New Products And Tools For Transformation

newadsCheck’em out.

I just added some new links/ads to some very good products/tools for transformation, from Amazon. Let me tell you a little about some of them and why they’re there.

First off, I added some health products that I believe in, both from a health standpoint and from the companies that sell them. I think we live in an incredibly toxic environment and keeping the body as clean and as free of unwanted chemicals, heavy metals and toxins is critical. Chelation is one of the most important things that we can do on a consistent basis. Chlorella is great for this as it builds the body, while cleaning it out. Cod liver/fish oil is one of the very best sources of Vitamin D, which is absolutely critical in helping the body’s self-defense mechanisms wage a winning battle against pathogens and free radicals.

I added some music and book selections as well.

On the music tip, you can find releases by people that I know and respect. First off, there’s Earth Island by Steve Roach, Suso Saiz and Jorge Reyes. This is primal space music at it’s best. I also re-connected with Kenneth Newby, an old friend and saw that Ecology Of Souls one of the great unknown records of all time was on Amazon. It’s based on the work of Terrence McKenna, using minimalist composition techniques. It’s simply brilliant. Then there’s Panacea. dropping one of the best hip hop jointz I’ve ever wrapped my head around. They’re Myspace pals. There’s a little Ian Brown and some Sussan Deyhim–two personal faves.

On the text tip, I want to hype 27 which just came out on North Atlantic Press, run by my good friend and spiritual supporter, Richard Grossinger. 27 is about rockers that died at the age of 27. You know some of them, like The Lizard King, Jimi and Brian Jones, but there’s also Pete De Freitas (Echo And The Bunnymen) and D Boone (The Minutemen) which are really worth reading about. There’s a magical element to the book, with an undercurrent of astrology as none of the figures in 27 ever reached their Saturn Return.

So check out some of the new offerings and support them (and me :-)) if you feel so moved.

Revisiting Morocco, Magic, Majoun, Horowitz and Deyhim

MajounMercury is retrograde in Gemini and it’s time for me to re-invigorate my blog. I did this interview ten-years-ago and recently re-connected with Richard Horowitz after staying up far-too-late one night last week watching Bertolucci’s cinematic rendering of The Sheltering Sky where Horowitz provided the exotic soundtrack.This Q&A was to appear in the last, which turned out to be the “lost” issue of MONDO 2000. For those of you who don’t know, MONDO was one of the greatest and most influential magazines of all time. It was redolent with early adopter themes, bursting at the spine with memes and strange attraction. I was part of the waning phase of MONDO’s glorious ascent. Not privy to all of the media buzz that surrounded the mag in the middle of the nineties, I nonetheless experienced the madness and genius of Queen Mu on a daily basis. I could go into a whole post simply on the complexity and brilliance of the MONDO maven. I will go on record and say that she is one of the great unknown and little recognized writers and minds of the 20th century. With Pluto moving into Capricorn, The Queen’s natal sign (she shares the same birth date as Elvis and Bowie), I think we will witness her rise once more.I spent two separate phone interviews with Richard and Sussan and one interview with Sussan alone and really got to know them. I appreciated truly their candor and vulnerability.The art was pure Heide Foley in all of it’s psychedelically inspired retinal overload. I actually found this on Heide’s website where much of the lost issue resides. Curiously, she has me named as “Rob Hall.” Enjoy.

Majoun—passed down through the ancestral food chain, a mind-kissing cousin of Soma, brain food of the gods.

Majoun—trance possessor of initiates into visions of desert ecstasy and love–the mysteries of muezzin and minaret. Sacred geometries, spinning poets and wheels of tilting stars, revealed by the sweet taste of this Kif-powered Moroccan paste that’s mixed with mint tea.

In it’s aural manifestation, Majoun is three parts Adrian Sherwood’s On U Sound collective ( Keith LeBlanc, Skip McDonald and Doug Wimbish), world rhythmatist Steve Shehan, Gnawa rebel Hassan Hakmoun, virtual reality vulcan Jaron Lanier, a host of some of the finest players from Morocco and the core ingredients—Richard Horowitz and Sussan Deyhim. Horowitz is a master ney player. His musical influences include the likes of Bachir Attar, The Gnawas and other Moroccan mugicians. Psychically, he is linked to the famed boho expatriates Brion Gysin and Paul Bowles. It was Bowles who suggested that Horowitz, along with Ryuchi Sakamoto, co-score the film version of his classic tale, The Sheltering Sky. Deyhim is an expatriate as well. She fled her native Iran before the Shah’ s strings were cut by the puppet masters. Relocating in Europe, she studied voice, dance and theater with the legendary Maurice Beijart. Her other-worldly ululations mixed with her native Farsi echo the passionate yearnings of ancient muses reborn with an avant-garde intelligence crystallized in their cells.

But most of all, Majoun is the elixir of travellers. It is that quality of traveling, a circumnavigational displacement in space and time that unites all of its participants-—nomads in a virtual caravan of dreams–—that Horowitz and Deyhim have assembled. Through a filament of light and sound, from Berkeley to London and New York, they shared their journeys and their secret recipe for Majoun with MONDO.

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