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Things with Tiger are going from bad-to-weird. His mother-in-law was carted out of his place this morning on a stretcher. He still has not shown his face since the infamous tree hug with his Escalade. Elin has now apparently moved out and there are a total of twelve women, all stepping forward, some with rather graphic details about Tiger regarding everything from his manhood to even more salacious aspects like how he likes it rough, hair pulling, spanking etc.

Then there’s the Ambien sex trips that he and Rachel were apparently into. In case you haven’t seen this one yet, they would do Ambien, stay up long enough to get into a “floaty space” where inhibitions evaporated like his soon-to-be corporate sponsors (Gatorade just dumped his “Focus” line of drinks). Oh yeah, there’s a porn star now involved as well, amidst all of the other accusations. Most people say, “Who cares?” “Who gives a shit?” Many of Tiger’s jock sniffing supporters in the media are nervously circling the wagons.

Jason Whitlock is someone that never met a position that was too politically incorrect to stake out. He has been outspoken against thuggery in basketball, especially the travesty the NBA allowed in Las Vegas over the all star game held there a few years back. In essence, Whitlock (who is black) has had no problem calling out his community when it needed some honest candor and yet, he has taken the “cast the first stone” approach when it comes to Woods, even going so far as to call out Rick Reilly (who used to be controversial) for his position on Woods. Whitlock outed Reilly for having a party at his house in Denver some time back, where teenagers were accused of improper sexual behavior, bordering on assault. I guess it’s okay for Whitlock to chide the “criminal elements” of the black experience, while holding Tiger up to a “holy” different standard, but Whitlock is not alone.

On the radio, Dan Patrick has rushed to Tiger’s defense, asking that people butt out and stay out of his business. Tiger is his friend. But what’s really going on here?

On the surface, Tiger’s fall from the top of the sports pyramid (and he’s still in free flight) is almost unprecedented. We’ve seen it before to some degree. Kobe got nailed with the rape charge. Magic tested positive for HIV, Michael Jordan had to sit out a year because he was up to his eyeballs in gambling debt and nefarious company (oh I forgot, he really wanted to play baseball at the height of this career). But Kobe was never corporate America’s spokesman. He didn’t travel in such elite and influential circles as Tiger. Basketball, while delivering riches, does not have the same social clout as golf. Tiger was rubbing elbows with the elite of the elite. His image was one of perfection, starched, creased and squeaky clean.

At his best, he was a robotic mercenary on the golf course, dispatching the worlds best with an icy calm reserved for fighter pilots and micro-surgeons. He was also intoxicatingly bi-racial, a race unto himself, “Cablinasian” as he called it (Caucasian, Black, Indian and Asian). Tiger was setting standards we never knew existed. That’s why his sudden fall is so compelling. But beyond all of that, are there other forces at work?

I suppose that since this is ostensibly an astrological blog, that I delve into the stars. Read the rest of this entry »

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jay-z-doJay-Z sampling Crowley.

One of the most popular posts I managed to scratch out was a pre-horoscope post on Jay-Z. I had stumbled onto a small stash of Youtube videos that had grown almost exponentially over the past year. The videos were documenting Jay-Z’s involvement with Freemasonry. There were photos of Jay and Nas and Jay and Kanye slippin’ the grip, one of a number of secret handshakes that Masons use to identify themselves.jayzkanye
Spearheading the discovery was Alan Watt, a somewhat controversial figure in the realm of illuminati showdowns, occasionally accused as being a gatekeeper (but that’s a different story). Anyway, Watt had hooked up with a guy by the name of “Cul Cre” aka “Culture Creation” Speaking with Watt from Brazil, “Cul Cre” went on a fascinating dissertation on the Illuminist presence in Hip Hop. He cited “The Game,” “Dead Prez,” “Mystikal,” “Lil Wayne,” “Nas,” “Kanye,” “Jay” and even “KRS-1″ and “Mos Def” as being inside the game at a fairly high level. His arguments and evidence were fairly compelling. But out of all of them, it’s the content around Jay and his Masonic influence that’s really jumping up. I get search terms every day with people trying to figure out if Jay is a Mason or an agent of the illuminati or if he sold his soul to the devil. What’s fascinating about al of this is how Beyonce and Rhianna are also being viewed through the same lens.

There’s a filmmaker named Lennon Honor who has done an amazing 21 part video breaking down Rhianna’s “Umbrella” and “Disturbia” videos. Since Jay-Z rhymes at the beginning of “Umbrella” he too comes under Honor’s estimable scrutiny. It’s only a few lines, but they way he deconstructs them is critical to understanding not just what unfolds in the Umbrella video, but as it relates to Rhianna’s life, especially in Jay’s camp. The continued unfolding of the story takes place in the “Run This Town” video with Jay-Z, Kanye and Rhianna, which has also been broken down into it’s serial parts and exo-political meaning.

The buzz around Jay-Z’s illuminist connections are growing and even hitting the likes of XXL, where Byron Crawford just pecked a piece about Jay-Z and his illuminist connections getting Jay into position to eventually buy The Yankees. Even Jay-Z himself is in on it, using the Masonic hype to his advantage, crafting a new mythology as he dances with the dark side. Can we determine by Jay-Z’s chart if he does indeed have the secret society sauce in him?
In a lot of celebrity charts, all the info isn’t always available. That’s the case when it comes to Jay-Z ‘s chart and then some. We know he’s a Sag and today is his 40th birthday, but we don’t know his birth time and to make matters even fuzzier, I have heard from my friends in the hip hop world that Jay-Z is actually older than his stated age. This presents a problem when looking at his chart and trying to determine if particular angles would lend one to be open to some sort of fraternization with guys in robes.

If we go on the face value of the birth date, Jay-Z would be a Sag with a Libra Moon, Mercury in Sag, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Taurus, Uranus in Libra, Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. If the date is correct, there’s some interesting threads running through these planets/signs that might reveal what we’re looking for. Read the rest of this entry »

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