The Blue Light Special–Anti-Christian Sign Of The Times?


A lot of people have asked me about the “Blue Light Special” that flashed in Norway last week. You know, the mysterious blue spiral that was pawned off as a “russian missile.” I was hesitant to assign any meaning to this phenomenon initially. My instincts tell me to trust very little and do my best to look behind the scenes and often the scenes behind the scene of the scene. Theories started rolling in; Project Bluebeam, HAARP in Tromso (not far from the projection of the beam) and even CERN, but the more that I dig, the more that certain evidence and clues begin to emerge.


As I surfed the web, I began to move closer and closer the visage of Maitreya. In case you don’t know, Maitreya has been offered up as the “Coming Of The Christ” for decades now by Benjamin Creme. Creme, an artist, with reputed links to MI5/6 has been stumping for Maitreya for years. I first came across Creme back in the eighties when he was on “New Dimensions” radio on KPFA. In conspiratorial circles, Maitreya has been synonymous with The NWO and it’s presumptive, spiritual figurehead, Maitreya. When Bill Cooper was alive, he talked about how there had been active forms of discussion and negotiation as to who would be the spiritual leader of the new world order between Maitreya and the now deceased pope. Looks like through sheer longevity, Maitreya won out.

Benjamin Creme has been touting that a “blue light” would signal the arrival of “The Christ” for years ( To be clear about this point, Share Intl. first stated this publicly last year on 12/12/09 ) and now on their website, Share International, they are indeed making the link between the blue spiral and Maitreya. The event is like a new age version of the light of the Magi, presaging the arrival of hype, I mean hope. There is also very little coincidence that Obama, was also in Norway at the same time as the blue spiral entered into our consciousness. We have been inundated with the spiritual imagery of Obama since he splashed onto the scene. Will Smith, has called Obama, “a flashpoint in consciousness.” Now we have him accepting The Nobel, back lit by the blue light of Maitreya. Whether the spiral was generated by HAARP/Tromso in Norway, powered by a surge of CERN or not, we are beginning to make links around this event and first Obama and now Maitreya. We may not see another blue spiral, but I don’t think we’re done with this sort of phenomenon.

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Embracing The Paradox Of Capricorn–Rise Of The Sea Goat

TY-DragonFishHonoring the mystery of the sea-goat.

A few days ago, I did a reading for a Capricorn. He was born at zero degrees and while he had a number of elements in his chart, in many ways, they supported the thrust for achievement, purely Capricorn in it’s distillation. I could also see where there was another side to him, a decidedly more emotional side. While every chart has supportive aspects, underlying themes, or even it’s shadow, there is something of a dilemma, a paradox that exists in Capricorn and it relates to our world as it is evolving through Pluto’s stay in Capricorn.

Even the most casual followers of astrology know that Capricorn is represented by the goat and the goat is the animal of ascent, in almost all aspects. It climbs mountains and corporations. It endures and will eat almost anything to survive. It’s also a utilitarian animal. It can produce milk and clear a hillside of grass and weeds. It overcomes any obstacle in it’s path over time to achieve it’s goals. Richard Nixon overcame an abusive and hard riding father to eventually become president. His quest to achieve power and domination over his father and his legacy, one that included significant doses of humiliation, also led to his downfall as well.

of all the Earth signs, even Virgo, Capricorn might be the most self aware. It cannot rise to the heights that it does by simply acting on it’s own instinctual impulses, though this should not be discounted as well. Capricorn must be fully engaged in it’s ascent, so that it may take advantage of any opportunity that crosses it’s path. But unlike Virgo, which can be caught on the horns of dilemma regarding ethical or moral decisions, ones that could impugn it’s sense of purity and service, Capricorn is more fully aware of the moral implications in it’s rise to power and quest for prominence than we might know–but this is the paradox or dilemma of Capricorn.

When Nixon was president, he was faced with the fact that he was embroiled in a war that he could not easily withdraw from, while not admitting some form defeat to the Soviets, deep in the heart of the cold war. Now whether Nixon truly believed this, or was simply operating under intel from his advisors one could see that he was faced with a moral dilemma, which was risk a smaller portion of American lives, versus the majority of the free world in the face of Soviet expansion and onslaught. Now Nixon was probably as psychopathic as amy other US president, but one could see, regardless of ones position on the war, that he had to make a choice for the greater (at least in his own mind) good, while still serving the interests of the military industrial complex.
I live in a company town. A giant, steel network of tubes, like extruded chromium intestines intersect and wrap around a sprawling sea of tanks and vats, refining oil into it’s various states and storing it for distribution around the world. It’s Chevron Oil, the same guys that trashed Ecuador in search oil and had a landmark suit slapped against them. Chevron is a emblematic of a Capricornian establishment. It’s oiligarchigal. I don’t agree with their methodologies or business practices. I don’t condone buying up patents and squatting on technology. But without Chevron, my town would be a ghost town and the families it feeds as a result of their presence here is yet another examplet of the paradox of Capricorn. The old German woman behind my place gets to keep her cafe open and employ half a dozen people on a full time basis. That’s the institutional example of the paradox of Capricorn. Corporations mostly suck. They’re flawed in many ways and often promote an organizational psychopathology that supports an unhealthy culture and yet . . . they do promote some form of economic support, either directly or indirectly.

The paradox of Capricorn is also at the heart of what used to be called, “The New World Order” and has now been re-branded into “Global Governance” since a lot of people were getting pretty uptight around all of the recent talk regarding The New World Order. Whether it’s the environment or the fall of currency, we’re getting all kinds of solutions to our problems at a “global level” while a lot of our issues are an amalgamation of many local ones. The Capricorn mindset, especially the Pluto in Capricorn mindset sees or at least convinces itself of the greater good, as it relates to global governance. It sees the needs of the many, outweighing the needs of the not so many. Do I think that Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel and Barack Obama are aware of the fact that they are pushing an agenda that a lot of people aren’t in agreement with? You bet. Are they willing to push their agenda in spite of that for “the greater good”? Uh huh. Will there be a small, select, group that still controls most of the planet’s resources and will those that will try to initiate global governance profit off of their hard work and allegiance towards such an endeavor? You betcha. Are all of them convinced that this is in the best interest of the common good? Some are–certainly not all. However, it’s the people at much lower levels, ones that push hard and are ideologically driven, they are the ones that believe most fervently. Global governance for all intents and purposes is a very Capricornian issue. But what does this mean for the individual?

A much earlier symbol of Capricorn is not just a goat, but a sea-goat. It’s almost half goat, half dolphin. This image goes all the way back to Mesopotamia and has it’s link to Enki, the creator god in “The Epic Of Gilgamesh.”. What did Enki do besides create, brew beer, get drunk and bed? He cared about his creations, perhaps too much. The fish part of Capricorn’s ancient symbol represents the emotional body or in some ways, Enki’s emotional body. It lends a natural balance to the sign that seems to have been lost over the ages as the sea goat morphed simply into a goat, which has it’s representation as Baphomet.

It’s essential that if we are going to move towards any type of global governing, even if it’s one that we naturally aspire to and want to create because it’s the ultimate form of communion, we have to have full and total compassion. It cannot be an exercise in will which excludes the thoughts and feelings of independent and sovereign communities, whether they be located in the heart of the amazon or the heart of New York City. But this is just the broadest application of the symbolism of the sea-goat as compassionate yet enduring to commitment of it’s goals. It has it’s own meaning in our lives as well, no matter where or if you have any Capricornian aspects in your chart. We need to see as much of the whole as possible and begin to reconcile disparity in the world around us and ourselves, which is an ongoing knitting of the mystery of paradox, embodied by the sign of Capricorn.

Evolutionary Leadership, The NWO And The Pseudo-Aquarian Age

leadersMeet your “Evolutionary Leaders.”

One of my very good friends sent me an email, which had within it’s contents a very well meaning petition from people like Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Joan Borysenko, Debbie Ford and others. These people have been tabbed our “Evolutionary Leaders” and they have a number of mandates that they want to table for The Obama Administration, most of which sound reasonable enough such as “promoting health and healing,” “engaging in social and political transformation,” “encouraging conscious media” and “building global community” amongst a few other broad, socio-spiritual agendas. I’ve been thinking about this “call to action” by our “evolutionary leaders” and I have some very definite thoughts regarding this movement.

First off, I did not appoint them to be my “evolutionary leaders.” My friend commented on all of the good work they have done in the realm of consciousness and awareness and I had to take a step back and think about that for moment. I had to ask myself, with all of his medical acumen and telegenic clout, where has Deepak Chopra been when it comes to Morgellons? For all of her political connections, where has Barbara Marx-Hubbard been on the Chemtrail front? Did Jean Houston hold a workshop or a seminar when New Orleans went to hell? When voter fraud was off the charts in 2004 in Skull and Bones vs Skull and Bones, where were our so called “evolutionary leaders” when it came to expressing outrage and turning their evolved powers of perception towards any one of these issues? The answer is, is that they didn’t, because they have book deals, and that coveted and comfy spot next to Oprah on her couch, speaking engagements, PBS specials and so on, all cutting against their highly cultivated grain, which could seriously jeopardize those tasty perks. In this sense, they are no different than our “de-evolutiionary leaders” who always seem to convince themselves that by not taking a controversial stance or assuming a challenging position, they are able to ensure themselves a longer shelf life, thus theoretically helping more people in the long run. While there is some merit in this strategy, we have seen far too many pols ultimately become compromised or have their original intentions diffused by their ongoing and often contorted relationship with moral and ethical justification.

When we look at the blood on the tracks when it comes to the economy, where were those leaders? Where was the oversight? The answer is, is that there was none. They were told to “look the other way, because the economy was a highly complex system, a living entity unto itself that would grow, expand, contract, correct, as long as it’s handlers (The Fed and The SEC) allowed it to move without restraint across the free range marketplace of the global economy.” Well, we all know how that worked out. But I am diverging.

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Aquarius And The Marketing Of A New World Order

271750_main1Come, join my corner in The New World Order . . .

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” — Joseph Goebbells

EDITORS NOTE. They have just announced that the new name of the proposed “Freedom Tower in NYC aka the new WTC, will be called, “The One World Trade Center.”

I’ve been dealing with moving and decoupling from my domestic life, amongst other issues, so I haven’t taken on the big pieces as of late, but I have promised my pal, Twilight to do a little Siskel and Ebert on “The New World Order.” Twilight, like my very good friend, didge player extraordinaire, Stephen Kent is from England, where the idea of socialism is actually a reality they are quite used to, having been indoctrinated into via their respective English upbringings and while The U.S. is currently a soft socialist model, it has had the trappings of free-market capitalism for most of it’s existence, though we are now aware that “free market” actually refers to the fact that white collar criminals who have absconded with billions over the past five years, are still free to do what they do best. Pilfer. If it wasn’t for Bernie Maddoff’s smug and arrogant confession to his sons, he’d still be fleecing people begging for a 12% return with no questions asked. But that’s a different story.

Twilight believes that the only way that we can solve our problems is to submit to a world government and a world currency, a unifying theme, principle and body that would determine the rule of law, for everyone, equally. This is what HG Wells and his “Fabian Socialists” have been working towards for decades (much more on Wells later) and in theory and principle, it all sounds fine, warm and fuzzy, because thanks to Freud, most people believe that we are all just really neanderthals beneath The Brooks Brothers suits, just waiting to club someone if no one is looking and that there are a smarter, more enlightened group of people that can save us from ourselves and through the rule of law and force, united under one unifying system, we can tame the beast within us and live peacefully, thanks to the exalted beneficence of those who are better trained, smarter and more refined than the rest of us.

With Neptune in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aquarius, rapidly approaching a major conjunction, the ideal of a New World order might never be closer. Aquarius represents fairness and equality. While Libra seeks balance and fairness in one-on-one relationships, Aquarius addresses it from a societal standpoint and an ideal such as a “New World Order” has immense appeal during this Neptune/Jupiter/Aquarius phase. Aquarius is also the sign of the media, mass media, radio, t.v. and the internet. I equate music and film more with Pisces, but the vox populi at this very moment in ensconced radio, t,v, and the net. This is where the memes for The NWO will be launched into the collective mind.

One of the things we learned about the last election is how much politics has become marketing and vice versa. From Mad Ave, Tavistock, to SRI, to Langley, we have seen how strategies are borne out of the need to not just capture the public’s mind share, but to colonize the entire personality through beliefs. It was quite evident during The Reagan era, even more so when the conservative christian community were mobilized to support the dubious Bush agenda without question. With Barack Obama, we witnessed the very same thing, catapulting a personality forward on the promise of “hope” and the vapors of “change.” The nebulous nature of the platform has the power to keep us waiting for a very long time as “hope” is a state and not a destination and as a state it can always remain an ideal, not a reality. I have already written about this especially as it relates to Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) and how he essentially created the field of mass psychology in The US during the 20th century, creating everything from covert psyops for United Fruit in Central America, to working Alcoa and Reynolds to get the public to accept fluoride (a byproduct of aluminum processing) in the public water supply. Bernays is the godfather of mass mind control and public perception. His work was funded at times by The Rockfeller Foundation, including “The War Of The Worlds,” (HG Wells again) produced and performed by The Mercury Theater and a different Welles, Orson. A side note, here is a rare radio interview with Orson Welles and H.G. Wells.

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