Surprising Revelations Of Prince’s Death Chart And The Sunday Night Livestream, Synastry With Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

PrinceCan astrology predict or show death inside of a chart? It’s a question I’ve been asked on occasion and the answer is “yes” with an asterisk. Last year when I was looking at David Bowie’s chart on his birthday, I saw something inside the chart that alarmed me. It had to do with transiting Pluto in his 12th House hitting his natal Sun/Mars, squaring Neptune in his 8th House. When I saw this, was shaken and told my audience to appreciate Bowie while we can. Two days later, he was gone. I was flooded with emails in the tribute-filled-days that followed.

When Prince died, Regina Meredith asked me if I could have seen that in his chart and I said “no.” There were some strange aspects, but not a flashing-red-reaper that jumped off the screen. That’s the asterisk. Sometimes it’s not there, or if something is, then perhaps it’s a hinge, a pivot moment of life. Let’s take a look at Prince’s life and death chart.

We know when Prince was born, but when he died is a bit trickier. He was discovered dead at 9:43 AM on the 21st and was pronounced dead at 10:07. It’s likely that he died prior to being found, but how much sooner? I set the chart at the ritualized time of midnight. Now most of the planets would more or less occupy the same space, sans the Moon. When looking at mortality/fatality Pluto, Saturn, Mars and at times Neptune come into play. A combination of Mars/Pluto in terms of opposition, square and conjunction evokes energies of death, intensity, violence and fixity. When Mars and Pluto clash, it doesn’t equate to death but the energies can be dark, tangled, at times bloody and intense. When Pluto connected with Bowie’s Sun/Mars in the 12th, I didn’t have a timetable about when he would pass, but I knew he was on the clock and immediately cancer entered my consciousness. This is what makes Prince’s death chart mysterious.

astro_61gw_61_70_prince_prince_death.84349.7581When we look at the position of trans Pluto in Prince’s chart, there aren’t any obvious connections. The only major aspect being a square to natal Jupiter, which was conjunct trans Moon in Libra and I wouldn’t call that a mortal aspect, but on closer look, Pluto was inconjunct Prince’s Sun in the 8th House. An inconjunct is an unusual aspect and one that requires some intentional interpretation. It also doesn’t last incredibly long, since there is about a 1-3 orb that determines the 150 degrees that separates the two planets in an inconjunct. The two signs that occupy the inconjunct have nothing to do with each other, in this case, Gemini and Capricorn. Gemini is Prince’s Sun sign and it’s in the 8th House, the House of Scorpio which is many things including other people’s money. Pluto in Capricorn, in the 2nd House was in the House of Taurus, Prince’s money. But this isn’t his Pluto. This is trans Pluto, and in Capricorn, it’s all about the government, big business, and baphomet. This is the clue. Prince wasn’t slated to expire like Bowie, secluded and hidden away, recording his obituary for the rest of us. This is the aspect of a conspiracy.

Prince had just won back his music rights from Warner Brothers and was poised to start distributing his music through Tidal, Jay Z’s new streaming service. Prince’s catalog is laden with hits, and that’s just the songs we know about. He’s supposed to have thousands of hours of recordings in the vault. We could be getting Prince releases for the next twenty years.

Was there a concerted effort behind his death to grab hold of his prodigious and lucrative recording rights? We’ve looked at the ritualized aspect of this death, the “Purple Revolution” et al, but in conjunction with the occult timing, was there another motive? Was it ultimately about the control of his vast catalog along with the supernatural punch that manifested in purple sorrow on the morning after the election?

Recently, Prince’s estate has been embroiled in a bitter legal dispute with Tidal and there are more battles ahead with his heirs and the estate. Prince didn’t leave anything in writing to his sister or any of his legal heirs and this is like a chum in the waters for the land sharks. Comerica is in charge of the estate and the heir’s claims and it’s not going well. How that relationship holds up over time remains to be seen. In the past month, George Ian Boxhill, one of Prince’s last producers had six of Prince’s songs in possession and was going to release them. His heirs stepped in and a judge forced a halt to its release except for one song, “Deliverance.” Now, Boxhill is demanding $1 Million to keep from releasing the other five tracks, which amounts to a barely legal form of extortion. Pluto inconjunct the Sun. But is there a missing link, a key to Prince’s death that we might have been missed, the hard clash of Pluto and Mars? Well, there is.

astro_621gw_61_70_prince_prince_death.84194.3850In astrology, there are basically two ways to look at a relationship. One is the synastry model, which we’ve already looked at. Synastry is a good way to see how individual energies can work together or clash as it relates to two, individual beings. The other model is the mid-point composite, which is the energy of the couple as one. The chart is cast by finding the mid-point between each planet including the ascendant and the other eleven cusps/houses as well. What emerges is a picture of confluence, the monad of the relationship. When I did a mid-point composite between the death chart of Prince and the birth chart, guess what happened? Pluto and Mars formed a square.

When I cast the chart I used the midnight time, which creates a Sag rising, and Pluto is ingressing into the 12th House. Mars is in Aquarius, in the 2nd House and while it has that square with Pluto, there is also a grand trine with the Sun and Jupiter. What do I make of this? I think we’re going to see some great art/music released for quite a while, but I also see issues on the horizon for Prince’s family. Now that transiting Saturn in Sag has hit the composite Moon, Prince’s family (Moon) is in a legal broil with Boxhill, dealing with yet another inconjunct, this time to Mercury. Composite Uranus is in Gemini, conjuncting Prince’s Sun in Gemini, a wild card, disruptive and creative from unseen places and interdimensional spaces.

I started this post because I wanted to give some back story to another death chart, one that I looked at on the live stream on Sunday night, that’s the death chart of singer/songwriter, Rick Nelson. You can find out more about Nelson and his chart in the livestream. I also get into the bizarre relationship between Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung Un

The Lunar Eclipse Takedown, The Fall Of Flynn & The Rise Of Jared Kushner (and his rectified chart)

161117201720-02-michael-flynn-1117-exlarge-169Monday, Presidents day will mark the first thirty days in the Trump presidency and they have been unlike any other thirty days we’ve ever witnessed.

The eclipse that just passed was on Donald Trump’s ascendant (Leo) where his Mars in Leo also resides. The simple, astrological math is that Mars is action, will, violence and war. Trump’s love of veterans and law enforcement can be seen with Mars on the ASC. This eclipse however brought darkness to that area of his chart with the resignation of Michael Flynn from his cabinet, a resignation that Trump accepted, amidst chatter and voices on the wind who thought he should have rejected it.

Eclipsing the energy of Mars, the shadowy Moon leads us to uneasy questions ranging from leaks inside the White House, to whether or not Flynn was set up, to if Trump has been castrated by the deep state. In the shadow of the Moon, there are no clear answers save the resignation of one man’s official relationship with the country he has served.

It’s difficult to track any astrological info on Flynn. He was born in December of 1958 and that’s all we really know. He’s likely a Sag going through his second Saturn return and Saturn brought the clampdown. Contacting the Russian envoy, Flynn discussed the lifting of sanctions with Russia. While he had some bizarre compulsion about going to war with Iran, he was clearly on the side of cooperation with the Russians. This is a direct conflict now with the US’s and Trump’s stated position that the Russians need to give Crimea back to the fascists in Ukraine. The Ukrainian revolution was conceived and funded by the Neocons in the USA, with Victoria Nuland leading the charge. Trump’s stance on Ukraine is a clear sign that the Neocons are now fully in charge of the Trump presidency and calling the shots, while the Neolibs are doing everything in their power, 24/7 to take down Trump. Michael Moore has been tweeting that Trump should be arrested and Hillary Clinton installed as the new president. What universe are we living in?

In earlier posts, I have made references to the Kennedy timeline and the recent events surrounding Trump confer this even more. Kennedy’s downfall was the collection of enemies and rivals that turned against him, these ranged from the mafia, to LBJ, to Israel and lastly, the CIA. It was all of the above which staged a coup on 11/22/63 and has been running the country ever since. Embedded in that coup of course was the Bush crime family, who have not been idle in the days after the election.

Trump ousted former CIA head John Brennan, not only an ally of Obama, but also a Muslim, having converted during his time in the Obama administration. It was Flynn, who opposed and ultimately won out over Obama over ISIS strategy, which basically was to stop helping ISIS in their effort to overthrow Assad and take Syria in a regime change.

Flynn was in the process of taking back intelligence and bringing it into the White House, instead of having the power solely rest with the directors of the deep state at the CIA, NSA, and entrenched pockets of the state department. This was similar to what Kennedy attempted to do. It cost Kennedy his life, Flynn his position and one of the few voices of independence inside the White House.

Flynn was one of Trump’s truly mots trustworthy aides, and one of the few people that managed to survive Jared Kushner’s purge of Trump’s original cabinet choices (more on Kushner later). He is a master of game theory, a seasoned vet that understands the labyrinthine political and tribal structure of the Middle East and now he’s gone and in his wake, the left smells blood in the water.

Like clockwork, they will go after Trump’s foot soldiers, one-by-by-one, denigrating them, humiliating them, harassing them and even suing them if needed. Next on their hit list is Kelly Anne Conway. Conway, the feisty Aquarian (1/20) has defended Trump like a blonde pit bull. The media and the left is doing everything in their power to discredit her. Steve Bannon is right behind her. The color revolution (Purple) is very much on.

kushnerSitting right next to Trump is his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Kushner might be the most powerful millennial on the planet. Without his birth time, it’s difficult to cast a chart for him, but if I had to guess his ascendant, it would be Gemini (see below for rectified chart). Kushner is a Capricorn Sun and his softer, metrosexual vibe doesn’t match up with Cap’s often earthy and craggy physicality. He has the sort of youthful puckish look that Gemini rising sports and most importantly, the first house is where Trump’s Sun, Uranus and TN reside. Gemini is the sign of duality and as such has connections with the world of spy craft. There are rumors that Kushner doubles as an agent for the Mossad, has connections with Chabad Lubavitcher, a very powerful, orthodox sect inside Judaism that is deeply devoted to the Jewish people, culture and the sustenance of Israel as a nation state. In 2006, Chabad became more or less allied with Zionism in a statement that bridged the political gulf between the two. Kushner has donated over $300,000 to Chabad.. While it appears on the surface to be a spiritually based charity/community center, Chabad Lubavitcher is much more than that, its an organized that network of deep influencers and perhaps even darker ministrations. Brian Davis’s piece on CL at Henry sheds some light on this shadowy organization.

If we put Gemini on Kushner’s ASC, that puts Taurus in his 12th House, where his father, Charles Kushner’s Sun in Taurus would reside. Kushner the senior was arrested, tried and convicted on a number of charges ranging from income tax evasion to tampering with witnesses, to bribing political figures. He spent two years between a Fed prison camp and a halfway house under surveillance. That would place natal Chiron in Kushner’s 12th where the shame of Chiron secretly resides. His father’s Sun in the 12th would surely fit Kushner’s chart in that institutional regard.

While Ivanka Trump is a Scorpio, she has both the Moon and Venus in Sag, which would place it in Jared Kushner’s 7th House of relationship. This would fit the profile of the partner for a Gemini rising.
With Gemini on the ASC, it puts Kushner’s Sun and Mercury into the 8th house, where he assumes a power behind the scenes role in the Trump admin. His Moon in placid Pisces in the 10th house symbolizes the fluid and mysterious role he plays and is portrayed, outwardly to the world. Who is he? What does he do? Etc.. With Mars in the 9th, we see strong, ideological ties to other countries and governments.

How does this play out in Donald Trump’s chart?

With Kushner’s TN in Leo at 10 degrees, it sits in the deep zone of trump’s 12th house EXACTLY on Trump’s Pluto in Leo also at 10 degrees. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I would submit to you, that the real president of the U.S. is likely Jared Kushner. If indeed this is even remotely the case, then I seriously doubt that Donald Trump will be impeached, because the removal of Trump would also likely mean the removal of Kushner and too many powerful and rich people have too much invested in Kushner’s eyes and ears. The most likely scenario is that Trump will continue to get more and more diluted until this looks like for all intents and purposes another Necoon driven White House, not too unlike that of the Bushes, especially Bush II. If that doesn’t occur and the media’s dogs aren’t called off, then we will likely have a bloody revolution on our hands.

Back to Kushner and his chart. Transiting Pluto is getting very close to his natal Sun in Capricorn at 20 degrees. This could mean an intense infusion of power and control, or it could wipe him out as such in the nature of Pluto. In late January, it was revealed that George Soros has real estate holdings with Jared and his brother Jordan in a company called, Cadre, in which Soros invested over $200,000. While it might shock most people that are hung up on concepts like loyalty, fairness, and scruples, it comes as little surprise to those of us that have seen the world through those special sunglasses. George Soros, Jewish, sold his own people out during the war. There are no allegiances when it comes to money, capital and partnership.

. Jared Kushner is not only the most powerful millennial on the planet, he might be the most powerful person sitting inside the oval office.


Prince’s Ritual Sacrifice, The Purple Revolution, Hillary, Jay-Z, Beyonce and More

What if I told you that while certain forces would have been just fine with a Hillary Clinton presidential election (especially Hillary), what if those same forces were working on a plan that wasn’t as much as plan B, but more like plan 2A. What if the goal wasn’t really to defeat Donald Trump, but that something much bigger was at stake? What if the goal was really revolution?

Let’s play this out, explore the possibilities, delve into some arcana and throw some astrology into the mix.

2016 was the year rock and roll died. It started with Bowie and up to this wetiting, Leon Russell. In between, the casualty list included the likes of Glenn Frey, Leonard Cohen and of course, Prince.

Prince died under mysterious circumstances that were worthy of a legendary rock mythos; drugs,, betrayal and even the occult snaked around his death rumors. Prince was supposedly found in an elevator, which was a physical representation of a symbolic meaning hidden within “Let’s Go Crazy.” Going down in the elevator was a trip to Hell according to him.

Prince was known as “The Purple One” or his “Royal Purpleness.” He died on 4/21/16, the same day as Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. On April 9th, twelve days before Prince’s death, Will Smith formerly of the New Orleans Saints was shot and killed in New Orleans. Smith’s name doppelganger was of course Will Smith, aka “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

Just before Prince died, he signed his streaming rights over to Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming service (just days before the election, the very same Jay-Z that did a last minute concert for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland). As of this writing, Prince’s estate is now in a court battle with Jay-Z and Tidal to reclaim Prince’s streaming rights.

The Jay-Z connection also has some royal symbolism.

Beyonce is also known as “The Queen” or “Queen Bey.” While “Bey” is short for “Beyonce” it also means ruler or chieftain in Arabic. Beyonce launched her athletic wear line called, “Ivy Park” which is an illusion to Prince’s Paisley Park.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have been at the forefront of the occult music movement which openly promotes and celebrates illuminist symbolism and themes. They are also connected to the Spirit Cooking circle through Marina Abramovic and John Podesta.

During the last Super Bowl, Beyonce took part in a martial ritual at Super Bowl 50. Her contribution included an overt revolutionary theme that was inspired by the Black Panther movement and Black Lives Matter, which plays an important role in the revolutionary script that’s unfolding.

We have two images of the Queen, one black, one white. One young, one old, and Prince, the Gemini was connected to both in life and death.

Gemini, is a theme that shows up again and again in cyclical codes and timelines. Donald Trump is a Gemini

Let’s fast forward to 11/9/16. Hillary Clinton declares defeat. Both her and Bill are clad in purple. Some people believe that this is symbolic of unity, red and blue coming together as one color, one nation. But it’s also the color of royalty, the color of Prince and the color of revolution, also the name of Prince’s band. We aren’t just watching protests on TV, we’re witnessing the attempted takeover of the entire country.

It’s the latest in a series of color revolutions, and this one is purple. An interesting side note, on 11/9/61, 61 being the inverse of 16 and 11/9 being the inverse of 9/11, Brian Epstein discovered the Beatles at the Cavern Club in Berlin.

In 1776, Pluto was in Capricorn, just as it is now. It was the cosmic ground of transforming the notion of Saturnine control. As many of you know, Pluto has been in Capricorn since November of 2008. Its arrival coincided with the presidency of Barack Obama. There was a new revolution in town.

2008 was rise of the radicals, they ascended to the seat of power and held it for eight years. Obama, Jarrett, Rice, Hillary, Holder, and Ayers, the acolytes of Alinsky had reached the Capricornian pinnacle, the top of the ideological mountain and they weren’t done. They were just getting started, piggy-backing on the revolutionary energy of Pluto in Cap.

The death of Trayvon Martin initiated a wave of protest and unrest. Martin is of course Martian/Mars which is violence and war. He was born February 5th under the sign of Aquarius (the revolutionary). What ensued was social unrest, which has not abated, thanks in no small part to large sums of cash funneled to BLM from George Soros. It wasn’t Soros’ first rodeo. He got his revolutionary groove on in Serbia, when he funded the revolutionary group, Otpor to overthrow Serbia’s president, Milosevic.

Milosevic was branded as a “fascist,” humiliated and reviled in public at every opportunity. Through very similar tactics that are being employed now by the left who are not accepting Trump’s presidency, they are clearly engineering yet another version of Soros’ color revolution, this one purple, which leads me to the point that I stumbled upon this morning. The election wasn’t necessarily about electing Hillary, but providing a years worth of enmity and invective hurled at not only Trump, but his followers, who are primarily, but not exclusively, white America.

In the game of Hearts, there is a ploy called running the deck, where a player attempts to get every spade in the deck. This is the gambit of the Globalists, the neo-liberal, Luciferic Left. They are trying to run the deck.

If one thinks about it, it makes a lot of sense. Hillary’s campaign was solely based upon Trump’s character or lack thereof. He was repeatedly called a racist and his followers, goose-stepping storm troopers were all part of the problem. The underlying message is that all of them, not just Trump have to go.

Hillary never really addressed issues. She never even tried to build a bridge between her and voters that were on the fence. A Sanders candidacy would not have served the same function. Bernie wouldn’t have attacked Trump with the same bile and spite. He would have addressed the issues and actually affected the election in a positive manner and could have been a handful for Trump.

Sanders would not have helped the overall goal of creating more division and bitterness, the high octane fuel for a run at a revolution, the Globalist’s gambit, running the deck.

Prince died on 4/21/16, two-hundred days before 11/8/16, but Trump was announced winner on 11/9/16. The number 200 can be reduced to 20, the Aeon in the major arcana. It’s a card that represents the death of an old age and the birth of a new one. It is a card of reckoning. Clearing the slate.

• A quarter of the world’s worth is controlled by 200 companies.

• A dandelion produces 200 seeds.

• Typhon, the Titan, father of all monsters, had 200 eyes.

• David brought his wife from King Saul with 200 Philistine foreskins.

11/9/16 is 201 days from the death of Prince and 201/21 is the 21st card of the major arcana. It’s the World card, the final card in the cycle of the major aecana. It is bound by the four fixed signs, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo and is ruled by Saturn. Once the election ended, on 11/9, people on the left were talking about it being the new 9/11; inversion/Gemini, but it certainly seems that just as 9/11 was a false flag, so too might be the results of an election that were supposed to trigger a nation, run by a woman who knew there was a very good chance that she wouldn’t win. Below is the recording of my show from last Friday, going into this with more info on color revolutions and their tangled network of funding.

Tyranny Of The Status Quo, Mars Retrograde, Pluto Retrograde, The Reclamation Of Power

tyranny shutterstock_164135415:15 AM, Saturday morning, and I’m ten miles from the Mexico/Texas border. The palm trees outside my hotel window are damp and sway in the hazy, tropical winds. The sulfuric light and heavy condensation makes them look like strange, sweating, vegetation on a Martian landscape. Just on the other side of the parking lot are acres of budding, GMO laced, stalks of corn. I head downstairs to the hotel’s lobby.

Just after five AM, it’s me, the fish and the talking heads on the big screen. There’s Ben Ferguson, the thirty-four-year-old conservative that makes you want to detest all things conservative. He was the youngest, nationally syndicated talk show host in the US. He’s in his early thirties and vibes like he’s in his early fifties. And there he is, bashing Trump because he dared to speak out about how the game is “rigged” in reference to Trump’s broadsides against the electoral process. Depending upon where you align withTrump he’s been either bitterly complaining about the process like a sore, uninformed loser, or he’s been blowing the lid on how corrupt and conniving the process itself is.

If you are an insider and part of the status quo, Trump’s laments are music to your ears, because the rules were changed to prevent something exactly like this. To prevent an outsider like Trump (even if you don’t think he’s an outsider) from actually doing some damage to the GOP and their inside game—it’s not who we elect—but who they select.

For almost anyone reading this blog, that’s not news. We’ve been sick over rigged elections for years. Whether it’s the faulty two-party-system, or hijacking the national vote via the black box, we know the results are fixed. But what Trump has accomplished has been to point out that even the selection process itself is rigged.

Astrologically, we can see the astral upsetter in Trump’s 10th House, with the Sun/Uranus/TN conjunction in Gemini. Gemini as we all know rules duality and sometimes even duplicity, For the Donald, he is in their world now, and they make up the rules as they go. They are duplicitous. If they want to snatch delegates, they’ll do that in the “name of the party.” And there was young Ben Ferguson, exhorting the conservative mantra; “The rules are the rules and if you don’t know them, tough luck.” What this smug, arrogant, little asshole doesn’t understand is that there is a rising tide, a growing class that doesn’t give a fuck about their rules or their party decorum. From Super Pacs, to Super Delegates, from Florida chads, to Manchurian candidates, people have had enough and little square turds like Ben Ferguson come off like spoiled rich kids who get by on blood and credit lines, parroting the talking points of their Mandarin handlers.

Ferguson and his ilk represent the tyranny of the status quo and they are desperately hanging onto whatever edge they’ve managed to eke out for the last, three centuries.

Whether it’s Trump or any other outsider crashing their party, they will contest their dominant position to the death, because if someone challenges the status quo, on either side, whether it’s Trump or Sanders, their very existence is put to the test. They are at risk for losing it all, because if the status quo falls, they and their programs, platforms and talking points are irrelevant.

The United States is in no mood for the Ben Fergusons of the world and if he was really “down with the people” he’d understand that their wrath and fury is just a few degrees to his right and it’s downright pissed.

Ferguson is that seven-year-old little shit that’s evolved “neener, neener, neener” into a full blown career, stuffed with pious mannerisms and a bankable morality.

Yesterday, both Mars and Pluto went retrograde. I’ve talked about this on my show and with Regina Meredith on Gaia (speaking of Regina, she’ll be in my show this coming Friday 12 Noon, CST).

Both Mars and Pluto are planets of power, raw power. Mars is physical force and Pluto is psychic force. The retreat of both is symbolic and can manifest in a number of ways. From a fundamental sense, the retrograde motion is a retreat, and a potential strategy to reclaim power. From a collective level, the best-case scenario is that Americans grow a pair and understand the nature of power, from the spiritual to the personal. Pluto in Cap of course is the Plutocracy and while Trump has felt the rage of the Left, the Millenials and even the conspirators in his own party, he is not the Plutocracy. Trump hasn’t ascended that high yet.

The Plutocracy is the system that’s changing the rules on the fly, just likereality that changes on the dime in the matrix. As Pluto reverses, we are in the process of reverse engineering our so-called reality and awakening in droves. That’s the big picture. On the small screen, Mars kicks into gear and we’re in looking back, wondering where we gave it all away.

So what do I mean about reclaiming our “power?”

If we are ruthlessly honest with ourselves, we can witness a pattern of giving “It” away, through looking for approval from others, seeking recognition outside of ourselves and investing in celebrity and false idols. We also stab at low hanging fruit in a culture of instant gratification, and become dazzled by endless material distractions.

If we can engage in this process, we can move forward with a greater sense of who we are, in a world that is constantly chipping away at us in so many ways, seen and unseen.

After we challenge our assumptions of who we are and the standards we have accepted for ourselves, something new emerges, a higher standard, a vibration that resonates closer with the power of creation and prime source. It’s giant step towards self-love, which brings us closer to divine love.

When we do this the Status Quo just isn’t terrified, it verges on impotence.

Recently, the film “Vaxxed” hit the film festival circuit, and made national news when Robert DeNiro, father of a boy with autism, decided to show the film at the Tribeca film festival. There was heavy pressure for DeNiro to not show the controversial movie. DeNiro wanted establish a “dialog” and what he got was a verbal beating from the anti-vax community as well as the likely powers that be, which invest billions in the vaccine industry. But there’s a backlash happening and it’s right in the same wheelhouse that the political status quo is operating out of.

The more push back that’s happening, the more fuel it’s adding to fire of awakening and that fire of course is Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sag. By years end, they will be in a tight trine and the radical impetus of the self to express at an authentic level, will be in alignment with discipline, focus and form.

Many of us are taxed, sapped and zapped, but if we can remove the detritus, unplug from the programs of approval, stop seeking outside of ourselves, we get lighter and as we get lighter, we have more energy, and when we have more energy, we can address our lives from a very different perspective. When we slay the “Status Quo” inside of us, the outer is just a shadow play across the scrim of life. Here’s the trailer for Vaxxed.

The Silent Night Of The Solstice And The Winter Of Our Time

wintersolsticeAs the longest night of the year quietly turns into day, we enter into the womb of sleeping and dreaming, the chrysalis of what is dormant, under the slumber of the season. Persephone has descended into the underworld to be the consort of Hades. Her journey began in the month of November, consistent with the arrival of Scorpio/Pluto. But it is now, when she has reached the center of the Earth. Slowly, day-by-day, she will extricate herself from Hades strong embrace. As I write this, coyotes howl in the distance. I haven’t heard them in over a year. Their primal song pierces the silent night. It’s the Taurus Moon as they cry out for Ceres, even though her annual weeping has been reduced to a transitory melancholia, since after all these years, she knows her beloved daughter will return. The animals though, they never forget.

As we are in the dark of Winter, we are also in the dark of our Astrological Winter with Pluto in Capricorn. As I talked about this on my Sunday night show (see below), we’re in the deep winter of Pluto’s arc. It is so clear when we look back upon the 60’s, either through our personal experience or whatever we can glean on youtube. 😉 But that was not only the Summer of Love, it was the summer of humanity on Earth and while Pluto was in Virgo (along with Uranus), it was the Leonine Plutonians who brought their passionate energy to the world stage.

The morning bloom wilted quickly in the heat of high noon, and the dog days arrived along with Kent State, Altamont, and Manson. But make no mistake about it. From the 1950’s, up through 1967 and 68, it was summer on Earth.

We’re currently in frigid and barren terrain and I’ve been meditating on this for weeks now, especially as it relates to my own life. With my progressed ASC in Cap, along with progressed Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, all in the sign of the sea-goat–you can say that I’ve got Capricorn and winter squarely on my mind.

When we hit these dark and icy patches our minds wander to other times when we were in sunnier climes in our existence, when the song of promise and hope filled the air. Perhaps it’s just a mid-life meditation on my lost youth, but I can’t help but get the same sense from clients too, as they look back on their lives, what they did or didn’t do. Some of them have tremendous grief over choices real or imagined, made or not. It’s where we are.

I have a unique gig. I get to interact with many people from around the planet and I can get a pulse of thoughts and feelings moving through lives, and what I’m picking up on is “lament.”

We seem to be in some sort of past life review stage on a collective level, while the soundtrack of the times is so terribly distorted and out of sync, that it nearly throbs with insanity. The current Bardo is demanding our attention and focus, so that we can reconcile and resolve the lingering threads, the unfinished thoughts, the unlived portions of our existence.

I say these things because something new is coming very soon and I cannot label it better or worse but it will be different and the quality of the days ahead are going to be very much influenced by what you’re carrying in your spirit. So as we move imperceptibly towards the light again, in the winter of our time, I would say this; Try to make closer bonds with others. This will prove to be very important later in the year, as Jupiter moves into Libra. Because the chilling sense of isolation and the winter of our times almost demands that we grow closer to one another in our hearts and spirits, especially where you live, because the bonds you forge now, might be the ties that save you later.

Here’s Sunday night’s podcast with a few, nice live readings.

Uranus in Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn, Friday The 13th, The Gnostic Christ, Timelines, Timelords, Dreaming And Awakening

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And so it begins. On the day cursed by the Templars in honors of Jacques DeMolay’s arrest and subsequent death on Friday, October 13th, 1307, the final square between Uranus and Pluto initiates the last, major cycle of catalysis. Imagine the ward of planetary fields torqueing at angles of extreme disruption and potential, magnetic fields in dynamic collision, with Mars riding on tip of it all, whipping the celestial surge into a potent and dynamic field of transformation. This is where we are as we head into our own version of the Hadron collider, anticipating the Solar Eclipse, New Moon and Vernal Equinox all on one, burning day in the not-so-distant-future. Then, shortly, thereafter, a Blood Moon on Passover—are you ready for it? Even if you aren’t, well, it doesn’t matter. We’re all learning on the fly anyway in the post-history of the world that no one ever managed to tell you ended.

When I was back in Boulder last week, Jay Weidner surfaced a topic we had talked about before, briefly, that the world as we knew it did indeed change on 12/21/12, but not in the way that we could have foreseen. His premise (which I agree with) was the subtle, but pervasive awakening that is rippling through our collective awareness. People are getting wise. They are seeing the fracturing fractals of our pixilated reality. The world is on dial up and we’re fiber-optically connected into the grid of creation. There is a beauty and a danger to this potent epiphany, and that the world is an illusion and yet it is deadly real. We’re playing for keeps and yet we’re not. This is the sublime paradox of the liminal state. Continue reading “Uranus in Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn, Friday The 13th, The Gnostic Christ, Timelines, Timelords, Dreaming And Awakening”