November Horoscope For All Signs, Void Of Course Election, Time Travel To Syrian and Ghanian Coups 1966

ZodiacHere is the intro to the monthly horoscope that I write for all signs over at Kosmiclife. You can read it in full by going here, or simply jump over to the sidebar on the left where there is a Kosmic widget.

In the days that follow reading this horoscope, there’s a very good chance that we will have a new president sitting in the oval office for the next four years. A pretty good chance. I’d say about a 75% chance. You might say to yourself, “well since there’s going to be an election of November 4th, isn’t that a given?” Generally, yes. However, there are three astrological phenomenon conspiring to perhaps alter or even delay the outcome. Let’s look at them.

First off, the moon is void of course. In astrology 101, its generally assumed that you don’t plan any major activities around a “void of course” moon. It’s almost like a mini Mercury, retrograde. For an image to lock onto, think of slippery Earth, slick and unsteady, no solid ground. Just tiptoe through it and and get to the other side, plant your feet on Terra Firma and move forward. That’s all well and good in ones personal life, but when an election takes place, a national election at that, well that’s a different story altogether. Let’s add yet another cosmic wrinkle, which is Saturn in Virgo directly opposing Uranus in Pisces. Wow. Saturn checks in with order and law, conservative to the gills, and Uranus is “revolution and dispersion” in this alignment. The last time these two planets exactly opposed one another was in 1966…only that time, Uranus was in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces.

This is the culmination of a long, forty-two-year-cycle. On 2/24/66, in true Uranian fashion, The U.S. set off a nuclear test in Nevada, there was a coup in Ghana and just the day before, a coup in Syria. The energy is explosive and revolutionary. Add the fact that Mercury goes direct in Scorpio at 0 degrees, the same degree that it was retrograde on the night of the 2000 election, which was ultimately decided by The Supreme Court. So to recap, we have unsteady energy with the “void of course” moon, unstable energy with the Saturn/Uranus opposition and the revelation of secrecy in Mercury’s return to Scorpio. Should be a fun filled night by all accounts. Expect fireworks on the voting front with all of the energy bouncing all over the place and I would expect a fair amount of confusion regarding results.

This energy can also manifest in blackouts and loss of power. Of course this is a collective energy, larger cycles, but it impacts the individual as well. To top it all off, the really big news of the universe takes place at the end of the month when Pluto moves into its sixteen-year-stay in Capricorn. To put the time scale into perspective, if you have have an infant or toddler, by the time Pluto moves into Aquarius, they’ll most likely be driving, voting and drinking. As the Chinese say, “May you live in interesting times.” Just in case some of you get nostalgic for less complicated times and days, I’ve chosen a song from the mostly-happy-eighties for each sign and what they’re going through this month and the days ahead. Let’s take a look at all of the signs for Novemeber.

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Enter Scorpio — Void Of Course Election, The Power of Transformation, Opening The Inner Eye

Enter ScorpioI can’t help it–it’s my nature.

The breezy equilibrium of Libra has left us. The energy that supports win-win still lingers in Mercury catching up to speed in Libra, but the dominant solar expression has passed. Welcome Scorpio. I’m a bit of an oddity to most of my friends. I have little trouble staring into the pitch black darkness of world events and what some people might consider conspiratorial or hidden agenda programming. I think that this might have something to do with my ascendant, which is 28 degrees Scorpio and my Mars in my eighth house at 0 degrees Cancer. I am drawn to whatever is beneath the surface and am learning to transform the intensity of the information. This blog is an exercise in an ongoing personal alchemy that I share.

The energy of Scorpio allows us to get down and crawl into the places where we seek to understand motivations, machinations and the gears that turn the human psyche towards action. The energy also comprises intensity, depth, passion, and an affinity to summon the forces of chaos in such a way that they become the energy behind magic and ritual, thus Scorpio is often associated with the occult and witchcraft, anything that is taboo, including but not exclusive to sex. Continue reading “Enter Scorpio — Void Of Course Election, The Power of Transformation, Opening The Inner Eye”

Star Of The Day — October 18th — Libra, Lee Harvey Oswald, Manchurian Patsy, or Lone Gunman? Democracy Intervention?

Lee Harvey OswaldMug shooter.

I had to choose from a list of of about four people to profile for todays star. My finalists were Willie Horton, former baseball player for The Detroit Tigers and a hero of mine as a kid, Joe Morton, “The Brother From Another Planet,” and Laura Nyro, song writer extraordinaire. But how can we not look back on the life of one Lee Harvey Oswald, born this day in 1939.

Oswald is a complex character and will be forever associated with controversy and conspiracy the alleged shooter of the, ahem, “Kennedy Intervention” as John McCain curiously referred to it during the last debate with Obama.

I recently wrote about the differences between Bill Maher and Bill Hicks and cited Hicks’ bit on the Kennedy assassination, which is dark and painfully hilarious. Hicks acts out the “magic bullet theory” basically shooting down the prospect that Oswald was a lone gunman. An interesting back story thread to the Kennedy shooting was the arrest and eventual release of the three tramps, just outside of Dallas. Two of the tramps were Gordon Liddy, E Howard Hunt and the the third was Woody Harrelson’s father. Charles, who died on “The Ides of March” last year (2007) in a super max prison where he shared the same jail air as Ted Kacynzski and Tim McVeigh. There are those in the conspiracy community that claim that the elder Harrison was the real shooter of JFK, perhaps leading Oliver Stone (JFK) to cast Woody Harrelson as the sociopathic spree killer, Mickey Knox, in his bloody, cinematic death ritual, Natural Born Killers.

But we’re here to take a quick look back at Oswald, a troubled youth with learning disorders who struggled mightily early on with holding a firm grip on reality as he was diagnosed with schizophrenic tendencies. Oswald showed all of the key signs and qualifications early on, to have a fine career ahead of him as a mind-controlled double agent that worked for both sides during the cold war. From his strange time in The US military, where he was court-martialled twice, to his extended stay in Russia, where they were pioneering the sciences of mind control, Oswald no doubt received the best psychological re-orientation available at the time.

Leading up to that infamous day in late November, Oswalds global jaunts which led him to Russia, The Philippines and Mexico were hardly the travels of restless tourist and certainly uncommon during his era. Not many Americans lived in Russia, let alone had permission to visit.

Oswald’s life (and death) holds the skeleton key to the crypt of the mystery surrounding the death of JFK, the fall of Camelot and the systematic fracture of life and culture in America.

The Melting Economy Part 9 — Mercury Goes Direct, Reviewing Bailout Denial, Catalytic Change And Revisiting America’s Dirty Laundry

Mercury/HermesMercury ponders his next move.

Well it’s over. One of the most volatile Mercury Retrogrades in recent memory, probably since the 2000 presidential election when Mercury was Retrograde in Scorpio has ended. The most historic economic collapse in modern history began during “MR” and is still imploding around us with its devastating effects still to be determined and measured. The fallout of this money bomb will last for decades and shape the course of our social (de)evolution in deeply profound and often discomforting ways.

While the historic and precedent setting bailout took place, what might have been even more important than the bailout itself was the effort by citizens of The US, passionately pleading with their congressional and senatorial representatives to not rescue Wall Street, burning up the phone and fax lines, scorching the internet with incendiary emails demanding that the bailout not take place as scheduled. With the threat of martial law (and perhaps their seats as well) being held to their heads, congress and the senate rapidly circled the wagons and overcame not only their hesitance, but overrode the wishes and dictates of the electorate. This is an incredibly blatant example of Mercury Retrograde in Libra, where the populace is clamoring for fairness, for their voices to be heard and they were denied. The ramifications of this major disconnect between the people and those that represent them is enormous, heaping yet more frustration onto a towering garbage pile of denial and complaint. Since all of this happened on Mercury Retrogrades watch, the bailout itself is flimsy, will be challenged at some point in the future on it’s legality and as result the accumulation of powers by The FED, heretofore never exercised to such intrusive proportions will also be under the microscope of the American public. Continue reading “The Melting Economy Part 9 — Mercury Goes Direct, Reviewing Bailout Denial, Catalytic Change And Revisiting America’s Dirty Laundry”

Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 26, Uranus Resurrects Revolution, Mercury Retrograde Digs Dirt, Saturn Levels The Karma


Before I launch into the next diatribe, let’s just say that Mercury Retrograde decided to play editor on the first version of this post, employing a digital gremlin to hang Safari for an eternity and thus force me to force quit and toast my last post. So I will simply surrender to the fact that it wasn’t right and affirm that this next version will be better. Yeah, right. I was going to look at the economy again–someone’s got to do it and my entire post got wiped out. I’ll stare it down again, but something else has come up that I think is quite interesting.

Since I posted my entry about Sarah Palin aka “Anti-Mater” aka “Kali Ma-Ma” she’s quickly escalated the discussion and debate on many levels. First off, she went off road and announced to McCain and the rest of the world in disbelief, that she had not been told that they were shutting down the effort in Michigan, and that “she and Todd could go there and talk directly to those auto-workers.” This is exactly what I was referring to as it relates to her anti-matter like state. With all of that Aquarius in her chart, it can be guided, but it can’t be contained. The second major event was Palin’s visit to Carson, where she brought the Obama/William Ayers relationship to light. While I think her “can do it attitude” regarding her Michigan mission was an audible that she called, I am not sure the Carson broadside was, but with Palin and the Aqurian/Aryan (Ayerian?) power combo, one can’t be really all that sure.

What I find interesting in this light is the current Saturn/Uranus opposition, now currently taking place and getting revved up for election night. Saturn in Virgo is conservative to the core and McCain’s natal Sun is in Virgo. Saturn is no doubt aspecting his Virgoan identity, highlighting his ahem, maturity, and it’s being opposed by Palin’s ruling planet, Uranus, which I believe is transiting her 12th house adding to her volatility and instability. The opposition between Palin and McCain, both literally and figuratively will widen as election night gets closer and closer. Despite the awkwardness and the corny colloquiallisms of Sarah Palin and the intense scrutiny the media is putting on her, she is, for lack of a better word, unflappable and is anchoring the McCain push, both intentionallly and unintentionally.

Her calling out Ayers relationship to Obama is interesting to say the least, as it too also reflects her Uranus transit in the 12th house, as Ayers in an earlier incarnation, was a Weatherman, and not the type that tells you if you need to pack an umberella when you leave the house. The Weather Underground were a group of radicals that were into damaging government property with explosives, out of the way places like The Pentagon. They were very clear that they didn’t want to hurt anyone, just blow things up. So the refresher course for Uranus/Aquarius is explosive, radical, revolutionary energy, and the 12th house is secrets, hidden enemies, intrigue, and the wellspring of the collective unconscious. As Uranus transits Palin’s 12th house, it acts as a catalyst for resurrercting radical energies from the oceans of history and our own past, as in The US Chart, Uranus is transiting The US 4th house, home, the astrological cradle of the chart and Virgo in Saturn, in the 10th house of governance, big business, ruled by Capricorn, karma and time is pulling on that radical, Uranian, energy that is now in the house of the home. The Ayers/Obama accusations, especially in light of Mercury Retrograde is extracting and re-assembling our collective past before our very eyes and now, Obama is also time travelling, referencing McCain’s involvement in The Keating Five> scandal. I had actually predicted these types of revelations and resurrections for the first debate, but it looks like it’s taken Mercury Retrograde some time to kick in.

All of this is critical, not only to the process of each candidate being thoroughly vetted, but it also helps us collectively re-visit crucial events and periods in our history, much like a soul retrieval on a grand scale. While Obama, McCain and Palin catapult the past forward, we get to re-assemble the meaning of it all.

I really want to get back into the economy again, very soon, but there are other elements emerging around Obama and his identity that I am working with and trying to find the astrological through line.

Hold on boys and girls, this is getting really good.

Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 25, Palin as Kali Ma, Anti-Mater, Obama’s Birth Detect and Astro Memes


There is a lot to cover, so I am going to break it all down into two separate entries, the first, being this one which will look at the impact of Sarah Palin on The American Psyche and developments regarding the Obama birth certificate issue. In the following entry, we’ll stare down The Melting Economy, yet again. But first, Sarah Palin aka, “Anti-Mater.”

Has there been anyone in recent memory that has cut into the flesh and spirit of the body politique with as jagged an edge as Sarah Palin? She is tearing into the tattered remains of our collective wholeness with slash after bloody slash.

Earlier in this series, I talked about how Palin, with her intense concentration of Aquarian planets, spiced up with Venus and Jupiter in Aries, would either be a maverick or the ideal ideologue, signed off, body, mind and spirit on a directed agenda, and thoroughly believe it. She’s a lot of both and she’s doing a terrific job on ripping the populace further apart. My question surrounding her, is, is this intentional? Is she just the latest in a vast arsenal of socially programmable bots that morph into grand memes before our very eyes?

Like anti-matter itself, she is powerful and unstable, being channelled to parrott talking points like an automoton when she cannot answer a question directly and then stare into the heart of “Joe and Joanie Sixpack” and feel their pain with enough authenticity to make the connection seem very real, much in the same way that Reagan did. As she does this, she overshadows Obama and his own issues regarding ethics and identity (we’ll get to that shortly). But like anti-matter, capable of immense power, it can also be charged with the ability to go off at any moment and this is the essence of Palin. Joe Lieberman, whom I am convinced is running The McCain/Palin ticket behind the scenes with his Neocon entourage is sitting on a powder keg with Palin and as long as she is controverisial and divisive when it comes to the continued mastication of the American identity, all the better. But if “The Anti-Mater” goes off in the wrong direction, look out. Continue reading “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 25, Palin as Kali Ma, Anti-Mater, Obama’s Birth Detect and Astro Memes”