Sobering Realizations Of Neptune, Dissipative Structures As The Tao And The Bloody Rabbit Hole

Blueprint for transformation?

This is usually my chrysalis time of year. The Sun ducks down behind my IC and conjuncts my South Node. It’s not my most vital cycle of the Gregorian calendar. The past few years have been bolted to personal drama around this stretch. Three years ago, this time, my marriage was unraveling at light speed. I spent three days locked up with the agents of the lower fourth and an inquisitor with a pill-popping degree. One day in the memoirs, I’ll write about that 72 hours. Oh yeah, I danced in the dragon’s jaw. Two years ago, almost to the day, my father passed from this plane of existence. You get the drift. Last year, I got a bit of a reprieve. I think the universe had mercy on my shell shocked soul.

It’s been over six months since I abandoned summoning the lesser spirits of grapes and grains. The changes are profound. The gauzy film of the matrix gets clearer and clearer. What we see and experience is truly unique and ours. Once we understand this, then not only does the movie change, but the perspective does as well. You (whoever you are) become the director instead of a bit player or some “character” actor (but you can still be them too if you want or choose). I’m not alone. I keep running into people I know and haven’t seen for a while and a lot of them are reporting similar pieces (pisces). I interviewed Abel Ferrera a few weeks back and he was candid, quite candid about his recovery. 4:44, his latest film is about that process, played out by Willem Dafoe in an art loft at the end of the world.

With both Chiron and Neptune in play, especially with the added boost from the Sun and Venus, its shining more brightly through dense and murky waters. People keep showing up and telling me how they’ve stopped drinking and they don’t miss it. Its having a wave-like effect on us.

There is a concept called “Dissipative Structures” which was stumbled upon by Nobel Laureate, Ilya Prigogine that I think is truly compelling and at the heart of the planetary transformation we’re all experiencing. Here is the technical definition of it;

“Ilya Prigogine is best known for his definition of dissipative structures and their role in thermodynamic systems far from equilibrium, a discovery that won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977. In summary, Ilya Prigogine discovered that importation and dissipation of energy into chemical systems could reverse the maximization of entropy rule imposed by the second law of thermodynamics, which only applies to closed thermodynamic systems with no exchange of energy or entropy with the environment.

A dissipative structure is characterized by the spontaneous appearance of symmetry breaking (anisotropy) and the formation of complex, sometimes chaotic, structures where interacting particles exhibit long range correlations. The term dissipative structure was coined by Russian-Belgian physical chemist Ilya Prigogine, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977 for his pioneering work on these structures. The dissipative structures considered by Prigogine have dynamical régimes that can be regarded as thermodynamically steady states, and sometimes at least can be described by suitable extremal principles in non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Simple examples include convection, cyclones and hurricanes. More complex examples include lasers, Bénard cells, the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction, and living organisms. One way of mathematically modeling a dissipative system is given in the article on wandering sets: it involves the action of a group on a measurable set.” (Source)

In lay terms, what Prigogine found, was a solution to entropy. That solution was where complex relationships at a sub-atomic level interpenetrated one another and influenced the behavior set of each structure accordingly. This was done without any forced application or fusion. As mentioned above, dissipative structures can be seen at work in nature in the form of “convection, cyclones and hurricanes”, so we’re not talking about something passive here. No, this is dynamic, trailer-park-blasting, spiritually quantum theory that in my estimation is at the root of the power of Tao. Taoism is the mystical branch of DP. It is the doing without doing.

DP is incredibly Neptunian/Piscean as well. Its fluid and diffuse. It moves like waves between people, lives and communities. But DP at its core starts with the individual and then spills outwards. When we do our spiritual work on ourselves and we begin to gain positive ground and momentum, it impacts others. We don’t even have to try. That’s the beauty of DP. We change our selves (cells) and then others change with us, around us, through us. Then the movie changes.

My best guess is that the planet cannot hold the vibration of alcohol and hard drugs for much longer. The Pluto in Scorpio generation is having the final shots at last call in a very big way. The morning after is coming when Saturn moves into Scorpio. And no matter what Diddy, Pitbull, Amber Rose or Madonna do to promote booze, its days as an unholy sacrament are running dry. There’s something very different and new emerging that we have no reference point for. Its ineffable in that thinly veiled and refined Piscean way. We are the destination and we are the transfer point. We are both subject and object. We are thou and thine. Here is where we collapse the poles of duality in a omni-dimensional embrace of something that is emerging in a couscous fashion after 200,000 years on this planet. You’re part of it now. Tag. You’re IT.


Nicki Minaj has appeared three times since the Super Bowl. including the horrific and tasteless Grammys romp with “Roman’s Revenge.” and the much tamer NBA All Star game where she did a medley of “Starships” and “Superbass.” Watching her, Pitbull, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo at the Orlando (see Gaga) All Star game, I have to ask myself, what the hell happened to music?

In 1984, Winston Smith talks about how music is generated by a machine as the dystopian soundtrack for their oppressive and slave-like existence. Everything now sounds like its pumped out by the same logarithmic, union-free composer. All I hear is a re-hash of late 90’s styled techno-house beats, nitrous farting whooshes of synths and choruses of alien auto-tuned vocals. Half rhyming, half sung, its all mediocre and mindless, but its also weirdly breaking down barriers. The urban needle has moved. Its no longer in the black and its much closer to pink than red.

And while the symbolic imagery of the NBA intro and halftime shows were turned down nearly to mute, they’ve been popping off the charts almost everywhere else and everyone is noticing. Illuminati is pervasive in our culture now. The question is why?

If you go down the rabbit hole deep enough, you’ll find things you weren’t prepared for; Things that make you re-think where it is you actually reside and how so-called humans could do these things to other humans. Its not a journey for the faint of heart. Its creepy, cruel and crushing. You begin to wonder what kind of God would allow this type of activity to take place and then your faith is nailed to a cross. Now you are a witness and a witting accomplice. Its a double bind.

On the verdant plains, the elemental rim of the rabbit hole, Esther dances away like the May Queen, shaking her ass like someone half-her-age. Its all fun and games and root chakra seduction on the surface. The beats are up-beat now even though they are just re-animated from another time. While strange sounds drown out the skies around the world, the soundtrack to the apocalypse is bright and chirpy, cruising at a cool 128 BPM, taking you right to the edge of your heart rate, keeping you on the strobing dance floor of Babylon, 24/7.

Last week, I had SiStar MyRah on my radio show. We talked about the overt symbolism on the last Super Bowl as well as Super Bowls going back to 2002, the first post 911 Super Bowl, where the Patriots played the Rams. Its a terrific show. SiStar MyRah comes from a very different background than I do and yet, we really clicked. In fact, we were one mind operating in real time. For me, this is the model of spirituality thats emerging spontaneously, cutting across racial and social divides, time and space and not sacrificing anything except our egos. Its not some forced model of assimilation. It simply was and is. You may not agree with everything, but its seriously worth a listen.

On Friday I interviewed my good friend Constance Demby, a true American treasure. Connie is a pioneer in sacred space music. Her groundbreaking record, “Novus Magnificat” is widely considered a classic, on a par with the likes of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.

In the second hour, I spent time with John Friedlander, pioneer in the realms of psychic research and consciousness.

I am changing my radio schedule. “Navigating The Astrological Matrix” is moving to Fridays. Far Fridays is jumping to Sunday nights, where it originated.

SiStar MyRah

Constance Demby

John Friedlander

Sad Sag Nicki Minaj Unleashes Roman, Consumating The Seven-Day-Ritual, From The Super Bowl To The Grammys

Nicki indulges pope culture

Just who the hell is Nicki Minaj? Seven days after she appeared onstage with Madonna at the Super Bowl in the “Give Me All Your Love” portion of the halftime ritual, she showed up at the Grammys wearing a scarlet hooded gown, accompanied by a faux-pope on the “red” carpet. That was just a little morsel, a mere crumb really. Minaj would later treat the world to a big, heaping slice of steaming crap disguised as devils food cake later in the show. Let’s be clear. Her demonic little fantasy starring her alter-ego, the tortured gay artist inside her, Roman Zolanski is really more like bad dinner theater. People are crying out that this is some sort of satanic send up and in some ways it is, but this is nothing more than the treacle of a spectacle. This is the Disney version of the devil. Its laughable and yet, its seven days after the more insidious half-time-rite from Indianapolis. So we have to pay attention on some level.

Before we look at “Roman Holiday” let’s get a sense of Nicki Minaj, both from a historical perspective and a rather interesting astrological one.

Minaj was born in Saint James, Trinidad as Onika Tanya MIraj, 12/8/82 or 84. The eighth of December is pretty interesting in the light of Minaj’s flirtation with possession and satanism. A quick look at some people born on 12/8 raises the eye brow just a little.

First, there’s The Lizard King, Jim Morrison, who had his own courtship and ragged history with possession and trance states. Morrison saw himself as Dionysus.

Another 12/8 birthday is Sammy Davis Jr., who was an avowed satanist. Being Jewish was mostly a front for “The Candy Man.”

Then there’s Sinead O’Connor, who had her own spat with the Catholic church, just as Minaj is having now.

Lastly, there’s also Flip Wilson, who was known for his cross-dressing alter ego, “Geraldine” whose famous line was, “The Devil Made Me Do It.”

Now we can safely add Nicki Minaj to the birthday party.

John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman on 12/8/80.

“The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception” the day that Pope Pius the IX declared Mary to be sin free from her time in the womb onward is marked by 12/8 as well.

Birth years are conflicting for Minaj. Astrotheme has her listed both as 1982 and 1984. E-Tarrochi 1984. Wikipedia, 1982. The ’84 birth date makes more sense than the 1982 date, since the Moon would be in Gemini opposed her Sag Sun. Exactly. That opposition in Sun/Moon would manifest in the dark and personality splitting relationship between her father (Sun) and mother (Moon). To say that she grew up in a challenging environment would be an understatement. According to Minaj, her father drank, took drugs and tried to kill her mother by setting their house on fire.

Children/people often have to adapt to this kind of stress by compartmentalizing their personalities. Minaj did just that by creating her alter-ego, “Roman Zolanski” an angry, gay, thwarted, artist. She did this as a child. She also created Roman’s mother as well. Here again, we see the split between the Moon (Mother) and the Sun (Son). Her performance cum exorcism at the Grammys was three personalities on display; Minaj, Roman and the Mother. You can hear the fake and clipped British accent in the track. That’s Roman’s mother telling him all the things he needs to do in order to be normal. Nicki Minaj is a classic schizophrenic at the very least. Does schizophrenia cross over into possession? Perhaps. But there was something too controlled and contrived about the Grammy performance to indicate true possession. Nicki however is a true alter, her personality broken into pieces by the collateral damage of a traumatic childhood. Now, she’s like a wind up doll. A Barbie.

At the time of the Grammys, the Moon was in Scorpio, emotional gateway to the underworld.

Whitney died on 2/11 or eleven twice (1111). The Staples Center where the Grammys were held is at 1111 Figueroa St. February 11th is also “Our Lady Of Lourdes” day. Its the day that Bernadette had the vision of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, thus honored and venerated by the Roman Catholic Church. Want to know what Madonna’s daughter is named? “Lourdes.” In fact she is “Lourdes Leon.” Leon is Leo/King. Madonna has been hyping Lourdes as the incarnation of the Universal Mother recently.

One of the things that really struck me was how the Super Bowl ritual was filled with light, even taking place at “Lucas” Oil Field. It was a pure, Luciferian light show. Fast forward to the Grammys, seven-days-later and Minaj, the through line between both events, indulges in Satanic dinner theater. At the end of Madonna’s rave up, she’s singing about “prayer” and the choir is dressed in black, while Minaj is trying to give birth to the spawn of the devil, her choir is dressed in white. Here we have the forced reconciliation of opposites. But this is nothing new. The Luciferian/Satanic one-two punch has been around for ages. In the 60’s it was personified in music by the Beatles (Luciferian) and The Stones (Satanic). One might ask what the difference is?

Lucifer is about ascent (ascension). It is brilliance and the lesser light, typified as the God of this world, the creator of Atlantis, the plumed serpent. There is an attempt to break free from the gravity of this plane of existence through aspiring towards the lesser light. The whole of the new age is built upon the foundation of this belief system. Satanism/Satan is a wholly different beast. It is about being caged in the body for eternity–think about being trapped in form forever. Its drudgery. Slavery. Blake’s satanic mills. Relentless. No escape.

I’ve typed at length before about the “Law Of One” vs “The Sons Of Belial” as they relate to Atlantis and ultimately Freemasonry and the different branches. “The Law Of One” as either secret ideology or metaphor, is roughly translated into allowing the people to rule themselves without much interference. Ron Paul would be an expression of “The Law Of One” as would the founding fathers, which Paul sees himself as an extension of. This is in the Luciferian camp.

“The Sons Of Belial” believe that humanity is incapable of pulling that off, so we need to be managed and managed hard. Here we have the heavy hand of Yahweh ready to smack us down. Keep us in our place. These two manifest also as Enki and Enlil in the “Epic Of Gilgemesh.” Enki, plays the role of Lucifer who loves his creation a little-too-much. Enlil doubles as Yaweh, the foreman of the planet who cracks down on humans when they get slack. Both are ultimately forms of control. One extols the virtues of rebellion in order to be free. The other promotes slavish obedience. No wonder we’ve been so fucked up for 5,000 years on. We’ve been torn asunder by two poles of extreme ideologies, by mostly-well-meaning if deeply flawed aliens on an extended mining mission. Talk about cognitive dissonance!

Here’s what I find really fascinating in the light of all this. So guess who has partnered in a joint clothing venture called “Material Girl”? Lourdes Leon and Kelly Osbourne. I kid you fucking not. The daughter of the Luciferian (light) madgewitch (Thanks Ellis) teams up with the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne (the prince of darkness), one of rock’s most notorious devils, founder of Black Sabbath. You can’t make this shit up.

Lourdes just shaved the right side of her head, which in Islam is called the “Taqsir.” This is done as part of the last stage of pilgrimage. The event that follows the “Taqsir” or “Halq” is the sacrifice of an animal or the stoning of it. Now I’m not saying that she shaved part of her head as part of Whitney’s sacrifice (I would never besmirch Islam), but the timing is fairly interesting to say the least.

I also find it interesting that while Nicki Minaj drags the fake Pope to the Grammys and then does a mock exorcism for “Roman,” Obama has been jousting with Roman Catholics all week around birth control and the real pope finds himself in a bitter power struggle as more scandal leaks out of the Vatican. Apparently there’s a schism in the leadership of the Church revolving around banking and who the hell knows what else.

One of my readers, Audra brought up a really good point. She, like many others are noticing that the Madonna/Minaj events are getting more and more obvious. More and more people are waking up. But quite frankly, they couldn’t be making it any easier really. The question is why? Are we validating their paradigm, even though we seek to decode and disassemble its influence on our lives? Are we unwitting co-conspirators? Are awake souls far more juicy to harvest than slumbering ones? I’m just throwing it out there. And if that may be the case, then what do we do? Maybe its time to consciously look the other way, or hold up the mirror so that Medusa (Media/USA) finally turns to stone.

More Strangeness In The Alterverse; Leo/Sun Whitney Descends A Week After Leo/Sun Madonna Rises

Descent into the 8th House.

With all due respect for Whitney Houston, who is no doubt in a much better place, she died a while ago. We’re not talking Osama Bin Laden a while ago, but spiritually, Whitney Houston had been a cadaver for well over a decade. Randy Quaid has spoken at length about star-whackers, where actors and actresses are killed or die under mysterious circumstances. Heath Ledger and River Phoenix come to mind as two examples of darkness descending over their lives like tornadoes of doom and then snuffing out their spark. Whitney was in slow whack mode.

I was reading up on her bio and I didn’t realize that one of her first producers was Bill Laswell. I think it might have been the time that Laswell was working with Nona Hendrix and Material. Today happens to be Laswell’s birthday.

The week started off with Madonna (Leo) and the ostentatiously, hidden-in-plain-sight, halftime, super bowl ritual and ends with the Grammy, Whitney (Leo) tribute ritual. Here we have the rebirth of Madonna and the death of Whitney. White and black. Madonna is the rising Sun/Leo and Whitney, the setting Sun/Leo. Don’t forget that it was Whitney’s stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, which kicked off Super Bowl 21, with you guessed it, the New York Giants. It was the anthem of the Gulf War.

It was said that she overdosed on Xanax and drowned in the tub of her guest suite at the Beverly Hilton. Transiting Chiron in Pisces was in her 12th house opposite her natal Uranus in Virgo in the 6th. So was Neptune.

Its hard being didactic and analytical when it comes to someone’s passing, using astrology as some sort of forensic tool, and yet this opposition stands out. It points to a crisis, especially since Uranus is at the last degrees of the 6th house of health. This has always been an erratic aspect to Houston’s life in general. The flutter and wow from the 6th to the 7th, the vulnerable cusp where her life with Bobby Brown and their deeply codependent arrangement was always in some sort or nervous crisis. Uranus at this position is highly unstable. Chiron and Neptune flood the consciousness in the aqueduct of the opposition. There is finally too much to hold back.

There are murmurs of hidden hands and dark forces at work. They’ve always been at work around Whitney. She’ll go down as the black Judy Garland of our time. Now her eighteen-year-old daughter is in the hospital due to a nervous breakdown. Somedays I wish the Pacific Ocean would take the recording industry and flush it out to sea.

A few years back, Whitney and Bobby traveled to Israel to meet with the African Hebrew Israelites Of Jerusalem. This was a separatist movement that was started by Ben Ammi Ben Israel, in Chicago, 1966. They are a Coptic fusion of Old Testament Christianity, the Nation of Islam and the belief that they were one of the original lost tribes that was forced out of the holy lands to West Africa, where they got scooped up in the slave trade, ironically by the likes of Aaron Lopez and other Maranno Jews from Rhode Island. That’s another story for a different time though.

Ben Ammi Ben Israel or BABI for short took about 350 or so African Hebrews from Chicago to Liberia, then to Israel, specifically Dimona (home of Israel’s nuke facility) where they’ve been squatting ever since. Finally, after four decades, Israel recognized them and has integrated them into things like the IDF and the Maccabiah Games.

As I mentioned, Whitney and Bobby were there and it appears that Whitney was baptized by them in an effort on her brother’s part to invoke some sort of spiritual healing. Her chart was devoid of planetary water, with the exception of Neptune in Scorpio (exactly conjunct Black Moon Lilith) in the house of death and rebirth (8th). She did have Chiron in Pisces in her first house. There is so much we don’t know about her. The dark details of her life and death will be shrouded, until perhaps the return of Chiron in her chart, post-mortem at 13 degrees (the number of the death card), which passing over her ascendant and into the first house, might just reveal some of Neptune and Lilith’s buried secrets.

Until then, we’ll be hearing her music a lot for the next few weeks. People will buy her songs on iTunes or maybe even pop for the CDs if they still do that sort of thing. The record industry and the publishers will rake in the money thanks to ASCAP fees and mechanicals/publishing from her music and they won’t turn it down. Death in Hollywood is good for business.

Madonna’s Super Bowl Ritual On The Cancer Moon And The Strange Alignment Of The Giants And The Patriots

Isis emerges on the Cancer Moon

My friend, Ellis C. Taylor just added this bit about Madonna and the dates surrounding her performance. Keep this in mind as you read through the rest of the post. Ellis; “Here’s a little info you’ll find interesting if you are studying the MegaSpell: The Super Bowl (cauldron) rite took place on 5th February; as Robert says this was 173 days prior to the London Olympics. The High Priestess in attendance was Madonna, who had celebrated her 53rd (8) birthday 173 days previously, on 16th August 2011. Three years previous to this, on the same date in 2008, the venue ‘Lucas Oil Stadium’ was opened. Lucas means light, of course.”

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I see some tasty ritual theater and I start to salivate just a little more. Sweat starts to seep through my palms. My blood pressure rises ever-so-slightly. I begin to immediately scan for symbols and clues.

The hunt is on!

Sunday’s Super Bore was no different. I just had to do a post on the game, easily the most disconnected and meaningless scrimmage of any importance I’ve seen between two teams at this level. This game will be remembered more for the pass Wes Welker didn’t catch than almost any other nondescript moment. Mario Manningham had a nice reception. Chase Blackburn, a guy who had been teaching just a few weeks ago had a key, late interception, but other than that, little else.

Football has changed so much since I was a kid. Gone are the days of the dominant running back. Players like OJ, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton and Tony Dorsett could carry teams on their shoulders. Running backs are becoming more and more faceless with every season. But that’s a different topic. This game felt unusually hollow. Empty. Devoid of what Bruce Lee called, “emotional content.” I’ve been watching Super Bowls since I was 10 and even when the games were crap, there was always a sense of some, underlying connectivity that collective events can occasionally drive; that’s the dangerous beauty of sport.

Think about it for moment. What other events, save elections are people all sharing their attention simultaneously? What’s interesting about the phenomenon is that its driven by a signal everyone receives, then that signal gets split into two, polarized currents. One group views the event positively, the other, negatively. It starts out in a unifying filed, then quickly bi-furcates everyone’s attention. During an event like the Super Bowl, in our own, disconnected way, we are one even though we segment off into respective and dual POV’s.


I still cannot quite put my finger on it, but the events leading up to the game bordered on the supernatural. All season long, the Green Bay Packers, last year’s winner were steamrolling their opponents. They had one mis-step late in the season, an inexplicable loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, but other than that, they were the Brahmins of the NFL. With their league best record, they had a week off and home field advantage. But something strange and tragic happened.

Just days before their big tilt against the Giants at Lambeau Field, a Packers assistant coach, Joe Philbin had a son go missing, The son, Michael was 21 and had been out in the woods near Oshkosh, with friends. But the timing of the events is more than a little curious.

It was reported that Michael had last spoke with someone at 2:15 AM on Sunday morning via phone and exhibited no signs of distress. Then he was reported as missing at 8:15 PM, Sunday. But it was also reported that a security guard from a nearby business had called in that someone had fallen through the ice of the Fox River at 2:38 AM on Sunday. Am I the only one that finds this more than a little weird? Young Philbin calls someone at 2:15 AM from his cell phone, then thirty-three minutes later, a security guard calls the fall in. Where the hell was the security guard and why did they wait until Monday to find Michael Philbin’s body?

Philbin’s death took a toll on the Packers. They were not at all prepared to play against the Giants. Michael Philbin had been around the team since he was 12. Green Bay played like they were in a trance. What’s really weird, was that his father spent the week after the Giants game interviewing for the head coaching position of the Miami Dolphins, a job that he got.

So let’s back this up. Joe Philbin’s son mysteriously dies at the tender young age of 21 and a week later, his father is selling himself to Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross. Maybe he was escaping his grief. I could see that. But I find so many aspects about this death to be utterly bizarre and some of which just don’t add up. Another oddity is that Michael Philbin had been convicted of two counts of sexual assault, which amounted to him basically having sex with two girls that had passed out from too much booze–so there’s another surreal layer to all of this.

The Giants stomped the Packers and traveled to San Francisco to take on the surging 49ers.


Its a very dark Sunday. The worst storm of the season has settled in the Bay Area. I get disturbing feelings ahead of the game. I’m a damned good remote viewer when it comes to sports. This year I picked 181 winners during the season. I had been zoned into the psychic DNA of the Niners in a big way. I was locked in. But something odd, really odd had occurred. Green Bay was supposed to win and play The Niners, but the death of Michael Philbin changed all that. It altered destiny and it tweaked the timeline. I knew it all week. I kept scanning the game and got nothing, except a creeping feeling that the Giants would win.

The Niners fought hard and really roughed up Eli Manning. But then some strange (there’s that word again) and inexplicable things happened to them. There was one play that could have been a fumble–a game changing fumble–late in the fourth quarter. But “after” the Niners recovered, the whistle blew. Instead of 1st and 10 at the NY 21, the Giants would punt the ball and take away the Niners last, best chance of winning.

In addition to the spotty call, SF’s defensive backs were flying all over the field. Twice, Eli Manning would throw balls into the air for interceptions and twice the Niner DBs would violently collide. Cornerback Tarrell Brown would have to leave the game on one of those hits from his teammate, Dashon Goldson. A few plays later, Manning picked on his replacement for six points and the decisive touchdown.

And then there’s Kyle Williams.

Forced into action due to an injury to Ted Ginn, Williams is a WR/Kick returner. During the game, he had two, key fumbles. One on a kickoff return, the other on a punt return, that would change the tide of the game and lead to the winning field goal. Kyle Williams had become the Niners scapegoat.

Just hours earlier, the Baltimore Ravens, coached by John Harbaugh, brother of Niners coach Jim Harbaugh, had his own bizarre moments. Playing against the New England Patriots in Foxboro (Fox River?) they were on the verge of winning when Lee Evans had a pass stripped out of his hands in the end zone with time running out of the game. Now normally, a play like that is and can be reviewed. But for whatever reason, the officials declined. Then it got really surreal. It was 3rd down, but the New England scoreboard said 4th down. The Ravens were confused and their kicker, who has a routine for each down, did the wrong routine and shanked the kick. Now they could have called timeout, but they didn’t. It was bizarre. It was like something had gripped them in the claw of a collective spell. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Billy Cundiff missed the kick and the Pats were on their way to Super Bowl XLVI. Both teams advanced in rather unusual, bordering on supernatural fashion.

There was something hollow about every aspect of the game. Reality felt, well, really off. A flat, nearly two-dimensional game fueled by empty commercials lacking any true wit or originality (lots of predictive programming though). I’ll get to those later, but now that I’ve set the stage for you, let’s get to the real purpose of the Super Bowl; The halftime ritual with Madonna.


The Super Bowl took place in the sign of Aquarius. Water bearer, sign of the New Age. Super Bowl Sunday was 173 days (11) from the start of the London, Olympics. Monday, a day after the Super Bowl marked the 60th anniversary of the Queen of England’s ascent to the throne (thanks Sarsen). The Super Bowl is the augur, the message bringer for the rites of the Sun King (Leo) in the year of jubilee. Madonna (whoever she is at this point) is also a Leo.

She hit the stage being pulled by a column of Roman soldiers, encased in what looks like giant palm fronds. She is brought to center stage where she emerges in a pool of golden light. This is the solar, male principle. The trumpets of judgment and tribulation herald her arrival.

Notice the figure playing the lyre. The lyre is the instrument used by Orpheus to seduce the gods of the underworld. It is symbolic of Aries, The Ram, due to its ram-like-shape. Ironically, the NFL just announced that the St. Louis “Rams” will play in London for one game each year (where they will be the home team) for the next three seasons.

Where else do we see the ram’s horns? In the crown of Isis. Interestingly enough, the lyre is also the alpha (upright) and the omega (upturned). It symbolizes beginning and end. When reversed, it becomes a symbol of Leo (think lion’s mane).

Once Madonna is revealed, bathed in the golden light of the Sun, she is of course wearing the crown of Isis.

On her throne, you can see just to the right of her, the symbol for the rune Dagez. It is generally associated with “breakthrough” but is literally a symbol of breaking light, or breaking dawn. Rapid illumination. It is announcing “The Dawn Of A New Day” and the arrival the “New Age.” Also take a quick note of the obligatory leopard print at the bottom of the throne and the two pillars (rods) on either side of her.

From there, Madonna breaks into “Vogue” a devotional anthem to gay clubbing and dancing. This is intentional. Everything about Madonna’s career has been about subversion. “Like a Virgin” isn’t about a girl’s first love. It’s about her first large cock. “Like A Prayer” has graphic innuendo about oral sex; “I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there/In the midnight hour I can feel your power/Just like a prayer you know I’ll take you there.” We’ll revisit this song a little later.

So Madonna heralds the New Age with homoerotic beats beamed into millions of households (Moby thought this was really cool BTW). At one point, a single eye emerges on the stage in front of her.

It is the “Eye Of Horus” and not the last time we will pay tribute to it.

After she does the Trocadero Two step with Black Orpheus, she kicks into “Music” a rather innocuous club hit that did more for Sasha Baron Cohen’s career than hers. We get B-Boys in track suits, more lyre imagery and a surprisingly awkward Madonna (she claimed to be recovering from a pulled hammy), nearly falling off the stage.

Club goons and the oddly related LMFAO take the stage, sporting a mishmash of imagery, including zebra stripes and animal prints. They do a little shuffle with Madonna and then get into a weird leg dance with her that again, looks strangely awkward. Madonna was known for her dancing and frankly, its not coming through. Now we get to the real meat of the medley.

LMFAO leave and Madonna is joined by a squad of dancing cheerleaders with tiny Isis headbands, chanting her name. The colors have shifted to black and red. Red symbolizing blood, bloodlines, and menstrual flow. Madonna’s symbol is revealed.

It basically consists of two pyramids that form a “M” for Madonna, with a circle and a “X” in the circle. The two pyramids look like legs that are spread and you know, X marks the spot! You can also find the Freemasonic compass and square in the symbol, along with what appears to be a black widow (which is code for ” a widow’s son” aka Hiram Abiff). If you look in there, you’ll also see a deranged rabbit, yet another symbol of fertility and you guessed it; guardian of the rabbit hole.

“Give Me All Your Love” is like a football cheer, reminiscent of “Mickey” by Toni Basil, who might have been Madonna before Madonna. Anyway. Its a paean to utter narcism, asking everyone to give their love to Madonna. However there are some curious references in the song, like Madonna stating that, “She’s a different kind of girl.” We’ll explore this later.

Quickly she is joined by the multiple personality known as Nickki Minaj and the confused Tamil freedom fighter known as MIA, married to one of the scions of Zion, Benjamin Bronfman (nee Brewer). Nickki channels a fifth century demi-urge, while MIA gives America and the world, the middle finger.

At one point, the digital imagery shifts and becomes a grid of pyramids and diamonds forming an electronic being, a schematic for the new, virtual human. Man as robot. Also, if you take the inverted triangle that is the head (Kether) and superimposed it with the two, interpenetrated triangles at the bottom (Malkuth), you would get a Star of David.

Quickly the scene shifts and a drum corps with a slightly militaristic beat takes the stage. In the center is Madonna’s symbol encircled by a garland, reminiscent of the UN’s garland and two, five-pointed stars. She’s joined by Ceelo and they launch into “Open Your Heart” which quickly segues into “Like A Prayer” with both Madonna and Ceelo donning robes of the high priest and priestess. Here is where the imagery gets very interesting.

At 9:49, you can see what looks like a black sun forming in the background. This is the denouement. The black sun becomes a giant eye–an all seeing eye. This eye imagery will return at 11:00 minutes into the performance, this time projected onto the front of the stage.

Notice how the choir, Ceelo and Madonna are all donned in black, not white. This is a black mass. Behind them a golden pyramid is erected by shafts of light.

Here we see the “all-seeing-eye” in the foreground with another eye in background. Then the eye becomes a pyramid in the silvery blue of the Moon/Isis.

Then it shifts to gold again (Sun/Horus) and you can see in the background that the pyramid is upside down, denoting the watery aspect of the feminine expression (pyramid reversed) with the eye of Horus in the center, with shafts of light illuminating outward and downward below, the entire planet splayed across the front of the stage.

Madonna then disappears in a column of silver blue light as “World Peace” is plastered on the stage, then dissolves into digital shadows.

She arrives bathed in the golden light of a new day dawning and exits in the nocturnal light of Luna. Its important to note that the Moon had been in the last degrees of Cancer, squaring Libra in Saturn throughout the entire Super Bowl. The blending of light and color is of course an alchemical exercise in the reconciliation of opposites and the alchemical marriage through the act of invocation.

So what does it all mean?

Well, first of all, some of us are wondering if Madonna is even Madonna anymore. She sure as hell didn’t dance like Madonna. I also remember Madonna being a lot less leggy, more squat and dynamic. Then there’s that curious lyric from her new song; “Don’t play those stupid games cause I’m a different kind of girl.” What is this in reference to? Is she literally a different girl? Keep in mind that this was all lip-synched. I’m not clear if we’re in Faul McCartney territory just yet, but there is enough latitude for this to be at the very least, considered.

The ritual itself was a hyper-kinetic download into millions of zombified, guac-stuffed bodies and fermented brains. Its meant to go off at the symbolic level of the psyche, where symbols, not language assemble thought and entrain us to remember that we are the slaves of pharaohs and viziers who hold the “true knowledge.” Lastly, its a virtual temple, a symbolic portal to the grand mega ritual, that will be happening in London, where the Sun King, (William) will be initiated from “Horus the Younger” (Heru-pa-khered) to “Horus the Elder” (Heru-ur).

William is now in the Falklands on a mission. “Falklands” can be essentially translated into, “Land of the Falcons” or “Falcon Lands.” And what is the symbol of Horus? Prince William is getting his falcon wings, while Isis invokes his arrival, 173 days away.

But the thing that has really struck me is how common this symbolism is now. As Michael Hoffman has stated previously in his “revelation of the method” we are being initiated into this symbolic realm, purposefully, full on now. Its one thing to be aware of the symbols–its an entirely different matter to see them as part of a process of subtle initiation. There’s noticing and then there’s the noticing of the noticing.

In the end, Madonna’s super bowl ritual was a pedestrian and dull hammer to the brain. No matter how esoteric, it was as flat as everything else associated with the game. Maybe I’ll take a swipe at the commercials tomorrow.

Here’s a bonus pic. This is a rorschach of an image that I grabbed from the vogue sequence and enlarged. Would love to know what you see in it.

Madonna–Money Whore Or Kaballah Mata Hari?


Ever since Madonna to her fans, “Esther” to her Kaballah pimps embraced the power of The Zohar, she has been discreetly converting Hollyweirds A-listers to the hottest faith this side of Scientology. It was due to Madonna’s influence, er guidance that Brittany started schlepping around a copy of The Zohar that Madonna had personally given to her. Spears had also begun to tithe money to Madonna’s Kaballah teachers. The tithing part is very important as Madonna, Spears and Madonna’s new Kaballah pal, Demi Moore have lots and lots of money to give so that they can get good seats at any Kaballah gathering, get one-on-one counseling, teaching, etc from the Kaballah dons. Madonna has done an outstanding job recruiting her pals to wear strings around their wrists and do their best to wrap their heads around a hyperdimensional text that invokes disincarnate energies to act as mediums for the transmission of prophecy and guidance. But while Madonna/Esther has done a bang up job in Hollyweird, she just made one helluva breakthrough in the realm of professional sports by seducing and introducing Alex Rodriguez into the moist recesses of the pink temple wherein the scripture of the flesh became the ecstatic worhsip of each ones reflection.

You see, Madonna not only cavorted with the Yankee slugger, she also put him in direct contact with her Kaballah team to help enlighten him to the cosmic potential that he was destined to achieve. A Rod has quickly set his sites upon power, ever since his last contract negotiation where he reached out to Warren Buffett for advice–The Kaballah is yet another step in his quest to power. Meanwhile, Madonna gets to play this out on many levels. She delivers A Rod, which gives the Kaballah mafia an in with professional athletes through him, she gets to cuckold Guy Ritchie even further, thus finally putting the last nail into a once promising film career, she gets to have hot sex with another unfeeling, self-possessed ego-maniac (Echo–meet Narcissus) and she also gets to play out the role of Marilyn Monroe to A Rod’s Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio–an archetypal affair of the highest order. Madonna laps the energy up like a ravenous succubus to feed the the disincarnate appetities of the ancient spirits that feast upon the emotions that they themselves cannot directly experience. Then, A Rod’s wife runs off to Paris to be consoled by Lenny Kravitz. Can it get any weirder?

Meanwhile, the distant beat of drums reverberate across the planet, sounding a call to war in the final battleground of Babylon, while America is force fed even greater distractions of glamour in the spectacle receptacle we call society and culture and the gap-toothed saboteur is praised as a goddess for all her good works.