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Suleiman The Magnificent vs. Suleiman The Expedient.

2/11/11. Oh what a day for a revolution. The people of Egypt are free, sort of. Their persistence and desire to rid themselves of their president of this past 30 years, Hosni Mubarak resulted in Mubarak vacating his position, abdicating rule to his appointed successor, Vice President, Omar Suleiman (Cancer 7/2/36). Suleiman as I have noted before has a very strong astrological connection to the US, with his Sun conjunct the US Sun in Cancer. His natal Moon (Sag) sits very close to the US ascendant in Sag. Mercury in Gemini at 19 degrees is just two degrees off the US Mars in Gemini at 21 degrees. This is worth noting as he has been instrumental in arranging rendition flights to Egypt (travel/torture). His natal Mars is at 4 degrees Cancer, just one degree off the US Natal Venus of Cancer at 3 degrees. He has Jupiter in Sag at 19 degrees, again resting in the US first house, but it is retrograde.

He is an apparent extension of Mubarak, the people of Egypt know this and are not going to be placated by his insertion, but he is going to be much harder to dislodge than Mubarak, based on the close conjunctions of his chart with the USA chart. If the Egyptians want to be truly rid of all things Mubarak, including Suleiman, deposing him will be no cake walk.

In addition to the tight conjunctions, Pluto is trining his natal Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is THE planet of revolution and Mubarak is a Taurus. In essence he is getting some serious celestial support to succeed Mubarak via revolution. Pluto however is also opposing his natal Sun and will get within two degrees of complete opposition later this Summer. He will in some ways embody the ongoing conflict of the rising Plutocracy (Pluto in Cap) and the opposition of grass roots movements and the will of the little folk (Cancer).

Suleiman has stepped into an archetypal struggle of order and rule versus self-determination and personal sovereignty, which is going to be played out across the planet in the days, months and years to come. This is not a personal belief per se, but what I have been able to determine and track over the last few years. These are the facts as I see them. No one is advocating revolution or overthrow, but this is a function of consciousness at a scale that very few of us can comprehend.

My FB buddy, Bryan H posted an image of Titan, a Moon of Jupiter that looks like Earth’s little sister today. It was an interesting post, because what I believe he was tapping into, was titanic forces at play. This is not your basic banana republic revolution. This is something much bigger

Suleiman also happens to be the name of “Sulieman The Magnificient.” Suleiman was the most ambitious ruler of The Ottoman Empire, leading and winning a series of battles that extended as far as Vienna, where he took on The Habsburgs. He spoke six languages and was an accomplished poet and goldsmith. He completely re-wrote canonical law and became a patron of culture. Breaking from tradition, he married a hottie named “Roxelana” from his harem stable. In an age of tyrants and dictators, “Suleiman The Magnificent” was probably a little more enlightened. He ousted the Knights Templar from the island of Rhodes, their base of operation, where they engaged in piracy. After a five-month-siege there, he captured the island and let them leave and return to Malta and ultimately Rome. He was the longest reigning king of the Ottoman empire and now his namesake sits in the seat of power in Egypt, astrologically yoked to the US.

In a day that is filled with ironies, 2/11/11, some cannot go unnoticed. Today is Sarah Palin’s birthday. It’s also Jeb Bushes birthday as well as Manuel Noriega, who had his own experience with being tossed out of office, ironically by his birthday mate’s daddy. The ouster of Noriega was one of the more bizarre events of the late 20th century. Let’s just say that if the internet was around back then, the way it is today, I seriously doubt that that kind of event could take place. With cell phone cameras, youtube, vimeo, Twitter, FB, etc, there is an expanding transparency that is emerging, much to the chagrin of the traditional media outlets. Our access to information is changing how events get staged.

Today is also the birthday of King Farouk I, the last, royal ruler of Egypt. Here is a bit of his story;

Egyptian royalty, the son and successor of Fuad I, ruler of Egypt 1937-1952. His reign began with a sense of promise and hope and ended in scandal, corruption, thievery and indolence. Educated in England, he returned to take over the throne with a life-style that became increasingly profligate along with political ineptitude. In the beginning, the reign of King Farouk was greeted with enthusiasm by both the Wafd party (the largest Egyptian party) and by the rapidly growing Muslim Brotherhood. Farouk was, amazingly, the first Egyptian ruler of the descendants of Mohammed Ali Pasha to speak fluent Arabic. Turkish had been the court language of all his predecessors. Moreover, Farouk seemed to have nationalist sympathies.

The young ruler was, unfortunately, too weak-willed to defy the British. Within a year he had signed the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty which gave British forces the right to remain in the Suez Canal Zone while ostensibly ending the British occupation of Egypt.”

When Farouk was deposed, he was succeeded by Nasser, then Sadat and finally Mubarak. Farouk had Chiron in Aries at 3 degrees. Synchronistically, Jupiter is currently in Aries at 3 degrees. Jupiter it appears is redressing Farouk’s inability to lead. His greatest accomplishments seem to be centered around his prodigious appetite. He would eat up to 30 eggs in a morning to start his day. With Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Leo in the 10th, his royal bearing gave way to a walrus like bearing. He died at the age of 45 in a restaurant, from over eating. On the day of the birth of Egypt’s last and likely worst king, a man named for one of the great kings in the Ottoman empire takes over. In the land of the pharaoh, the template of modern rule, where the seed of the West cracked and moved like a vine towards Rome and London, where modern astrology was born, and where the all-seeing-eye gazes down from the top center of the great pyramid we are witnessing the energies of titans at play.

Rundgren Redux

Here’s a little Ra Ra Ra for the people of Egypt, from “Todd The God”.

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Saturn, Saturday, Sadat

Most people have at least two Saturn Returns in their lifetime. Countries, if they stay together will experience a Saturn Return every 28 years. Egypt is no exception. In fact, it gets to experience two Saturn Returns every 28 years. How can that be you ask?

Many sources attribute Egypt’s independence on the day that it freed itself from the English Protectorate. That was on 2/28/22, thus making Egypt a Pisces country. More on this later. On that day, Saturn was at 6 degrees Libra, which means it has been in its current Saturn Return since November, 2009 just four months after Obama’s speech in Cairo on June 4th. But on June 18th, 1953, Egypt officially declared that it was a full fledged republic, thus giving it a Gemini overlay. Where was Saturn on that day? In Libra again, at 20 degrees. So Egypt is passing through a second Saturn return cycle. Saturn will reach 20 degrees on Thursday, October 13th in 2011. The Libra Sun will be at 20 degrees the following day, Friday the 14th. It would seem that what’s taking place in Egypt right now, would ultimately culminate on or around that date.

Esoterically, both Saturn and The Sun, being at 20 degrees, creates a number of variables 2+0 = 2 and 2+0 = 2. 2+2 = 22 or 4. The number of the master builder (22) and the number of the base of the pyramid (4). Now whether this sequence has magical import, especially if you add 22 to 11 (20)11 equaling 33, is yet to be determined, but clearly the exact conjunction of the second Saturn return promises some form of resolution to Egypt’s current challenge to create an environment and government based on Libran ideals of fairness, balance, equanimity and equality.

This is illustrated by their unique form of protest over the past three days, showering troops with love, respecting private property and yet unleashing fury and rage on all things Mubarak. The protests have been initially fueled by that country’s first open and full bodied ability to express themselves in public, while tapping into their pent up frustration and rage, Scenes of singing and dancing co-mingle with shouts of fury at the national TV stations and police headquarters. In many ways, this typifies Saturn in Libra, bringing both sides of the emotional equation into balance.

Egypt is the land of Kemet, one of the most ancient religious and spiritual systems on the planet. There are 42 Kemetic Laws Of Maat. Here are just a few; I consume only my fair share, I communicate with compassion, I listen to opposing opinions, I respect the property of others, I am peaceful, I remain in balance with my emotions. Sounds just a little Libran doesn’t it? Taken together, as a whole, Kemetic Laws stress balance and equanimity in all things. An integrated self. This is what is bubbling through these protests, the ancient expression of The Laws Of Kemet, through the prism of Saturn in Libra.

As the protests continue, there are reports of looting and vandalism, which are obviously contrary to the spirit exhibited thus far. People are having to defend their homes and businesses as a result, draining energy and intention away from the greater goal. CNN has been reporting on this all day while being just slightly dismissive of the local perspective that these acts are being perpetrated by Mubarak’s goon squad. According to CNN, apparently a lot of folks in that part of the world “traffic in conspiracies.” Hey maybe they read David Icke and listen to Alex Jones as well?

In addition to Saturn in Libra, the 2/28/22 date also sees Jupiter in Libra at 17 degrees. When all of this really took off, Saturn was at 17 degrees in Libra, going retrograde, sitting right on top of Egypt’s first, natal Jupiter. In essence, they were both spiritually and astrologically returning to the time when they first liberated themselves in the 20th century. It’s a critical cycle, conjunction and return. The 2/28/22 date also sees a predominate amount of Pisces in the Egyptian solar chart (Sun, Moon, Venus and Uranus).

Another critical phase will be the new Moon in Pisces on 2/28, yes the date Egypt was unloosed from British rule. Lastly, tucked down there at the end of the solar chart is Chiron in Aries at 11 degrees. Chiron in Aries is fitful. It wants to lead but is wounded. Certainly, it can represent the political oppression and brutal treatment by Mubarak of The Egyptian people. They are obviously gaining in courage since Jupiter entered into Aries. Another key and interesting date does not loom that far off in the distance.

On 3/15 (The Ides Of March) Jupiter will be exactly conjunct Egypt’s Chiron at 11 degrees. This occurs just two days after the dramatic entrance of Uranus in Aries. Interestingly enough, Mubarak’s reign has elements of both Aries and Libra. He entered the political scene as the Vice President of Anwar Sadat on 4/15/75 and took over as president after Sadat was slain, on 10/7/81. Sadat himself was also deeply associated with Libra, taking office on 15 October, 1970 and was killed on 6 October, 1981. Guess what? Both Jupiter (18 degrees) AND Saturn (12 degrees) were in Libra when Sadat was murdered. In addition to the cycle of independence, which started in 1928 and reaffirmed in 1953, being activated during this Saturn cycle, the underlying energy of the death of Sadat is in play and the unresolved resolution and buried denial is also getting worked out. Get ready to see more images and threads regarding the life of Sadat, who he was and how he will emerge, nearly thirty years after his death as key symbol for the current situation in Egypt.

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Flame on!

First it was disgruntled Bears fans burning Jay Cutler’s jersey. Then it got a lot more serious. Abdou Abdel-Monaam Hamadah, 48, a restaurant owner from Qantara, Egypt, set himself ablaze as a form of protest for not getting flour subsidies. According to The Telegraph; “He was said to have been complaining that he was unable to get bread coupons for his restaurant – Egypt has a system of flour subsidies in place in an attempt to combat widespread poverty.”

Setting himself on fire? Now that’s commitment.

But he was not alone. Also from The Telegraph;

“The incident was followed by a Mauritanian setting himself alight in Nouakchott. Yavoub Ould Dahoud, 42, stopped his car in front of the Senate, which is several feet from the presidency in the capital Nouakchott, before setting himself on fire.

Four Algerian men have also set themselves alight in the last week, all apparently inspired by the incident which set off the protests that culminated in the overthrow of Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali, Tunisia’s President, on Friday.”

It all started when Mohamed Bouazizi immolated himself in Tunisia on 12/12, as a precursor to Jupiter in Aries. In it’s most raw and potent sense, the individual as represented by Jupiter in Aries is literally on fire.

Volcano In Japan

Apparently, burning humans aren’t the only hot topic in the early days of Jupiter in Aries. Mt. Kirishima, one of Japan’s 100 great mountains became active for the first time in 50 years. We’re talking ash, fire. exploding rocks, etc. Yet another Jupiter in Aries related event. The shift from Uranus in Pisces to Aries on March 12th, will likely reflect even more intense volcanic and geo-thermal activity. Let’s hope whole communities decide to pass on the new rage, “The Immolation Sensation.”

Mt. Kirishima.

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Egyptian Youth and the internet revolution.

The situation is fluid. That’s the dictum emerging from Washington regarding the revolt in Egypt. It’s midnight in Cairo now and people have not adhered to the curfew. Police have left the streets and the army has taken over. According to CNN, Mubarak’s son and wife are currently in London and according to Aljazeera, many high ranking officials and business leaders have also fled as well.

The energy of the riots/revolt are spreading to places like Jordan and even Albania. Tomorrow, it is likely that London will steal some of the headlines as massive protests are planned for London, Manchester and other cities in England. The protests will center on cuts to services and fee hikes. How has this all come about so suddenly and what do the planets have to say?

One of the key factors in Egypt is the amount of people under thirty. This group, known as Gen-Y, is the largest group of adults on the planet since the baby boomers. Astrologically, they fall mostly under the transit of Pluto in Scorpio. These kids are intense. They are not afraid of death and going to the edge. The protests were fueled by a 100,000 estimated youths, who have been mostly out of work and trying to figure out why their country has runaway inflation, no jobs and just 30% of the population living over the poverty line. This generation is Facebook friendly and Twitter wise and both of these new media tools have played a huge role in the early stages of organizing the protests.

As I mentioned in my last piece, Jupiter in Aries has been a major player in this movement. The energy of Jupiter at the final degrees of Pisces was brackish and stagnant. It felt like a dam was about to burst and in four short days, burst it has. Jupiter (expansion) Aries (The Individual) have converged. Mars and The Sun in Aquarius have also played a significant role as both embody the spirit of Aquarius, which is the celestial expression of democracy and the spirit of brotherhood. Aquarius is also hella rebellious when it feels as though injustice is taking place. Mars is the most strident expression of Aquarius. Of course, Aquarius is also deeply connected to the internet. As we have already noted, FB and Twitter have played a huge role in all of this.

Mubarak has finally emerged, and is addressing the people of Egypt. He has stated that he will not back down and will use force. He also said that he would dismiss the entire government but would not commit to new elections, filling out a new slate with a cabinet of his choice. In real time, I can tell you that the speech did not go over well.

The Sag Moon is currently sextiling the Aquarian Sun and it will catch up with Venus, also in Sag. Emotions will be inflamed and the desire to break free, will likely over ride Hosni Mubarak’s promises for change. Look for Sunday to be a key day in the ongoing revolt and a turning point in the crisis. Right now, until Sunday, the sky is filled with fire (Sag and Aries) and air (Aquarius and Libra). The situation is more than fluid. It’s combustible.

Postscript. This might be the most civil revolt on record. Reports are that protesters are not engaged in random, anarchic destruction, which is prevalent in the G8 and G20 protests. Protesters are showing great respect for private property and individuals, including the army, while directing their anger at all things Mubarak.

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Wild in the streets

The Fertile Crescent is on fire. Egypt appears to be waking from a 3,000 year old slumber as rioters clash with with police in violent confrontations, not about Islam or Christianity or Judaism, but of survival, of oppression and the rising costs of goods and services. Not far from Egypt, Yemen is also simmering. Tunisia and Algeria are already embroiled in their regime changes. Where it all started is likely where it all begins. Jupiter in Aries is just four-days-old and already the flames of unrest and the cries of the individual co-mingle. It’s always challenging when viewing revolts from afar. We do not know who is fanning the flames or why and to what end, but I do know that such activity in such a concentrated area like North Africa can spread quickly. Is it a controlled burn or is it a flat out blaze of fury? It might be too early to tell, but the situation bears watching, since there seems to be some sort of chronological symmetry with what’s taking place now. Read the rest of this entry »

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Notice the “6,” six stripes and six letters in Cutler.

Jay Cutler (Taurus) became one of the first, public expressions of Jupiter in Aries and not in a flattering way. Cutler plays quarterback for The Chicago Bears, who played The Green Bay Packers this past Sunday, for the championship of the NFC, aka as “The Halas Trophy.” The trophy is named after George Halas, former coach and owner of the very same Bears, one of footballs founding fathers.

Cutler is not known for his warm and engaging personality. Nor is he known for his fiery spirit. He’s more known for being a type 2 diabetic, with a rocket arm and a reality star girl friend (Kristin Cavallari). After being traded from The Denver Broncos, he bombed in is first season as a Bear. There were audible whispers in Chicago that Cutler was approaching bust level. He was also rumored to not take care of his body and party a little too much, especially for someone with diabetes. But this year was a different story. Under the tutelage of Mike Martz (Taurus) his new offensive coordinator, Cutler regained the form he flashed in one, scintillating season in Denver. He did this while being sacked a league high 55 times, suffering one concussion. In essence, Jay Cutler took a beating this year. His reward? He got to play in at least two more games.

Two weeks ago, he and Martz carved up the Seattle defense and Cutler was being mentioned in the same discussion as Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger. All that changed on Sunday.

In the frigid air of Chicago, two bitter, regional rivals staged a war on the permafrost shores of Lake Michigan. The Packers were not The Seahawks though. They were a far more talented team than Seattle, giving Cutler sophisticated and cagey looks on defense, stifling his ability to throw, harassing him on every play, pounding him into the icy dirt of Soldier Field. One sack however changed Jay Cutler and maybe how we exchange information, thanks to the martial thrust of Jupiter in Aries. Read the rest of this entry »

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aries_jupiterGet it done!

As the anaretic degree of Jupiter at 29 Pisces finally unclenches it’s grip and drops into Aries, I’m getting the feeling of the dam of emotion about to burst. The anaretic degree is one of the most challenging aspects in an astrological chart. There is a feeling of the 29th degree of impatience, of wanting to move on, getting on with the next course of business or sign. It’s been increasingly so with Jupiter in Pisces. The energy has been stagnant. The expansive power of Jupiter has been spent. Think of a sponge that is soaked and filled with water, unable to retain any more. That’s the image of Jupiter in Pisces at the 29th degree. Now along comes the heat of Aries, drying it out, making us more responsive to opportunity, more retentive to the expansiveness of Jupiter’s energy in our lives.

During the last degrees we’ve seen some of the excessive manifestations of Jupiter in Pisces and it’s damaging aspects. The flooding in Brazil and Australia is indicative of the watery state I’m referring to, though there are some other factors at work here as well. The oil companies have also benefitted quite nicely from Jupiter’s run through Pisces, We’re seeing record and obviously inflated prices/pisces in the states, which will have an overflow effect on the prices of goods, especially food. I’ll cover this a bit later as well. But suffice it to say, the time for a shift in energy is here and the possibility for change is not only potent, it is critical.

Jupiter in Aries is only with us for six months. It’s a like a fireball of possibility blazing across our lives. Catch it while you can. Transits are brief, 5 to 8 days at most. This is critical because of all the other factors we have at hand during this time.

Jupiter in Aries promotes individuality and the expression of will. This is essential to understand. Wherever Jupiter shows up in your chart, that’s where you need to pay attention. When it hits certain planets, you’ll need to really catch it’s fiery wave. Against the evolving or de-evolving social milieu, this energy will have an invigorating impact on the psyches of individuals. A sense of urgency is in the air. Getting things done is of utmost importance for each of us during this phase.

From an individual standpoint we must act on our desires and deepest sense of purpose now. It is key. From a collective standpoint, there is a sense that we are up against deadlines that we are only remotely aware of.

The rising cost of gas, which looks on the surface like an egregious excess of profit and greed,has become a vice grip, compressing the ability of the middle class downward into the lower strata. But this is only the rumblings of a much bigger seismic impact that is coming, which is why it is essential to channel the fiery and expansive Jupiter/Aries energy.

If the cost of fuel reaches up into the high $4.00 per gallon range, it will have a disastrous effect on the food supply as the cost of bringing food to market will become increasingly more prohibitive. If gas reaches $5.00 and it likely can and will, then we will not just have to pay exorbitant prices for food–food might not even get to the shelves. That is why it is critical to be as prepared as possible over the next 60-90 days, taking full advantage of Jupiter in Aries. Ya gots to get prepared people. Know where your water is as the first people have said. Food? You’ll need it. You do not want to get caught without food if gas prices do begin to reach upwards of $4.00 a gallon, You can piece together your own supply. I recommend Costco and Grocery Outlet for bulk, and at the end of this post, I’ll have some links where you can purchase food supplies along with some other critical pieces like water filters, etc.

Even though Jupiter is in the sign of the individual, we will need individuals linked together. Get to know your neighbors, perhaps even plan along these lines with them. The individual is the vertebrae to any culture or society. The spine is comprised of a network of bones, individual, yet connected and vital to the operation of the whole. In that way, we are connected and it behooves us to stay connected, both as individuals, and for society at large. Anarchy is not an option.

Since the inception of Pluto in Capricorn, we have seen the rise of the corporatocracy. I have written about it at length and my initial insights regarding Pluto in Cap are manifesting in ways that are seemingly forcing us into an us versus them polarity. Time and again, we have implored our representatives, from the bailout to S510 to listen to our wishes, wants and needs and yet, they continually go unheeded. In spite of the occupation of Iraq, gas and oil prices continue to rise, which for the most part looks incredibly arbitrary on the surface. When the Gulf exploded nearly a year ago, the public wanted to help, there were some novel solutions to the crisis in The Gulf (including the application of hay on the surface of The Gulf) and yet these solutions were spurned not only by BP but the DOE and the EPA. Instead, The Gulf was doused with millions of gallons of Corexit. This is yet another example of the cries of the individual falling upon deaf ears.

When that happens consistently, over time, the implications are that this is taking place on purpose and the denial of the individual’s voice and will in the greater milieu cannot be ignored. Jupiter in Aries will address this to some extent. It is the way shower for Uranus in Aries, which will quickly follow on it’s heels, thus setting the spark to the cosmic fire of will, which will be played out against the backdrop of an ever increasing society of regulations and austerity programs.

Jared Loughner was a fanatical cipher that was quickly labeled as not just a right winger, but a deranged conspiracy nut that was dosing on David Icke and the movie “Inception.” The media quickly jumped on a number of suppositions and assumptions without fully looking into Loughner’s past. An early dispatch from Mother Jones had an interview with Loughner’s friend, Bryce Tierney. In the interview, he states that Loughner’s mother attended the same temple as Rep. Giffords. Mother Jones quickly scrubbed that piece and wiped any mention of the connection between Loughner and Giffords away, flushing it down the memory hole. Enough people noticed to wonder why? Though this has been disputed to some extent, it represents the fragments of truth surrounding events and what the media does or does not do with them.

Since that tragic event, Loughner has become a poster child for the attack on the “lunatic fringe” in the days just prior to Jupiter in Aries. He is the dark shadow of the voice of individuality, his mind scrambled by the frequencies of distortion, in a society that suffers from a vertigo of displacement, spinning from collective trauma to collective trauma.

Is Jupiter in Aries a panacea for the plight of not just America but of the world? Is it the clarion call for the individual to rise from it’s slumber and say with subtle, yet firm affirmation that, “I AM.”

We’ve got six months to find out.


These countries, according to are Aries countries. Look for them to be in the news more than ever during the first six months of 2011:

England, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Lithuania.


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