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George, the late-night-dragon slayer.

Its Mercury Retrograde and I can’t not help diving into the world of sports, where Mercury Retrograde is at its finest. First, we have the overtime game of the San Francisco Forty-Niners vs the St. Louis Rams. The Rams are a symbolic favorite of mine due to their obvious astrological symbology, but also due to the fact that Georgia Frontiere, the woman who inherited the team from her late husband, Dominic Frontiere was an astrology buff and likely moved the team out of L.A. with astrology guiding her re-location. In later years, she would become a born-again Christian and the Rams would win their first Super Bowl. They defeated the Titans, in of all places . . .”The Georgia Dome” when Jupiter was in? Aries! In 2002, the first post-911 Super Bowl, sadly, they became the sacrificial Rams, falling to the “Patriots” and thus starting the dominance of the Bob Kraft (Craft) owned Patriots era. While Mars was in Aries, possibly foreshadowing another Rams win, New England cam in with Aries coach, Bill Bellichik, who not only has an aries Sun, which was in a wide orb with Mars that day, but also Jupiter in Aries. The Patriots, through their coach, outrammed the Rams.

The Rams and The Patriots have an interesting history and sidebar by the way. The Patriots were owned by Victor Kiam, a razor baron who owned Schick. Kiam was drowning in debt and sold the team to St. Louis businessman, James Orthwein. The Patriots were terrible then and one of the least valuable teams in the league. Orthwein was going to move the Pats to St. Louis. He faced only one hurdle and that was the two-year-lease on Foxboro stadium, which was held by Robert Kraft. Kraft bought the stadium when it was literally in receivership for a mere $25,000,000. Chump change by today’s standards. But Kraft had leverage and he used it to gain full ownership of the Patriots. Orthwein offered Kraft $75,000,000 to get out of the lease and Kraft countered with $175, 000,000 to buy the Patriots outright. Orthwein jumped at the deal, since Kraft was going in way over the top of the team’s estimated value. In doing so, he opened the doors for the exodus of the Rams to St. Louis, thus setting up the sacrificial slaughter of the Rams at the hands of the Patriots.

So let’s return to last Sunday. There was a play that was reviewed during the Rams/Niners tilt and during the review, seventy-four seconds just disappeared. Gone. And they knew it had happened in so-called “real time” but didn’t add the time back into the game. This is highly unusual since officials routinely re-set game clocks for extended and undue stoppage–but not this time. Time simply disappeared. Those missing seconds would become something akin to the missing frames in the Zapruder film as the game would go into overtime and neither team would emerge victorious. A stalemate in a bizarre game that featured strange penalties and one of three concussions suffered that Sunday by three quarterbacks. This one would belong to Alex Smith (Taurus). The other two were Michael Vick (Aries) and Jay Cutler (Taurus) all first quadrant casualties.

In a symbolic node shift, Scorpio, Colin Kaepernick would replace Taurus Smith. Kaepernick has Uranus at 25 degrees Sag. Mars was at 25 degrees Sag on Sunday. The Uranian lightning bolt struck and Kaepernick was off the bench leading his team to an apparent victory, when David Akers would shank a forty-yard-FG. Sag Akers is in a pretty significant slump. Jupiter retro in his opposite sign of the twins has not been kind to last year’s special teams stud.

Another interesting MR moment occurred in hoops, when the Lakers fired coach, Mike Brown over the weekend. Pisces Brown was no fit for uber, 0 degree Virgo, Kobe Bryant. It set the stage for the return of Virgo Zen Master, Phil Jackson. Instead, at the 11th hour, it was announced that Taurus, Mike D’antoni would be the Lakers new coach. In the eyes of the fans and the press, the re-hiring of Jackson seemed like a mere formality. The reversal or retrograde decision shocked most people. In fact, it was so jarring that the normally stoic, though cagey Jackson struck out against the Lakers through his agent, Todd Mussburger, accusing the Lakers management of lying and going back on a tentative agreement at the last moment. He might be right. Jim Buss, Jerry’s son is in charge now and Jim Buss doesn’t like the Zen Master. He got over on Phil, which has prompted outright criticism from the likes of Magic Johnson, who accused Buss the younger of sabotaging the process and wrecking the franchise in the process. D’antoni promptly announced he wouldn’t be able to coach for at least a week due to recovery from knee surgery (another retrograde nugget).

Lastly, we have the Miami Marlins fiasco, where junk franchise trader, Jeffery Loria decided to trade off a 1/4 of his team, their best players in fact save one, to the Toronto Blue Jays for a homophobic Cuban shortstop and players that might make a difference in five years. If Miami had any actual fans, they’d be livid. You see the good people of Miami contributed over $450,000, 000 to build their new, downtown stadium. Loria went out and got high priced talent and signed the hard drinking, voodoo practicing and outspoken Ozzie Guillen (Capricorn), to be their new manager. Shortly after being hired, Guillen professed his admiration and respect for Castro, a big no-no amongst the Cuban exiles living in Miami. Guillen has Moon and Jupiter in what seems to be a theme here today, Aries. Loris could and should have fired Guillen just days after his remarks were published, but he didn’t and fans stayed away from the Marlins last season. Loria was counting on the one community in Miami that loves and would support baseball, in fact to the tune of $450,000,000 and he wound up alienating them. Now, in a very retrogrady sort of way, he just gutted the team and its payroll. This isn’t anything new for Scorpio, Loria. In a tale similar to that of Bob Kraft’s, here is how Jeffery Loria got to Miami in the first place. Both excerpts from Wikipedia bold emphasis, mine;

“In 1989, Loria purchased the Oklahoma City 89ers, then a Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. The team won the American Association championship in 1992. Loria sold the team in 1993 and began looking to buy a Major League team. Loria lost out to Peter Angelos in his bid to purchase the Baltimore Orioles in 1994. On December 9, 1999, he bought a 24 percent stake in the Montreal Expos for $18 million CAD (approximately $12 million USD) and became the managing general partner. When a series of cash calls went unanswered, Loria ended up with 94 percent of the team. He headed an ownership group that included the city of Montreal and Stephen Bronfman, son of founding owner Charles Bronfman.

In 2002, as part of an orchestrated move with Bud Selig and then-Marlins owner John W. Henry, Loria sold the Expos to “Expos Baseball, LP,” a partnership of the other 29 major league clubs, for $120 million. In effect, the Expos were sold to the commissioner’s office. Henry then sold the Marlins to Loria for $158.5 million, including a $38.5 million no-interest loan from MLB. The deal was approved by the other owners before Loria and Henry even signed a contract, and paved the way for Henry to buy the Boston Red Sox.[5] Loria moved the Expos’ entire front office staff, on-field staff, office equipment and computer equipment to Florida.[6] MLB’s plans to contract the Expos and Minnesota Twins failed, though, as the Twins were compelled through legal action to fulfill the terms of their lease at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. Loria’s partners in the Expos ownership consortium filed a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuit against Loria and Major League Baseball, but it eventually went to arbitration, with the arbitration panel finding in favor of Loria.[7] The Expos were ultimately transferred to Washington, D.C. as the Nationals. While the move was welcomed by baseball fans in Washington, it has led to many bitter feelings among Montreal – as well as Canadian – baseball fans. Many speculate that Loria’s original purpose was never to keep the Expos in Montreal.[8]

So, essentially, Loria bought the Expos for a paltry $12,000,000 US and turned it into a $43,000,000 profit with a $38,000,000, no interest loan. He then promptly won the World Series with a bevy of young talent, then sold that talent off to the highest bidders instead of keeping them around, a common practice in sports. Loria, was born with Mercury in Scorpio, retrograde 12 degrees. The solar eclipse was in a 7 degree orb of his Sun.

So, again, what does it all mean, save that a bunch of guys that worship the same god get to play by a different set of rules? Well, if you’ve ever read Cathy O’Brien’s disturbing and surreal, TRANCEformation Of America, you’ll remember that she says that sports aren’t just fixed, but fixed for a variety of reasons. One of the examples she mentions is how the Toronto Bluejays won two, world series in-a-row. She said that this was done to help pave the way for NAFTA. What team did Loria and the Marlins trade to? The Toronto Bluejays. They traded their very best players for peanuts and put the Bluejays into a position of being very competitive. If their first title run presaged NAFTA, then could the next Bluejays ascent be linked to the implementation of the NAU (North American Union)?Toronto is about due for a re-brith of sorts. It was incorporated ion 3/6/1834 when Pluto was in Aries at 11 degrees. Uranus is set to hit Aries at 11 degrees next year. Put your money on the Jays right now!


Speaking of money, is there anyone else that has ruled the late night airwaves with the midas touch in recent history more than George Noory? Since taking over for Gemini, Art bell, Coast-To-Coast has expanded into syndication gold. Its more than just an outpost of the unusual for insomniacs, truckers and aging x-filers, its become a portal into other worlds and strange dimensions of hypothesis, hyperbole and hyperdimensional chatter. George has forged a unique bon homme between him and his listeners which has resulted in a solid and trusted bond between them. Unlike Bell, who often appeared as the dark mage at the end of time, George is more the kindly wizard holding the space of civility and humility in the nexus of chaos. In short, he’s become a port in the storm for the anxious and stressed in the literal and figurative, darkest hours before the dawn.

Tomorrow, at 12 PM, Central, I’m thrilled to have George with me for an hour on The Friday Farcast. We’ll find out a lot more about the mind behind the mic, how he became America’s sage of late night talk radio and where he thinks all of this is headed.

In the second hour, I’ll have another George, this time it’s Giorgio A. Tsoukalous, aka “The Hair” and star of “Ancient Aliens” the immensely popular series on the History Channel. We’ll talk about the series, its success, his background, ancient aliens and his upcoming cosmic convergence event in New Orleans on 12/21/12. You don’t want to miss this episode, either live or on the podcast.

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Mars retro.

So Mercury Retrograde is doing its strange magic. The Supreme Court is flirting with throwing out Obamacare in its entirety. Frankly, this has thrown even this astrologer for a loop. With Mars in Virgo retro, we see all things health related under review. That goes from personal fitness, all the way from stair-masters, to the collective and the steps of the Supreme Court. Throw in a heavy dose of Saturn in Libra retro which apparently does not want to be ignored in the retrograde parade and the Obama admin could have a big, steaming pile of poo on their hands. What do you expect for a president sworn in under Mercury Retrograde?

Who are the big losers if this happens (I have my doubts still) besides Obama? The big insurance companies? The horny eugenicists? Yes, they’ll have their bitter root to gnaw, but the real losers will be the American taxpayers. Think of how much it has cost to get this leviathan of a mandate to eventually sit in front of SCOTUS? Well, maybe you don’t want to know.

What seems to be at risk here is believe it or not, is the fundamental right of the federal government to mandate any and everything if this passes. In essence, if it is deemed that carrots or computer chips are in your/our best interests, then based upon the bill as it stands, it would give the fed broad and sweeping powers to intervene and ultimately force citizens to comply with whatever standards are deemed beneficial or necessary by the gov.

This is where the crux of the bill hangs, as well as individual freedoms and liberty itself. Its also where the administration wants the bill to be (within reason) because the very definition of powers and decree are being discussed and debated. In essence, its impact is now on the table.

If Obamacare does get the papal blessing of the court the very things that were debated and argued, which would be its ultimate unconstituionality, would now become the unquestioned hammer and authority to exercise the feds will for the “good of the people” as it sees fit. Be careful Americans what you ask for.

Its a high stakes game of sovereign poker and I’m wondering what aces they might have up their sleeve to play before the torrential river card is turned.


Want another big, fat slice of of Mercury Retrograde justice being served? If you haven’t been following whats going on in Sanford, Florida (Sanford and Sons, Redd Foxx–best buddy of Malcolm X), well you’re blissfully ignorant. The Trayvon Martin case is getting whipped up into a national frenzy and there is an uncomfortable trend of lynch mob justice that’s emerging through social media. It started with Sandra Fluke and Limbaugh and has now morphed into another media virus via the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The typical suspects are on the case; Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan and Spike Lee. The first two are confirmed Prince Hall Masons. Farakhan has been rumored to be a Mason and Lee has been spotted doing the funny grip now and again.

Well, Lee is in top shit disturbing form. He tweeted the details of George Zimmerman’s house and phone number, which is incredibly dangerous, now matter how egregious, guilty or innocent Zimmerman might be. What if someone decided to take the Panthers up on their $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman? What if they went over there and burned his house down, killing him and his parents? Some people would obviously see this as justice served, channeling Hammurabai, they would get what they damned well deserved!

But what if Lee got the address wrong? Well he did. He tweeted the address of a different family named “Zimmerman,” the home of a seventy-one-year-old woman, who is now totally freaked out. Lee has removed the tweet, apologized and yet the damage has been done.

In my newsletter, I tracked the invocation of Mars as a force, an energy promoting chaos in the divide and conquer checkerboard. Notice I used checkerboard and not chess. Checkerboards are black and red, not the classic black and white of the illuminated chess board. Red/Mars is a dominant theme; Sanford/Redd Foxx, Spike Lee and his alter ego, Mars (red) Blackmon (again, the red and the black checkerboard theme). Checkers, where all pieces are equal represents socialism/communalism, while chess is symbolic of the ruling class and hierarchies. The ancient Greeks BTW, defined hierarchies, as “the leaders of sacred rites.”

Who is getting played though? Seems like one group is playing chess, while the other, unfortunately is playing “checkers.”

Trayvon Martin (Martian/Mars) and the tragedy that is unfolding on many levels, is the invocation of force from a martial perspective.

If Obamacare goes down in flames, keep your eyes on Sanford, Florida, where Mars is rising. Tomorrow, we’re staring down a major Sun/Pluto square and the intensity rises as Mercury keeps falling backwards, into the nether regions of Pisces.

Also on Friday (10AM PST), I’ll have Les Visible aka “Visible” for those that can see, on my radio show. We hung out the other night, time travelled back into the 70’s and revisited his initiation into “higher” realms.

In the first hour of the show, I’ll be doing live, astrological readings. Don’t miss it.

Just click on the image for more show info.

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Manning is an Aries

Just a quick Mercury Retrograde update. I have said this before. Sports is one of the greatest barometers to gauge Mercury Retrograde in action. NFL Free Agency and the NBA’s trade deadline are all happening at the inception of MR. There’s already a retro/return theme emerging.

Just as Mercury began to lurch backwards, Randy Moss, the archetypal Aquarian of professional wide receivers stepped off the sidelines and returned to the pro game, coming of retirement, signing a no frills contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Niners wide receiver, Josh Morgan signed with the Redskins, reuniting with former UVA receiver, Eddie Royal, who also signed with Washington. Its also a homecoming of sorts for Morgan since he is from the D.C. area.

Brandon Marshall got traded to the Bears, reconnecting him with Jay Cutler, his former QB when the two played together in Denver.

Today, Brandon Lloyd is scheduled to visit the 49ers, a team he played for in the early 2000’s.

On the basketball front, Warriors guard, Monta Ellis got traded to Milwaukee and
returning to Golden State is Aries guard, Stephen Jackson, which leads me to another Aries in the midst of a major life/career decision; Peyton Manning.

Based on all the retro/return action, I am laying it out there and forecasting Manning signing with the Tennessee Titans. Why? Its where he started his career really, as an All American at University of Tennessee. So if all this boomeranging is any indication as to where Manning will wind up, my sense is that it’s in Nashville, with one, slight darkhorse; Miami, since that is where he actually lives. A homecoming of sorts.

Okay, I promise more end times poetry for my next post.

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Bring on the dancing horses.

Epiphanies, revelations and syncs abound. The world’s esoteric guts are getting turned inside out. Mercury continues its backward arc in the sign of the centaur. Is it any wonder that the Obama administration just passed a law that lifts a ban on killing horses for meat? This is a ritual slaughter. The horse is symbolic of freedom, the open plains and expansion–all Sag. They are the hoof and heartbeat of America in its most native expression. They were the four leggeds of the first people. The country was literally built on their back until the iron horses replaced them. Open season on them is deeply troubling, not just for their own well being, but what they represent. Mars in Virgo is squaring Mercury in Sag, which accentuates the occasionally ruthless nature of Mars in Virgo (efficiency at all costs). The justification of feeding people versus the ability to roam free gets played out here in the square. Does it seem deliberate? I’ll leave that for you to decide. Staying with the Sag animal theme. . .


Now that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been abolished, the military just announced in senate Bill 1867, the end to sodomy. Yes, if you are now a member of the armed forces, anal sex is no longer a punishable offense. However, in addition to two consenting adults being able to freely penetrate one another, bestiality, which had also been outlawed is now legal as well. I am not making this up. I wish I was. Mercury Retrograde seems to be taking us right back to Babylon on bullet train with a giant spiked cock on the front and a big fat caboose in the back. Now, I’m sure that in order to ensure sexual freedom in the new army, they wiped the old law out in full, including literally doing it doggie style. Sighhhhh. That’s the least of our problems.


It truly saddens me to report to you that S 1867 contains deeply troubling language that essentially allows the military to apprehend and detain without due process, for an indeterminate amount of time, anyone considered to be a terror suspect and a risk to safety. The language is incredibly broad and has lots of leeway. Unlike the UK, which has a 28 day detention limit, this bill has none. Passed 93-7, it rests solely on the slumped and heavy shoulders of Barack Obama to stamp veto on it. Will he? Will he? This is a pandora’s box and it comes as no surprise, with thousands of people taking to the streets in OWS protests. Once Osama Bin Laden was ceremonially removed from our consciousness, there had to be a new threat. Its not in some distant land (Sag) its much closer to home (Merc in Sag retro).

Things should get mighty interesting when Uranus goes direct on the 10th, just as the Full Moon in Gemini goes into eclipse mode. Whoa. The Moon is in the USA 7th House on the USA Mars in Gemini. There’s a restlessness there that makes me loosen my tie (if I wore one) just thinking about it. Get your shopping done early. More on the eclipse next week.

Just for shits and giggles, I went back and looked at the year 1867 to see if there was anything interesting went down then. Well, I found a few things.

•African American men get to vote in D.C.
•Canada is formed
•The Manifest Destiny Treaty was enacted (First peoples moved off their lands)
•Das Kaptial was released
•Otto von Bismarck forms the North German Confederation

Lots of interesting stuff there. You’ve got the relocation of the native nation, the ideological birth of socialism, the beginnings of the consolidation of German power and the formal aggregation of Canada. Well at least we can be thankful for the latter. My life would be a lot less richer without the likes of Jim Carrey, John Candy, Molsons, Mike Meyers, Leonard Cohen, Kid Koala, Katrina Keough, Jill Sarafin and all my other Canadian friends.


The power of faith is on tap for the next 48 hours. Even though the Moon will do a little square dance with the Sun and Mercury, squares are the impetus to action. They’re dynamic and stimulate volition. The Moon in Pisces is evocative of great faith and perseverance. Its artistic as hell. Poetic to the core. Its daring you with Sag in the background to make your life into art. To affirm love in the face of oppression and forgive. I can tell you right now, we’re on the verge of miracles. It all depends on you and how much faith you’re willing to channel and anchor. How boldly can you affirm your being in the darkest days of the year? Vesta is getting a lot of press right now. Its big and bodacious, in the final degrees of Aquarius. Vesta is symbolic of the light that is eternal, the never ending flame of wisdom and dare I say, “hope?” Give yourself permission to love and live without fear. Make no excuses and say a little prayer for all of those who are scared and depressed, faithless and lost. Its time for us all to come home now.

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Goat and Crab stew.

I love it when the stars align for a meaty blog post. Notice that I used the word “meaty.” it won’t be the last time you’ll see a food reference or metaphor in this piece, because while Rome burns, and you put another weenie on your skewer, I have to chime in on the nasty Anthony Bourdain/Paula Deen food fight. I knew Bourdain is a Cancer. Of course he is. Surly, moody, taciturn, but somehow always managing to channel some discernible gravitas when appropriate, like when he had simple country fare with a Laotian family, and the man of the family had a leg and an arm blown off from a vagrant mine, leftover from the Nam war. Or the time he watched in horror and disbelief in Nicaragua as families pored through mountains of refuse, foraging for food scraps.

I’m a pretty good reader and his concern was anything but manufactured. And yeah, he takes pot shots at Rachel Ray and all of the other Food Channel’s McChefs, but its funny (and honest). And yeah, his world weary act wears a little thin, but he gets it right more than he doesn’t. He’s got an ego, but with Jupiter in Leo, how can he not? And I will tell you that anyone in front of a camera has an ego, even aw shucks Paula.

So Bourdain is a Cancer (3 degrees) and Deen is a Capricorn (28 degrees). Its perfect really. In fact, if you wanted to teach someone about astrology and wanted to use two disparate personalities to demonstrate it, well these two would have to merit consideration. They’re like salt and sugar.

If you don’t know how this spicy feud started, Bourdain roasted Deen and her, ahem cuisine;

“She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she’s proud of the fact that her food is fucking bad for you. If I were on at seven at night and loved by millions of people at every age, I would think twice before telling an already obese nation that it’s OK to eat food that is killing us. Plus, her food sucks.”

Nothing like dropping a career skidding rant on one of America’s feel-good food stars. But I get Bourdain’s angst and rage, his sour to her sweet and its in their signs.

Bourdain as we have discerned is a Cancer. He’s got Moon in Aquarius as well. He also has Mercury in Gemini. All three of these aspects match-up with The US chart, not necessarily by degree, but most certainly by sign. Even though he’s been labeled a food snob, he’s actually more at home in someones home, food cart on the street or out of the way cafe. His taste in food is anything but elite and he revels in the company of plain folk. He’ll also eat anything that is local or indigenous. Hell, he’s even BBQ’d with Ted Nugent at “The Nuge’s” ranch in Texas and he dug it. In essence, Bourdain is much more of a populist than his edgy persona conveys most of the time. He can’t stand corporations and the commodification of food. He battles with soulless co-optation, sometimes even inside himself on his own show. While he loves his job, he’s not always okay with being on.

His Aquarius Moon is reflected in his love for Punk Rock. And I have always seen Punk as being the dark side Aquarian musical genre. “Anarchy In The UK” was pure Uranus, and The Sex Pistols were fronted by Johnny Rotten (Aquarius). Bourdain’s favorite band is The Ramones and he even went to a Tiki Lounge on Staten Island with David Johansen of The New York Dolls on one episode. Tony with his Aquarian Moon doesn’t give a flip.

Mercury in Gemini is a dangerous thing in a “Fire Monkey” which Bourdain is. He gets bored easy. His Mercury is conjunct his Venus in Gemini. Yes, of course, he gets bored in relationships as well. He likes to stir shit up. But its those first three signs I want to focus on now, especially the Cancer Sun. Bourdain is much more of a traditionalist than people give him credit for. He detests trendy food as well as trendy eating, such as veganism. He sees veganism as a luxury that reflects mostly American cultural arrogance, since the majority of the world doesn’t indulge in what he would call “fringe cuisine,” since they eat what they catch or what they find. This is where he gets crusty with Deen.

Paula Deen is the opposite Bourdain and not just astrologically. She’s all shucks and smiles. Her recipes use copious amounts of butter and fat. She once cooked up a double burger with bacon between two donuts. Her food is a fried soporific that goes down well with shitty country and western music, but beyond that, she snuggles up to those “evil” corporations Bourdain disdains. In fact Deen got in bed with Smithfield Farms, who butcher and prepare pork products. Deen became their spokesperson; ““When I was looking for a company (Smithfield) to partner with, I wanted to make sure it was someone who shares my family values and traditions.” The only problem is that Smithfield has a terrible reputation. Jim Hightower sums up their gross misdeeds; “Smithfield is not at all sweet. It is notorious as a massive factory farm polluter of its neighbors’ air and water, as a monopolist that squeezes out small family farmers and as an anti-union abuser of working families. Family values? Try these: In recent years, Smithfield has been cited by federal regulators, courts and other independent monitors for spying, coercing, beating, assaulting, illegally arresting, intimidating, harassing, illegally firing and racially insulting its employees.”

Dipping into the shallows of Deen’s chart, we can see why she would align with Smithfield or at the very least a major corporation. She has Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars, all in Capricorn. Sun/Merc/Mars are all conjunct. Paula Deen may come off like warm corn muffin dripping with honey, but the lady is into power and she’s tough. She’s no pushover like mousy Virgo, Rachel Ray, whom Bourdain has seared on many occasions. Smithfield in her corner is not at all surprising and this is really what gets Bourdain’s goat. From killing factories, to killing foods, he understands the danger of Paula Deen and what she’s pushing.

Drilling down just a little further, some other interesting aspects emerge. Deen has Jupiter in Scorpio, 23 degrees, (finding opportunity through power and others resources) and Saturn in Leo 6 degrees R, (challenges with true creativity, needs to be in charge, holds back emotionally). Bourdain has Jupiter in Leo, 27 degrees, (open, gregarious, indulgent, creative, generous) and Saturn in Scorpio, 27 degrees, (suspicious, sexually frustrated, addiction problems, uneasy with personal power, control issues). Interesting how they have Jupiter and Saturn flipped. Bourdain’s Jupiter/Saturn square is fixed and really tight. Its no surprise that he is unapologetic towards Deen or anyone else he dishes and disses.

I know its food and media and in the grand feast of life, where people in the horn of Africa are being starved, it seems a trite dust-up, but its not. In these two personas, we see two, very different sides of America, engaging in a surprisingly relevant debate on what we eat and why.

Now Bourdain is anything but the Bob Woodward of international cuisine. I saw him tromp around Dubai, which has one of the worst records of human rights on the planet. Most of Dubai was built on the backs of slave labor from Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Bourdain shoveled food in his mouth while he listened to the citizens of Dubai wax poetically about their country and how quickly it rose from the sands of the gulf. They swelled with pride like those bullfrogs he hunted in the dark of night down in the Everglades during the Miami episode. I’m sure that no more than just a few miles away, in what amounts to a concrete bunker, dozens of trapped workers unable to go home, ate modest portions of negligible foods, during a brief respite from their 16 hour days while the new class of emirates wined and dined Bourdain.

When he was in Panama, he walked through Noriega’s abandoned mansion, but only skimmed the surface of the complex political situation in a country that is only now recovering from the blitzkrieg of 1990, when GHWB forcefully removed Noriega,

While Deen chooses to deal with pig merchants on the Food Network, Bourdain has to honor the shinier sides of his destinations, because he does work for a leisure and lifestyle network. And even though he might not have any reservations, I’m sure the Travel Channel does and what happens in places like Dubai, stays in Dubai.

By the way, Mercury Retro is conjuncting Bourdain’s Pluto and Jupiter, which does not bode well for him. Middle America loves Paula Deen and there could very well be a backlash as long and thick as one of her Tammy Faye Baker inspired eyelashes. And as much as I love Tony, he’s been treading perilously close to shark jumping waters this past season. His debauched Guinness and Jamesons romp through Boston wasn’t a good look for him.

Successful, wealthy, well traveled, on his second marriage with a young daughter, he’s close to being an anachronism, as the angry-young-man that he captured in print in “Kitchen Confidential” isn’t the same man sucking on boar cheeks in Harbin, China. I have no doubt that someday soon, he’ll emulate his hero, Marco Pierre White and start a little restaurant somewhere in the countryside and clear out before the Paula Deens of the food world march with fixed smiles and painted faces, arm-in-arm, to Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” right into your living room, with reels of recipes, fueled by genetically modified corn syrup and cloned meats. But until Bourdain does, this beef is on high simmer and ready to boil.


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London’s Burning Dial 9-9-9-9-9

There’s that scene in The Matrix where the sentinels glide over the Nebuchadnezzar, which gets me thinking, why didn’t more parents name their kids “Neo” on the heels of the Matrix? For that matter, how many other Keanu’s have you met? I mean my middle name was chosen for a slightly obscure mid-century movie star of English origin, yet I have yet to meet a “Neo” or “Keanu” and trust me, I run across a lot of kids. Maybe that’s because there can be only one.

Anyway, back to that scene. Most everything from the Matrix is pulled from the Old Testament or The Talmud. The Sentinels are the robotic succubi, the virtual angels of death. At one point, they pass silently by Morpheus and crew. At another they descend upon their house and begin to disembowel it. Reality or what we think of it is like that in many ways.

The sentinels are the turbo-charged locusts of tragedy, shapeshifting from one disaster and calamity to the next. Back in the foggy mists of time, these actions were ascribed to local gods, totemic deities that were carved out, given form, venerated and supplicated so that they would mercifully pass over. Sometimes it took the form of beads and beer. Other times it was a baby.

In our current model of reality it gets played with super hurricanes (Katrina), super earthquakes and tsunamis (Fukushima), super cyclones (Joplin) and super snipers with super fertilizer bombs (Norway). Now, we have the debt crisis. These are the modern plagues, the sentinels descending. We never know where or when or what shape they’ll take, since the malevolence is formless until harnessed and directed. Clearly though, at least through these eyes, particularly the economic crisis, they are engineered.

Back when I first launched this site, I did a series of 11 posts on “The Melting Economy,” the most prescient might be this one. This was on the cusp of Bush II and Obamanhaton. It was when Ben Bernanke and whoever or whatever that Paulsen character was were clearly in charge. It was Big Ben and the zombie exchequer that got heavy with the congress and the senate, literally forcing them to swallow their bailout arsenic. That was the first blow of the wrecking ball smashing against the middle-class.

The 2008 financial crisis has never abated really. They primed the stock market for a while, juiced it up and made sure that a lot more people got in. This past week, the Sentinels descended yet again, leveling legacies, sucking the last bits of flesh off middle class bones. I watched friends lose upwards of $50,000 on the market this past week. In essence, what we’ve seen, is yet another controlled demolition.

Now that its happened; Now what? How are you going to get through a time where hyper-inflation stalks us like ravenous jackals? How will you survive the coming race/class riots and what lies ahead? I’ve mapped out a brief global-economic survival guide for each sign. Its called . . . Read the rest of this entry »

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Oh say can you vee?

Mercury has just gone direct. For some people, it could not have returned to it’s forward motion any sooner. Merc in Aries retrograde doesn’t have the same, haywire capacity that say MR in Gemini or Virgo can have; losing things, accidents, bad contracts, etc, but it really does highlight personal differences in styles, direction and will between people. This aspect is confusing. There can be a lot of, “he said/she said” dynamics in play. The reason is that we’re recalibrating will during the Aries, Merc, MR phase. The whole concept of will comes into play; Are we our instinct? Are we doing our best to align with our soul’s mandate (which is not always the same as the needs of our personality?) How does it match up or align with the will of others, especially significant others?


Whether one chooses to put any energy into the cascade of events now taking place across the planet, we cannot deny that conditions are dire. What’s taking place in Japan has extreme consequences for the rest of the world. While we have been fed a steady diet of radioactivity since WWII, now we’re being seated at the final feast. Three wars and counting take on an Orwellian, endless war meme. The cognitive dissonance is so great, that most people don’t know who we’re fighting or why. The reasons are buried in a heap of land fill, in a heavily guarded patch on Staten Island, where the dust of memory carries traces of truth. The economy, as always teeters on the brink of insolvency but this weekend seems like we have arrived at a critical tipping point as China has decided to dump large amounts of US dollars. According to a friend who has a source that has real time tracking in Dubai, the Chinese are in super sell mode as I type. Maybe this is why The University of Texas has received a huge shipment of gold, in anticipation of what might come.

So what does all of this have to do with the price of tea in China and Aries MR? I think it’s incumbent that we understand who we need to spend our energy with and why. While I am not a real advocate of the soulmate scene, it does feel as though we are having to sort through disparate world views with ones that we love and we may not always see eye-to-eye. One person may see death in the clouds, while another might just see a pretty shape. This is the vector of Aries Merc, especially as it opposes Saturn today at 12 degrees. As I mentioned before, 12 is the number of The Hanged Man in the major arcana and it is a turning point of surrender. It is time to align with people and lovers that share the same focus and feeling and those people may not be your current partners and or friends.

In the Sabian Symbols, Aries 11/12 is A Triangularly Shaped Flight Of Geese. This represents instinctual patterns of migration, knowing where to go and who you want to get there with. The triangular shape also resonates with triangulated relating, love triangles and trinities of commitment. Lastly, the rune, Kano (opening/fire) is also symbolic of the open ended pyramid, traveling sideways across the expanse of sky. Fire is clarity. The next two Sabian Symbols are quite telling, Aries 12/13 is, An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest which hints at false flags, both interpersonally and collectively. It’s followed by 13/14 Aries, A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman which speaks to the instinctual aspects of mating and relating. The sleeping serpent is unactivated Kundalini. It exists in the dream state, where our reptilian brain kicks in. It evokes dormant possibility of creative potential between two people. This weekend, extending out towards Tuesday and Wednesday is a period of relationships of destiny. Pay attention. Take notice. Have the courage to act on your emotions/convictions. Your future in this realm might just depend on how well you trust and with whom.

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