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Projections and reflections of The Libra Full Moon.

Stepping outside the realm of the hyperreal, astro-matrix for just a post or two, we get back down to basics with the Libra Full Moon. It’s a time to show others how we want to be treated by treating them accordingly. This by the way is something that anyone involved with a Libra, Libra rising, or personal planets in Libra needs to file away, because Libra will almost always show, rather than tell how they want to be treated and related to. So pay close attention. If your Libra partner wants to give you lots of back and foot rubs, it’s a pretty clear indicator that they want the same in return. If they take you to a special restaurant or play a meaningful song, they are giving you insights into their esthetics. If they treat you with a certain aloofness (which Libra can do) they are essentially sending you signals that they want/need space. This is where Libra gets the rep of being passive/aggressive. They can be, for other reasons, but not for the ones just listed. They are simply holding up the mirror of relating, to balance the scales of their inner and outer states.

It’s fascinating to note that the Supreme Court is in deep discussion surrounding the rulings of Prop 8 in California as we are in the Libra Moon and the scales of justice weigh accordingly. No matter where you chime in on the debate, it cannot be denied that astrology is playing a major role in decision making process of a controversial and combustible position that the highest court in the land is weighing out and debating.

Look for Roberts again to be the deciding vote, if indeed it comes down to a vote. Roberts is a first deacan Aquarius, which means he is ruled by Uranus and is unpredictable. His double Uranus whammy was on hand for all the world to see as he awkwardly flubbed the first swearing in of Barack Obama, thus nullifying the oath, which later took place beneath the White House, supposedly with a Masonic and not a traditional bible beneath Obama’s right hand. Even though Roberts is married and is a Catholic, rumors have swirled around him for years as being gay. Ironically, in a strange twist of astro-sync, it was announced today, that the director of the Kennedy Center, Michael Kaiser is going to marry John Roberts, a commodities trader.

The Libra Moon, especially in it’s fullness allows to more fully understand how to do unto others as a way of setting a conscious standard for relating, not just for today but for the rest of the astrological year. Put into place now how you wish to be treated as a seal and you will then have the opportunity to practice this throughout the coming year.

One of the main challenges that pops up in the Libra Moon/Aries Sun opposition is where one self begins and the other ends. Libra can be overly accommodating at times and will often choose to not upturn the apple cart in order to maintain peace and stability; Go along to get along can be it’s mantra. Meanwhile, Aries is anything but accommodating and pliant. Aries knows what it wants and goes after it, regardless of the slings and arrows it might suffer from others that don’t think they’re playing nice. This is one of the key and fundamental dynamics that gets played out in relationships; The dominant versus the passive. The Libra Full Moon can remind us that both people inside a relationship will assume both roles over the course of the relationship, over time. So remember, if you’re on top, it’s always a good thing to treat your position with respect and conscious appreciation, because the great wheel is always turning.

On today’s show, I’ll be doing live, mini-readings and we’ll get into the spirit of the Libra Moon by exploring synastry and composite charts.

Also, I am offering seasonal specials on all readings. If you are interested, please contact me at

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Your reason is blind.

I’m on Facebook again. I can’t help it and I’m deleting friends like Idi Amin on a bad day. Mars and Saturn are taking turns whomping on my Venus in Libra and the pressure has to go somewhere, exerting itself on the hapless, whose comments, pictures and posts I can no longer look at.

There’s the rake from Southern California, who can’t seem to commit to the revolution due to his latest Bacchanalian diversion. I can’t stomach the dilettantish self mythologizing any longer. He’s gone. Then there’s the sadsack liberal friend from Sacto who might be the best writer I know, who can’t seem to extract himself from his pomo-liberal-victim-blues narrative–yeah I know you were raised in Berkeley, but you live in the central valley for fuck’s sake. Gone. Then there’s the friend from another board who chimed in on my sarcastic posts about Obamacare with a pious, “Well Ron Paul and Mitt Romney would let that person die on an ice floe.” I don’t need no tit-for-tat on that thread, since you are still entangled in your web of Hegelian dialectic. Let me cut you loose. Gone. Thats the way its been today. Mars conjunct Saturn. No more patience.

And yet, I realize that they are all me. Yep, each one of them. They’re all contrarians in their own way, trying to find some semblance of balance in a chaotic universe. They’re iconoclasts and yet I just couldn’t sit there and watch it anymore, I had to perform hari-kari to those parts of me. Sayonara.

Three weeks ago, my son fell off a horse at camp. He told me that he had a dream about falling off a horse and the horse trampling over him. Since I am an intuitive sort and I do this thing for a living, I told his mom about this and “gently” suggested that he do something different, especially if he wasn’t into it. Her response? “Well, maybe he should get back on the horse? I think it’s good for him.” Three weeks and three falls later, he broke his leg on a horse, after falling off.

Maybe this is why my patience was so short with the itinerant parts of me on FB. Finding balance in the maelstrom is the art of the Silver Surfer shooting the temporal tube in the turgid waves of the end times.

The comments on my last post were conspicuously absent, though I had friends tell me that they couldn’t read my blog anymore or that I was a big, fat battery for the dark forces. I know that I have a responsibility to people. Its hard-wired into my matrix. I shock people occasionally though. I’ll never forget when I realized this.

I was working at a restaurant in Olympia, Washington and I was having a typically shitty restaurant day. I snapped at the line cook, who looked like I had just stabbed him in the heart with a butter knife. He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that I would say something cutting and well, not nice. He felt betrayed. It took me days to talk him off that ledge. We eventually got there.

Its funny, I stayed away from the closing ceremonies of The Olympics, not dipping into a play-by-play and symbolic breakdown, but instead, I went for something bigger, trying to understand and decode the knots of illusion in a cinematrix reality where dimensions and actors bleed through on multiple levels.

The message I got was loud and clear. The edge and the abyss were too dark. Too ominous. People need hope–that’s exactly what Axelrod and Plouffe knew as they cynically exploited it in cascading levels of NLP, culminating in a mile-high-ritual of epic proportion.

I get it, and I don’t want to lose the room. We have too much at stake.

One night, I was at Burning Man and I was in one of those brilliant, temporary discos that rise out of the playa like some mirror ball mirage, dark and strobing against all thought and endless night. There was a DJ who kept speeding up the beats until he emptied the dance floor. He didn’t care. That was his maniacal moment, fueled on meth and jamming the frequency at 150 BPM, half-a-century above and beyond the comfort zone of the human heart.

I walked up to him and told him about what he was doing. His response? He just jacked up the jackboot beats and said nothing.

I don’t want to be that guy.

Last night, I had a dream. I was in a great river that emptied into a lake. It was crystal blue and virgin water the way it was, in its most pristine state. For some reason, I had a dog and it had fled into the hills. I had to let it go. There was my computer on the river bank, encased in its satchel. Naked, I grabbed and thrust it over my head like a soldier would hoist his rifle above him and walked towards the edge of the river. I remember the weight of the computer–it was almost unbearable–I made it to the other side.

For me, the dream symbolized the abandonment of my instincts (dog) in favor of the mind (computer) as I navigated the floes of emotion (river). The meaning wasn’t lost on me.

In many ways, that’s what the current Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra means. We need to stay close to our instincts (Mars) while honoring the logos of patience manifest in Saturn.

Talk about a balancing act!

This epic conjunction challenges us to find short AND long term solutions to achieving balance in our lives. You can’t be too rash and yet you can’t let losers squat on your dreams while you continue to justify their stultifying presence. A radical balance must be achieved. But how? To what end?

The key is equanimity and finding it in this conjunction. If you go a bit far, that’s okay, you can reel it in. Look, the world is a hard place right now, there’s no denying it, but you’ve got to live in it, not of it. This is the codex to the Mars/Saturn conjunction and the beauty of it is that you cannot detach. Nope, it doesn’t work that way. You have to wrestle with “time” and “will” and if you play nice (Libra) that’s cool, but remember, its about achieving balance and sometimes, well, you gotta go just a little overboard to get there.

New Moon on Friday. I’ll be writing about it with my new found optimism, snatched from the jaw of Molech’s sinister maw.

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I recently got into a spirited email exchange with Henry Makow. Henry is a reformed liberal who has taken on topics like the destructive power of feminism, secret societies, the ill effect of the illuminated, his own Jewish culture/politcis and now Satan himself.

Henry has had a long running series of posts from a satanic insider. I chastised Henry over email and said that he was being “sensationalistic” and giving far too much time and space to the insider. I then invited him to call into the show and discuss it. Much to my surprise, he did. Once he figured out I was “Robert” and not “River” Phoenix, we managed to have a virtual hug out of sorts. Blame it on Venus in Libra.

To listen to me and Henry, CLICK HERE.

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warriors_peaceTrue peace through strength

Before I drop into my piece on peace, Tiger Woods just shot the worst round of golf in the history of Tiger Woods. In fact, some might even say that he’s not playing like Tiger Woods. Hmmmmm? I wonder why?

As Venus, Mars and Saturn, all align in Libra, on 8/8, the day of the infinite gate (the day Matt Simmons died), I think it’s high time that we meditated on the concept of “peace.”

If one really pays attention, and can somehow listen to the MSM and our so-called leaders for any period of time, they’ll be able to hear a variety of terms and phrases bandied about like, “the war on terror.” or “we will not stand for such overt acts of aggression,” or “you’re with us or against us.” The closest we get to “peace” is that abstract, “spreading democracy” which is really code for the proliferation of hegemony. But rarely, if ever, does a pol use the word “peace.” It might as well be an Andromedan phrase, a platitude of a some alien tongue with little meaning here.

Ask yourself this question; When was the last time Barack Obama spoke openly and at length about peace and what it would take? I think many of you would be hard pressed to find an example with some real gravitas. Bush didn’t either. It’s non-partisan denial. Do you know why peace is really not part of the narrative? Because peace ain’t sexy and it sure as hell doesn’t fuel an arms driven economy. A world without peace is a world of border disputes, ethnic grudges, and deadly agendas, all of which can and are easily exploited for maximum gain, by someone, somewhere. Even so-called “benevolent” forces in the world, do not come in peace. So what is it and why don’t we spend more time and energy focusing on it?

Peace is a state of being and a state of mind. It embodies various qualities, including compassion and wisdom but also has a line plumbed deep into a place of timelessness and immortal being. In the Christian tradition, this type of peace was and still should be the connection to eternity, through the metaphysical channel of Jesus. That type of peace exists as a vibration that is unshakeable in the face of chaos and ruin. It is real estate in the ultimate center. Traditionally, this is the redemption of Christ.

However, due to the bastardization of modern Christianity, especially in the form of the more dispensationalist variety, the type of peace that’s promoted in those churches, is an almost psychopathic placebo, deep-fried-rapture-dough-balls , consumed like bonbons anytime something edgy goes down in the Middle East. Just pope’s in your mouth and you’re just fine. Doesn’t matter what happens to the rest of us sinners, you’ll have the luxe boxes at the pearly gates watching the unholy wars just like they’re WWE Smackdown on Saturday night. That’s not the type of peace I’m talking about.

There’s another type of peace outside of the more conventional and slightly orthodox variety. Some of the most peaceful and poetically soulful samurai, like Taira Tadanori, were deeply invested in peace. They embodied peace, because they knew that given the chance, they could disembowel someone, quicker than it takes my website to load. Once you know that you can do something like that, you understand the power and how the power must be used carefully, cultivated, so that if and when the sword was drawn, it would be used to the death. In the dreadful finality of the samurai, peace was an ally, an angel that kept him from the horrible potential of razor forged steel. The samurai, through death, knew the quality and gift of life. They practiced the way of “Bushido.” Here is the definition of “Bushido” from William Scott Williams author of, Ideals of the Samurai—Writings of Japanese Warriors;

“Breaking down the character bu (武) reveals the radical (止), meaning “to stop,” and an abbreviation of the radical (戈 ) “spear.” The Shuo Wen, an early Chinese dictionary gives this definition: “Bu consists of subduing the weapon and therefore stopping the spear.” The Tso Chuan, another early Chinese source, goes further:

Bu consists of bun (文), literature or letters (and generally the arts of peace), stopping the spear. Bu prohibits violence and subdues weapons … it puts the people at peace, and harmonizes the masses.”

In essence, peace in the heart and mind of the samurai warrior, promoted and extended life.

Another tradition where peace can be cultivated, is in Yoruba. In Yoruba, peace is a quality that is interwoven in “Ashe.” Ashe is life force that is cultivated and peace is a by-product of that cultivation. One gets “Ashe” by shaping and building the character. This is done in two, distinct ways. The first is demonstrating “coolness” which is what we might call, “grace under fire/pressure.” The other is by not talking ill of others. Idle chatter, banter and gossip about another would leak “Ashe.” However, if the individual could demonstrate character and a type of fearlessness, more “Ashe” would be alchemically gifted to him or her. The result would be a more natural and peaceful state, which could be used in the service of leadership. So peace does have a number of ways to seduce, court and surrender to it.

If there is anything that the current Libra stellium could teach us now, is how to build better bridges, find more winning, higher ground solutions and outcomes for all. Peace and fear are not congruent, for peace is also a temple of love. Any peace gained through fear and intimidation is an empty peace and resembles a beaten dog in defeat.

There are rumors-a-plenty when it comes to war these days. Israel/Iran tops the hit parade, but the gulf is and has been under an oily siege. The skies there are filled with planes, carpet bombing the ocean with Corexit. The marine life and coastal communities are now collateral damage. It’s more important than ever before to find a peaceful and resolved place within and hold fast and steady to it. Holding the space does not mean you are a pushover by any means. True peace also requires a type of vigilance, a mindfulness that will bring all situations into balance, which is really the hidden message of Libra.

So today, as the new moon gate opens and spiritual energies flow in abundance into this world, tap them and make a pact with yourself to truly embody the infinite center of peace. Holding the space of peace is more important than you know right now. Don’t take things too personally and practice the art of subtle accord. You are our very best ambassadors of peace on a moment-to-moment basis. Practice it like a samurai–deadly poetry in motion.

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space_moonIt’s a Full Moon, but what is The Moon anyway?

On Sunday night, you might have heard the intense, powerful and profound conversation with Jay Weidner and myself. If you haven’t, you can simply go to the player to the right of this post and listen in. There are two streams to our talk; One is the evidence that Jay provides regarding the hidden messages in the films of Stanley Kubrick, messages that range from a faked Moon landing that he had filmed, to an expose of the dark forces of psychic and material manipulation that have been at work for at least the last 3,600 years.

Jay’s a Gnostic alchemist and draws a lot of his info from Indian scriptures such as “The Vedas.” His main thesis is that we have been managed and manipulated by a group of beings known as “The Aryans” or “The Ariens” or “The Archons” and their middle management, for a very long time. While we did not establish their original source, we did more or less agree upon the Annunaki as their origination.

It’s Jay’s premise that after every Yuga cycle, The Sun experiences something called, “Mass Coronal Ejection” meaning that there is a solar burst that scorches The Earth and Terra hits reset on consciousness and species development, a way for it to experience a new level of complexity and diversity, but Jay thinks that when these coronal ejections have taken place, “The Aryans” hoof it to Mars and chill out until life on Earth comes back a bit and voila, they get to run things all over again.

We also discussed the possibility of our Moon as an artificial spaceship, placed into orbit. While we did not talk about how it got there, theories abound regarding the destruction of our first moon and even the fact that we originally had no Moon at all and it was placed there to help balance our cycles with tides, menstruation, solar orbits and seasons. If that’s the case, then The Moon might have very different properties than we know aside from gravitational pull. Perhaps there are technologies within The Moon itself that regulates biological function from a distance. If that’s the case, then we cannot dismiss it’s impact upon us during it’s cycles, especially at it’s peak and decline. In it’s fullness we are in the most direct line of contact with an energy it generates to heighten our sense awareness, both defined and subtle. In it’s decline, we are in a state of lesser conductivity and are closer to the circadian rhythms of our own world.

What does this meaning terms of astrology? How does a piece technology impact where it lies in your birth chart? How can we account for such perceptive and accurate info when looking at The Moon’s influence?
When I was younger and just getting my feet wet with astrology, I noticed that both my parents have Virgo Moons and that their natures were by an large, critical, both of self and other and yet, they found refuge together in their shared and generally agreed upon criticism of the world and the shortcomings of others. It was a very small club and they were both founding and elite members. If one decided that a person didn’t live up to their standards of being a friend, the other would quickly follow suit, as they shared an emotional harmonic that was clearly played out by the critical nature of their Virgo Moons. This was my first and most immediate lesson in the accuracy of astrology.

I was born at the very end of Virgo, which also showed me the connection between Sun/Moon, Moon/Sun in terms of offspring relationships. I’ve done a number of charts where children share either a Sun or Moon sign with one parent. In my case, my son shares a Libra Moon with me, just a few degrees apart. Clearly, most people that have a basic working knowledge of astrology can see The Moon as emotional antennae as being legitimate. There are far too many cases of this being played out.

So The Moon moves through various constellations, usually over a 48 hour period and while in the sign of that constellation it is assigned a value based on the mythic or archetypal qualities of that constellation. Today, The Full Moon is in the constellation of Libra. Ironically Libra was first considered Scorpio as the Arabic word for scales and claws is roughly the same;

“In earlier times, Libra was represented not by a balance, but as the claws of a scorpion. The reason is a confused translation of the words zubānā in Arabic and zibanitu in Akkadian, which mean both ‘weighing scale’ and ‘scorpion’. In ancient Mesopotamia, a weighing scale was often the arm and the pans without a stand, and was hung up by a string tied to the midpoint of the arm, resulting in a close resemblance to a scorpion hung up by the end of its tail with its arms stretched out. The double meaning of zibanitu resulted in the constellation being called Chelae Scorpionis (the scorpion’s claws), and it originally formed part of the claws of the Scorpius. The modern Libra is the youngest of the Zodiac signs and the only one not to represent a living creature. In Greek mythology, Libra is considered to depict the scales held by Astraea (identified as Virgo).

One would think that if that were the case, then Libra would line up with Scorpionic time and it does actually in tropical astrology, but not in sidereal, where it resides from 9/23 to 10/22. How did it downshift from not just Scorpio to Libra, but to another month backwards in time?

In my last post, I discussed “The Kolbrin Bible” and there are a number of references in that book that states that the world actually had 360 days in it’s solar cycle but an extra five days were added somewhere along the way. Did the extra five days push all the signs forward thirty days? Did Libra used to occupy the space where Virgo once was? Scorpio where Libra used to live? Did we actually add days, or did something happen where the Earth shifted it’s geocentric relationship to those constellations enough so that they actually appeared in different places in our skies?

Libra is a pretty interesting constellation unto itself, let alone the mythic meaning it might portend. It is home to the first planet that was discovered outside of our solar system that was found to have Earth like conditions:

Libra is home to the star Gliese 581, which has a planetary system consisting of at least 4 planets, including, Gliese 581 c, the first Earth-like extrasolar planet to be found within its parent star’s habitable zone, Gliese 581 d, discovered in 2007 to be another Earth-like planet, and Gliese 581 e, the smallest mass exoplanet orbiting a normal star,[1] both of which are of significance for establishing the likelihood of life outside of the Solar System.(Wikipedia)

So let’s get back to this Moon/Constellation thing. Let’s say for a moment that The Moon is a spaceship, a piece of technology, one that amplifies and magnetizes, then it could theoretically account for it’s interactions with star systems and planets, acting as a device that accumulates and disperses energy based on alignment or misalignment. We know that planets have pull on another and this is how a number of planets, especially the outer planets were discovered. There was a wobble on the orbit of Saturn, which led to the discovery of Uranus, which had a wobble of it’s own, where we found Neptune exerting it’s influence. So we can agree that the planets themselves have force. Most astronomers and skeptics would say it’s not enough to influence our lives and that astrology is mainly superstition. But how did astology get here and why does it hold such a powerful influence on our lives today?

People like Jordan Maxwell attribute astrology to “Astrotheology” in essence making our myths out of planets and constellations. The Electric Universe guys have a similar theory. But it had to come from somewhere. In my exploration of death and time as it relates to “The Epic Of Gilgamesh” it’s fairly clear that astrology was prominent during the heights of the Mesopotamian and Sumerian empires. Certainly, it takes root in Babylon and later Egypt, where Ptolemy, a Roman living in Egypt becomes the first westerner to organize astrological principles in great detail. So the debate becomes, does it truly exist and exert an influence on our lives and how?

Here are four plausible theories:

1) The Planetary Pull Theory
Discussed in some detail above, the planets in our solar system exert an influence on us by their mass and general physical properties. As they square off, oppose and trine one another, the energies and elements create harmonic or dissonant relationships with one another. The constellation or star system they are aligned with acts like a Cymatic pattern that is an aggregate of the energies of that system. The ancients knew this and created a nomenclature for the lay person to understand this via agrarian or elemental attributes. So in essence, the planetary pull theory is like a shifting, kaleidoscopic mandala that is always moving and modulating energy on an individual and collective level.

2) The Accumulated Belief Theory
This theory presupposes that since we have been living with astrology for so long and have poured so much of our beliefs into it, that it has literally taken on a life of it’s own. In essence, we have created it through our continued attention and focused application of it’s principles. Now we may look to the planetary pull theory as a justification for the belief in astrology, but our own interest animates it into a social construct and a way for us to understand the ineffable with a language and set of guidelines and principles.

3) The Elemental Theory
While talking with Jay the other night, he discussed how the Archons returned from Mars, sans melanin, with red hair. Jay claims that this is the result of iron oxide in the blood, accumulated from time spent on Mars. If that’s the case, then perhaps we have an elemental connection to all the planets in our solar system; elements of Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, etc, which biologically predisposes us towards certain influences and inclinations. If we are heavily aspected by certain planet, there might be also be an underlying correlation with our own biology and accumulated star/genetic stuff.

4) The Past Life/Interdimensional Theory
I first discovered this in the writings of Edgar Cayce. According to Cayce, there is interdimensional life taking place on all the planets and that the energies of each planet experienced intensely on those plane(ts). For instance, if you needed a lesson in love, it’s off to Venus you go between lifetimes. If it’s sobriety and order, a little timeout on Saturn is just the tonic. So, theoretically, by having these experiences between lifetimes, we actually become attuned to the influences of these spheres and the impact they have on our lives based on time of birth, soul agreements, etc.

In some ways, I’ve undertaking this little sojourn to demonstrate how Moon in Libra works. It takes an issue (usually emotional) and looks at it from a number of different angles to come up with a fair assessment of the situation or dynamic at hand. That said, how does the Libra Moon play out for you in your sign over the next couple of days? In order to better understand, I’ve assigned you each a guide of fairness, balance and wisdom to guard you and light the way for the next 48 hours: Read the rest of this entry »

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brett-favre-tony-romoOld versus blue?

Just a quick post before The Cowboys/Packers game. Crammed some relevant data on Brett Favre and Tony Romo. Right now, Favre has Saturn Retrograde at 2 degrees, sitting right on his ascendant. It’s also conjunct his natal Moon, Uranus and Mercury, all in the same sign. This is a fascinating alignment. Will Saturn Retrograde turn back the hands of time with Favre? Will he revert back to his young, gun slinging self? Or will father time, chronos/cronos, Saturn, finally bring Favre’s brilliant and swashbuckling run to an end?

Conversely, Tony Romo, the guy playing opposite Favre, the guy who grew up idolizing him has his natal Sun at 1 degree Aries, Saturn opposing it. Is Favre Romo’s Saturn? Is this the official passing of the torch from Favre to Romo? When the day is done, we’ll have a much clearer picture of whose star is rising, descending or still burning bright after all these years.

EDITORS NOTE. I would not be surprised if this is the game where Brett Favre finally gets knocked out at some point due to an injury.

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three-wise-men-starThe journey is the gift.

The journey of The Magi to the manger in Bethlehem, begins one of the most powerful and transcendent stories of our time. It’s a pilgrimage that culminates with a meeting of an auspicious being and a prophet for all time, in the guise of a little baby. It’s interesting to see the trajectory of the life of Jesus and how it is three magician/kings that augur his arrival. They based their journey on the rise of a star, brighter than the rest, a true north guiding them to their pre-destined, destination. Here we see one of the only references to astrology mentioned in conjunction with Christianity. Sorcery, magic and geomancy are frowned upon by the church. So the life story of Jesus begins with the aid of magic. It’s highly symbolic in this regard.

The Magi represent the highest point of evolution in the realm of the philosopher kings. They have achieved wealth and knowledge, likely through their skilled application of alchemical principles and enlightened ruler ship. Using the tools of their trade, they were drawn to find a new source of magic, one that was magic incarnate. They pass along three gifts; gold, frankincense and myrrh. These gifts are of course symbolic in themselves. Gold is the most precious element and reflects the pure state of the soul. It also is a material gift for the young family in their time of humble beginning and need. Myrrh has some very useful qualities that would come in quite handy at the birth of a newborn as it stimulates the production of white blood cells and aids against infection. It was used in conjunction with Golden Seal and sprinkled across umbilical stumps on new borns in the ancient world. It most likely had a very topical application in the life of young Jesus (Eshu Emmanuel).

Frankincense was used at one time as an embalming fluid. It grows primarily in Northeast Africa, places like Ethiopia and Yemen, which suggest that at least one of the wise men hailed from this region. While it is symbolic of the preservation of the body and might even portend the death of Jesus and the preservation of his life through the eternity of the soul, again, it also had a very practical application. Frankincense can act as an insecticide, and is quite helpful at repelling things like horseflies and sand fleas. While uplifting the vibration of the manger, it also could have limited the amount of bugs that could gnaw away at Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus. The wise men were indeed quite wise when it came to the preservation of such a young life. They had an investment in it and the three gifts they came bearing were essential to that end.

Astrologically, is there an explanation for the star of the magi itself?

Mike Molnar is an astronomer with more than a working knowledge of astrology. His book, The Star of Bethlehem: The Legacy of the Magi details how through the discovery of certain astrological aspects on a Roman coin, he was able to determine what and where the Star Of Bethlehem was. ARIESAccording to Molnar, based on the evidence of the coin pictured here, it’s clear to him, that The Star Of The Magi was Jupiter, specifically Jupiter in Aries. This occurred on 12/19, 6 BC. Molnar actually gives some credible evidence regarding the fact that it was 6 BC, six years prior to the Gregorian standard. According to Molner, King Herod died before 4 BC and because Herod spoke of the messiah and the star, it had to occur prior to his death. Molnar also places Saturn in Aries at that time, as well as The Moon. He claims that since Jesus was Jewish and that Jupiter in Aries is resonant with the Jewish people that this is indeed the star. Now there are other that claim that Jesus was in fact not Jewish, but possibly Syrian, certainly, at the very least, an Essene. I’m not sure how Molnar works this one out. But his evidence is fairly compelling.

So if Molnar is correct, then we are, in very short order going to experience the return of the star, as quickly as next year, when Jupiter shifts into Aries after a very fast run in Pisces, the sign normally associated with Jesus. It has a brief retrograde run, then gets back to business, moving forward again in Aries. On 4/4/11, There will be a major stellium in the sky, with The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, in Aries. Jupiter will be just past Saturn in Libra, 15/13, creating powerful opposition, even if it has moved just beyond it. Does this stellium portend what could possibly be the second coming? With all of the energy concentrated in the sign of the self, Aries, it could either augur a powerfully transcendent ripple of awareness through our collective psyches, potentially opening us put to the power of the Christ in each of us, or it could portend something more ominous in it’s overly Aryan overtones.

The god of war opposes the goddess of peace. Anti-Christian? Conflagration or liberation? Both? 4/4/11 is a date to circle on your calendar. It adds up to 1. 44+11 = 55. 5+5 = 10. 1+0 = 1. The overarching theme of unity on this day is abundantly apparent.

As we return to the three wise men, one of the other lessons that we can infer from their role in the young life of Jesus is that they are messengers of manifestation, harbingers of gifts in times of need. Upon their arrival, the share gifts of the spirit and the flesh with Joseph and Mary, gifts that are symbolic, but also quite useful in nurturing and fostering the young life of baby Jesus, and the life of the young family itself. In their hour of need, their needs were perfectly met.

We exchange gifts as we act out the generosity and the gifts of the magi, reenacting the alchemy of abundance and the joy of giving in the service of life.

In that spirit, I’d like to thank all of you who are regular, or even semi-regular readers of my blog and have contributed your gifts to me in terms of comments and the occasional email. I thank you and your presence means a great deal to me and what I do. I know this blog isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve lost some readers along the way, because I don’t always paint pictures with the brightest hues, but on this night, I thank you.

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