Ophiuchus (Oh Fuck Us) Rises

snake-bites-faceGot your attention yet?

In case you didn’t notice, there is a pretty good chance you are not the same sign that you thought you were. If you were paying attention at all, Yahoo! in conjunction with an NBC interview with astronomer Parke Kunkle from the noted institution of higher learning known as Minneapolis Community and Technical College, that the Earth’s wobble has shifted all planets and constellations, so in essence the solar system and the galaxy are not fixed per se and it’s all one movable mobile of massive bodies floating in space. Here is what Kunkle had to say;

“This is not something that happened today. This has gone on for thousands of years, because of this change of tilt, the Earth is really over here in effect and Sun is in a different constellation than it was 3,000 years ago.”

Most astrologers understand this as well. Not news to us. For a very clear reason why we don’t and have not embraced this, Gary Caton has done a fine job talking about the difference between “signs and “constellations”, the procession of the equinoxes, etc. on his blog on My Space.

I was asked by someone who is not even a follower of astrology what this meant for him and astrology in general. Here is essentially what I told him and my overall opinion of astrology; “My take on astrology is more Jungian than literal for the most part. We deal with archetypal energies and forces and signs, planets, angles, etc are reflective of those energies, which have been accumulating momentum since Claudius Ptolemy in Egypt. Ophiuchus aka “The Serpent Bringer” aka “Serpentarius” is basically cleaving Scorpio and Sag and does not have enough intrinsic differentiation for me to seriously consider it.” This is just my philosophical and artistic position.

I find it interesting of course that “The 13th Sign” which sounds like a bad doomsday film starring Ashton Kutcher was heavily promoted on the 13th of January. I doubt that this has escaped the attention of many. Thirteen, a pretty significant number eh? It is the Death card in Tarot. So on some level, this double date would signify the end of the “old” zodiac and the birth of the “new.” In most instances the promulgation of ideas, stories and memes in the media do not happen by accident. The organic dissemination of ideas can occur and randomness does have a place, but the dream machine that cranks out an assembly line of attention grabbing events usually is pre-programmed and ready to roll. So it is with some high (or low) level of intention that this model of the universe and astrology is being foisted upon us. The announcement of the serpent’s arrival, creates chaos in the heavens and storms in the media. It makes people question their identity through their sign. Chaos.

Kunkle has been promoting this for years and just now the MSM are all over it like a meat nightie on Lady Gaga. Why? Let’s look at Ophiuchus and what it represents and we might get a better picture. There are a number of ideas of who or what Ophiucus is. This is from Wikipedia;

(1) “Asclepius; “Who learned the secrets of keeping death at bay after observing one serpent bringing another healing herbs. To prevent the entire human race from becoming immortal under Asclepius’ care, Zeus killed him with a bolt of lightning, but later placed his image in the heavens to honor his good works. (2)”The Trojan priest Laocoön, who was killed by a pair of sea serpents sent by the gods after he warned the Trojans not to accept the Trojan Horse. This event was also memorialized by the sculptors Agesander, Athenodoros, and Polydorus in the famous marble sculpture Laocoön and his Sons, which stands in the Vatican Museums. (3) A third possibility is Apollo wrestling with the Python to take control of the oracle at Delphi.”

In any case the consciousness of the serpent is being uncoiled in the media and it’s wrapping itself around our brains, constricting our attention yet again. The snake has now hatched and I believe this is a pre-cursor event. Getting us primed to embrace the return of the serpent king.

Another interesting aside is the fact that the site that really hatched the serpent into our consciousness is called “Third Age” and it’s a blog that caters to women. The piece on “Ophiuchus” is six pages long. But those aren’t old school pages, they’re NET pages, two-maybe three paragraphs and then it’s click onto the next page.
Sort of a serial page turner, on each page there was a poll about gun control, so that if you had read the entire piece, you would have seen that poll at least six times. So the “net” effect is that as you ponder the possibility of a new sign creeping into your consciousness, as your curiosity is piqued, the gun control meme has slithered into your brain. Think it’s inconsequential? Think again as you watch this video from Derren Brown, the NLP and illusionist mage as he demonstrates how easily our consciousness can be primed and our intentions programmed in ways that we cannot even remotely perceive.

Now that you’ve seen that video, think again, not only about the story, but what’s around it.

We’ve seen time and time again after a tragic event, the hijacking of our attention, the insertion of programs and memes, inserted in a PTSD collective moment. Happens without fail. Problem-reaction-solution. From JFK to 911, with stops at Richard Jewel and David Koresh along the way, the road to regulation and thought control is littered with the tragedy of the human condition and so in the days that followed the shootings in Arizona, “The Serpent Bearer” rises from the dim light of antiquity on the breath of life bestowed upon it by a teacher from a community college in Minnesota. Strange days.