Crashing Planes, Falling Economies, Rising Plumes, Streaking Fireballs And Missing Presidents

trioMy momma said things come in threes.

Signs, signifiers, omens and oddities abound this week. Where do we start? It was just last Friday that half of the Polish government went down in a soundless heap over the still barren trees of Smolensk. Witnesses observed the jet crashing to the ground in an eerie silence. There was no choking or sputtering of engines, no plumes of smoke, nor acrid scent of burning fuel, just a deadly quiet, announcing the tragic gravity of it’s rapid descent.

President, Lech Kacynzski and 59 others, including a number of members of his cabinet plummeted to their deaths, raising the spectres of Paul Wellstone, Ron Brown and Larry McDonald. Their cumulative deaths would be like the equivalent of a bomb going off at East Downing Street or Pennsylvania Avenue. Almost an entire body of governance, wiped out. Destroyed. I doubt that we will ever know the real truth about this, but we can begin to discern some things about the wreck and where Poland is as a country and perhaps begin to speculate why.

First off, my heart goes out to the Polish people. On my son’s mother’s side, there is a very strong, Polish lineage. Both of her father’s parents were first generation Poles. They became the ideal of the American immigrant success story, working hard, establishing their own trucking line in The East Coast, which they eventually sold. Their oldest son went to college and was a Vietnam war hero. They had a small lake house in Western Mass where the family would go each Summer to fish and swim. That little place is still in the family. They didn’t cut corners or try to sell anyone any toxic debt. They just worked hard and it worked for them. That apparently was Poland’s story as well as it had positioned itself to be the sixth most vital economy in Europe and in fact it was on the rise. The Poles were not burdened by the enormous debt of The Greeks, Latvians or Icelanders (much more about them). They were running a tight ship. But all was not well.

The key player in the crash might not be Kacynzski himself, but Kacynzski and his close friend and Central Banker, Slawomir Skrzypek. Skrzypek and Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk were at odds on a number of issues, the most pressing being Tusk’s uber-agressive timetable to get Poland in the EU and on The Euro by 2012. Skrzypek pushed back. He also wanted Poland to enter into the same financial marketplace as Germany, which has been bailing out faltering countries. Skrzypek saw some inherent advantages to money lending and offering aid. But that wasn’t all. There was also some deep conflict over what instituted profit in Poland and who got the lions share of it. All in all, we can see a serious power struggle was taking place over the soul of Poland’s economy. It’s interesting to note that Donald Tusk was not on that plane. Poland, apparently was not enamored of taking on an IMF loan, but now that Skrzypek and Lech Kacynski are out of the way, they are now ready to take on $20 billion from The IMF:

“According to the IMF’s managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF board is considering a one-year flexible credit line arrangement after Poland’s Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, announced that the nation was seeking a one-year precautionary arrangement under the IMF’s Flexible Credit Line for $20.5 billion. The move comes after the G20 meeting in London earlier this month, whereby the IMF’s lending resources were increased to $750 billion.”

One of this site’s savvy readers, John from Rose City pointed out that the T-Square of Pluto/Saturn/The Sun was right over Polish skies last Friday. Like celestial crosshairs, the alignment was clearly in sight/site.

Lech Kacynzski was born in Warsaw, on 6/18/49 and 2:40 AM. He was a Gemini Sun, Taurus Ascendant and Pisces Moon. His chart is marked by canyon-sized vectors of houses 6 and 12. To be quite frank, I have never seen houses that were nearly 60 degrees wide. From my perspective, I see this wide aperture as being incredibly significant. If the 12th House is the house of Spirit and the 6th House, the house of Service, then in Lech’s case, there was extreme emphasis placed in those two areas of his chart. The wide open window of the 12th is a macro-portal allowing a larger flow and influx of spiritual information and inspiration to flow into his life. The same width in the 6th made sure that he had the widest arena possible for the application of spiritual input. His 12th house begins in Pisces (Spirit) and ends in Taurus (Body). His 6th begins in Virgo (Service) and ends in Scorpio (Pysche). Taurus rules money and resources. Scorpio rules the sagacious use of resources, especially those that are from others. Kacynzski was astrologically wired to receive inspiration and ground it into resources and matter, have a sense of service and use those resources wisely. His chart clearly demonstrates that he had some serious wherewithal to manage The Polish economy in service of it’s own sovereignty.

His Uranus in Cancer, House 2, is at 2 degrees. Transiting Pluto, going retrograde was in House 8, a house shared by Capricorn AND Sag. Does retrograde Pluto, squaring transiting Saturn his House 4, the house of his home begin to illustrate the tragic dynamic in play? Continue reading “Crashing Planes, Falling Economies, Rising Plumes, Streaking Fireballs And Missing Presidents”