Paul Bowle


On The Road To Super Bowl Sunday

When you meet The Buddha in Malibu. . . First off, props to Shawn Carson for bringin’ the yang over the past couple of days. Love your comments and insight Shawn. Keep it comin’. I’m in LA getting ready to head out to Vegas in an hour or so, to partake in the great American […]


Revisiting Morocco, Magic, Majoun, Horowitz and Deyhim

Mercury is retrograde in Gemini and it’s time for me to re-invigorate my blog. I did this interview ten-years-ago and recently re-connected with Richard Horowitz after staying up far-too-late one night last week watching Bertolucci’s cinematic rendering of The Sheltering Sky where Horowitz provided the exotic soundtrack.This Q&A was to appear in the last, which […]