Aquarius In Black History Month — Petey Greene — Aquarius To The Bone!

pgThere’s got to be some goddamed Aquarius up in this joint!

I have a hard with (blank) history month. That’s any month, fill in the blank, mostly because I think that most history is fiction and it’s propped up mostly for marketing, entertainment and diversions sake. We’re told one story, one narrative, while another, perhaps more than just one other, thread and series of events are usually at play–the story beneath the story. That said, I have always found it interesting that Black History month is held during February and of course during the sign of out times, Aquarius.

I began to think about the resonance and how Aquarius dovetails with black culture and some of the connections were really interesting. This series might stretch out over a couple of posts, because there’s a lot in the mix. But let me start with a revelation of a film that I caught yesterday on cable. It’s called, “Talk To Me” and stars Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor, both of whom are clearly at the top of their games in this smart, uplifting and very, very real film. Don Cheadle plays, “Petey Greene.” Greene, was a radio phenomenon in Washington, DC during the late sixties and seventies and up through the early-eighties.

He was a convict at Lorton Reformatory doing a ten-year-bid when he bumped into Dewey Hughes (Ejiofor), a director at a local DC radio station (WOL). Hughes’ brother Milo (played by Mike Epps) was also at Lorton and raved about Greene to his brother, who served as the prison DJ. After a brief confrontation Greene had with Hughes in passing, one of those destined moments, Hughes made a vague reference of Greene looking him up when he got out. Well, Greene had a little trick up his sleeve and persuaded a fellow con to get up on a tower, naked, and scream at the warden, yelling at the top of his lungs that the warden has a “tiny dick.” The embarassed warden wanted him down at almost any price and that’s where Greene jumped in. He offered to get the prisoner down if the warden would let him go. Since it was all a set-up, Greene got the guy down with ease and got his release, whereupon he looks up Hughes.talktomepic

After a series of hilarious, insightful and revealing encounters, Greene eventually gets the gig, much to the consternation of the station manager, nicely played by Martin Sheen. Greene immediately becomes a man for the times, a voice of the community and a lightning rod of controversy. He quickly adds local television and stand up comedy to his repertoire. He’s irreverent, incendiary and above of all, truthful. He’s loved by by his listeners and helps Hughes take WOL to the top of the local ratings. His morning show is a mix of soul, funk, raps on politics, race, sex and the war, with a call in element thrown in for good measure. Intrigued, I looked up Greene’s birth date and sho nuff, he’s an Aquarian, born 1/23/31.

Born at two degrees Aquarius, ironically it’s his only planet in the sign and yet, his command of radio and television, displaying a funky and fiery spirit, bordering on radical was decidedly Aquarian. Greene was no bullshit and that can be seen in his Venus in Sag at 15 degrees, which ultimately forms a Grand Fire Trine with his Mars in Leo at eight degrees and his Uranus in Aries at 11 degrees. This trine is representative of the firebrand, and with Uranus in Aries, someone mostly at odds with authority, which is amplifed by the opposition of Mars and The Sun. Petey Greene was a rebel. Continue reading “Aquarius In Black History Month — Petey Greene — Aquarius To The Bone!”