen in a bubble. There isn’t just some internal signal in people that goes off, much like the swallows return to Capistrano. No, this was a highly advanced and planned out operation. We’ll return to this point later.

So we have hordes of people leaving their home (Cancer), trying to expand and travel (Jupiter). Meanwhile, here in the states, there has been growing and vocal opposition to what is taking place at the borders. In Murrieta, California, DHS buses packed with human overflow have been turned back by people who have had enough of the federal government, and it’s constant intrusion into their lives. Remember, the USA is a Cancer country, which ultimately opposes the Pluto in Capricorn, machine-like rise of the will to corporate power. The truth of the matter and it’s a heartbreaking one is that the El Salvadorians, Hondurans, Guatemalens and Mexicans are being used as pawns in a highly orchestrated, Pluto In Capricornian putsch. They were essentially told by marketing and propaganda in their countries that Obama would accept them if they brought their children to the borders. Now the administration is asking for $3.4 billion to deal with the issue. Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, lending and credit numbers soared over the past sixty days, not because people were borrowing money to start new businesses, no they were borrowing just to stay alive and keep their lives afloat, which brings us back to 2008.

The economic numbers are all smoke and mirrors. The uber-wealthy who have been able to borrow large amounts of cheap, Bernanke reserve notes thanks to quantitative easing have done incredibly well, while the middle class sinks deeper and deeper into the nether zones of diminishing resources and faded dreams. $3.4 billion as part of a small business, stimulus package with low interest loans would go a long ways towards strengthening the economic immune system, but that would never occur. It’s the perfect tryst of government and big business sucking each other off. Fifty-thousand-plus people are no small number to add to a government that wants to get bigger. They also ultimately translate into ridiculously cheap labor, which keeps wages down. It’s a major win for the mutant-beast of proto-corporate, federated-fascism.

Pluto is also the planet of death, which means that this Sauronic blitz in our midst will not succeed. It, by virtue of Pluto, is doomed to fail as it is manifesting in its current incarnation.


Transforming governance is what this is all about and it will happen.

I predict that between now and the 17th, in just eight, short days, that there will be a much more vocal (and perhaps physical) resistance by Americans regarding this issue. As a people, Americans get a bad rap thanks in part to the insanely destructive, hegemonic strategies of Bush and his Neocons. But by and large, we are a generous people, who rush to the aid of others where disasters take place, both nationally and internationally. When Katrina hit, first responders from all over the country raced to New Orleans to help. They didn’t care if the residents were black, white, brown or pink. They were needed.

Cancer, by and large, as a sign is not aggressive—it is defensive. The crab uses its claws to keep it’s threats at bay. Only when it or it’s brood is threatened, does it fight for its life. This is the very position that America (Cancer) is in, with Jupiter expanding both it’s borders and it’s own, internal response.

Stay tuned.

Let me do a Neal-like epilogue here so I can beat him to the punch; In the desert we are all dust and our DNA is just the tape loop from other worlds. The Mastodon once infringed upon the savannah of the fading Brachiosaur amidst the Earth’s shifting axis. In the company of gypsies, you learn about the slow procession of home as a moveable destination into the infinite.

Jupiter In Cancer, Nostalgia And The Collective Projection Of Memory, Plus Jupiter In Cancer Scopes For All Signs

Cancerian proportion maneyefests

Cancer is the most nostalgic sign. It is the soothing carrier wave that calls us home. It’s no coincidence that it rises at the time of the Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a seasonal reminder of where we came from. In the summer of our minds the Sun was more golden than today, days longer, cares less burdened and the dream of youth would go on forever. In most of our minds at least, it’s a sentimental journey into a type of innocence that is deeply Cancerian, deeply Summer.

On FB I asked people what their best memories were of Summer when they were young. It was fairly universal; bike riding, catching some form of reptile or bug, the cool ocean, the creek, the woods, good times.

Those days are over for most of us and in many ways, long gone. It’s not as if we exaggerate the changes, like generations often do saying it was better or harder when they were young and in the case of my generation, it was. There was never a sense that the world is a dangerous place. We didn’t do playmates. We usually walked over to another kid’s house, knocked on the door and see if they wanted to play.

We didn’t have to wear helmets when we biked.

We weren’t basted with sun screen.

AM radio was worth at least 1-2 hours of entertainment.

Parents weren’t challenged by an existential dread that accompanies that trip today. We’ve been so bombarded by what could or might happen that it seems like our kids have missed out on the breezy rules of those times. Was it the first wave of young faces plastered on the backs of milk cartons that upped the ante on fear and concern? From a Bernaysian perspective, there couldn’t have been a better meme to spike us all with a mornings dose of anxiety. Think about it. You’re going to the refrigerator to get the most feminine of all essences, even if it did come from a cow–yes milk sourced from the teat of life no matter what species. It connects you back to your most innocent and primordial state; coffee, tea, or Fruit Loops. And there, just as we subliminally re-connected, we’re hit with a photo of some child who might not be drinking milk or maybe in some other place, far from the one that they use to.

Was it a well meant method of keeping these faces in front of us or was it a way for us to drink in the fear. Was this the beginning of the end of the innocence?

My good friend Lawrence Hultberg just told me about Catherine Austin Fitts’ “Popsicle Index.” Here’s Fitt’s explanation of the “PI”; “The Popsicle Index is the % of people who believe a child can leave their home, go to the nearest place to buy a popsicle or snack, and come home alone safely. For example, if you feel that 50% of your neighbors believe a child in your neighborhood would be safe, then your Popsicle Index is 50%. The Popsicle Index is based on gut level feelings of the people who have intimate knowledge of a place, rather than facts and figures.

The purpose of the Popsicle Index is to inspire continuos conversation and learning in every neighborhood and village on earth about what it means to feel safe and secure where you live and work, to be physically free to wander and roam without concern and to identify and shift the people and things that contribute or drain that feeling.”

I’d say the global PI at this time is pretty low

But Jupiter in Cancer summons our memories from a different time, memories of a less complicated world. Imagine the NSA scandal happening in 1973? Nixon wouldn’t have just been impeached, he would have done time in San Quentin. And now, our president vacations in Africa where his popularity is not in question. When things are hard at home, ya gotta hit the road.

Jupiter in Cancer has the power to retrieve memory in such a way that it can change and transform the social landscape. The last time it was in Cancer was in 2001, hitting on July 13th, a Friday, just mere months before 911. The power of this exalted influence was hijacked and we were given, no, force-fed a type of patriotism that rose in response to 911. We ate freedom fries instead of French Fries and were now forced to stand for “God Bless America” at every 7th inning, at every baseball game across the country. Bush, a Cancer was the folksy symbol for this faux-sentimentality.

This is how powerful Jupiter in Cancer is. The arch-mages casting charts on checkered floors in the courts of the royal bloodlines know this, especially as it sits in opposition of Pluto in Capricorn, the corporarcratic behemoth that was given an unholy birth in October of 2008, when the banking crisis hit this country like a green plague. It spawned “Too big too fail” whereas Jupiter in Cancer is popsicles for all.

From the jump, the energy itself was co-opted as quickly as could be the SCOTUS as they wasted no time in voting down DOMA. Now it could be seen as a different type of family that was defined on that day with the Moon in Aquarius, but the actual legal ground on which DOMA was repealed is shaky at best. It had nothing to do with constitutionality of DOMA, but was ruled that there was a moral animus against homosexual couples. Where is the basis of the legal writ? There is none. The ruling itself is a byproduct of subjective morality and that morality was determined by five people for the rest of us. The slippery slope here is that the court can use this type of “moral animus” for just about anything.

This happened with Mercury stationary, just about to go retrograde. They squeezed it in.

So from the jump, we were already dealing with an impacting aspect surrounding Jupiter in Cancer, but this is not the nostalgia of Cancer–that has yet to be played out. Thirteen years ago, we were shocked and traumatized by 911 and the Project For The New American Century was installed quickly in the aftermath of of collective bewilderment. And in the ensuing years, people are waking up and wising up, however, there’s a downside to our wakefulness and that’s a type of vigilance that’s a lot like waiting for the next show to drop. It’s like the kid that was beaten by a parent and tip toes around, wondering when the next lashing will occur. We’re awakening and it’s coming at a price.

However, we’re more in a place than we were in 2001 to appreciate the simple things like community, a shared meal over an open flame on a warm Summer day, a cold beer, a popsicle. It sounds trite and perhaps a tad-too-sentimental, but it’s only when we open ourselves to positive memories of caring, sharing and trusting can we escort them into this domain again, because the greatest weapon we have against the tyranny of the machine is kindness and looking after one another. That is the essence of Jupiter in Cancer. It expands into our conscious awareness and allows us to seefeel through the eyeheart of another. As a result, we can make amends for our past errors and address the grievances we have or are held against us.

One of my major concerns right now is the Zimmernan trial taking place in Florida. Between Paula Deen’s massive deconstruction with race as the ICBM that scored a direct hit to reputation and Jamie Foxx sporting his Trayvon Martin at the BET awards, I’m concerned that the racial fires are being stoked and that if Zimmerman walks, America might be in peril even though that Zimmerman isn’t Caucasian. He’s actually mixed. His mother is Afro-Peruvian, with black ancestry according to Wikipedia. Let’s hope that the waters of Jupiter in Cancer will wash away any moral animus in the wake of this case, no matter what happens. Our immediate future might depend upon it. By the way, Martin is Martian, which of course is derivation of Mars, the God of War.

So what’s it going to be like for all signs over the next twelve months with Jupiter in Cancer? Read on and discover your destiny:


Quite simply Aries, plant yourself wherever you are. Your meanderings and restless heart need solid ground no matter what’s taking place in your life. If the soil is hard, work it. Break it down and build it up. There’s no guarantee that the next stop will be any better. The sooner you start, the faster your process will take place. By the time Jupiter moves into the more amenable sign of Leo, you’ll be ready to claim the royal bounty as a result of your willingness to face yourself by staying where you are.


Expand your ability to think and communicate. If you ever wanted to learn a second or a third language, this would be a very good time. This Jupiter is oh-so mutually receptive to you. It loosens up your hard pack clay and you are supple, pliable and even moist. For those of you that are entrepreneurially inclined, starting your own business could be a good thing. Just make sure it includes flowers, scents and delicious things to eat. If you do, success is almost guaranteed.


It’s an astrological cliche that when Jupiter swings into the second house that ones providence rises in proportion to it’s snug position. So Gems and Gem rising, rest assured that the struggle to survive gets a twelve-month-reprieve and its not anything you’ll do, but what you’ve already done. Just make sure you finish the big ticket items and then sit back and watch the blessings roll in like the tide.


You’ve been waiting for this season for the last four years. Your Hejira has come to end of sorts. The hard cardinal angles are still going to bear down upon you, but you have a significant shield that makes life just a little easier, a little more trustworthy than it has been in recent memory. Dare I say that you’ll even be lucky? Luck is not some mystical force for the most part. It’s a type of mental/spiritual/emotional concordance that when achieved, allows for miracle and magic to manifest. Luck at it’s highest form is grace and you’ve got it. Stay humble and expand into what you do best. Love.


A spiritual home is just as important as a physical domain and for the next twelve months you’re in search of yours. It could lead you to Katmandu or The Alley Kat Bar & Grill, it doesn’t matter where, what does matter is how you feel when you are there or anywhere for that matter. Reality will be an inside out affair for you, so honor it and allow your inner life to bless you with a feeling of coming home, again and again and again.


Everyone needs a community and you are about to find yours. While you are not the consummate loner, your number is nine, the number of the hermit in the major arcana, so you do have your hermetic tendencies, which is not the same as being a loner. You’re okay with yourself and doing the things you like. Loners make choices to be separate and that’s another discussion altogether. That said, you are about to be met by others that are like minded and hearted and guess what? You’re prickly Virgo ass is gonna have some fun with your new found friends and if you’re paying attention, you’ll start something interesting with them, like a co-op, a farm or a film company that specializes in documentaries.


This cardinal magic hits you where you need it most–in your chosen profession–but not in a way that you think. You might think that this might mean a new job, a promotion, maybe even a new career. Well, those are all possible, but not the immediate payoff here. This aspect is about going deeply into what you do. Libra has a bit a of a bad rap as being an auteur, versus an artist and not knowing the difference between the two. You can bridge that gap by dropping down into your art/work and channeling as much empathy as possible. In so doing, your airy ideas are filled with thunderstorms and clouds of joy alike. Allow yourself to be touched and give your all, in all you do.


Activating your higher purpose has everything to do with your being able to transform the intensity of your life experience into something resembling faith. I look at someone like AAron Hernandez, the Patriots TE with the troubled past who is in jail awaiting a murder trial. Sometimes I wonder if the likes of Hernandez are here to channel the darkest parts of our nature, taking on our collective psychopathology like deadly empaths with brutal karma. I wonder this because he’s a Scorpio and somehow couldn’t transform the suffering of when he lost his father as a teen into some greater realization and higher ground. But that’s what you’re all about for the next 12 months. Don’t worry, you’re not going to want to kill anyone and it’s going to be easier than you think. You’re out of the darkness. Round up to the next, most positive emotion and oh, get away if you can. You need a really good vacation.


Jim Morrison was credited with being rock’s first shaman, though I think that’s being a tad generous. Shamans actually care about the life of the tribe and yet while there’s no doubt that the Lizard King could descend into raging fugue states, often with the help of powerful psychedelics and alcohol, I never got the sense he gave a shit about anyone other than Jim. Think of yourself as Morrison but without the heavy trips. Your plunge into the nether regions of the psyche will do you well. Regard it as an amazing journey into a psycho-spiritual realm, where you are renewed by sacral forces that bring with them sublime knowledge and an overwhelming sense of well being. But here’s the catch–unlike Morrison you have to care. If you don’t the sleeping dragon will not be kind to you–trust me.


Everyone’s heart has to melt sometime and guess what? This time is yours. Yes, your polar ice caps are gonna, drip, drip, drip away. That means the waters rise and with it, your emotional state as well. When that happens, people will sit up and take notice. You’ll be accessible and even approachable. Guess what that means? People get to see your softer side, you know, the one that’s actually interested in others. If you don’t play with this energy, well, you’ll miss out on a lot of meaningful emotions and maybe, just maybe true love. The other option? Well, you could remain steadfast in your in your serious profile, but you’d miss 12 months that could take 12 years off your life with the right person. Sounds like a good tradeoff to me.


I’m hard on Aquarius sometimes as I’ve seen not much good coming out of the manufactured revolutionary cycles and personalities that history has given us, like the Bolshevik Revolution, Saul Alinsky and The Beatles, but I refuse to give up on you since I have Chiron in Aquarius. I have to embrace my own revolutionary wound. Here’s something that might help us both; Radical Service. Ponder that one for a moment, because that’s your mission. Find ways to use your brilliance on behalf of others, not an ideal, but a real purpose. Bring some much needed compassion and you’ll dazzle the world with a new brand of care, an ideology that is love in action.


We come to the dreamer, the lover, the martyr, the paranoid, the saint. Yes, that’s you. What if I told you that you were going to get all that you want and more over the next twelve months, however, there would be one, simple caveat and that is that you would have to be unabashedly you. Yep. That’s right. No more hiding out or trying to fit in. Can’t get the prize wearing a disguise. Your triple-hot fudge-happiness-sunday cannot be savored unless you are willing to take the risk of the rest of the world seeing just how marvelous, kooky, spooky, weird sweet you are. If you do that, I promise that the next year will exceed even your wildest expectations.

Seven Rises In The New Atlantis, 2013, The Great Culling, The Great Calling, Year Forecasts For All Signs

Calling all Mars.

So Lance Armstrong is confessing to the black popess of daytime TV. He should be talking with SiStar Myrah instead. If he wants to come clean, let him get some real sanctification. By the way, if you’ve never heard my interview with SiStar Myrah about the Super Bowl rituals, it’s a must listen and you can hear it here. Speaking of Super Bowls, we’re approaching what’s becoming the most unholiest of Sundays. Last year, we witnessed the blatant summoning of Isis in the guise of Ma-don-na. These performance rituals in February set the tone for the rest of the year, with Ma-don-na at Lucas/Lucifer field in Indianapolis. Keep in mind, that while the ma-terial girl was busy shakin’ her ass and grinding underneath the gaze of the all-seeing-eye, Egypt was in flames, half way into it’s so called revolution. As Ma-don-na transformed into Isis, half way around the world, where Isis once landed from a distant star, that country was in turmoil and upheaval.

The two teams were the Giants vs. The Patriots and we explored the theme of the Giants as Elohim or the giant race and the Patriots as the patriarchal symbol of the USA. The giants from heaven, the giants of Wall Street, the giants of a race from another time reborn were now in our midst. And who won the World Series? The San Francisco Giants. So that brings us to this Super Bowl, even if we’re not quite there yet. Let’s trip down a rabbit hole shall we?

There are four teams left; the aforementioned Patriots, the Ravens, the Falcons and the Forty-Niners. It’s important to note where these teams are from and what they stand for amidst the current milieu of our time. The two teams that stand out the most for me are the Patriots (always a handy cipher thanks to Bob Kraft/Craft) and the Falcons from Atlanta. Why these two teams? Well, if you haven’t noticed it yet, America is about 2-3 edgy events away from a full tilt boogie in the streets. Abraham Lincoln, er I mean Obama is about to throw down the gauntlet on gun control and make those “tough choices” for a country that’s almost split as far and wide as you can get without a Mason-Dixon line separating the red from the blue, the black from the white, the left from the right. We are in the cyclonic vortex of polarization, many thanks due in part to Jupiter retro in Gemini exploiting the widening rift, the deepening of the psychological breach between one people, nation under God. If you think Sandy Hook has something to do with this, you’re right, because now, as it stands, it’s punched a hole through the collective credibility membrane and is whiplashing around the psyche. You’ve got Gene Rosen crying to anyone who’ll listen (without a tear of course) that he’s being harassed by “conspiracy theorists.” Well troll the mainstream message boards and you’ll see Uncle Gene getting all kinds of support and love with outrage and venom spitting back at anyone who would dare question his ever-changing story. But go a little deeper and you’ll see waves of disbelief swelling like storm forming just beyond the event horizon. The mass NLP is wearing off. People are waking up–trust me on this.

So we have Obama as Lincoln, from the north getting ready to throw down on the Southern mentality of secession, independence and gun culture. What team most represents that meme, that’s still left? It’s the Falcons from Atlanta, where the south took one of its worst beatings; in fact the whole damn place was nearly burned to the ground. So it would make a lot of sense from a meta-level for the Yankee north (Patriots) to flatten the rebel south, down in Nawlins, with Beyoncé movin’ her booty in voodoo ground central, likely under the set and setting of one Es Devlin, art director for Jay-Z, Kanye, Gaga, Muse and the illuminati in general. One month later, Beyoncé will fly north and sing at the inauguration where Lincoln I mean Obama, will be sworn in once again with Lincoln’s bible.

Just one astrologer’s take on these things.

This doesn’t bode well for my Niners I’m afraid. You might recall that I posted extensively about Colin Kaepernick. If you managed to catch last Saturday’s game against the Packers, Kaepernick took it over in a way that I have almost never seen in a pro-football game. He was more like Michael Jordan or Magic or Bird in the way he single-handedly won the game in such a dominating fashion. This usually does not happen in football, the ultimate team sport and there he was, gashing the Packers in a game that made Aaron Rodgers, the best QB in the league, look, well, pretty average. It was jaw dropping. So much in fact that after the game, the studio crew with Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Mike Strahan and Jimmy Johnson looked like they had just witnessed the massacre of the game they once knew. Colin Kapernick became a quantum agent of change.

There is something really past life driven between Kaepernick and his coach, Jim Harbaugh. These two have seen the plains of battle together, before and I am guessing, Rome, soldiers, gladiators, Sparta. Kaepernick is on the record that he is fascinated with Rome and gladiators. His foster mother has given him a Roman coin he wears around his neck. He has Moon conjunct the TN in Aries (god of war) and Jupiter in Aries as well, trine Uranus in Sag. His birth mother is Italian and her last name is “Russo” which means red, color of Mars, again god of war and get this; the guy who calls his plays, the offensive coordinator, is named, Greg Roman.

But Kaepernick is no pagan, he’s a devout Christian and his body is illustrated with biblical verse. There’s something meta-magical happening here and I’m wondering if there is some sort of set-up taking place. Kaepernick is on the latest cover of Sports Illustrated (generally considered a curse). Check out this cover for a moment. Notice the red/Martian theme in the foreground and background too. Notice Red Sox story at the top of the issue. Then there’s the mystic 7 and the “Holy” association with Kaepernick and his rippling scripture. Then there’s this weird diminution of Harbaugh, his coach, a cutout talking head, palsied ingloriously close to Kaepernick’s hindquarters. It’s rather strange and I fear it’s a set-up for a fall this Sunday in the new Atlantis. The Sun will be at 0 degrees Aquarius game time and the Falcons are loaded with Aquarian stars in Julio Jones, Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers. Matt Ryan has Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini, which will be in the first house at game time. The Moon will be in Taurus, which will conjunct not only Ryan’s Sun abut Moon as well. It will oppose Kaepernick’s Sun and the last time this happened, the Niners got beat down in Seattle in a cold and dreary nightmare of a game. For SF to win, they’ll need their own Aquarian heroes to shine. That would be Vernon Davis and the enigmatic Randy Moss. Most pundits are salivating over Harbaugh vs Belichick, but it’s feeling like the gods of Olympus will move the chess pieces wherever they deem most important to their galactic fancies and whims as passion plays loaded with symbolism for the feeble minds of man.

We’ll see.

How about you though? What does 2103 have in store for you and your sign? How will the gods of mercy and fate smile upon your sweet brow of the next turn of the Gregorian cycle? In the year of the great culling, snake skin shedding, death and rebirth, the year of the phoenix in the flames of lives and nations burning, will you be whistling dixie or tap dancing on the grave of the self that no longer serves a paradigm of obedience and sleep. Let’s find out, shall we?


You’re one of the gang of four this year, part of the cardinal cross bearers (You, Cancer, Cap and Libra). As a result life challenges you on your most basic strategy; action. One of the things that you’re going to learn, in spite of the quantum acceleration of Uranus, is that you cannot complete your mission alone. Its like calling in the four directions; South for home, east for relations, north for elders and wisdom of the tribe. As painful as it might be to realize that you are not Sarah Conner in this turn of the great wheel, it’s also extremely empowering to know that the people you’ll meet along the way this coming year will also have gaps and chunks that they need to fill and build out. This is never more apparent than this summer, when it feels like the world around you is stopping, slowing down into its component parts of a fractal dream. Out of the deceleration, you begin to ponder things like home, in not just a physical sense, but also a more abstract existential quest for the place inside that you can return to again and again and renew your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Dare I say that there will be a softening of sorts around your rugged and efficient exterior? While you might take some time out to contemplate your true north, it by no means, means that there is s full stop headed your way, not with Uranus and it’s hyper-dimensional ripple effect. You are a point of contact for radical solutions and rapid innovation. February is a launching pad, a point of trajectory where you’ll take on big picture projects and spend the rest of the year refining the results. New ways of communicating had sharing information should be at the top of your list. April is when you put it all on the line and have to deal with being unpopular with co-workers for a dramatic decision. May, the dust settles and the rest of your body will need some time to catch up with the central nervous system. November has you dealing deeply with issues of legacy; your own and shadows from your past. The inner sky cracks open and the rain of grief finally falls upon your parched spirit. Long held grudges and grievances melt away and allow you to face the future in 2014 with an even greater sense of possibility and destiny. The overall theme of the year? Hit the gas on straightaways when you can, but bring plenty of change for the toll roads ahead.


Now that Saturn has swung into your opposite sign, life has your attention–doesn’t it? Well the fun is just starting. Your mission in 2013 is to be on your toes; Think cows in tutus doing ballet kind of on your toes. Now did that get your attention? So how does a cow do a proper cabriole? I’ll tell you how–they get in shape first before they even attempt it. That, my dear sweet bull is the first order of 2013 for you. Going to the gym is okay, but you need something more, deeper and ultimately a way to link body and psyche together in perfect somatic synchrony. Yoga is good, but make sure you can do it outdoors if you can so that you can tap into nature’s energy fields. But more importantly, this is the year you need to dance. It doesn’t matter if it’s Zumba or Rhumba, Afro-Caribbean or Pleiadian, just get it in gear and go as deep as you can with your observations of your explorations. Note how your body changes and your dreams shift when you hit walls or reach peaks. Yes, I’m challenging you to achieve and go places you’ve never been or re-visit them years later. And guess what happens when you dance? You meet people. You find a partner that synchronizes with you on the dance floor and the bedroom. Why do think I’m recommending dancing? It’s time for you to fuse with another; to link your DNA in an ecstatic entanglement of Eros inspired enlightenment. Yes, in 2013, you could experience the tantra of realization. Now in order to do this, I advise you to pick your partner carefully. If you’re already in a committed relationship, Saturn will flesh out how much life it has left in it. Saturn is not Pluto. Saturn is the lord of recycling and not just karmic bitchslaps. You can re-invest in your most primary relationships vis-a-vis Saturn in Scorpio and since you are a shrewd judge of value, you’ll know exactly how much and where needs to be applied, but it is YOU that must do it, not the other way around. Two major eclipses play a role for you in 2013. The first, in May gets your attention in a big way. Think shortages and planning for the future. If you do it right, the next one in November won’t knock you off the grid for good. Oh yeah, this Summer, if you don’t grow a garden, you’re missing out on not only some record fruits and veggies, but a back-story about nature and the interconnectedness of all things, that will frankly blow you away.


The high on nitrous, merry-go-round with day glo cotton candy isn’t about to stop just yet, but I will tell you that it’s getting ready to go in the right direction if you even care at this point–it’s all gonna wind up in your memoirs anyway. But lets slow down a bit and take a step back. Right now, if I were your astral-homeopath, I’d recommend thing like magnesium oil, silica, Epsom salts, food grade diatomaceous earth, cell salts and drops of high grade, ionic silver. Why? Because your central nervous system has taken a beating in the past few months and you need those things to soothe and cool the fiery tips of your neural receptors. All these goodies would not only ground you and reinforce the myelin sheaths, but they would help fine-tune your greatest asset–the crystal transceiver between your ears. You don’t need some kind of AI upgrade as much as Verizon would like you to think–you just need to reinforce what you already have and perfect it’s crystalline essence. While the early part of 2013 is filled with ideas and inspirations crackling like a lightning storm around your crown, the energy shifts on the solstice and you get the call to ground it all. This is a twelve-month-cycle that allows you to give birth to your wildest dreams and schemes in 2014, but you must plant the seeds this year and tend to them. For Gems that write, it’s all about writing, editing and pruning. Non-writing Gems, it’s about making sure that any ideas have the capacity feed others. Once you get past the Summer solstice, you have no more room for idle abstraction and if you continue to dwell in trivial pursuits, you’ll miss the mark. Bye the way, June is just way too much fun for a Gemini. Just giving you a heads up to rest up in say around April for the non-stop, giddy, tilt-a-whirl, synchronistic-poetry-slam fest of cocktails with lesser gods of many pantheons. Just letting you know far in advance and can I tag along for the ride? Even Gems have their serious and sober sides. That’s November for you. Throttle back and clear the lines so to speak. If you ever get bored (God forbid) take an Aries to lunch and get them to tell you about the next big thing to change our world. You won’t be disappointed.


Ahhhh, my dear, sweet, loving and feeling Cancerian friends. If I were a preacher on a Sunday morning, mega-church broadcast, beaming to you from the heart of my plush and gilded cathedral in the center of a polytetrahedonic cathedral, I would say verily unto thee, “Rise, rise o yee battered and bruised, trampled and abused children of the sea, rise from your fetal state where you are just holding by the thinnest and sharpest point of your chipped and cracked claws. Rise up and feel the holy spirit move through you like a warm glow that spreads from root to fruit, from alpha to omega, rise, rise, your time for trial and tribulation draws to an end, while the rest of God’s children begin to bear share your bittersweet burden. In essence my brothers and sisters, it is time to lay down your crosses.” How does this sound? You’ve been down for way, way too long. First it was Pluto, then it was Saturn, then it was Uranus, all conspiring to crack that crabby shell, to make you move forward when sideways or even backwards would have been just fine, or when they forced you to leave your precious home. Starting this summer, the tide comes back in and you begin to float, rising to new levels of buoyancy. And here’s the kicker. While others are gripping you’ll be amazed by how calm, cool and collected you’ll be. For crabs whose beds and hearts are empty, that will change as well. Expect love to come rushing in along with the tide. Now that doesn’t mean that you’ll get a free pass in 2013, sorry. You’ll have to deal with the two, big time squares in May and November just like the rest of us, including and especially Aries, Libra and Cap, but the difference this year, is that you can handle them in a different way. While you won’t stare them down and beat them back, you’ll be up for working with the energy instead of it working you. In May, partnerships and work demand your attention and get you thinking about upgrades for both. In November, its fish or cut bait. You’re either moving up together or moving on. After that, the great big ocean awaits and you’ll be just fine either swimming together or alone.


2013 has the potential to be an uncharacteristically uneventful year and based on what I’m seeing for 2013, that may not be such a bad thing. Let’s cut right to the chase. You need to focus on home and I mean in a true, physical, not metaphysical or metaphoric sense. It’s not sexy, but you’ve got to get down beneath the surface of things. On a mundane level, we’re talking plumbing, pipes, water, septic systems . . . you get my drift. If you don’t deal with these dirty little details, it’s going to be more challenging for you in 2014 when you really get to step out and want nothing to do with such mundane affairs. But wait! There’s more. You also need to look into your mortgage, deeds, easements, you name it. Anything that is associated with your house that has a value attached to it, and has someone else’s signature from a lending or municipal institution you must pay attention. While you’re rooting around the pipes and papers, you’ll also take large chunks of timeout and guess what? You won’t miss what you think you’d miss. Just being honest here, 2013 “should” be a year where you re-charge, get stronger and go deeper. Past and future merge. Why are you here? What is Love? Where do you want to be in ten years? How can I paint my soul with tubes of liquid neon? How can I make the perfect bowl of Pho and so on? Mars does a turn in your sign at the end of your solar return. July through mid-October are peak months and a harbinger for what lies ahead for you from the Summer Solstice on in 2014, when your roar is heard loud and clear throughout the galaxy. My advice to you? Don’t press too much. Sit back and absorb life. Learn from children, the seasons and universal mothers, but make damn sure that where you lay your head is high, dry and yours.


Scorpio and Virgo are odd bedfellows. The sweet sextile between the two for the next year and beyond is actually quite supportive for both signs, but Virgo in particular. Virgos are closet doctors, nurses, herbalists and healers–well sometimes not so closeted. Saturn in Scorpio turns up the heat, healing and otherwise. Normally conservative Virgos will seek greater depth in any work they are consciously involved in, pushing them deeper into places outside of their comfort zone. If you happen to be said Virgo, this is your year to go deep sea diving. To stimulate your sense of adventure and natural imagination, I would suggest exploring the pictorial realms of the Abyssal Zone, where strange creatures live only off the thermal deep-sea vents and the microscopic detritus of sea life much closer to the surface. You’ll totally relate to the efficiency of these creatures, where their translucent forms reveal the most fundamental internal organs for digestion and yes, even pro-creation, where down in the dark, at PSI that would crush your skull like a grapefruit, these creatures mate, hatch their broods and perform a common ritual under unusually uncommon circumstances. It may be just some sort of strange genetic code or it might even be the most outrageous form of love that exists. The deep-sea vents are pure Scorpio, awash with the molten code of bio-magnetic effluvia, nurturing colonies psychedelic tubeworms, which preform some important role in the grand chain of life itself. These are your unusual totems for the days ahead and not just because you marvel at their simplicity–no–it’s because you marvel at their ability to adapt under harsh conditions and even thrive. They are a symbol for our time and you get it. On a more mundane note, you’re being asked to up your game during the two major squares of Uranus and Pluto in 2013. Be prepared to jack into the holodeck of career change if you need to or if for some reason (yes this could happen) you become redundant. Food trucks, ice cream stands, mobile massage, psychic troubleshooter. More autonomy and taking responsibility for what you do is going to be essential. Untangling old knots and tying new ones could also be very much in your future in 2013. Ring those bells!


I just spoke with a Libra friend who is on a crash course for turning herself into a high-priestess of some sort of eclectic and electric faith. She toned in the King’s Chamber on 12/21/12 and just a few weeks later cruised around Australia listening to and learning from Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden and Doreen Virtue. She hops around the globe like some people drive down to the 7-11 and the most amazing part? Well, I won’t give her alchemical secret away, well not too much, but she does some of it through selling thousands of miles of adhesive tape. She’s quietly one of the most influential people on the planet. Why? Because what she does helps hold the world together–literally. And therein lies the deeper subtext for you in 2012. As part of the cardinal cross club, you are being stretched like no other time. Uranus is giving you a sense of urgency, pushing you to find the now within the now, occasionally jamming your Venusian cool, especially in relationships. Capricorn demands that you examine your habit as a grace junkie, while Jupiter this summer urges you to find that sweet, vocational spot where you absolutely love what you do. Not terribly demanding–is it? And through it all, you are aware of your resources in a way that you have never been aware before. It’s in the air you know. Americans are saving at record levels and your normally whimsical self gets some wake up calls in 2013, especially in May when the 11/11 square hits. If I were you, I’d double my assets in hard metals just prior to this time. Up through June, Libras have tremendous popularity–use it wisely and well–forward programs and projects that are near and dear to your heart. You’re one of the great networkers of the zodiac. Don’t stop now. If you somehow manage to miss a few steps along the way, don’t stress out, because next year, the TN shifts into your sign and you become the most important person in the room without really trying.


Whenever I get to Scorpio on the scopes, I feel like I’m headed for the home stretch, rounding the corner and yet, in some ways, I’m convincing myself that I am almost there when I still have to deconstruct four more signs in a unique, compelling and hopefully helpful fashion. In essence, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Dig? That is the message for you right now and I think for us collectively, since agents of Scorpio hold the key. Cloak and dagger, revelation, ripping back the curtain to reveal the tiny man with the microphone (no, not Bob Costas). So this is who you are and what’s happening, your stinger is like a hook, perhaps a Sandy Hook? This is the year where the Pluto in Scorpio kids have Saturn crossing their Pluto. It’s an intense maturation process that’s happening at a freakish speed, almost like species mutation. We’re in the collective Saturn cycle now and the next 15 years will be marked by greater societal change than what’s taken place in the last 15 if you can believe it and you dear Scorp will begin to feel these social tremors long before anyone else. When Saturn begins the cycle of crossing your Sun, it’s a new beginning, a re-set and for you, shedding your skin in the year of the snake is a natural fit, or unfit. But no matter how this year unfolds for you, you are the point person for truth. Just look at what’s happened since Saturn has moved into your sign; Gerry Sandusky sentenced, Jimmy Saville exhumed, Petraeus and Broadwell (both Scorpios) busted. You are going through your own deep revelations, exposing conspiracies of self, scandals rocking your own identity and that’s the way it should be. No stone gets unturned as they roll away. In doing so, you assume a moral authority that is uncommon and your presence is a field of naked discovery. For those that are open and clear, it creates a rare space of deep intimacy and recognition, for those that aren’t, well they might not stick around for very long, but that’s you. Those that love you are drawn to you and those that fear you are repelled. 2013? Sounds like business as usual.


Don’t worry archers, your temporary state of ADD is winding down (thank God) and while it’s given you many brainstorms, those precious thought seeds haven’t quite sprouted yet. As Jupiter moves forward, so do your plans and projects (thank God), but while your brains get scrambled back together like some reconstructed desert out of the mind of Ferran Adria, there’s a deeper, parallel energy that’s taking place at the same time, so consider 2013 an exercise in patience, a journey to the dark side of the Sun on occasion, well more than on occasion actually, but that’s a minor detail. What’s a major detail is Uranus and how it’s lighting up a sense of possibility, especially as it relates to your sense of what’s possible from a creative place. April is off the charts for you, so even if you’re doing time on Saturn, in April, you get sprung, trust me on this. But the overall quality for you in 2012 is about the acquisition of wisdom. We’re not talking run of the mill, good old Sag pontificating, nope, we’re talking deep diving, shamanic death and rebirth kind of wisdom, the stuff that’s so unshakable that you simply transmit it with a look, a glance, a gesture, but the only way to get there, the only way that you can attain this precious gift that initiates of secret orders sell their should for, is to die to your conception of how the world “should” be. This isn’t always easy for a sign that can exhibit strong powers of optimism and faith, but it’s the only through to the other side. You’re greatest obstacle, aside from your own fear, is your choice to pre-maturely abort your mission due to a sudden case of terminal cynicism. It’s not the easiest of passages, but what’s life without a little adventure? An Ivory/Merchant film on Zoloft. So bear up, pull up your big boy and big girl pants and set forth. Oh yeah, did I mention that one of the most terrifying things you’ll be staring down this year is your own aloneness? Well, there’s a cure for that. It’s called marriage. LOL I told you that you had to face your the annihilation of your concept of the world. I never said you would end up alone with all that magnificent gnosis, now did I?


I just finished watching, “Get The Gringo” with one, Capricorn, Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson, yes, the Road Warrior himself. It’s a classic picaresque of Capricornian proportions. Mel’s character is on the bad end of $2,000,000.00 theft, getting busted by the Mexican border patrol with the majority of the cash. He winds up in a quasi-barrio prison, where he quickly rises to prominence inside the prison culture due to his street smarts and ex-military training. By the end of the film, he’s doling out vengeance, saving a mamacita and her chain-smoking nine, while pocketing close to $1.5 mill. from his original theft. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because in some ways, Mel’s film will mirror your life. Not the getting your balls kicked out you scene, nor the reaching for the gun in the crap filled toilet scene, but the overall arc of the character and the story. It’s about overcoming odds through a series of challenges, trials and adversity, often in strange places, with people you barely understand. Yes, I’m talking about the work place. You see, Mel’s character develops a plan and modifies it accordingly based on his available resources and and ever shifting topography of allies. We’re in year four of when Pluto first went into Capricorn, so you’ve had some time to adjust to the intensity and gravitas, the sudden change and the deeply thorough blasts of transformation rippling through your sign. If you’re a Capricorn boss, chances are that you’ve had to lay people, good people off at some point over the past three years. If you deal with money, chances are that you had to reject loans, call them in or flat out remove someone from their premises. If you’re in education, chances are that you had to shut down programs due to lack of funding and yet you survived, even thrived while you watched others fall by the wayside. Some of you might have twinges of survivor guilt, while other Caps just know that this is par for the course and the reason why, is that you understand cycles and time almost better than any other sign and you know that the wheel will turn for some and if you have the opportunity to help (this might be that year) then you will act as an agent of redemption, a silent savior of sorts, balancing out the karmic checkbook of the universe in your own inimitable way. Don’t stop, don’t give up now. Another famous Capricorn, David Bowie is about to release his first album in ten years. It’s going to be an affirmation of his life and in 2013, after the intensity you have been through, you’ll have some affirmation for your own.


Coming down the back stretch here boys and girls, I’m feeling giddy, my first post of 2013 and I went for the epic, 5,000 word production. And you wondered why it took me so long? Enough about me, let’s talk about you. I’m concerned about you Aquarius, in fact I even fear for you in some ways. In 2013, each sign will have it’s own unique temptation and test; it is the year of the devil and death. My concern for you is that somewhere along the way, oh shall we say May, that your spirit will take on a heavy aspect. Now this aspect won’t have as much to do with your life as it does your relationship with life. I’m concerned that you will view the events of the world at large in a way that shifts your forward thinking and progressive attitude to something more practical and reasonable. While this sounds good on paper, don’t fool yourself; it could the first step towards a complete rationalization of abandoning your dreams. In fact, you might even be tempted by something like a new job or a grant or something that looks good on the surface but if you’re truly honest with yourself, you’ll realize that you’re lying to yourself and the most subtle reason is, is that you’re scared, You’re scared of the way that the world is turning and you want to be on the right side of that change. Oh, I’m sure some shiny new project or assignment might sound convincing at the time, but sit with it and you’ll see where you’re holding out. So the question is, what do you do? How do you maintain your sense of purpose and hope? How do you retain your power? How can you avoid the subtlest self-sabotaging coup of your consciousness? Here’s my advice. Don’t buy into the bullshit. Don’t get down. Hold fast to the inner flame that guides you, because once the Solstice rolls around, nurturing your purpose is of outmost importance, The great thing about this arrangement is that you’ll show us how it’s done. Once you lock in on your purpose, and use some of that brilliant, yet fixed tunnel vision, the world begins to recede. The reason why I’m sharing this with you, is that I don’t want your sweet genius to fall into wrong hands, because if I’ve forgotten to mention it. it’s going to be off the freaking charts. Lastly, practice charity in a responsible fashion. Help out the world and the world in turn will assist you.


Last but not least, the sweet fish swims into action this year, dauntless, yet aware of the big, very big picture. In a world that is fraught with seemingly more and more illusion on a daily basis, Pisces is just finding its sweet spot in the current of high strangeness. “Welcome to my world” the mermaid whispers. While others see you as anything from a flake to St. Bernadette, its because of all signs, you are the one most prone to the projection of others extreme hopes and fears. That changes this year. People around you, from your immediate family to your FB friends, they finally start to get you, finally realize that you’re not crazy and that all those crazy conspiracy theories and tripped out visions you’ve been having, night be that strange after all. Yes, the world is finally catching up to you. We’re not sure if this is a good or bad thing quite honestly for the rest of us, but for you, unfazed and blithely swimming into the dark waters of an uncertain future. Every sign needs a strategy, even yours, so what should you do? How can you maximize your experience, as a tsunami of change is about to crash down upon all of us? Go deeper. While everyone is rising to the surface, seeking superficial answers and quick fixes, you need to go into the opposite direction, because 2013 lines up for you like no other year has for at least a decade. Plunge. Explore your art. Dive into your creativity. While the world screams lack, you serve up baked kale chips and ginger, lemon and beet shots. While the world has had it’s collective head separated from it’s body, get out your sketchbook and capture the unseen agents of fortitude and grace resting at their elbows, kneeling at their knees. While the lies get bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass after six months of pregnancy, you’ll be a fountain of truth, no longer just a babbling brook, telling it like it is without any kind of fear, remorse or sense of repercussion. Yes, you are out collective hero in 2013. March is pure Nirvana. Soak it up. July brings a practicality to your dreams. Act on them. And November is a kind of reckoning and zero sum moment that has you out front, telling the rest of us that it’s going to be all right for a change. God bless you Pisces.

Mercury Moves Forward, Piscean David Wilcock Breaks Whistle Blower, Turi Touts One World And Understanding The Nodes

This has nothing to do with this post–just do the math.

I’m not the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus, though it does seem like having those disincarnate bonafides will get you 30 to 40 minutes on the History Channel or Coast-To-Coast, whenever deemed necessary. Yes, I’m talking about David Wilcock and Louis (Louie) Turi if you haven’t figured it out. I rarely call out other writers, researchers and hosts, but I am compelled, no driven, no moved by a higher power to examine some of the things that hey have said and or reported over the past few days and weeks. There’s an interesting astrological thread that connects Wilcock and Turi, but I will save it for the end of this column. That’s called a tease in the biz. Now you can go to the end and say “screw you Phoenix” and find out what that connection is and why its important to the narrative, but then you’d miss out on all the juicy stuff in between. Let’s start with Louie Turi.

I met Louie for the first time in 1996. We shared space at the Whole Life Expo, his booth next to mine. I was doing tarot readings, he was doing astrology with his smokin’ hot young wife. I was just going live with the prophecy game and Louie had been at it for a while. I didn’t know much about him, but he gave me a reading (I paid for it) and told me one thing that made total sense; He told me that, “I needed meat–red meat.” He was right. I had been trying to be a vegetarian and I was cold and listless all the time. He didn’t know this, but hit it on the money. That night I had an organic cheeseburger and never looked back.

Louie also taught me about The Dragon’s Head and tail (ie the north and south node) and how they play a significant role in our energy and destiny. He taught me that the North Node was where it was at for this lifetime, and the South Node was where it was in other lives.

I have the North Node in Virgo in my 10th House and the South Node in Pisces in my 4th House. But the way that he described it, it was about the lionization of the North Node and the demonization of the South Node.
So in my case, Pisces was kryptonite. According to Louie, I needed to steer a wide birth from anything that looked or smelled fishy. Well, there was some truth to this. I had one Pisces girlfriend that ruined a budding career and another Pisces crush that led me to a hard night in jail. Needless to say, that after this confirmation, I dated everything between Aries and Aquarius, since the 12th sign had become my personal hazmat zone. So I got some solid info from him, which makes what I am about to write even more difficult.

I heard Louie on Coast-To-Coast the other night and I was sadly disappointed by what I heard. In fact, what I heard was downright dangerous.

I listened through his thick, irregular, yet oddly musical French accent talk about how the upcoming Friday (last week) would be, “A very stressful time that could be quite dangerous and that the police had to watch out for the bad guys out there–to take extra pre-caution.” He was talking about terrorists, implying that there could be a “terror threat” out there. When I heard that, it felt like Louie had turned into the Dennis Miller of astrology or what my pal Visible calls the “Christopher Hitchens Syndrome.” Essentially, its someone that changes uniforms in the middle-of-the game. Louie was backing the “terrorist narrative meme.”

I thought to myself, that it was a little shameless, because I know that he knows whats going on. He’s too smart. I may question his politics and his promotion of paradigms, but he’s not naive. Then, he went on a prediction riff and saw more financial and economic chaos for the US in the months ahead. Well, that’s not much of a reach. But then he saw things turning around and once the inevitable crash was going to occur, then there would be a re-structuring of the financial system that would be concurrent with the rise and completion of the “Freedom Tower” now known as the “One World Trade Center” which is essentially the new Tower of Babble, the stratospheric obelisk of the “One World” government.

Louie Turi was pimping out the “New World Order.” George Noory remained his passive self, never really questioning him about his predictions or illuminist predilections, for that matter, which is really the Noory way of things.

Then Louie pimped out his Cosmic Code special for just $24.95 for all “Coast-To-Coast” listeners and I wanted to take a shower. Maybe I could have swallowed his hard hawking (because everyone has gotta make a buck) if he had a little less elite suck in him that night. Maybe I could have glossed over his Ron Popiel astro-pitch, but I just couldn’t. Everything became a schtick for me at that point and no matter what I learned from him in that brief, yet very instructive reading, I just couldn’t take him seriously any more.

In my own peregrinations amongst the stars, I recently stumbled upon the key to the South Node or the Dragon’s Tail, which liberated my understanding of it, removing the negative stigma that I had absorbed all those years ago. As I sat in front of my computer last week, and spoke into it doing a reading for someone and later doing my show, I realized that I was living my South Node in a positive light. There, buried in my Fourth House (Home) I was engaged in mystic arts (Pisces) and broadcasting them to the world in an act of service (Virgo, North Node) in the 10th House. Which led me to my next epiphany.

Since the Nodes exist in opposition, I pondered the whole concept of the opposition, polarity and duality. I began to see the opposition as a loop, a circuit, once liberated from its 2D form. In 3D, the opposition becomes an orbit, or an ellipsis, where the energy and information flows without impedance. The opposition and seeing it in three-dimensional space is the key, THE KEY to integration.

In this regard, even Louie becomes part of my soul’s equation (more on this later, in the tease release). Now its on to David Wilcock.

I rarely talk about or reference David Wilcock, even though Alexa cites “Cosmogenesis” as the site most like mine. There’s a reason why. I have never fully trusted him. Its the whole Edgar Cayce thing. It was too much of a hard sell for me. If you don’t know it, Wilcock claims to be the living incarnation of Edgar Cayce. His story is twisted and synchronistic and a bit laborious. Now if he was Edgar Cayce, would Cayce have made such a big deal out of it? I am not so sure. But let’s say that the Cayce trip isn’t just a false memory inserted by some teen NASA space camp programming, it doesn’t make his work any more credible. Wilcock has been more wrong than Chaz Bono in a speedo. I can’t tell you how many times he’s predicted contact or disclosure and it didn’t happen. His credibility has been stretched so much, that Pricilla Presley and Joan Rivers are envious, and now he’s at it again, with the equally less-than-credible, Benjamin Fulford, claiming that there is going to be mass arrests of leaders, politicians, and bankers, by a third column group of guys in white hats. The arrests of the guys in the dark hats, will herald the dawn of a new age of economics and governance according to Wilcock. Curiously, he and Turi are essentially saying the same things; Things are gonna be great. There’s a gonna be a rough patch, but then it gets better, much better and each has their own version of a warm and fuzzy utopia restored. The synchronous timing around both of these perspectives is fairly interesting to say the least.

I’m not sure where Louie is getting his 411 from. Maybe he’s deriving it from The Dragon’s Head in freedom loving Sag, or he’s getting it like these guys.

Wilcock splashed his feel good over an interview with a whistle-blower named, “Drake.” Drake claims to be a deep insider and he has intimate knowledge that he’s passing onto Wilcock. Well if Drake isn’t just a duck that quacks, I say “hallelujah” and “huzzah.” David Wilcock, be like a broken clock and hit the right time, this time, finally, even if by default. David, all of your Edgar Cayce posturings, funny haircut and major league whiffs on past predictions will be forgiven. I’ll sing you and your oddball buddy Ben Fulford’s praises from that day forward, without fail, but sadly I am not sure that I will be forced to do this. We live in a time of false boobs, hope, flags and alarms. I’ll believe it when I see it on TV, because strangely enough, that’s when the revolution will be televised.

Okay, here comes the reveal moment of the tease. What do David Wilcock and Louie Turi have in common? Pisces. Wilcock is a Pisces Sun (3/8) and Turi has The Dragon’s Head in Pisces, which is where by the way Edgar Cayce (Pisces Sun) and Nostradamus also have The Dragons Head. Interesting eh? I’ve been writing and talking a lot about the intensity of Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Pisces and how as a cultural influence, we’ve seen it manifest rapidly in the guise of Kony 2012 and even Trayvon Martin, forcing us to separate the projection and illusion from what we can at best discern as reality. Putting on the waders and muddling through the swamps of consensus reality is a heavy trudge at times because we have to use our own lantern of truth to light the way through humanities dark night of the soul. Its the work of the Hermit (Virgo), the wayshower and its something we all have to do on our own. Its so easy to step in line and follow others with the so-called truth, because quite frankly, we’re famished. At a soul level, we’re like malnourished children waiting for our bowl of rice from concerned missionaries piled high with bibles and leather bound redemption.

So when Wilcock or Turi or the new rage, John Kettler, the latest loose lipper sprung by Project Camelot, start unwinding fantastic tales, just take a deep breath and a step back, before you dive in.

So who can we trust? How much are we willing to surrender or suspend our disbelief? Take a good look in the mirror and you’ll find the source of all your epiphanies and revelations.

On another related, Neptunian note, an old friend, Piscean, Peter Darling just published his first novel, a real page turn of international espionage, intrigue, romance and cyber punk. Think Dean Koontz meets William Gibson. You can check out Pete’s book, “Winter Republic” at his website where you can find out more about him and it and order it solid or synthetic. I’ll have Pete on the show, sometime next week to talk more about “Winter Republic.”

Election Check In, Mars Sag, Moon Virgo, Conservatives Rule, Results To Get Messy

pot_flagTo heck with red and blue states.

Just a quick duck in to give my sense of the mid-terms. With The Moon in Virgo, expect conservative emotions to rule the day. Mars in Sag just crossing into The US First House will bring an energy that will zap the already overstimulated Tea Partiers into hyper-patriotism. Unfortunately, their zealotry can be played upon like a fiddle. They want less government but not at the expense of the military budget or scaling back on two, draining, wars without any end in sight.

Mars forms a wide sextile with Libra. Expect a number of rulings to be challenged in the days after the elections, especially if any foul play at the ballot boxes is revealed.

With Neptune retrograde Aquarius, results will be spotty, numbers called out in fits and starts. Certain candidates will be projected to win and at the last second, their fortunes will change. This is because the mass media will be under the illusory influence of Neptune and the results will be anything but linear as reported by The MSM.

Sorry you smokers and tokers. Virgo Moon opposed Uranus in Pisces does not bode well for any number of Marijuana initiatives, with Oregon (state sponsored cultivation) being the sole exception.

Here is a sort of psychedelic youtube vide of me on Michael Edward’s show last week. Thanks Linn for putting this together.