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Hook’em horns!

We’re well into Virgo now and I’m a few days late. Mars has crossed into Scorpio and the second full Moon of august is upon us, A blue Moon, casting its pale indigo radiance upon us. Its easy to see why Cancer aka the Moon is such a nostalgic sign. The golden face of the moon usually evokes fondness and a sense of harmony, when the night sky is luminescent and darkness held at bay for a few days. In the depth of Summer when Cancer reigns supreme, that Moon appears at the end of long, warm days and is a beacon for lovers to meet beneath its flattering glow, evoking a special array of pheromones, neurotransmitters, poly-peptides and hormones in a fusion of passion and flush. The full Moon rises eternally in the space of our DNA, alighting the promise of night. I don’t give a good goddam if its a spaceship, hollow or was parked there by Orions to entrain us with a broad spectrum of strange behaviors and polarity (see the Moon’s Nodes). When the Blue Moon rises, it evokes laying in the long grass, dandelion wine and sprites humming about in the sweet essence of creation, rising in the glow of the midsummers night.

And then there’s Virgo.

It didn’t take long, but we saw the first meta-imprint of Virgo hit the collective screen of our minds. I am referring to the fall of Lance Armstrong, America’s last hero of sorts.

Armstrong (9/18/71) birth time unknown is a triple Virgo (Sun/Moon/Mercury). He also has Pluto in Virgo at 29 degrees, conjunct his Sun at 25 degrees. That Pluto/Sun conjunction is tenacious, the sign of a true survivor and since it is in Virgo (health) and Pluto (death) Armstrong rose to prominence in the public’s eye by beating cancer of the lungs, brain and testicle, using aggressive allopathic medicine aka radiation and chemo. its the stuff of legend. He goes onto win 7 Tour-de-France medals, has his sperm frozen just in case the plumbing won’t work, impregnates his wife with it, then goes onto conquer the cycling world. Along the way, he buddies up with fellow Texan, G.H.W. Bush, then leaves his wife for Sheryl Crow, the former school teacher from Missouri who moved to LA and got the majority of her early hits from a musical salon called “The Supper Club” where she met Kevin Gilbert who became her boyfriend and was generally acknowledged as the creative force behind Crow. After releasing a brilliant, 80s styled pop record, drenched in cynicism and unabashed romantic yearning, Gilbert pulled the plug on his own life in the shadow of Crow’s spreading wings on the winds of her success, soaring up the charts. But I am getting way ahead or behind or tangential.

Lance Armstrong, with all that purity (Virgo) represented the untainted winner that America had been craving for decades. Not only was he a true American from Plano, Texas, he was also white. Unlike Tiger and his miscegenated cablination, Lance was white. And while “Figer” created a sense of corporate worship and awe through his Baphometric Capricornius, it wasn’t the same. Lance was the common man with uncommon ability, who overcame adversity. His team was repaid by the postal service, a mercurial/virgoan brand as there ever could be. This is why his fall is strange and as tainted as his urine samples likely were.

Lance was being harassed by the USADA (The US Anti-Doping Agency). While almost all of Hollywood is getting pumped with botulism viruses, HGH and just about any other thing that will sustain the illusion of youth, while men over 40 are being pitched testosterone pre-cursors every 15 minutes on sports talk radio, while deep in the heart of DARPA labs, serums for super soldiers are cooked up for the Captain Americas of tomorrow, Lance gets tarred and feathered by the most absurd watchdog agency. EVER. If the SEC had as much zealous intention and oversight, most of Wall St and nearly all of congress and the senate would be doing time.

Its pretty clear (no, not that clear) that Armstrong is a superior athlete from his chart. he has Jupiter in Sag, which is Jupiter at it’s most potent expression. Sag and Aries rules athletics and in its own sign, Jupiter is amplified times two. At 0 degrees, its a portal. In the Sabian Symbols, 0 degrees Sag, as it relates to Armstrong isn quite interesting. Even though we would read one degree for this symbol, we cannot overlook the all important 30th or 0 degree (at least according to my friend, Lynda Hill). Here is the 30th or 0 degree;


KEYNOTE: The need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the Invisible Community of the spirit is built. The concrete integration of myriads of human individuals within a great religious institution with a long tradition reflects, as well as having produced century after century, an invisible spiritual Community. The “flag bearer” has now become the “Pope,” who assumes the role of God’s representative on earth. It is a role, but culture is based on embodying great Images and deeply moving symbols in physical reality. The symbol asks of the individual: “Are you willing to live a transpersonal life as a symbol?” This is the final and supreme statement of that section of the cycle of the year represented by Sagittarius.

This concludes Scene Eighteen. A collectivity of human beings is seen having “transferred” their sense of spiritual value to a man who has become an incarnation of their common ideal. Keywords: PERSONALIZED WORSHIP. It can be a blessing or in some cases, a curse.

Clearly, we are in the curse phase of this symbol for Armstrong. Also note the transition from flag bearer, Sabian symbol 26, to the Pope, which Rudhyar sees as the transformation of the revelation into spiritual orthodoxy. Where have we seen the image of the flag bearer before?

Neptune also plays a HUGE role as it too is at 0 degrees and conjunct Sag. We can infer all kinds of Neptunian hijinx around this, like using drugs (Neptune) to expand (Jupiter) athletic enhancement (Sag). There’s also the projection of the very type of hero worship in symbol 30/0. All this went down by the way when the Sun was square Armstrong’s Jupiter and Neptune. Lance also has a very prominent conjunction between Mars at 12 degrees Aquarius conjunction his Mean Node in Aquarius at 12 degrees, Can you say science? Using any technological means at his disposal. His chart is marked by exactitude and direct/close degrees. There’s the Neptune/Jupiter exact conjunction, Mars/MN, exact and also Lilith and Uranus also exact in Libra, 12 degrees. Chiron in Aries is also at 12 degrees and is exactly opposite Uranus and BML. Restless, application of will at all costs, especially in relationships and love are a hot spot here for Armstrong. His chart is also marked by a lack of water. None. Zero. Dry as West Texas. Compassion and emotion come from the outside–not in. Replacing emotion with adulation. Love as a remote signal from the masses. Let’s face it, The man is human in extremes. He’s overcome adversity and based on the scientific and darwinian model, should be rewarded, not punished for his achievements in athletics and science, ahem. But we live in a bullshit world where Lance gets strung up on the cross of hypocrisy just days before the GOP convention, getting swept up in the undercurrent of racial baiting that both sides shamelessly promote. Lance is the dirty, white, cheating republican, branded just prior to their biggest stage. But he’s not the only Armstrong. Oh no!. There’s Neil Armstrong, arguably America’s “other” last hero, the man that “walked” on the Moon. if you haven;t listened to my interview with Jay Weidner on Kubrick and the Moon, I headily recommend that you do. You can hear it here.

In the midst of the Vietnam war, riots in Watts, Detroit and shootings at Kent State, America needed a moment where it could be proud and once again regain some its luminescence. That was Armstrong’s “One small step for man.” I’m not going to go into the elaborate minutiae about the NASA and Freemasonry, Clockwork Orangeing, and all the other strangeness around the Apollo missions, but let’s for a moment seal Neil Armstrong in the amber of our memory as America’s last hero, he’s gone now. Passed into the great beyond where the soul catcher on the Moon’s dark side hurtles his essence back into the center of the Sun, joining the dearly departed Kubrick for a cosmic belly laugh of epic proportion and some suitable incarnation on an alternate Earth. He’s gone. Dead. And Lance Armstrong is metaphorically dead (even though Livestrong donations have hit an all-time high) Neil Armstrong died after complications of heart surgery. This would not be uncommon for a Leo, but the timing is quite strange, in the overall arc of the Armstrong/Armstrong vector.

One of the most important symbols for America during the early 20th Century, was Jack Armstrong, the All American Boy, which ran on radio, from 1933 to 1951. It was a classic cereal thriller as it was sponsored by the all american, Wheaties. It debuted on 7/31/33 which would make Jack a Leo! The show was a series of adventures with the young Armstrong (high school) and his two friends, the Billy and Betty Fairfield (fair playing field) globetrotting from adventure-to-adventure, thanks mainly to the Fairfield’s industrialist uncle Jim. The show was a staple of the American diet inasmuch as Wheaties was the breakfast table. He is the third of the Armstrong trinity, representing a heroic ideal and ideation of being an American. Jack Armstrong was eventually morphed into the TV show, Johnny Quest, where Johnny and his buddy Hadji get into all kinds of adventures with his dad and his dad’s pal (ahem) Race Bannon, both of whom look like poster dudes from Tom of Finland.

It is interesting that the Fairfield sibs were altered in this iteration to reflect an emerging globalism and become Johnny’s turban wearing, snake-charming chum.

In two, short days, the Armstrong brand was terminated. This could be inferred as the death of the USA on a metaphoric and perhaps even a prophetic level. In the ashes of Lance Armstong’s legacy, the global icon of Ussain Bolt rises. Running beastly times in the 100, 200, and 100 meter relay, Bolt (Leo) is the man of the moment, bolting and signifying with the all the rest of the stars that illuminate our media’s skies. Bolt is global. He’s Jamaican, British, a planetary citizen, a DJ, spinning tracks with power rings and ancient seals, from bikes to spikes, from wheels to heels. Ussain has become a lightning bolt for alternative research. See for yourself, here.

With the descent and passing of the Armstrongs, we are seeing a ritual passing of the torch. Keep your eyes affixed on the flame of liberty, Pallas Athena’s torch of illumination.

I’ll be back with scopes this week–its been too long. Until then, let’s get into a little Mars in Scorpio. Mars and Scorpio are yoked. Mars is exalted in Scorpio. Its depth. Its power. Its endurance. Its tenacity. Its sex. This is truly an aspect where everyone gets a little needed boost. While Mars was only in Libra from July 4th to till August 23rd, but it felt like a lot longer, especially in relationships, where, let’s face it, Mars in Libra was a real grind, sorting out mine and thine. Mars in Libra is great for make-up sex, but it spends a lot of time negotiating at high volume. Its no coincidence that with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Gemini, both signs that represent an expression of duality, one inner, the other outer, that we’d be stuck in the middle of a political psyop between two supposed candidates that has done everything is the book to divide and conquer. Watching the fallout from the bizarre re-definition of rape by one Senator Akin, to the vitriolic response from women, to the cynical manipulation of that rage coming from the other side.

With Mars out of Libra, the heat, the rancor and the outrage all get dialed back. There’s something else in the ethers now. Its a feeling that is intense, canny, wise and deep. Recently, in the final degrees of Mars in Libra, Pussy Riot, desecrated an Orthodox church and were thrown in the pokey, amidst much furor and outrage from the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Trudy Styler. Pussy Riot has all the earmarks of a false front. More atsro-turfed phony agit-prop. While the three courageous avengers of global justice who screw in museums and swear at God in orthodox churches were jailed, in the US, one Brandon Raub gets detained for posting “patriotic lyrics” on Facebook and the truthers come out in support of Raub, full guns blazing. Well, after a brief stint in a psych ward, there seems to be some unraveling of his story and people are looking at him and this event quite differently as well. Here is where the strum and drang of Mars in Libra gives way to the sagacious undertone of Mars in Scorpio. People have the ability to get beneath the surface of things in their lives with Mars in Scorpio and it has the power to transform all aspects in all lives, from malkuth to kether. Life, birth, death, in an affirmation of active participation, that is Mars in Scorpio. Its actually a very positive energy to have in the wake of Issac, people persevering through the force of violence and nature via water.

Scopes on Friday. See you then.

Ussain Bolt says ok!.

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Can you name all the people in this pic?

The Sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. Around me, the winds blowing off the Pacific cut through layers of clothing like blades of ice. Its finally raining here. It rains just like the weathermen predict nearly all the time now. The days of being 50% right are over. They all get their doppler scripts from NOAA and the weather’s always easier to predict when someone is controlling it. Who knows how much cesium and hot particles are being flung around like mutant sprites in search of fatty tissues and essential organs. Do we want to know?

Inside my warm little split level, I’ve been fighting a strange flu that comes and goes. Its on the run now, but tomorrow, who knows?

But this post isn’t about that. Its not about pulling the dark curtain back again and again and again. The Aquarian Sun has delivered a beam of light straight to my third eye, even through a dark and clouded moonless night.

It all started two days ago when I did a reading for Molly Hall, one of my favorite people, astrologer or not. I pulled “The Star” for her and it started a trigger effect. (Just moments after typing those words, the power went out. Now its not just the skies that are dark. I wonder about its significance. I remind myself to get an analog line, just for moments like this, but then I remember that just about everyone I know is either cellular or voiped into the grid. Who would I talk to?)

Yesterday on the show, I spoke with Jay Weidner who is just wrapping up his newest film, a feature called “Kalki.” Kalki is the male counterpart of Kali. Its also the name of a Gore Vidal novel, a slightly tongue-in-cheekish affair about a world savior/anti-christ figure. Jay’s movie has nothing to do with it.

I love Jay. He agreed to come on at the last minute. We talked about 2012, Ron Paul, liberals, Tim Tebow, God, the end of the criminal cabal that’s been running the planet in archonic fashion since the beginning of what we call, “time.” Its really worth a listen.

Speaking with Jay was really uplifting. It was a suitable chat for the first day of Aquarius in 2012. It dovetailed nicely with my work/time with Molly and really caused me to re-think my work.

I started my radio show on the 12th of February, 2010. This year will mark two whole years of broadcasts. I started the blog in earnest, in September of 2008. My first astrological post on Sarah Palin caught fire and I never looked back.

I’ve used astrology to untangle knots and divine meaning in the maelstrom. Its been an outstanding tool to that end and I am not sure anyone else was doing what I was doing then. But it struck me today, that we need a new language, new symbols and new art to navigate through the next part of the journey, well at least I do.

If you managed to wind your way through the catacombs of this site, you could find keys to many things. I laid out the melting economy and the attendant gravity of Pluto in Capricorn before it morphed into the iron fist of Sauron. Well guess what? I am done with it or at least this variant. Its time to move onto something new. I won’t be abandoning astrology. Quite to the contrary. I’ll be using it for something different.

One of the contributing factors was watching Michael Hoffman’s brilliant, “Revelation Of The Method” video. In it, he breaks down how the arch-symbol makers are allowing us to decode their mysteries as it were. Why do you think films like National Treasure and The DaVinci Code are made? Its to indoctrinate us into their version of hermeticism. As a result, we empower them, their symbolic import and influence in our lives. That’s why its so bloody blatant now. High school kids wear illuminist images from the 14th century on their hoodies.

Prior to the insertion of Bush II in the White House, the Neocons drew up their playbook at places like Brookings and AEI. They drafted the “Project For The New American Century” also known as P.N.A.C. Their keystone document was titled, “A Clear Break.” This was the model for pre-emptive war and other machinations, well thought out to retro-fit the White House, particularly the Executive Branch. It was at both diabolical and masterful. It was the end-game accelerator, forcing us to wake from the slumber of our illusion.

Its uncomfortable and even unclear what to do in the midst of the nightmare, but one thing is certain; There is no turning back now. The only way out, is through.

So I have decided to launch my own version of P.N.A.C., “Project For A New Astrological Consciousness.” I have no idea how it will look or evolve, but that’s a lot like my life in general.

So what does that mean? Well, unless I can’t help it, naming the evil is over and done. We need new models that can assist us in turning the ship towards brighter shores and new continents of the heart.

When I write sometimes, I can feel you out there, lives flickering in a brief moment of eternity, shared and longing for the same things. Life without fear, without judgment, without shame, filled with nothing but love.


I’ve been thinking about Saturn today as well. Its squatting on my Venus in the 11th, forcing me to deal on so many levels. Back in July, I gave up drinking. I crossed a chemical line in the sand and don’t feel the need to drink anymore. I had wine at Thanksgiving, but only one glass. I could have one right now, and have just one. The diyonsian pull to descend into the hazy fugue states in no longer there. I have crossed over into temple of Apollo. So I began to ponder the meaning of “no” and the attendant limits that go along with it. I thought about how I used to think that it was my divine right to fuck who I wanted, when I wanted, drink, smoke, trip, you name it. It was all grist for the fleshy mill . . . or so I thought. You must understand that I have Jupiter in Sag in the first and it trines Uranus in Leo in the 9th. Anything worth doing is worth over doing or to quote another famous Sag, “The roads of excess lead to the palace of wisdom.” I may not be there yet, but I am hot on its trail.

I began to think about how as a society, we have been seduced to allow ourselves everything and anything. If we do hold onto some moral center, we can be mocked, derided and cajoled into enabling our lower selves to join the party, where sadness and separation are cloaked in the grand costumery of ego and getting just one more fix of experience.

I’m not judging it. I can just see the distortion its created in my life over the years and how as a society, and as a planet, we have been entrained to accept everything, no matter how un-natural it might be. If we don’t, we’re white and uptight. We’re squares. We’re conservatives. Our cool cards will no doubt be revoked and then we’ll have to hang out with the Christians or the other conservatives, who might profess to know something about restraint, but usually sacrificing compassion at some point along the way.

Morality almost feels like a dirty word at times. Its become so tainted and leaden with the dross of the world’s judgement. And yet, as we look at five-year-old beauty pageant contestants do pole dances for their moms, we say nothing, do nothing about the horror of that spectacle.

We’ve lost our ability to be outraged and that’s because we’ve been entrained over and over again to say “yes” to just about anything. Saying “no” just isn’t cool.

Last week, I was at a bar watching Tim Tebow play. There was a woman next to me and we chatted a bit about the game, about Tebow, etc. She said, “I can’t stand him.” I asked her why? She said he and his mom were obnoxious, particularly for the commercial they made for last year’s Super Bowl. In essence, Tim’s mom talked about when she was at a place in her pregnancy with numerous complications and the doctors recommended aborting him. She declined and had him. That commercial was not about Tim Tebow’s mother holding up a jar with a fetus in it, waving it at America, shoving its death cult totem right back into its sour visage. No. She was simply celebrating the life of her son, which “she chose.”

The screwed up contempt in this woman’s face was almost comical. Then I thought to myself, how upside down is our world when embracing and celebrating a life saved would be viewed as vile and obnoxious? No matter what your position on abortion, just think about that for a minute. Having a baby and sharing it with the world was viewed as despicable. This is what happens when you don’t drink. Things look a little different.

So Saturn has me thinking more and more about limits. The Aquarian Sun tugs me towards a version of oneness–not the synthetic variety of mandatory and strictly imposed Borg mind.

When the new moon hits come Moonday, we’ll be entering the year of the Water Dragon, but perhaps even more importantly, we’ll be presented with yet another opportunity to expand our awareness and move into this year, with an open heart and a deeply discerning mind.

We are magical beings and the divine cosmos, that which we feebly call God is our consciousness. We are swimming in it like fish in an ocean who don’t realize that they are indeed immersed in a medium that grants them the gift of life.

Open your heart. The time for waking up has passed. Its time inhabit your life with the courage of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb. Ride the Aquarian wave know that the future, the world you wish to create is here, right now.

Here’s yesterdays show with Jay. Hope you enjoy it.

Listen to internet radio with Robert Phoenix on Blog Talk Radio

Lastly, a little Aquarian inspiration from Ulrich Schnauss and “Stars.”

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A titanic mess.

Well it didn’t take long for 2012 to run aground and beach itself on our consciousness. The Costa Concordia rang in the new year, the year of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, on Friday the 13th nonetheless. 2012 is here. How many of you have looked at the pictures of that ship and have had an experience of utter befuddlement, as in WTF? It has that kind of visceral response. This is no mere day cruiser, but an honest to goodness cruise ship. The largest in Italy.

I hate cruise ships.

The one and only cruise I was ever on was called, “The Booze Cruise.” It departed out of Long Beach and took its sweet ass time plowing through the familiar waters of the Pacific, to arrive at the coastal village of Ensenada. It was my honeymoon cruise. I will never forget how people gorged on shitty prime rib and lobster, having two and three helpings, only because they could. It was a drunken ship of fools and there was the specter of foul play overshadowing our return journey home.

A young woman had gone missing and it was serious enough to warrant about half-a-dozen announcements imploring people to report this young woman’s whereabouts. Apparently this is fairly common on cruise ships. Women/people go missing at sea.

Getting off the ship was like a circle of Dante’s hell off the coast of California. “Disembarking” as they call it consists of getting out of your room early and being herded into the ships mezzanine with everyone else, grimly, anxiously waiting to get the hell off. The bathrooms are limited, so you’re stuck with about four hours of non-stop gastric group trauma and the unrelenting release of bad food that was cleverly disguised as something remotely edible, just day and hours before.

But I digress.

The Costa Concordia (Costal Union) ran aground just off the coast of Tuscany, near the island of “Giglio” at 9:42PM, local time.

At the time, Uranus in Aries (Radical Disruption) was opposing Mars in Virgo (Service/Attention To Detail). The two energies do not mesh well together, particularly since Mars was on the ascendent, conjuncting the Moon at that time, Uranus in the 7th.

The story as we’re hearing it now is that the ship’s head waiter, Antonello Tievolli (Mars in Virgo) was from Giglio, where his sister (The Moon in Virgo) lives. Tievolli apparently told the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino (Uranus in Aries) that his sister would be on land. Schettino thought it would be really cool if they could get close enough to have a kodak moment. What they got was Fellini in Hell. But don’t you think its a little odd that despite it being totally dark, Schettino thought that brother and sister would actually have a meaningful moment?

Something’s not right here.

So theoretically, we have the forces of opposition in play Brother/Sister, Mars/Moon and the Captain, Uranus. But the real diamond bullet to the third eye is the True Node, the destiny of the Costa Concordia at the time of its crash was at 13 degrees Sagittarius, right at the bottom of the chart in the IC. Its destiny in that moment, on that day was to sink to the bottom. Sag of course is travel and adventure.

Orcus was discovered on 2/17/04. It was discovered by the same group of astronomer that also discovered Sedna and Quaoar. Orcus has an orbit that is similar to Pluto’s and its 248 year tour around the Sun.

Being that its related to Pluto from an orbital perspective, it has been classified as another manifestation of the underworld, since Orcus, like Pluto was a deity of the underworld to the Romans. Orcus was named on 11/22/04. 11/22 or 33 is significant for all of you illuminist scorekeepers at home.

The shadowy dimension of Orcus has yet to be plumbed in some ways. I mean how much more underworld can you get than Pluto? Deeper, darker descent into regions of Hell beyond Hell? Maybe Pluto has become like the Bhutan of the Zodiac, where all the celebs go to not be noticed without the hassle of sneaking into Tibet. You want real darkness? Now there’s Orcus.

In the chart for the Costa Concordia, Orcus is in Virgo at 3 degrees, hiding out in the Azoic Zones of the 12th House. Its there, opposing Chiron and Neptune in Pisces in the 6th House of service and work. Down, deeper, and deeper into the cold dark waters of the mediterranean.

There seems to be some rumblings of profit motive involved here as well, like sinking the ship for insurance purposes. I mean let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot of money to float around for continual cruise line voyages and the ship ports in Italy, which has just been hit with brutal austerity measures. Likely, there’s less government money available to bail out a sinking industry like cruise liners.

So the insurance motive doesn’t sink to the bottom of possibility.

When we look at the chart, we can see Jupiter in a wide opposition with Saturn. Jupiter in House 8, Scorpio, water, death, other peoples money and resources, dark motives, hidden agendas, drink and drugs. In the other corner/quadrant of the chart, there’s Saturn in House 2. Saturn in the second is challenging. It adds something beyond gravitas when it comes to resources. Its more like the gravitational force of Saturn itself being pressed down upon finances and resources. Saturn in the second house is AUSTERE. It conjures images of monks and mendicants and its very important to keep these images in mind as we progress.

So here we have Jupiter in Taurus (largesse) hiding out in House 8, opposing Saturn in the sign of balance, anchored in House 2. Yes, the insurance aspect makes some sense when it comes to these things. Just ask Larry Silverstein.

But perhaps there’s more.

Put on your deep sea diving gear, we’re going down.

First off, there were a large number of Russians on the ship. Have you been following what’s going on with Russia? Russia and Syria?

Let’s look at the name of the ship itself; “The Costa Concordia.” What does it mean?

Well there’s a lot of buzz on the Net right now that the Rothschild’s coat of arms is “Concordia.” That’s only partially correct. It also has “Industria” and “Integras” in its crest. Concordia essentially means, “harmony” and “union.” 72.5% of Rothschild Continuation Holdings is controlled by the Dutch-registered Concordia BV. Concordia is wholly controlled by the English and French Rothschilds.

The antonyms of concord are; conflict, discord and dissension. When the ship runs aground on the “costa” or coast, it becomes an antonym, it thus represents discord and what we have heard from how Schettino and the crew, handled the crash, we can certainly factor dissension into the mix.

But just as the Twin Towers collapsed and made Larry Silverstein a whole lot of cash, it also signified the violent end of dualism in the occult sense, where there was once, two, there is now one soon to be in its place.

While the connection between the Rothschild’s and Concordia was interesting, let’s not stop there.

One of the interesting synches that I uncovered was that there is a place in Italy called, get this; “Concordia Sagittaria.” Where was the True Node in the chart at the time of the disaster? In Sagittarius, at the very bottom of the chart, at 13 degrees, on the Friday the 13th.

Another strange synche, manifests in the game, Final Fantasy, Concordia is a place that is dominated by a Queen Mother.

“The Kingdom of Concordia (コンコルディア王国, Konkorudia Ōkoku?) is a nation that holds the Sōryū Crystal in Final Fantasy Type-0, with its capital being Mahamayuri The Concordian people use the crystal to communicate with dragons and monsters, and use them for daily life and to strengthen their military.

Top posts in the Concordia government, save for the Concordian King, are held by women; Andoria serves as the queen and is the only one who can communicate with the Queen Dragon, the physical representation of the crystal. There are five Orders of elite knights who protect Sōryū Peristylium. One of them is known as the Akatoki under Celestia with Yuzuki among its members.”(Source)

And yet, there’s more!

This coat of arms belongs to one of Montreal’s centers of higher, “Concordia University” a Jesuit school. Like all of the Jesuit universities, they were founded by the holy command of Ignatius of Loyola, the thirteenth and youngest son of a Spanish family. They’ve had two coat of arms since they were originally known as “Sir George Williams College.” Sir George was the founder of the YMCA and the board of governors approved the original coat of arms based on Williams’ own on, December thirteenth 1937. Here is what the original coat of arms portrayed;

“Gules, a dove, wings elevated or, encircled around the breast with an olive branch proper, a chief or, thereon an open book or on a triangle gules between two roses of the field, barbed and seeded of the third. The book represents education, the triangle was symbolic of the YMCA concern with the whole personality – body, mind, and spirit. The rose is the heraldic symbol of the seventh son.” (Source)

In 1974, George Williams College changed their name to “Concordia” and with it, a new coat of arms. This one decidedly more different than the first. Again, the board of governors approved the new crest on the thirteenth, this time on February, 1975.

Here is where an interesting element and one that I think is key to the meta-cognition of this event comes into play.

“In 1974, with the approval of the Board of Governors, Professor David McKeen of the SGW English Department began negotiations with the College of Arms about the armorial bearings of the new university. The armorial bearings were designed by Professor McKeen to reflect the founding institutions, and included both the “Sun in his splendour,” long recognized in heraldry as a mark of Jesuit institutions, and the YMCA triangle, the whole intended to embody the spirit of Concordia.” (Source).

Both the Sun at the top of the crest and the one located between the solar plexus/heart have open books, which represent knowledge, wisdom, reason and they both sit atop an inverted pyramid. In the inverted position, the pyramid becomes a water pyramid and represents the feminine. As it sits at the heart of the Sun, here we have the masculine and feminine, or the alchemical marriage in the hermetic tradition. It is replicated also in the crown, so it is mirrored or doubled. We must take note of the presence of the Jesuit influence here. Concordia was mirroring Montreal’s own relationship with the notion of “concord” or “concord.” The motto of Montreal is, “Concordia Salus.”

Salus is the Roman Goddess of health. So in essence, she is the archetypal/hermetic presence ruling over Montreal. A Roman deity.

That’s not the only link to Italy through Montreal. Montreal was the first place staked out by the notorious Cosa Nostra, in particular the “Cuntera-Caruana” clan of Sicily. “The Italian press baptized the clan as ‘The Rothschilds of the Mafia’ or ‘the bankers of Cosa Nostra’.” This according to Wikipedia;

“In the 1920s the village of Siculiana counted 8,000 inhabitants, now less than 5,000. In the 1950s many inhabitants emigrated for work and opportunities. Many moved to Germany and Belgium or crossed the ocean to go to the United States, Canada, Venezuela or Brazil. Among them was Alfonso Gagliano, who in Canada became a cabinet minister in the government of Jean Chrétien. Among the migrants were mafiosi as well. Montreal is the first base outside Sicily for the Cuntrera-Caruana clan. Canadian immigration-records show Pasquale and Liborio Cuntrera arrived in 1951 and acquired Canadian nationality in 1957. They moved up and down between Sicily and Montreal setting up base at both sides of the Atlantic.” (Source).

While we’ve determined the meaning of concordia or concord, we haven’t really fleshed out the etymology of “costa.” On the surface, it means, “coast.” But it also has another meaning. Costa is short for “Constantine.” Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to accept and embrace Christianity along with Licinius, issuing the “Edict Of Milan” in 313, which proclaimed tolerance of all religions throughout the empire. In many ways, the Piscean Age begins with Constantine, a Pisces (2/27/272 or 11/11).

Constantine is also the name of the character played by Keanu Reeves, a character who dies and goes to the underworld to fight demons and. In essence, Constantine goes to hell.

In addition to Constantine, we also have the ships captain, the frenetic Francesco Schettino (Frances or Francis/St. Francis of Assisi) and his deckside squeeze, Dominica Cermotan (Dominican order).

Constantine, the bearer of the age of Pisces, Franciscans and Dominicans, all run aground, crashed upon the shore of tiny fishing village. Symbolically, what we’re looking at is the end of religion, the shipwrecking of faith.

This is a significant event at the outset of 2012, the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. That event becomes an epoch this year, a significant cycle in and of itself. An occult century within a linear century. Many have speculated that the sinking of the titanic was not some randomly tragic event due to shoddy workmanship, but rather a staged spectacle that ushered in the dread of 1913 (22), where we witnessed the start of WWI, the creation of federal income tax and of course, the Federal Reserve.

Does the grounding of the Concordia portend the death of the Euro and the start of a new, global monetary system? Will it be joined by yet another world war to accompany the destruction of one age and the birth of another?

Rumors are swirling that the crew heard explosions and that is why they were in such a hurry to leave.

Was the Concordia sabotaged? If so, who would do it and why?

Was it a case of insurance fraud? Is it part mega-ritual, part meta-meme for the end of the Piscean Age and religion? Or is it to remind us of the terror that lies ahead in 2012. Remember this heart tugging scene of the ocean liner in the movie 2012? This folks is a nice little exercise in “predictive programming.”

One final interesting side note, the sister ship of the Costa Concordia, Costa Deliziosa destroyed 150 ft of Norway’s Bergen Skoltegrunnskaien pier, May 22, 2011. Yes, that’s right, 11/22 or 33. Add in May (5) and you get 38 or 11.

Join me at 10AM PST, 1/20 on The Friday Farcast, I’ll be discussing this topic more at length and I’ll be joined in the second hour by Jay Weidner. We’ll hear what Jay has to say about 2012, Ron Paul and More.

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space_moonIt’s a Full Moon, but what is The Moon anyway?

On Sunday night, you might have heard the intense, powerful and profound conversation with Jay Weidner and myself. If you haven’t, you can simply go to the player to the right of this post and listen in. There are two streams to our talk; One is the evidence that Jay provides regarding the hidden messages in the films of Stanley Kubrick, messages that range from a faked Moon landing that he had filmed, to an expose of the dark forces of psychic and material manipulation that have been at work for at least the last 3,600 years.

Jay’s a Gnostic alchemist and draws a lot of his info from Indian scriptures such as “The Vedas.” His main thesis is that we have been managed and manipulated by a group of beings known as “The Aryans” or “The Ariens” or “The Archons” and their middle management, for a very long time. While we did not establish their original source, we did more or less agree upon the Annunaki as their origination.

It’s Jay’s premise that after every Yuga cycle, The Sun experiences something called, “Mass Coronal Ejection” meaning that there is a solar burst that scorches The Earth and Terra hits reset on consciousness and species development, a way for it to experience a new level of complexity and diversity, but Jay thinks that when these coronal ejections have taken place, “The Aryans” hoof it to Mars and chill out until life on Earth comes back a bit and voila, they get to run things all over again.

We also discussed the possibility of our Moon as an artificial spaceship, placed into orbit. While we did not talk about how it got there, theories abound regarding the destruction of our first moon and even the fact that we originally had no Moon at all and it was placed there to help balance our cycles with tides, menstruation, solar orbits and seasons. If that’s the case, then The Moon might have very different properties than we know aside from gravitational pull. Perhaps there are technologies within The Moon itself that regulates biological function from a distance. If that’s the case, then we cannot dismiss it’s impact upon us during it’s cycles, especially at it’s peak and decline. In it’s fullness we are in the most direct line of contact with an energy it generates to heighten our sense awareness, both defined and subtle. In it’s decline, we are in a state of lesser conductivity and are closer to the circadian rhythms of our own world.

What does this meaning terms of astrology? How does a piece technology impact where it lies in your birth chart? How can we account for such perceptive and accurate info when looking at The Moon’s influence?
When I was younger and just getting my feet wet with astrology, I noticed that both my parents have Virgo Moons and that their natures were by an large, critical, both of self and other and yet, they found refuge together in their shared and generally agreed upon criticism of the world and the shortcomings of others. It was a very small club and they were both founding and elite members. If one decided that a person didn’t live up to their standards of being a friend, the other would quickly follow suit, as they shared an emotional harmonic that was clearly played out by the critical nature of their Virgo Moons. This was my first and most immediate lesson in the accuracy of astrology.

I was born at the very end of Virgo, which also showed me the connection between Sun/Moon, Moon/Sun in terms of offspring relationships. I’ve done a number of charts where children share either a Sun or Moon sign with one parent. In my case, my son shares a Libra Moon with me, just a few degrees apart. Clearly, most people that have a basic working knowledge of astrology can see The Moon as emotional antennae as being legitimate. There are far too many cases of this being played out.

So The Moon moves through various constellations, usually over a 48 hour period and while in the sign of that constellation it is assigned a value based on the mythic or archetypal qualities of that constellation. Today, The Full Moon is in the constellation of Libra. Ironically Libra was first considered Scorpio as the Arabic word for scales and claws is roughly the same;

“In earlier times, Libra was represented not by a balance, but as the claws of a scorpion. The reason is a confused translation of the words zubānā in Arabic and zibanitu in Akkadian, which mean both ‘weighing scale’ and ‘scorpion’. In ancient Mesopotamia, a weighing scale was often the arm and the pans without a stand, and was hung up by a string tied to the midpoint of the arm, resulting in a close resemblance to a scorpion hung up by the end of its tail with its arms stretched out. The double meaning of zibanitu resulted in the constellation being called Chelae Scorpionis (the scorpion’s claws), and it originally formed part of the claws of the Scorpius. The modern Libra is the youngest of the Zodiac signs and the only one not to represent a living creature. In Greek mythology, Libra is considered to depict the scales held by Astraea (identified as Virgo).

One would think that if that were the case, then Libra would line up with Scorpionic time and it does actually in tropical astrology, but not in sidereal, where it resides from 9/23 to 10/22. How did it downshift from not just Scorpio to Libra, but to another month backwards in time?

In my last post, I discussed “The Kolbrin Bible” and there are a number of references in that book that states that the world actually had 360 days in it’s solar cycle but an extra five days were added somewhere along the way. Did the extra five days push all the signs forward thirty days? Did Libra used to occupy the space where Virgo once was? Scorpio where Libra used to live? Did we actually add days, or did something happen where the Earth shifted it’s geocentric relationship to those constellations enough so that they actually appeared in different places in our skies?

Libra is a pretty interesting constellation unto itself, let alone the mythic meaning it might portend. It is home to the first planet that was discovered outside of our solar system that was found to have Earth like conditions:

Libra is home to the star Gliese 581, which has a planetary system consisting of at least 4 planets, including, Gliese 581 c, the first Earth-like extrasolar planet to be found within its parent star’s habitable zone, Gliese 581 d, discovered in 2007 to be another Earth-like planet, and Gliese 581 e, the smallest mass exoplanet orbiting a normal star,[1] both of which are of significance for establishing the likelihood of life outside of the Solar System.(Wikipedia)

So let’s get back to this Moon/Constellation thing. Let’s say for a moment that The Moon is a spaceship, a piece of technology, one that amplifies and magnetizes, then it could theoretically account for it’s interactions with star systems and planets, acting as a device that accumulates and disperses energy based on alignment or misalignment. We know that planets have pull on another and this is how a number of planets, especially the outer planets were discovered. There was a wobble on the orbit of Saturn, which led to the discovery of Uranus, which had a wobble of it’s own, where we found Neptune exerting it’s influence. So we can agree that the planets themselves have force. Most astronomers and skeptics would say it’s not enough to influence our lives and that astrology is mainly superstition. But how did astology get here and why does it hold such a powerful influence on our lives today?

People like Jordan Maxwell attribute astrology to “Astrotheology” in essence making our myths out of planets and constellations. The Electric Universe guys have a similar theory. But it had to come from somewhere. In my exploration of death and time as it relates to “The Epic Of Gilgamesh” it’s fairly clear that astrology was prominent during the heights of the Mesopotamian and Sumerian empires. Certainly, it takes root in Babylon and later Egypt, where Ptolemy, a Roman living in Egypt becomes the first westerner to organize astrological principles in great detail. So the debate becomes, does it truly exist and exert an influence on our lives and how?

Here are four plausible theories:

1) The Planetary Pull Theory
Discussed in some detail above, the planets in our solar system exert an influence on us by their mass and general physical properties. As they square off, oppose and trine one another, the energies and elements create harmonic or dissonant relationships with one another. The constellation or star system they are aligned with acts like a Cymatic pattern that is an aggregate of the energies of that system. The ancients knew this and created a nomenclature for the lay person to understand this via agrarian or elemental attributes. So in essence, the planetary pull theory is like a shifting, kaleidoscopic mandala that is always moving and modulating energy on an individual and collective level.

2) The Accumulated Belief Theory
This theory presupposes that since we have been living with astrology for so long and have poured so much of our beliefs into it, that it has literally taken on a life of it’s own. In essence, we have created it through our continued attention and focused application of it’s principles. Now we may look to the planetary pull theory as a justification for the belief in astrology, but our own interest animates it into a social construct and a way for us to understand the ineffable with a language and set of guidelines and principles.

3) The Elemental Theory
While talking with Jay the other night, he discussed how the Archons returned from Mars, sans melanin, with red hair. Jay claims that this is the result of iron oxide in the blood, accumulated from time spent on Mars. If that’s the case, then perhaps we have an elemental connection to all the planets in our solar system; elements of Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, etc, which biologically predisposes us towards certain influences and inclinations. If we are heavily aspected by certain planet, there might be also be an underlying correlation with our own biology and accumulated star/genetic stuff.

4) The Past Life/Interdimensional Theory
I first discovered this in the writings of Edgar Cayce. According to Cayce, there is interdimensional life taking place on all the planets and that the energies of each planet experienced intensely on those plane(ts). For instance, if you needed a lesson in love, it’s off to Venus you go between lifetimes. If it’s sobriety and order, a little timeout on Saturn is just the tonic. So, theoretically, by having these experiences between lifetimes, we actually become attuned to the influences of these spheres and the impact they have on our lives based on time of birth, soul agreements, etc.

In some ways, I’ve undertaking this little sojourn to demonstrate how Moon in Libra works. It takes an issue (usually emotional) and looks at it from a number of different angles to come up with a fair assessment of the situation or dynamic at hand. That said, how does the Libra Moon play out for you in your sign over the next couple of days? In order to better understand, I’ve assigned you each a guide of fairness, balance and wisdom to guard you and light the way for the next 48 hours: Read the rest of this entry »

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stanley-kubrickKubrick’s eyes wide open.

There are very few directors that have imparted such a singular imprimatur on their work as Stanley Kubrick. Hitchcock and Coppola come close to Kubrick in their own way, but Hitchcock basically stayed within one genre (suspense/mystery) and Coppola dropped a few bombs which more or less bent him towards the conformity of the studios. Coppola hit his peak with “Apocalypse Now!”. Notice, I didn’t mention Spielberg or Lucas in the mix. Nor did I include Welles, who basically made one great movie, two very good ones, and a lot of questions marks.

Kubrick’s films were almost all well received critically. Some even did well financially, all were fairly different from not another and yet, there is a them that exists throughout all of them, like a great arc against the backdrop of the latter part of the 20th Century.

Kubrick’s storied career really kicks off with “The Killing” a gritty, crime drama about a heist at a racetrack, where betrayal uncoils like snake and culminates with “Eyes Wide Shut” where secrets and betrayal are the common theme, gilded over a much deeper exploration of something decidedly dark and more sinister than most people would ever dare to imagine.

There are no charts for Kubrick which include the ascendant/birth time, so we’ll have to use the personal planets to uncover the mystery of Stanley Kubrick:

Kubrick was born on July 27th. 12928. He was an Earth Dragon, capable of making things happen on the material plane and quite frankly beyond. While his Sun was brightly illuminated by the sign of Leo, which is now rising in the northern hemisphere, hot on Orion’s tail, it’s Kubrick’s Moon in Scorpio which might provide the skeleton key for understanding not just his chart, but his overall strategy and art.

Since we don’t have his actual birth time, locating the degree of his Moon is not the easiest of tasks. But if we simply look at the Scorpio Moon on face value and then back engineer it’s connection to the rest of the chart, we might be able to get a much clearer picture of its importance.

The Scorpio Moon is dark, deep, intense, sexual, possessive, secretive, psychic, slightly sadistic (more on this later) and deeply regenerative. People that have Scorpio Moons are privy to secrets and hold their own closely to their chests. When we look at Kubrick’s career, “2001, A Space Odyssey” is the one film most associated with the director’s greatness. Here, the central character of the film during it’s first part, is The Moon itself. The film unfolds as a piece of classic ballet. The opening sequences are like a primordial “Rite Of Spring” where early man and his savage nature encounters something mysterious and quite possibly transforms the nature of the species itself. “2001” transitions from the thumping heat and violence of early man, to the gossamer like grace of objects floating in space, dancing between the void of The Earth and The Moon. It’s important to note that the effects that Kubrick was busting out for “2001” were truly mind-blowing. Science fiction, especially space science fiction films at that time, were mostly clumsy efforts that couldn’t quite capture the feeling and the esthetics of life in space. We often take such effects for granted now, especially in the light of CGI, but what Kubrick was able to accomplish was nothing short of paradigm shifting when it came to film and effects. But it’s The Moon and the secrets of The Moon which sets the stage for the rest of 2001 and beyond. Read the rest of this entry »

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