The Trans-Personal Warriors Epitomize The Spirit of Aquarius, Cavs Split Into Opposition

warriorsfeat-1It’s been a while since I penned an astrological/sports thing, but since we are in the NBA finals, and it’s all GSW vs LeBronisthan, I decided to re-investigate their respective rosters to see if there’s some astrological clues in there and guess what? There are.

This is a very different team than the first one the Warriors brought to the finals three years ago. The players that left; Bogut, Barnes, Barbosa and Speights, were replaced by David West, Javale McGee, Matt Barnes, Zaza Pachulia and Kevin Durant. And it’s had an effect, an astrological effect on how the team plays.

A quick glance at the roster shows the following signs represented in numbers; Four Pisces, three Aquarians, two Capricorns, one Scorpio, one Libra and two Virgos. Essentially the roster is comprised of signs in the upper (lower) part of the chart. As we move away from Virgo to Pisces, we move deeper into collectivity, the realm of the transpersonal, away from the gravity of the self.

This is reflected in the play of the team which is absurdly unselfish as they go out of their way to make the extra pass and get the ball in the basket. Their coach, the physically plagued Steve Kerr, is a Libra and is the fulcrum, the point of balance, as Libra is the mediator between the two hemispheres of the chart. But this is a team that is really dominated by three signs; Cap, Aqua and Pisces (nine combined players). And when they are in the flow, led by their Neptunian Magi, Stephen Curry, they are something to behold and epitomize the essence of Aquarius in the truest sense of team. The offense literally flows like water.

Center is an odd position as it is usually manned by giants, who have an unusual relationship with reality and in the case of the Warriors, their two main men in the middle are Aqua, Zaza Pachulia and Cap/Aqua cusper, Javale McGee. Both have been known for their eccentricities, both on and off the court.

Head coach, Steve Kerr (9/27) is in orb with star, Kevin Durant (9/29). This closeness gives the two a unique ability to communicate and bond with one another. As long as Kerr is coach, the Warriors will have a good chance of retaining Durant, who is at the top of his game.

The Cavs have a very different roster.

The Cavs have the following signs represented; Three Aries, two Cap, two Pisces, two Gemini, two Cancer, two Virgo, one Libra, one Taurus. When we look at the roster, it’s almost the opposite of the Warriors, dominated by eight players from Aries to Cancer. These are not trans-personal. The majority of their roster is learning about self—not other. The most visible example of this is the fascinating, Flat-Earther, Aries, Kyrie Irving. Irving is noted for being one of the best, one-on-one players in the world and at times has put the team on his back in a very-Aries like fashion. But in this series, he’s met his match in the unselfish Aquarian, Klay Thompson, a world class scorer, who has let Durant and Curry get the shine, while he’s kept Irving in the shade.

Capricorn LeBron has become the CEO of the team as he essentially put that team together, along with GM, David Griffin, but even in his play, he’ll disappear at times as he delegates the offense, versus dominating it. Nothing wrong there, but he doesn’t have the same astrological flow at his disposal that the Warriors do. Also, two key players, Iman Shumpert and Derron Williams are opposite sign; Cancer and that’s not always great. In fact, there’s a fair amount of opposition going on. Kevin Love and JR Smith are Virgos, while Kyle Korver and Tristan Thompson are Pisces. These four should NEVER be on the court at the same time. So we see a roster that has combinations of opposition, which isn’t great for team play and even the oppositions aren’t great as Pisces and Virgo can be self-sacrificial to a fault.

While the series isn’t over, and the Cavs could grab a win tonight, it’s not going to be easy to do what they did last year, unless the league asserts itself and let’s Cleveland mug and thug the Warriors into foul trouble. Keep in mind that LeBron also has what are pretty clear illuminati ties and they are always looking for leverage with their possessed charges. Although, to be clear, the rumor is that LeBron doesn’t partake in a lot of the lurid rituals. It might be his connection with Warren Buffet, which spares him the wrath of desecration or his anointment as “The King.” This series should be over in five, maybe six games at the most and if it doesn’t go down like that, you’ll know that the gods of chance and duality have inserted themselves like Olympian puppet masters, controlling the diversionary faction of the matrix.

From Jenner To Baphomet, American Pharaoh To King James (Capricorn) And Curry’s (Pisces) Cross To Bear

JenderConfused Jender Roles

Well, it’s been about a week since I tossed out my two cents on Bruce Gender. The results and comments were surprisingly positive and supportive of the POV. I was thinking about how uncool it is to be more traditional and structured in one’s view of life on Terra. However, we’ve always supported the contrarian stance. America was born on the idea of revolution and going in the other direction. Well, it was born on a lot more than that too. Lot’s of exploitation and fields watered in the blood of indigenous people and shady side deals of the founders, but I’m not sure any piece of land on the matrix rock has a virginal tale of cohabitation and harmony through consensus agreement. Can you name me one?

Life on Terra has been savage and brutal. The 20th Century, even with its bloody banker wars has been mostly a respite from the constant pulverizing of people and their lands. Just go back to the Age of Aries and it’s one brutal conquest after the next. Bleeding into the Age of Pisces, the battle for land, resources, and the finest virgins the Nephilim could breed carried on. This is a planet of savage indifference driven by the dreams of madmen who are convinced of their own divine right, dark or otherwise to rule and subjugate. America and its history aren’t any different than what went on before or even after. The trouble is the cognitive dissonance between what’s going down and what’s promoted. Kind of like Bill Gates loving the children of India or Chad so much, that he supplies them magic serums that are supposed to cure everything from TB to dandruff, however, they unfortunately wind up paralyzing, sterilizing or killing said children. What’s the saying? “The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions” There’s a real disconnect in the message and delivery. However, I digress. Continue reading “From Jenner To Baphomet, American Pharaoh To King James (Capricorn) And Curry’s (Pisces) Cross To Bear”

The Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Where Do You Call Home? LeBron Breaks The Spell

mongolia-ger-stay_1439434cWhere do you park your oxen?

Home. Where is it? What does it mean? These are questions that are reverberating through the space of our times. Last night an old friend stopped by. He was without a place to stay, roaming from job-to-job at this point. Another friend is considering abandoning his apartment for life in his car, parked at night near the sanctified confines of local churches. A recent client has been using her mother’s home as a chrysalis, getting ready to re-hatch her life back into the world. LeBron James left his home and bolted for a new one, raising all kinds of questions about loyalty and commitment in the process (more about LeBron later).

I pondered these questions about home as residents around the gulf are reporting all kinds of sickness, all occurring around their homes. The oil is gushing, unabated now, as BP removed part of the well head today, hastening it’s unimpeded flow into the home waters of the south. People down there might be forced to leave their homes.

The concept of home rose to the surface of my consciousness as I watched a blues band bang out standards in the center of my town, my home, a place that I have called home since last year, as I left on my Hejira, just up the road. It came on the heels of three days in a psych ward, where I witnessed the sad state of human wreckage that called that and other places like it “home.” It took a journey into the orphic depths for me to find the lost parts of my soul, the mad and disenfranchised strands of self, shunned by me as a coping mechanism to get by in this world. They were all there, in male in female form. I gathered them unto me and led them out, back into the light. I brought them home. A year later, almost to the day, my father died, in his home, thus completing my turn around the Sun.

With the Sun in Cancer, New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, the idea and ideal of “home” is moving to the front and center for many people. It is illuminating what’s important to us and how we can use the home, any home, whether it’s rooted in rebar or attached to ones back, to be the fertile ground for cracking through to new life and sustaining the momentum of growth.

The Sabian symbol for the Solar Eclipse tomorrow is THE UNFOLDMENT OF MULTILEVEL POTENTIALITIES ISSUING FROM AN ORIGINAL GERM. On a day when the Sun is eclipsed, we do not view our shadows and all is brought forth into the clarity of day to witness. Here we see on the New Moon, the symbol of germination, of breaking through and beginning a heliotropic journey towards the light. In essence, grow where you are planted and if there is not enough light and sustenance, cast yourself to the winds of change land somewhere that you can.

Through my readings with people, I have gleaned that we are in the act of finishing up business and getting with the art of living. The time for processing is over. You’ve been here a thousand times already. You know enough. Let the unfoldment of multi-level potential germinate.

When we deal with the concept of breakthrough, we often frame it in dramatic terms, like finding the right work, or the right partner, or manifesting something we have desired and worked towards, but it’s often the case that breakthrough can be as simple and humble as the first fissure in the hard membrane of the seed wall. That tiny fracture cannot be underestimated as a monumental event in the life of the organism that emerges. It’s as critical as the first fall of fruit and the next generation of seed. Without it, there is no life. Our lives are comprised of any number of these moments and the beauty is, is that you have a choice in these moments as they emerge.

It’s how you respond.

Do you give your power away for approval or need?

You will let another snuff out your light for acceptance?

Will you react in the middle of a fire fight between out-of-control egos?

Will you consistently choose wholeness and integration over diffusion and defracation?

Can you respond from a place of third option, a creative alternative to polarity and duality?

It’s these things that manifest in everyday acts that allow us to chip away at the hard husk of separation and risk the reward of journeying towards the light. Breakthrough is just one thought and one breath away. It’s always there. Continue reading “The Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Where Do You Call Home? LeBron Breaks The Spell”

D-Day For LeBron Capricorn — Cleveland Would Be Best For Both

lebron-jamesWill LeBron turn his back on Cleveland?

Luciferian. That’s what LeBron’s media blitz has morphed into. The light is blazing, downright illuminating. We’ll be graced by LeBron’s presence tonight on ESPN. He’s managed to grab his own sixty-minute-special to announce which team is going to pay him obscene amounts of money. Cleveland? New York? Miami? That’s really what it boils down to.

I had Andrea Mallis on my show last week and she looked at the bones of his solar chart and she thought LBJ was going to go to New York. I posited Miami. Yesterday, Chris Bosh (Aries, 3/24) chose The Heat.

James, based on his document of birth (12/30/84), not his certificate of birth (sound familiar?), is a Cap with his Moon in Aries. So he would have a distinct connection with Bosh, whom by the way, will greatly benefit from Jupiter’s stay in Aries. Bosh will make BIG bucks and he’ll benefit from the presence of Wade and LBJ.

Dywane Wade (Taurus) will also benefit from being LeBron’s sidekick with a strong Earth connection (Taurus/Cap). Now the question arises, who else would play for the team if they sign the big three and have only enough to sign players to minimum contracts? And, will there even be a team playing beneath toxic clouds of methane and benzene? How convenient that poor shrimpers and fishermen on the Gulf Coast are getting the runaround from BP now that there livelihoods are ruined and we’re being dazzled by the false light of “Show Me The Money” starring LeBron James.

James is a Capricorn (8 degrees) and has Neptune in Capricorn as well. Pluto is resting right between the two of them. Pluto in Cap as we have seen thus far, since it’s arrival is a power trip. As it triggers Neptune (hype/illusion) and Sun (expression) Pluto is adding mega ego watts to “The King’s” blazing star and Neptune is creating a sense of deception and misdirection. The city of Cleveland was annexed on 12/23/18. As a result, it is a Capricorn city, potently expressed at 0 degrees. It’s been a city that has seen its fair share of disappointment in the realm of sports. From Ernest Byner’s fumble, to Jose Mesa’s bad pitch, to Michael Jordan’s shot, to the Browns skulking out at midnight on Art Modell’s moving trucks. The Sun in Capricorn at that degree is all about endurance, getting through. In the end, no matter what city The King ordains, Cleveland will go on. it will endure, long after LeBron has taken his last shot. But based on the chart of Cleveland with it’s Capricornian Sun and James’ own solar goat, I would take Cleveland if I were him. James’ own Mercury in Sag (16 degrees) conjuncts Cleveland’s Mercury in Sag (10 degrees). James and Cleveland both have Uranus in Sag (though not conjunct) but James’ Uranus is conjunct Cleveland’s own Neptune in Sag. Astrologically, Cleveland and LeBron would be better off together than apart.

Miami was incorporated on July 28th, 1896 and has a stellium in Leo, which will play off nicely with some of LeBron’s Sag planets, but at the end of the day is the bread and circus of LeBron’s blinding spectacle enough to divert our gaze from what’s happening in the gulf? Unfortunately, the answer is likely, “yes.”